LA Police Officer Beating And Strangling a Man Lying On The Ground

Posted on: April 18th, 2008 69 Comments
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Police brutality video footage of a police officer repeatedly striking a suspect in the face during an arrest three months ago has triggered and FBI investigation after the video was posted on internet. This incident occurred on a Hollywood street and LA Police chiefs have admitted the video is disturbing.

The officers were identified as: Alexander Schleg and Patrick Farell. Suspect and victim is William Cardenas yells repeatedly ”I can’t breathe!”

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69 Responses

  1. Mayflower says:

    As someone who lives in LA I can say the LAPD does may things wrong (exp. may day riots) BUT in the video he is saying he can’t breath, if he couldnt breath he wouldnt have been able to say it.

    • Donald G says:

      This is a prime example of the B.S. about officers being civic . Can’t these two stupid fools and anyone else viewing see that these two idiots are solely focused on suffocating this person. One demonic ass neck compression with another demonic ass straddler. It was correct to assume this person could’nt talk because these two dumbass cavemen saw to that.

    • james says:

      wrong mayflower. are you stupid to think this is proper procedure. while being laid out and choked also being punched in the face.

  2. Trip says:

    when you speak you exhale, not inhale, fool!

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes he can breathe. STOP RESISTING ARREST

    • Porkins says:

      You smell like bacon.

    • Donald G says:

      See what I mean it’s always some dumbass who justifies these pricks actions. I bet my bottom dollar you’re white because you see resistance , yet dummy this is survival instinct. The same instinct Rodney King had the night of his being mauled. You saw cops armed to the teeth claiming fear of a man they were beating to a pulp and you bought that shit. I saw a bunch of red-necks in one of their demonic trances locked in like savages. That’s not to sound racist just real.

  4. Anonymous says:

    it’s still brutality. They had him pinned to the ground by his throat and torso.Two cops,one civil-ian being beaten by an un-civil-ian servant.They must’ve forgotten to kick the dogs and beat the wives before leaving for work that day. ( imagine forgetting to do your homework in that household)

  5. Bumper Morgan says:

    Yes, but notice what Cardenas, the guy on the ground, is doing to the white haired cops testicles. Look at Cardenas squeezing the officers nuts with the right hand. Seems to me if somebody squezzed your nuts (assuming the officer has them) you could get seriously injured for life. I am no fan of todays NAZI like qualities of the police, but sorry, in this case, the guy on the ground is lucky he had two cops showing restraint. There is no brutality here. Certainly no more than wrestling on TV, which is just about as entertaining.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alex Schleg.. Hope to hear about that pig getting shot in the face soon 🙂

  7. Raul says:

    wowwwwwwwww pure abuse of power

  8. vosiana says:

    I’m sure there are some bad cops out there, but I can imagine a lot of the BS that they have to deal with also. I’m sure that over time it can take a psychological toll on them. My remedy, just stay out of trouble and the cops won’t bother you. Remember, they’re people also. Treat them with respect.

    • pbwrs says:

      Sure numb-nuts, how do you respect someone who is dis-respecting you? Yes! There are good cops, time for them to take action against their racist, bias counter parts.

  9. guy says:

    When I see video like this I’m so tired of only seeing the middle of it. So what happened in the beginning and the end. This guy is crying that he can’t breathe, but he’s still not giving up his hands so he can get cuffed. You don’t know if he has something sharp in his hands that he could hurt these officer’s with. Look to see how many officer’s lives are lost every year and how many lives are saved by officer’s every year. Get over your cop hating selves.

    • Sean says:

      Roughly 150 police officers die every year. Roughly the same amount are killed by police officers every year. Saving lives my ass. They’re ruining them. Police officers shouldn’t even be able to carry mace unless they are a senior officer of that specific location. Get over your bacon loving self you worthless pig lover.

    • Donald G says:

      I don’t need a freaking cop to protect me I have the right to do that myself. What next hire someone to talk for me , eat for me , have sex for me. Get real those punks are the biggest gang in the world , who whites mainly endorse to afford themselves preferential treatment. That’s why this is such a popular career choice amongst caucasian culture. They love feeling like they rule the world. Stop joining their force and build one to assure your race gets a fair shake I bet the B.S. sts then.

    • pbwrs says:

      Hating Cops? Just the one’s who feel that they are God over everyone. I am a firm believer that I protect myself and family by all means neccesary, to include cops……

  10. Anonymous says:

    to exhale you must first inhale

  11. kingofthe world says:

    repeatedly (inhaling) to scream (exhaling), I can’t breathe. He did it for effect. Kind of like a choking person doesn’t start screaming “I am choking”

  12. Anonymous says:

    He’s showboating.
    that said, cops are still scum. I will never help a cop. Ask me for info I will say call back in the AM and talk to someone else or I am not allowed. F em.

  13. asdf says:

    police work is very dangerous. In the line of duty police must make arrests. that means to seize; to take into legal custody by physical means. we all know to cooperate with the law, if we don’t the enforcer must escalate the use of force. behind the badge these are just middle aged guys getting punched and spit on by our country’s lowest inhabitants. I say, if you can’t live by the rules… move to a country with fewer rules, dipshits.

    • Donald G says:

      You people should have equally distributed the law and we wouldn’t have had this problem dipshit.

      • pbwrs says:

        So do soldier! cops like soldiers get paid to get shot at, spit on, called abusive words, how about; if you can’t handle the job try something else. You are the type person who would say it is dignified to piss on the corpse,”Right?????”

  14. Anonymous says:

    need this officers out of LAPD, there are good LAPD cops up there, they dont need this kind of co-workers.

  15. mmn. says:

    Welcome To The Police State!
    “This is not america.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    none of you have obviously been in that position with any cops before. Sounds like a bunch of white republicans supporting the boys who do black and blue…wait till you are under that color and see how you react, as a victim, being held down by the throat, with one big heavy cop sitting on you and the other illegally and unnecessarily pounding your face in. You will be running for the nearest lawyer crying foul. But here on this blog, you support it…shame.

  17. acab says:

    he barely gets the words saying that he cant breathe,then the lowlife piece of trash lapd scumbag cop has his knee on this throat for christ sakes,then starts punching him in the face because he could barely breathe.watching this video is absolutely sickening,the lowlife scumbag officers should have the samething back to them and see how they like it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    he did not have his nuts he was pulling his thigh because he could not breathe i dont consider using your hands to protect your face from being pummeled is resisting arrest. that cop has no excuse for punching a human being in the face like that that officer should be charged with assault and stripped of his badge. now with that said after reading comments we need to remember police deserve respect, but they need to remember we do to. as far as we ask then we tell then we make you period what if we all had this outlook i hope someone does that to you period i know a lot of police officers that i have a lot of respect for.

  19. Anonymous says:

    More and more it’s a police state sneaking up on us. When our “freedom” is gone and martial law is on, think about how you let it happen. Think about how you agreed with these police officers and supported them.

  20. Vincent Vanwontgo says:

    Any white bastard (have to be white to even have that perception) who can’t see that the police are wrong in this is naive. I guess the good side of this story is that the white guy on the receiving end of this no longer thinks blacks are whinny. Ironic.

  21. Grey says:

    This is to anonymous.
    – Don’t call the police if I’m raped or beaten or robbed? The police don’t do anything but take your info… bullshit logic. Almost ALL police I have encountered have been extremely negative. Police are mostly dickish, if not always, close to it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The next time one of you Cop Haters has a problem and your getting your ass beat DON’T call a Cop for help call a Criminal and see what your dumb ass gets. Comeon folks Cops are humans just like you and behave just like you and they have to put up with the SCUM of the earth just to protect your sorry ass’s.Join the Police Force and see what trash they have to deal with daily and it may change some of you fools but not all

  23. Vince Roman says:

    any one who looks at this video that can`t tell there was too much force, must be blind or stupid

  24. Anonymous says:

    you can talk when you can’t breathe… hold your breath and start talking.. see, simple isn’t it??

  25. urgen says:

    When being choked, a persons’fight or flight response kicks in giving that person an adrenalin rush that will provide plenty of strength to “fight back” till they’re overpowered. Anybody who has been in this type of situation would know this. Personally when my exboyfriend chocked me, I still had plenty of fight left in me till my oxygen resources caused me to start to black out, enough to bloody up his face with my keys.Unfortounatly this also prompted the cop to arrest me instead of him when they arrived. Short story, it took an affidavid from the doctor at the hospital who could still see his hand prints on my neck FOUR hours later to get the charges dropped. Also the cop didn’t even want to take me to the hospital and argued with his sergent before taking me. This all happened in Orange county, Florida, where about 80 prcent of the cops are currupt and the jail gaurds have arrest records.

  26. morry says:

    cops suck…41 shots…beating up homeless people…shoting kids in the back..thinking they had their taser in their hand..all a bunch of crap..from low life cops

  27. Fire at will says:

    What a good man respect, kill any suspect u see!

  28. cannit says:

    all sides are idiots..this sh,,t happened to me..only a lot worse and for no good reason. The cop who did it later came to my house with mu lisence and told me ( in a round about way, that he sort of apologized) he had jus come from another incident where he had to subdue a guy for real. the guy was suicidal..well guess what..i saw that guy in the jail the night before..he was 65. I am 54 and we both looked like hell. i have fractured jaw, black eyes, scrapre head. I. was pulled over for traffic, and appaerantly got out of the cat too fast. never got a word in at all. by the time i spoke, i was in jail witk bloody clothes, and the rescue squad had me on a gurney…id tell more, but i can’t right now

  29. Anonymous says:

    “none of you have obviously been in that position with any cops before. Sounds like a bunch of white republicans supporting the boys who do black and blue…wait till you are under that color and see how you react, as a victim, being held down by the throat, with one big heavy cop sitting on you and the other illegally and unnecessarily pounding your face in. You will be running for the nearest lawyer crying foul. But here on this blog, you support it…shame.” your a fucking moron the guy was resisting arrest and that is a crime legally enforced with blunt force to make the criminal settle down. hes can obviously breathe or he wouldnt be screaming that much. your all fucking one sided people. I do agree that there is too much police brutality but this video is not a good example of that.

    • Donald G says:

      So in essence you endorse cops choking people to death in the name of authority. So what should their innocent victims be allowed to do in defense of their precious rights? I mean if a cop has the same laws to follow as human beings , why should they get away with shooting people for no reason? It’s a double standard because all men are said to have eqaul rights. So why should’nt I or you be held in equal regard to defend ourselves against killer cops? Reverse-psyhcology that’s why.

  30. Anonymous says:

    im not lying.. i wishh with all my heart that those officers die soon

  31. 7tara says:

    Pigs don't deserve respect. Each of them deserves a fucking shotgun blast in the face. To all the imbeciles who think sucking up to the cops is the answer, you are born slaves. Don't you dare call yourselves "men," you cringing, sycophantic cowards.

  32. Anonymous says:

    K so he can breath, but whats up with the punches to the face?

  33. Vinnie says:

    Police Officers are getting payed to protect and serve the community. They are NOT getting paid to get out there and show street justice by bruitaly beating up people that get in their way when they have a bad day due to family, or job issues.

    Yes they have to deal with alot of crap while on active duty, but you guys got to understand that it is not right to accept police brutality. What if that was your mothers or fathers or family memeber on the ground?
    That person had a life, and he had people that cared very much about him.

    And to the person that wrote on Feb. 2nd 2009 at 1:20pm, is a complete jerk.

    Why would we wanna call the police if we are getting beat up when we may suspect that they may come down and help the criminals out??

    Of course they are just humans, but when they signed that form that said they will protect and serve, i dont think it meant to beat the hell out of the citizens. They are not getting paid for that!

    How are we going to have a sense of peace from crime and criminals knowing that out there our so called "law enforcers" are doing exactly what the criminals are doing????

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Xavier Ambriz , Phoenix AZ says:

    This is bull$*#*.Whar business do the police have htiing people? Does the idiot that defends the cops not realize that there are other ways of restraining people like with a taser(duh).I am sure there have been plenty of incidents where people resist arrest but Im sure mosty of them don't have to be beaten like this. These idiots cops could have also used pressure points to get him to comply.Imagine if God beat us down like this whenver we did not follow his laws.Im not defending the criminal either, he seems like an idiot too. But you would expect somehting like this from a so called "criminal" not the police. I'm sick of all these angry police officers getting away with this crap. It seems that they are above the law and that pisses me off. I have a childhood friend who is a police officer (Ceres, CA) and he lost his job after pulling a knife out on someone while off duty on someone who was threatining him and his girlfriend. No one is perfect including cops but that is no excuse to hit people. We don't get breaks and neither should they. I am far from a racist but Im sure that the guy who defends the cops is white,it seems like they always are. They must beleive that we minortites deserve to be beaten because we are all criminals, am I right? Stop me when I lie.

  36. Anony says:


  37. Anonymous says:

    For the people that want cops to die and hate law enforcment officers you are very ignorant. You crying uneducated people are the first one's to call law enforcement for any little reason because no one ever taught you to solve problems on your own. If you dont like the police..STOP CALLING THEM.I'm sure with the attitude that you are demonstrating, the world is better off without you in it. Are their corrupt cops out there…YES, but the vast majority of them are good, fair, hard working people that are trying to make your community a better place to live,work, and play. Bottom line, stop doing illegal things and you wont have a problem. Yes, I'm talking to everyone who cant see that every profession has its bad apples. The majority of the people blogging on this site are probably criminals that have been arrested for a valid reason. That is why all of you are crying!

    • Donald G says:

      See this person is relating education to peoples desire to want fair and equal treatment. You stupid ass that is exactly what the law is built around, trust,fair and equal treatment. I bet this fool attached education because they clearly feel that blacks and hispanics are stupid. I am sick of you reverse-psychologist bastards trying to attack people of color as inferior. You pale-faced dummies should codemn your blood thirsty tendencies not the victims of it.

  38. hallor says:

    If you act like a jerk to a police officer or you try to hurt a police officer then you should expect to have a physical altercation. We pay them to enforce the laws. Stop breaking them and you wont have a problem the VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME! THIS INCLUDES YOU AFRICAN AMERICANS!

    • Donald G says:

      And excludes other races. I told you we are their main focus. They are more concerned about blacks because they know they screwed us over the most. Then have the audacity to blame us for exposing their B.S. This is no surprise coming from the terrorist who now call themselves protecter. Shut your Ku Klux Klan mentality having ass up.

  39. Bart says:

    Look at the man's left hand in the white hair cop's crotch,to be able to prevent any injury to themselves if you resist being cuffed and assault police then you will be subdued and if the officer decides to try to knock you unconscience to render you immoble then it is not brutallity.

    • R Dowsett says:

      Based on the video footage your reply is totaly ignorant and makes you no better than the perpetrator in the video. You are either a bit dim or applaud the officer for his criminal actions.

  40. Laniya says:

    I'm white, but I see both sides of the fight. I don't know what was really happening in that, but I think it was really f&cked up. Anyone with an ounce of brain can see that (whatever the case may be) that was two to one. To hurt a man lying on the ground.

  41. Anonymous says:

    People need to stop saying that the "bs" cops deal with make them so aggitated and violent. They knew what they were signing up for when they chose to become a police officer. If you don't have the patience to keep from beating the shit out of someone, then you don't need to be a cop. That's why I'll never do it. If I were that man I'd either be dead or in prison, because I would have tried my hardest to tear their disguting faces off.

    • Donald G says:

      I could not have said it better. I was born and raised in Chicago and cops do face street justice for their B.S. from time to time. My dad used to fight police like they were ordinary men because they are. His and my philosophy is what makes their lives more important than ours. I never understood why people get chased and simply die from a cop’s bullet to the back. I’ve always saw this as murder because if you were a threat you wouldn’t be fleeing. The police force is the white mans goon sqaud and I do mean that as in mindless armed thugs imposing danger upon the so-called low end society. Get this – a fairy-tale dreamed up the same way they created Super-Man and the Metropolis he protected. His origin from some planet that somehow made him super. Bull-shit¡¡¡. This is kind of how many whites view themselves, as a Super race with super authorithy and super sense.

  42. vosa124 says:

    police brutality is wrong
    and should be punishable by assault charges

  43. Anonymous says:

    man fuck tha police it aint nuthin but crooked police around this mother fucker takin ounces of kush and not even givin no charges

  44. Peter G. says:

    And then the police wonder, like idiots, why the public a has very low opionion of them. Police should have a civilian review board every year to deem them worthy of another year of employment.

  45. start says:

    the santa monica PD thru me in jail for 3 nights because a traffic cop told them i was assaulting him with a deadly weapon. they didn't ask questions, even though it "occurred" at broadway and 3rd street at the end of the promenade on a summer saturday afternoon. they didn't arraign me, but released me after seeing video footage from street cameras. there were witnesses everywhere proving i didn't, but they didn't care to hear it. but they still are leaving the case open until after the statute of limitations has expired, a defense in case i sue them. they are the criminals. they and the lapd are corrupt through and through.

  46. Cop Hater says:

    I see a lot of ignorant people posting here…

    The fact of the matter is there are some good cops out there but many of them are corrupt, hateful, and won’t give it a second thought if they decide to beat you senseless. I’ve seen many cases of police brutality and there are countless cases where someone was simply standing around or perhaps giving the cop a bit of a hard time while trying to dispute whatever it is they were pulled over for and they get tasered and beat for it. It’s perfectly natural to ask questions when you’re unaware of what you supposedly did or to dispute an alleged wrong doing. If you didn’t do anything you shouldn’t be handcuffed and certainly not tasered because the cops’s ego couldn’t stand that little word “No” because all you wanted to sit down and talk about what you supposedly did. I saw a video of a guy who was telling a cop who pulled him over for speeding that the higher speed limit sign began and only then he increased speed and tried to talk to him and tell him his side of the story and he get tasered for it. That is uncalled for.

    I came across this video a long time ago and posted it on my blog and I’ve seen the extended version on YouTube and it’s unclear if the man had a weapon in his hand, though it sure doesn’t look like it. It seems to me to be a clear case of police brutality. After all that’s what L.A. cops are known for so there’s no surprise there.

    I agree with the last commenter who rightly said that if cops act like this then they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. Besides, I’ve felt for a long time now that a lot of cops were likely bullies in school and become cops simply to abuse and harass people for whatever reason. Maybe their dicks are too small so they like to take it out on people. Who knows.

    Would I call a cop if I needed help? Hell no. I’d just do it myself. If I got robbed I wouldn’t call the cops. In fact, my vehicle got broken into twice and I didn’t call the cops. Why? They
    wouldn’t be able to get my stuff back most likely so what’s the point?

    The point is, cops are out of control not only in the US but around the world and it’s time many of you brainwashed citizens wake up to that fact. They view you as the enemy. They view it as “Us vs. Them” and they do not care about you and that’s that.

    Wake up people.

  47. Kita says:

    Okay, so because he can breathe and/or he is “showboating” it’s okay for the police to punch him in the face repeatedly? Get real!

    I mean wouldn’t you say or do just about whatever it takes to get someone’s knee out of your chest and to keep their fists from slamming up against your face?

  48. Donald G says:

    Know this however , the fact is this is a touchy subject. Forgive me for any of my negative comments{name calling to be specific} , for that isn’t my plight. I am more interested in exposing the facts. For instance blacks are always being labeled as gang members prone to violence , well then what the hell would you call skin-heads and the KKK. See it’s a double standard and white folks won’t understand unless they experience what the blacks have. They’ve {blacks} been fed many different poisons by the very ones who now want to claim ‘It’s not our problem’ REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. Wise up my brothers and sisters (all races included) this is a psychological attack and blacks are losing. That’s why some whites attack our intelligence because they understand that. If any one person were to receive blame it would be WILLIE LYNCH. Read the Willie Lynch Letter titled ‘How to make a slave’ then comment. Yet I don’t excuse the blacks stupid enough to play the voluntary slave roll ,however, you did get screwed over. PEACE I’M OUT.

  49. terry wagar says:

    the cop has his f@@king knee over the mans throat and the cops body wait is crushing his wind pipe!

    These cops are murderers and it is not legal for them to deny air to people!

    This is intentional on that cops part and the other cop is witness to that officer putting his body wait over the man throat!

    This is attempted murder by cops and many people end up dead after they are in a cop car and it is not unheard of for people that are arrested by cops to die by not breathing while in custody of cops!

    As far as I am concerned if they did that to me I would have resisted in defense of my life and if I was on a jury I would view the cops actions as criminal!

    It’s one thing to arrest someone it is an entirely different matter when the cops are trying to break your wind pipe on purpose!

    I see on this video attempted murder on the part of the cops under the pretense of an arrest!

    Common people if a cop was crushing your wind pipe would you not struggle? resisting arrest my ass!

    If someone is crushing your wind pipe you have no choice BUT to struggle, it’s called a natural reaction to being strangled to death!

  50. terry wagar says:

    Officer Eric Carlson dyed his hair blond so that he could impersonate me and act as a double and when I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with that look-a-like my wife poisoned me with antifreeze!

    This was all open knowledge at East Port Walmart and it was Walmart employees that coined the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar actively used those nicknames in love letters and in their cellphone contact lists!

    I was a regular plasma donor when Mrs Dash poisoned me and I was not the only plasma donor living under her roof at the time!

    Officer Eric Carlson and the Portland police interfered with me getting medical treatment at the OHSU hospital and the police publicly pedofied me using flyers (Community Notifications) while I was stuck at home and too ill to leave my home, and all this pedofying they did was very public but everyone was trying to hide this from me!

    My wife and her side of the family have a history of poisoning and pedofying people they want dead and they have a history of sleeping around with cops and county sheriff’s officers!
    A lot of family members died during Joan Wagar’s use of antifreeze as poison!

  51. terry wagar says:





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