Police Dump Disabled Man Out of His Wheelchair

Posted on: April 18th, 2008 33 Comments
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In Hillsborough County, Florida, police were caught, by their own surveillance cameras, dumping a quadriplegic man from his wheelchair and onto the ground.

Apparently they were trying to determine whether or not he actually needed the chair.

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33 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot say what I might do to that policeman.The majority of Policemen are TOP NOTCH but like everyone else ther are a few bad TURNIPS.

    • johnnys left ball says:

      A few bad turnips? It seems these stories are coming to light more and more. I would say this an epidemic more than a few bad turnips.

      • cynthia says:

        Amen Johnnys left ball! Epidemic is an extremely appropriate word for the out of control pack mentality being seen all over the country! I don’t think it is necessarily worse than in the past though. I think the use of cell phone video has just allowed us to see what they’ve been able to keep hidden until technology caught up enough to show the masses what’s an all to common occurrence.

  2. Perry says:

    I have MS and use a wheel chair. Did the person doing this horrid act think to even ask the gentleman if he could attempt to stand and take it from their. Oh Im positive if that happened to the person who was thoughtless enough to just “dump”this gent from his wheelchair obviously has no compassion for others. I hope he brings a case against her.

  3. Jason says:

    What the… I dont know how I came upon this website but this is some of the worst treatment of people i have ever seen in my life.

  4. Stienster says:

    I’ve just started a yahoo group for telling about police abuse of any kind, even verbal. It seems to me that police in America are no longer the good upstanding protectors of civilians and their rights. Something sinister has taken control of their minds… they’re more like armed petty criminals and armed cold-blooded murderers. If any has a personal experience to report, please consider sharing your ordeal at http:// groups.yahoo.com/group/LawlessPolice

  5. Anonymous says:

    when police officers wears guns and badge and sticks, they think they have the power and they can do what ever they want to do like steal, rape, break in, beat up, and they love to abuse the systems. never trust police officers with your life.

  6. Jenna says:

    what a heartless and cruel act done to the person in the wheelchair. My heart goes out to him! But, fear not, there is someone looking and watching. The time will come when justice will be served.

  7. Shocked says:

    COPS ARE supposed to help and protect citizens. based on this website i will never pull over at a traffic stop and will not call for help from police again. No wonder everyone wants to keep a loaded gun with them!!!!

  8. Kevin P. says:

    just goes to show you how the sun has baked everyone’s brains in florida and how stupid people end up there. can you believe a court ordered a beat dad to not pay child support because he didnt want to anymmore and owns a cble tv business in florida? yep, this child gets no child support in iowa anymore because the people in florida are idiots. i can see how people are being abused in florida. They are also affecting children and people in other states due to their stupidity.

  9. Sai says:

    thats crazy, he should of made that wheelchair payment. repo man

  10. as123 says:

    I live not to far from Hillsborough and it did happen and not only did it happen to him but several others came forward with video tape as well accusing this certain police force of abuse. As usual it was swept under the rug and no one talks about it around here anymore.

    I’m originally from Connecticut and they have their own issues going on however Florida is corrupt in every way possible. The Sheriff runs the show around here and there is no mayor. They want money and will do whatever it takes to get it. My boyfriend got $600 in court fees and fines for a breach of peace, first offense mind you. I remember back home they just slapped you on the wrist…not here. Spit on your own driveway and it will cost you $300.

    Soon it will be Marshall law out there and all I have to say is you get what you give so be careful out there Mr. officer. You may get what you deserve after all.

  11. Tyy says:

    These cops should have their spine severed and then thrown to the floor everyday for the rest of their lives while being video taped. Then make every cop in America view the video prior to every shift.
    Of course we could never do that as it wouldn’t be humane. But it would be just.

    • Joeseph Carson says:

      All you guys who have been playing Video games forever and real military needs to organize and treat the police like a Real Zombie invasion, it is spreading and needs to be checked just like they do…..with violence and merciless actions.

  12. Anonymous says:

    He should just be glad the tape didn’t disappear as it did in my case in Orange County. A police officer pushed me down a ramp causing serious bruising and sprains after refusing to give me a blood alcohol test as was my right under the law. By the way-I had not had a drink(beer) for over five hours before driving anywhere. Don’t take a breathalizer if you’ve had any alcohol within 24 hours because it will show you’re over the leagal limit, demand a blood test.

  13. Sur says:

    Ha.. the majority of p9oliement are top notch until one of their fellow officers kills someone, beats them for no reason, plants evidence or any other manner of wrong.

    Then the “top notch good cops” defend them until the end even in the face of incredible evidence.

    Until Policemen become the FIRST to condemn policemen when they are PROVEN wrong.. they are all bad.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Policemen are the worst type of human kind

    it is because of them that world will never progress… because as long as there is police , people are idiots

  15. pe says:

    dumbfuck all she had to do was pinch his hand

  16. hellya says:

    FAT COW! She should die!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a jailer and not a cop.

  18. mary jay says:


  19. Brooklyn Brooke says:

    All this B.S. about there being a lot of "good" cops is ludicrous. The "Good" ones protect the "Bad" ones. Many police departments in the south still openly hire Klu Klux Klansmen. That is no joke!

  20. doubting says:

    For the doubtful and the state apologists, these incidences are not committed by a "few bad apples", these officers are putting to practice the core values of the police department mandated from above. Use of force is encouraged rather than frowned upon. This is, for all intents and purposes, THEIR JOB.

  21. Anonymous says:

    "These so-called ill-treatments and torturing in concentration camps, stories of which were spread everywhere amongst the people, and particularly by detainees who were liberated by the occupying armies, were not, as assumed, inflicted methodically, but by individual leaders, sub-leaders , and men who laid violent hands on them." —– Rudolf Höss, Commandant of Auschwitz until 1943, in his post-war testimony

    of course, just a few bad apples.. as always…

  22. David says:

    If the officer were white and guy in the wheel chair were black. The officer would have been out of a job and al sharpton marching. This is such a crime.

  23. SIREN says:

    You can see the moment in the end, where it hits her, that she has just been taped dumping a man out a wheel chair….A cape coral cop told me he didnt really want me in his car cause the last girl got blood on the seats, and it was a b***h to clean out…This was after he had already hit the back of my knees and made me fall…All I did was tell em I dont have a license..put my hands back to be cuffed.He and I fought till anohter cop came, and I felt better cause atleast some one else knew I was with him..Then that cop tackled me..I kicked bothe there asses..all on cop car tape, and the they dismised the charges and let me go..Go figure.

  24. Talara says:

    The NeoCons who are responsible for disrupting the masses wanted our US Soldiers to fire upon us, but they “ALL” refused. so they went to our police & reserves and are inciting a great rift between us. I wonder about police officers who know what is really going on & are also being subjected to false accusations…distorting of video’s. There is even a vid’ suggesting a cop pepper sprayed a baby squirrel. this is what you look for the tell tale sign of “over doing”. I won’t let this decide that all cops are bad, nay I look for the reasoning behind things & know they too are targeted. Don’t let them cause this rift between the people & our brutha’s & sistahs on the forces. Remember, just because they wear a uniform doesn’t mean they are not subjected to the same kinds of brainwashing & victimiazations.

  25. terry wagar says:

    My wife Joan Wagar was poisoning me while she was having an affair with a cop.
    My wife recruited our daughters into this our daughters pretended nothings wrong when my wife poisoned me and they were hiding my wife’s affair from me.

    My wife’s lover the cop Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement made sure I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital.
    Eric Carlson’s partner would speak with my doctor in the hallway and label me as a bad guy repeatedly until the doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned.

    Three family members died during my wife’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison and police covered up my emergency visits to the hospital and my 911 calls.

    I was so badly poisoned I was just stuck, at home, at their mercy, with no one to turn to for help.

    Eric Carlson and his bro’s were framing me for their crimes and they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedo and they framed me over a murder by using Eric Carlson as a double.

    My wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers knew my wife was poisoning me and that her lover Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double, Joan Wagar’s coworkers nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, and Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar used those nick names in their love letters.

    I was a plasma donor when they were poisoning me.

    Terry Wagar

  26. Bob Gaul says:

    I have been watching these videos on police violence in American. I certainly won’t be visiting mainland America as a tourist your not even safe from the Police! What the hell has happened to the American people they were highly regarded in the 50’s & 60’s but since the Gulf wars they think violent behaviour is the norm in every situation.

  27. LIBERTVS says:

    Goes to show the “affirmative action” hiring policy consequences in action!

  28. JJM123 says:

    Police brutality and misconduct has existed forever. Are the instances really becoming more frequent or is it the proliferation of cameras everywhere and alternative media that brings things to light? Regardless; when we see it, it is our duty as citizens to call them out.

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