Policeman Beating Teenage Skaters

Posted on: April 18th, 2008 45 Comments
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Arkansas police officer forces a young skateboarder to the ground while putting handcuffs on him and yelling. The witnesses are confused and they are saying that he just skated, he didn’t do or say anything, but the police officer won’t listen. When the police officer says to another skater to come to him, the skater takes his skateboard and escapes with the officer running behind him, leaving the first skater on the ground in handcuffs. He then comes back and starts attacking and choking a female skater while her male friend is yelling and saying that she didn’t do anything.

That makes the police officer angry and he makes every single skater around him get on the ground and arrests them. The police officer threatens the teens with words: “I’ll spray you”. Watching the video makes you understand how insane the arrests are.

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