Man Died After Being Jailed For Parking Tickets and Missing Chemo

Posted on: January 23rd, 2009 65 Comments
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Glenn Seldon (50) died after being arrested on May 11, 2007, for driving with a license that had been suspended for unpaid parking tickets. He was heading for Manhattan to pick up his wife after work when he got lost and stopped to ask some police officers for the direction. It’s unclear how, but the officers found out that his license was suspended.

They immediately arrested him and locked him up for four days for a minor traffic offense. Seldon was battling colon cancer and needed daily medication to control blood clots and a infection. He had a chemotherapy waiting for him so he could hopefully be better and go on a family vacation to Hawaii.

Cops disregarded his weak condition and ignored his need for medicines. After four days behind bars he was dehydrating, his clothes was dirty, and he was incontinent and also weeping uncontrollably.Family’s attorney said that “this matter could have been handled in a more compassionate and humane way”.
When Seldon’s daughter, Criscelle Seldon, saw her father with his soiled pants hanging around his ankles, she said that he looked like he had been in a concentration camp. The doctors from North Shore University Hospital that tried to save Glenn Seldon life, said his infection had worsened and his blood platelet level was dangerously low. He then suffered from mini strokes and unfortunately died 20 May. His wife, Angela Seldon, believes that the stress and the trauma from the incident caused his death.

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65 Responses

  1. hugh says:

    People must not drive a car without a driver license. This is too danger to other drivers on the road. If this man has the money to go for a vacation, then he must first pay for his traffic violation ticket with the money he has. For this he can save his life, his driver license from suspensed, and if his wife/kids ride with him it should be more safety for them too.

    • Berachah says:

      Sure, let the sentence be death for driving with a suspended license. Are you crazy!

    • Pikgitar says:

      Hugh, I must say verily unto you that you must be covered in wool. You’re such a fool and so full of standard PIG talk. You act like cops are some kind of perfection that should be anointed and bowed down to as if a god. What a disgusting excuse for a human being you are. Sociopath and a touch of megalomania and you’re off and spewing your garbage “advice” like there’s no tomorrow. Just shut up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree some with the above comment. If he was planning a vacation to Hawii then he should have paid his parking tickets. However, he needed his medications and should have recieved the medical care he required as well regardless of arrest. I hope the family is seeking some compensation for the actions of that police department.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully his family will be wise enough to bring legal action against the perpetrators, namely those we employ to “keep the peace” and care for the imprisoned. US prisons treat our own incarcerated citizens with less humanity and compassion than we treat animals.
    If any person or institution associated with the health care field in the U. S. A. were allowed to operate with the impunity we allow our jails and prisons, the legal and judicial system would be at their doors slapping charges on them and shutting down establishments faster than you could say malpractice or negligence!
    It’s about time for us to follow the old adage, “Two wrongs do not make a right”.

  4. wallace says:

    It is unconscionable what the police did to this man. Yes, he needed his license suspended due to the non-payment of traffic tickets. I do not know if this is something that is punishable by being in prison. However, he should never have been treated that way by the police and should have been able to receive his medication in jail.

    • Pikgitar says:

      They were not traffic tickets, they were parking tickets, and legally parking ticket are not a crime and not a jail-able offense. The pigs that did this CRIME need to be charged with murder, or at the very least, manslaughter.

  5. Alfredo says:

    Nyc has become a police state don’t go there, they are so broke for money. I just spent a day in jail there because they stated I had not turned in license plates from a car in 1982! and my license was suspended there. I have not lived there in 26yr. Just don’t go there!

  6. Jordan says:

    I cannot believe the comments that are made just with one side of the story. So far we heard from the family. yes I agree that someone needing Chemo should have had his chemo, however, we must also realize that driving a car without a license is not a good idea. As for the family were where they during the 4 days this man was in jail. Why did it take 4 days to take someone out of jail who was driving without a driver’s license. I cannot stand there and judge the police. Obviously this man would have died of colon cancer and maybne the trip was ythe last one for him and his family, however, I doubt very much as a nurse that the prison killed him. One if he had an infection he should have been in a hospital. As a nurse I cannot imagine any physcian giving the Ok for someone to go away that far when he should have been receiving most likely IV antibiotic. I am a caring person but do not judge the police before you know both sides of the story. The 300 Lbs fish could have been a 1 OZ small fish. Grieving family blame nurses and physcians when their loved one’s died of strokes heart d’attacks and after surgery when they have been told by the surgeons/MD’s that risks are always involved. This is still America and we are innocent until proven guilty.

    • Joe dick says:

      Whatever. The only reason why your a nurse is because of the money. I’ve heard from reliable sources that nurses are pushed through the program effortlessly and honestly don’t understand little important details such as the correct amount of CC’s in a syringe.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This guy was not a poster child for good behavior, he broke the law. When the police start deciding which laws to enforse and what ones not to enforce that becomes police corruption. Judges put and keep people in jail. Police arrest and hold the individuals involved in the violations of the law. I am so sick of killers, thugs, drug deals, and drunk drivers going to jail and then bleeding heart liberals think they should be treated “better” more compassionately. HEY the next time a drug deal, killer rapist or whom ever kills, assaults or robs your family, make sure YOU tell the cops to have compassion and sympathy for the scums that assaulted the diginty of your family members!! No this man had a suspended drivers license it does not matter why he was breaking the law. Yes he should have gotten his medication BUT WHY did his attorney not have an emergency hearing to get his medication. It does not take 4 days to do this.

    • Joe dick says:

      what? your logic=none. this shit makes no sense. As expected of a Republican.

    • kcole says:

      Ok, anonymous cop, here is the problem: the police SELECTIVELY enforce laws, so you are wrong. Especially when it is one of them that breaks the law.

      Also, we are talking about traffic laws here, not violent offenses, good grief, you can’t make that distinction?

    • Demarion says:

      It was a suspended driving license. Arresting him made sense, the man was driving with a suspended license, and if he had missed his vacation to Hawaii because of that, good. He’d have deserved that. However, he didn’t just miss a flight to Hawaii, He Died Because The Cops Would Not Get Him The Treatment He Needed! There are words for such conduct, words such as criminal, inhuman, callous, cruel, vicious, vile.

      • Demarion says:

        It was a suspended driving license. Arresting him made sense, the man was driving with a suspended license. Yes, he should have paid the fines. HOWEVER, a suspended license should not be a death penalty! The moment those cops arrested him they had the responsibility to ensure his health. They murdered him, pure and simple.

  8. BOb.. says:

    To the nurse who posted the comment above, Lord help me if I end up at your hosptial, I’d rather be dead. Your job has made you so cold and uncompassionate, it’s horrific, and shame on you.

    Nothing takes priority over a persons life, especially a friggin parking ticket, are you serious lady?

    My uncle retired badge #1 after 38 years on the police force. This goes against everything they were trained to do. Of course, back then, the police took care, protected and cared about the communities. My uncle retired with his reputation in tact, because as he says, at the end of the day (your life), it’s the only thing you own.

    Drug dealers get better treatment than this gentleman did. Seriously, the nurse here and the other bozo who said well, it’s against the law to drive without a licence should be rolled in tar and feathered. Twice. YOU PEOPLE ARE THE REASON THERE IS SO MUCH CRIME AND HATE IN THIS WORLD. Go pray. Quick.

  9. Casey says:

    What was this man’s wife during those 4 days? She could have done something unthinkable like paying his fines to get him released or was that too hard to figure out?

  10. James Morris, OR says:

    Why is there so much anger here? On both sides, even! This much passion and heartlessness lays the ground work for so much human misery caused by people. Think, people. Cops and nurses are humans, too. Most of these folks are simply reacting rather acting humanely. Your first duty is to act the way you wish to be treated.
    Shame on some of you, especially those hiding behind anonimity.

    • Pikgitar says:

      Why would you think of cops as humans. Believe me, they are worse than animals with rabies. They are all liars and violate many laws that go way beyond parking tickets. Until we the people start going after the cops using our collective power and run the pigs out of our towns and cities and counties and states and removing them from their toys (weapons) things are only going to get worse.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is a human being we are talking about here. A sick dying man with a family and children.This was totally cold blooded act on the part of
    a peace officer no matter what any one thinks or says.You have to give up your sole and humanity to be an officer of this type of law enforcement.welcome to the police state of the USA.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This man did not get a suspended license for a traffic violation, road rage, or anything dangerous. It was parking Tickets for God’s sake.
    Who are these Idiot Cops?? So out of control with their authority. I call this murder, NYPD committed murder. They should be charged for Murder. That is far more serious than Parking tickest. Come on,maybe an IQ test should be administered for these people before they become cops.

  13. htr55 says:

    oh yes he broke the law?get friggen real.u dont jail someone for parking tickets,even if they reslted in license suspension.police know what he did,and normal cops would not jail someone for 4 days for unpaid tickets.give me a a friggen break,must be absolute zero crime if that gets u 4 days in jail.and to u fools who think he should be jailed?your time will come when one of these protect and serve phonys in uniform slap the cuffs on u in front of your kids for rollibng thru a stop sign.idiots

  14. harry says:

    since when are cops allowed to run your name for asking a question? I know your not supposed to drive without a license but what reason do they have . And what about the mistreatment in jail.Once I was choked by a cop in jail while i was handcuffed , infront of the guys the cudahy station.That was for an unpaid ticket.

  15. Anonymous says:

    We are human and should be treated a such.Our civil rights should not be violated unless your a gang member or a dirt bag.

  16. hugh says:

    maybe it wasn’t the cops……..maybe it was the nurse/dr. who is supposed to take care of everything medically when you are incarcerated…?????

  17. Max! says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    I think that everyone has a valid point in some respect or another, but the fact is this man died because he was in jail over parking tickets, come on people. I would rather the police have arrested someone who killed someone and not over parking tickets. The fact is once he was locked up he is in the CARE of that police department. Treat a muderer that way, treat someone that way that has robbed, kidnapped, sold drugs, or any other hundreds of crimes that would make my heart bleed less for this dying man. His condition warranted him being sent to a hospital or a nurse a lot faster than they did. No amount of money or compensation would make up for the way this man died. I respect the police and I know that they have a job to do, but we all know that parking tickets and suspended licenses are just a way for the city and the police departments to make money….Put that in context between and life and death and what would have been the right thing to do.

  19. Felix says:

    Whoever think the solution to this issue would have been “pay the tickets’, “the streets would be safer”, “if he can go vacations, he can pay the tickets”, OMG! I had my license suspended because my son was sneaking my car out and hid the tickets and notifications that came in the mail. I didnt know until I went to renew it, thankfully no arrest. However, Lets not assign fault to the victim so readily. You guys must have been Bush supporters! Oh Yeah, not to mention they denied him medical support. That is illegal! How would you like all of your rights taken away or something you were unaware of! Get real people! Think outside of your crusty, pitiful little box! As for my son, he is lucky to ride shot-gun in my car now!

  20. dwayne says:

    If you can’t survive 4 days in jail, a Hawaiian vacation best be the last item on your bucket list.
    If you can’t survive 4 days in jail, chemo will kill you more expensively anyway.
    Is arresting someone for driving on a suspended license *really* police brutality? What’s next? Startling an IBD sufferer into soiling themselves by turning on the siren? Inducing a seizure with the flashing lights?

  21. Anonymous says:

    What’s the big huff and puff all about? The City exacted and executed the law,got richer by collecting the fines,releived this man from his sufferings.

  22. Sergio says:

    I find it hard to believe that this man had no family or legal counsel for four days. Someone could have gotten him out or gotten him treatment. I also am a nurse and we get every criminal in the cell block for every minor to major ailment. I and my coworkers treat them with care and compassion. I do admit that I absolutely hate that I work two jobs to pay for my medical care, prescriptions and dental care, while prisoners get their care paid for by me and the rest of the tax paying citizens. Bottom line I don’t believe this story happened exactly the way it is reported, but I do feel badly for this man’s family.

  23. Tracy says:

    Although I am deeply sorry that Mr. Seldon died too young, due to his cancer, I feel that if he had only ‘PAID’ his tickets in the first place, he ‘NEVER’ would have been arrested. It sadly and pathetically sounds, as though his family is attempting to financialy benefit from the death of Mr. Seldon. I feel the entire family needs to take accountability of their actions, and stop pointing their fingers at the police. Its strange that they had money to travel to Hawaii, but not to bail Mr. Seldon out of jail, not to mention to pay the tickets on the car. All motor vehicle license drivers, are aware that they have to be responsible for all charged incidences concerning their own vehicle. No car owner is given a free pass.
    My deepest sympathy to the family, but move on in your lives, and stop holding this horrible grudge against the police, for you all need to live with and in peace.

    • Bozewell says:

      Do all of you idiots think an old man should be jailed for stupid parking tickets. Heaven help us for all you fucked up people saying “too bad, so sad”. Wait until you get old and loose your ability too think straight. Actually, many of you don’t think straight.

  24. HSay says:

    Please be advise, where parking tickets are concern you may not know you owe any tickets, and thus your license are suspended without notice in New York!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Maybe someday, probably not in my lifetime, we wont even need an attorney to settle these cases, because EVERYONE will understand what the heck REAL injustice is with common sense and HOW it should be handled IMMEDIATELY! Someone will just say, hey, what the heck!, and “POOF”, no more injustice, because the ones who caused it will be sent straight to..yeah you know (incinerated by a laser beam, GOD, etc!), NO QUESTIONS ASKED! EVIL ALL GONE!

  26. Leic says:

    Some of these comments are just plain stupid! First of all, I would like to know who wrote this story…the family? Why is it one-sided? Because it’s a bunch of BS, that’s why. If this man was really in need of chemo every couple of days, why was he driving? It’s not the police that finished him, it was the cancer. And Hawaii? Really? If he couldn’t make it four days without chemo, how the Hell was he going to Hawaii? Also, why is everyone so quick to sue? You don’t know the whole story. Maybe we should man up and make our own money instead of making up injustices to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense. I guess on a website dedicated to police brutality, I shouldn’t expect a whole lot of support for the police. I think everyone should take a moment to think about all of the good that the police do instead of condemning them for hurting someone who probably deserves more than they got! I agree that there are flaws in the system but the police do more good than harm. I’d be interested in knowing the whole story about this guy. If anyone can find a real news story to support the accusations, please post the link because I couldn’t find one.

  27. Amanda says:

    this is a website about police brutality…they take stories and show you one side and probably exaggerate so that people will be like omg! and then they get more people behind their argument. I don’t think we’re getting the whole story here…this is just too strange?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Driving under a suspended license is not a dangerous crime. Everyone must remember that it wasn’t DRIVING tickets but parking tickets. Is that a reason to be locked up? Most states have laws that allow officers to issue citations for non-felony incidents that come to there attention. That would and should have been the proper vehicle for the police to follow.

  29. Marion 7 says:

    If he was arrested on a Friday, that could explain the 4 day delay and why it took so long. His trip to Hawaii? My friend had breast cancer, she was 31 yrs. Montell Williams paid for her and the kids to be flown to Disney as a last wish. She died two weeks before the trip. My dad is 50, has colon cancer. He has services and people wanting to help him out because he is terminal. Maybe you are “assuming” and casting judgment on a man that had stupid freaking, “Parking Tickets”. Why could the police not have just gave him a citation to appear in court, and inpound the car. I am livid over this crap. Police “DO” get away with anything. My ex landlord was a police officer who served in another town with our cheif of police. My ex landlord stalked me, harassed me, blantently told me he wanted relations with me, I had to put up with it becuase my dad moved in with me when he had gotten sick, and I have a daughter. The landlord then “knew” he had me. He just started using his key coming into my apt whenever he wanted. He even waited for me when coming home from work one day, I have to cross a river bridge. I had to make a left into 5pm traffic, so I was focused. I then made the turn, and he jumped out from behind bushes in front of my car before I crossed the bridge. Needless to say, I pressed or at least tried to persue charges. I was on meds from all the stress. The cheif wouldn’t even take my complaint at first when i told him who it was. I had to call the DA who refered it back to my town. They then filed charges to get the DA off of their back, they submitted the report, but then the chief followed me everywhere I went. Sat outside of the place i had to temp stay. Followed right behind my car around town intentionally, It got to the point that one day he pulled up beside my car, we were watching from the window, he looked at my inspection sticker, and then backed up, and ran my plates. This went on for months. Then the landlord offered $10.000.00 to me. That is when the chief rescinded on the report and said he did nothing wrong. He had me evicted ect. I showed the judge how he would cheat me. THey tried to get me for $3.000,00 in back rent, and the jugde called them on it. When he went over the figures. I showed him all of the letters, and told him a lot of what I had to endure. He read off 4 laws that the landlord broke, stared me in the face and read me the codes to write down and said he expected to see me later to persue charges in this aspect of the case. He could do anything that day because it was landlord tenant court. Well, thanks to the landlords buddy, the cheif, he got off. Never paid the money, never charged. Nothing happened to him, and he has started driving by my new apt recently. I don’t go outside anymore. I am a mess, and can’t even count on the police to protect me. I am still recovering. THe point. Police can do whatever they want. Unless it makes media attention, these things do not get addressed.
    I didn’t mean to get into all of that. It was just an example of the crap cops get away with. This poor man died, for a meter quarter. Rediculous. A quarter turns into $200.00 ect. and cancer is not cheap. He probably didn’t have the money to pay it. Or was caught up in his illness, he put it to the side, not intentionally forgetting about it, understandably forgetting about it. On top of cancer he had blood clots, infection in the blood, ect. Bless his heart. This just isn’t right. I will keep the family in my prayers.

  30. Janey says:

    So…he was TOO WEAK to tolerate 4 days in a lock-up, but he was able to drive a car. He had money for a vacation…but none to pay his outstanding traffic fines or to get a lawyer (even a free Public Defender) to get him transfered to a “medical lock-up”. His daughter came to see him and didn’t bring his meds or clean clothing. In this day and age of “police responsibility”…if they even knew he was ill they would have gotten him medical attention. I do not see the police, who would KNOW they woould be “whacked” legally if something happened to this guy health-wise, not getting him taken care of for _4_ days! Traffic ticket violations get resolved in one day! This case is BS!

  31. Anonymous says:

    yes he was wrong in what he did and he knew better, but he didn’t have to die because of it.The police are responsible for making sure he got some medical attention right away.In prison they give them that kind of attention ,so why not in the local jails.He still is responsible for his tickets and drivers lience as thats his problem to solve.

  32. Anonymous says:

    it always amuses me to see how as a society we have deluded ourselves into beleive that not paying a parking ticket is something we should be jailed for…forgetting about the fact the guy was obviously an ill man…
    most of my adult life i lived in brooklyn new york…and the corruption and money making schemes the city has pulled on me personally would make a non new yorkers head spin…god forbid something is wrong with your vehicle…you are targeted by the parking violations system ….
    imagine for a moment you work..but dont make alot of are getting by like most people today…now imagine your car is in need of inspection…but its an older car..and needs some work you cant afford just yet…so while your saving to fix your car…one of the bloodsuckers in parking violation sees your inspection out of date…and from now on will write you a ticket everyday until you get it fixed..this is no cheap ticket…75-100 bucks…plus civil fees and whatever other fees new york can cleverly disguise as legal
    this is everyday as well…every 24 hours that goes by…this same officer will write a ticket…you have been targeted…
    now you have several options…
    pay the tickets and dont fix the car and possibly fall behind on all your other more legitamate bills….
    or the city of new york will eventually tow your vehicle away..when they deemed they cannot get paid by you for the inflated parking tickets…
    now you cant get to work…and you have a mountain of debt….plus your car if not paid for in 30 days will be auctioned…and the proceeds will not be applied to the tickets ou owe…as a matter of fact im not sure what they do with the money…but for sure it isnt applied to your “debt”..this scenario can happen in nyc in a matter of a week…in a week you can owe 700 in unpaid tickets from the same problem…and these tickets just have penalty after penalty added on if you cant pay…plus the cost of the sherrifs departmetn “fees”…and towing “fees”…and of course the storage “fees”…plus the fact that you now with no car have to go to at least three different locations to handle this situation before you can get the car back…traffic court….sherriffs dept…and then the impound lot…

    you have now taken a good tax paying citzen and turned him into a “CRIMINAL”…subject to arrest…and prosecution….all for some silly piece of paper on the dash….
    i miss alot of things about nyc…but im glad everyday that i moved far away….

    • Pikgitar says:

      I agree with what you say almost totally. But I have one thing that seems to be missed by everybody. Parking tickets and even most traffic tickets are NOT CRIMINAL. Furthermore, debtor prison is illegal in this country.

      The criminals are the cops and those who make their livings stealing from the citizens. What it boils down to is New York’s “Finest” are the one group of people who should be locked away from society because of the sociopath mental illness that most cops have and the megalomania that causes them to act violently and brutality for no other reason than the fact they almost always get away with their crimes against “us”.

  33. Larry says:


  34. xxt44 says:

    Isnt it called innocent until proven guilty? If this man had not been held for 4 days and been allowed to go home and wait for a trial then he would have been able to go to the doctor, but instead he spent 4 days in jail for a traffic offense. To me this is unheard of and the system is to blame for this mans death. All these other comments are wrong and demeaning to this man. I wonder how they would feel if they were held for a minor offense for 4 days with a terminal illness.

  35. Aroll up says:

    As somebody stated above, the web-site is called ‘POLICE BRUTALITY’, so I am sure they are only posting a one-sided view, and we the readers, actually don’t know the WHOLE STORY. So to the web-site owner..PLEASE POST THE ENTIRE TRUE STORY..for there has to be more to this story, than what has been posted above. thank you.

  36. Allie says:

    God help this country. Yes, we are all much safer because this evil man who parked in the wrong place is dead now. What is wrong with you people?

    Some years ago, a psychologist did a series of interviews with children all over the world and made a summary of the way in which their morals develop as they get older. The belief that something’s wrong just because it’s against the law and you will get punished for it is typical of seven year old children. Are you all seven? Is America now a nation of seven year olds? Seriously, what is wrong with those of you who think that death is an appropriate punishment for someone who didn’t pay a ticket?

  37. admin says:

    This is a true story as you can find on many other news sites. is web site of articles with police crimes, as we do not want to forget things like that.
    We respect honest and good police officers.

  38. HaXXeD says:

    They didn’t do anything wrong, not to mention that the police have nothing to do with the jail. Learn how it works before you blame it on the cops.

    • Pikgitar says:

      Only an idiot would say that cops have “nothing” to do with the jail. It is the fault of the cops and the jailors and anyone who would try to justify and sanction the behavior of all authorities involved. Watch out cops and other power mongering authorities. We the people are beginning to be totally fed up with your behavior.

    • Bozewell says:

      That is where you are wrong. If all involved in the police system know there is a problem, than all in the police system are responsible to get the problem fixed. It is just like if you are with someone who kills someone, you can be convicted of the murder also.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The problem is they can suspend your drivers license without telling you about it. Then all hell breaks loose.

  40. Oddity says:

    The police are crazy sometimes perhaps more so in big cities.

  41. War Monger Hippy Hawk says:

    Time to start shooting cops, is all I am saying.

    Something is wrong with the system, When Senators get 2 Million / Year Paychecks and and are married to lobbyists you know you have a messes up system. America, how far you have fallen.

  42. John W. says:

    Human rights were brutally and savagely disregarded. According to a recent Amnesty International study, there are thousands of reports each year of assault and ill treatment against officers who use excessive force and violate the human rights of their victims (AIUSA Rights 1999:1). Police officers are injuring and even killing people through the use of excessive force and brutal treatment. A significant problem in this area is that police behavior is abusive of civilian rights, but it is also considered necessary and appropriate police procedure (Geller, 1996:7). In many cases police go too far when they excessively punch, kick, beat, and shoot people who pose no threat. Injuries and sometimes death result from the police use of restraints, chemical sprays, electro-shock weapons, batons, dogs, flashlights, radios, and guns (AIUSA Rights 1999:1-3). Police brutality cases have received more attention due to some of the high profile cases that reach the media. The use of excessive force is a criminal act, it is in fact a type of white collar crime.

    To understand the causes of police brutality requires an interdisciplinary approach. The criminal justice system, police profession and the psychology profession ought to work together to identify these possible causes and their prevention and law treatment. As I will discuss later there is difficulty in pursuing brutality offenders because there is a lack of coordination between the justice system and police organizations. The justice system wants to punish offenders, but the police structure seems to encourage excessive use of force. The police profession must come to recognize that brutality is a crime and all three of the professions must work to discourage future acts.

  43. Anonymous says:

    TO THE NURSE AND OTHER "LAW ABIDING CITIZENS". First, let me say I wish it will happen to you. How about littering? Maybe your teenage son will spit on the ground as he's walking? Or your husband after "just one beer" gets pulled over. I don't use prayer for these things, but perhaps this is the only way for you people to wake up to the fact that our "peace system" is nothing more than a revenue collecting scheme! I pray I would never have a nurse as uncompassionate as you! And let me give you a little info: I was recently arrested for failure to appear for a traffic ticket! Yes a minor violation at that! I was told by the arresting officer, who by the way arrested me as I called in a domestic distubance in my building. He ran my name for no apparent reason ( I called in for help!) and told me something like this is ususally in and out in a few hours. What he LIED about is that it takes a three to four hours just to book you and than get your 3 minute phone call. Since I am a single father, I first called my son to make sure he was okay! But since I was naive enough to believe the police ( I have NEVER been arrested or even in court!) I thought I would be out soon. With each passing hour, I considered paying the 7000 dollar bail (you read that right) but thought I would be out any minute! 48 hours after my arrest and a thousand lies later, in a cell and jail with sex offenders and violent criminals, I realized the only way I was going to get out was buying my way. And that is probably why that man died as well. I am sure that with just parking tickets, he was told numerous times he would be out soon, and did not think it was necessary to pay bail. YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT! QUIT WATCHING T.V.! The wheels of justice turn purposely, cruely slow, by people who take a job that they know they are going to be allowed to have absolute power over people in chains! Think about it you brain dead "nurse!" You think you can just pick up the phone anytime you want? You are told when to eat, WHAT DIRECTION YOU MAY LOOK, when you can speak! When you can see loved ones OR an attorney! People like you scare the hell out of me, complete trust in the government and willing to give up all their freedom even for the most minor of protection. If it was up to you, this country would have never been founded because the men (MEN) who did did so because of their anger over unfair prosecution! Move to IRAN. YOu'll feel much safer!

  44. Mike says:

    The man was driving because he did not pay parking tickets you twit. Not due to safety issues. If you can equate safety with parking tickets, then I guess it wouldn't be a stretch for you to equate, say, jaywalking with murder. Hey lets all move to the middle east where in some countries they just kill you if you break ANY law. Sounds fair to me!

  45. MJ says:

    To those wondering “Where was the family for four days”…

    You have to realize a rather basic fact about incarceration of any form by police: They do not allow regular contact. It’s not a spa where you can just waltz in and see someone. They throw you in Riker’s Island, or “the tombs” in Manhattan, and even if it’s just a holding, you’re not seeing regular life for a few days.

    Understand this… if you are arrested and held, you are NOT having a normal life with regular contact for the next few days.

    As for if the death was not caused by the imprisonment…

    Please use critical thinking. Simple logic will tell you that there was something wrong with the medical care given to the man if he died as a result of the incident.

  46. JohnQPublic says:

    sounds like a lack of jurisprudence if you ask me. In most cases, you are cited and released. If he needed to see a judge he should have been offered bail or released on his own recognizance and given a court date. He could have settled his fines in the mean time before his court date. There’s no reason he should have spent more than 12-18 hrs in jail.

  47. Akelon says:

    The slight fact seems to elude some of you fine upstanding people and that is the fact that he got arrested for not having paid his parking ticket. Impound his car take his drivers license but don’t arrest the guy. Second the total lack of empathy from a lot of the people commenting I find absolutely depressing please die and let the rest of us human beings who love and have compassion for each other live in peace with out your shitty egos and lack of empathy for your fellow man.

    Please and thank you.

  48. metoo says:

    wow not having a license dosnt effect anyone except less money for government… That man obviously needed help But again they would rather treat him like a criminal…Those police need to be executed they killed that man

  49. Umpa Lord says:

    Pretty sad when a traffic infraction(tort) gets you put in jail like a criminal. Some say its dangerous to drive w/o a license. Uh, this man has been driving for DECADES so he has what you would call practical experience. The Cops(used in its true negative connotation) treated this man like crap. Just a old man right?! Someone trashing on him for taking a vacation. Do you know who was paying for the vacation, nope. He had been shatting his pants, ignored by police about his medication and through their treatment killed this man. But as usual they will get away with killing this man. I grew up with examples of how police should be but all I seem to see are cops.

  50. terry wagar says:





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