Police Brutality On 12 years-old-girl Outside Her Home For No Reason

Posted on: January 12th, 2009 82 Comments
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Galveston, Texas: Police got a call that three white prostitutes were soliciting in a neighborhood. After arresting the prostitutes they picked up a 12 years old black girl, named Dymond Larae Milburn, in front of her house.
They didn’t say they were police, just told her that she was a prostitute, and then they hit her about the head, face and throat with a police flashlight.
The violence was witnessed by the girl’s parents Wilfred and Emily Milburn, they heard her cries for help and came outside a house to see the hysterical girl screaming “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

Two hours later, 12 years old Dymond Milburn was examined at emergency room and doctors found she had a sprained wrist, two black eyes, a bloody nose and blood in an ear. This incident has cost the girl physical injuries, emotional problems and nightmares.

Attorneys for the officers involved in this incident says that the actions are justifiable, because they had little information at the time the incident found place. The case could go to trial in late 2009 or 2010.

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82 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    The attorneys for the officers are fools. These actions were not justifiable in any way at all. This girl did not deserve to be beaten or harrassed in any way at all. This family better sue for at least 3 mil. as this young child may have hearing problems and psychological problems and future treatments for the rest of her natural born life. The officers involved did something worse than I could ever imagine happening to my child. Can you imagine these officers giving a crime prevention class at her school in front of your young children? no way. ever.

  2. Neil says:

    Stay on this, That’s bull. No info then why mess with a beat a child. Ask and find out first. If the girl was white different story police would not have acted so caulous. Heads should roll

  3. Hailey says:

    WT*! Sounds like Mr. Policeman needs to go back to training and re-learn how to be in control. He needs to have his on-off switch adjusted.
    Now.. there will be a trial and a lawsuit which will cost the city money and we all know most cities are struggling financially. It just snowballs into a huge mess, so I say send the bill to Mr. ‘I can’t control my actions’. I just don’t understand why people are not held responsible for their actions anymore.

  4. Works says:

    Justified!!!!! Please.

  5. Eileen says:

    This type of brutality will probably only increase now that there is a person of this girl’s race headed for the White House. It has been bad in the past, but…..now there will be no mercy and since the highest office in the land will be filled by one of this girl’s race there will be no allowance for claiming the officers did this to her due to her race. Backwards, I know, but watch and see if this is not true.

  6. Eileen says:

    This has happened now as a result, not only of police brutality, but due to one of this girl’s race entering the highest office in our land. Our country is now finished with protections for people of the new Oval Office holder’s race due to his reaching that office. Had he not been voted in by such an overwhelming majority, it might be possible to simply dismiss this as police brutality. His election marks the end of affirmative action and back to more brutal days. He has achieved what few can only dream of. Now there will truly be war made by law officials on those of his race. BACKWARDS, I know, but watch and see what happens during the next 4 years.

  7. Sandy says:

    Mind you of that 5 year old being handcuffed. IQ deficient on the sides of the administrator in my own opinion.

  8. Next says:

    Our taxes pay these police officers that are supposed to be here to protect the people But as far as I concerned the whole brood of them are using that badge to have power over the people, To treat them like scum because for some off the wall reason they seem to think that badge gives them the right to do what ever they please. Like a bunch of little boys playing cops and robbers. Police officers give no one any respect any more. Personaley I dislike all of them. Only a few of them are worthy.

  9. Mary P. says:

    This is a horrendous crime and should be justified!!!This wasn’t! They should know how it feels like to be beaten upon!!!! I hope her parents sue and I know this was a racial crime! I am white and never have I had a prejudiced bone in my body, I love everyone regardless of color,Her parents need to sue and those police officers need to be fired and stand trial for assault , They also need Jail time! I know if that happened to my child? You better believe that I would hunt them down like the dogs that they are!!!I will be following this story and the family has my support! Sue the SOB’s!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    When is a beating on a 12 year old girl justifiable under any circumstances??? And they wonder where the name “PIG” came from. To many times I have witnessed “PIGS” hiding behind their badges to make them big shots, how about letting each one individually get a beating by three men three times their size. I am shocked at the ignorance of the attorneys statement as well. I hope they all loose their jobs, get them off the streets!!!!!!!!!

  11. Vince says:

    Things have not changed….the police will act this way and as long as the Joe and Jane public think that dope and prostitution and the cause of their nasty shitty lives they will support the little piggies and their outlandish actions, besideS, who else but a moron are you going to get to go out and arrest dope dealers and prostitutes. I would leave them ALONE!

  12. Rupert says:

    I am sure there is more to the story than they showed up and started beating her. I love how they leave so much out.

  13. Marie says:

    i have great respect for the law and the many who serve it with honor, and have earned their due respect. that being said, it is that small percentage of bullies with badges, that makes the good look bad because the shield is the same. my children are very dear to me as all children are.there is no reason whatsoever for a grown man especially an officer,to harm a child. if any man was striking my 12 year old daughter, he has well earned the benefit of my governments fine training.and the force will benefit from less corruption in their ranks.

  14. Freedom says:

    Never a child…….

  15. Acab says:

    Justified because they had LITTLE information???? Maybe they should make sure they HAVE information before swinging their artificial penis. So, do they think even if she were a prostitute that she should be beaten bloody? Heads should roll on this one!!!!!

  16. Retired Cop says:

    I am a retired cop, not a perp, the three punk cops had no reason to hit the girl unless she hit them. Little information, what happened to probable cause or at the very least reasonable suspicion?

    If these punks get away with that, the father needs to get his own justice.

  17. kc says:

    Is a horror story police man and woman that
    must protect the people,even as the girl was a prostitute who give them the right to act this way, this must have serveur consequences.
    the head of police must take his responsibility and
    resign and the officers involved must be prosecuted and fired.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If they had ” little information at the time of the incident “, then that excuse is not a just reason.
    I’m convinced that most police officers do not have proper training.

  19. Nadia says:

    so the cops had little information at the time and decide it is justifiable to beat a 12 year old??????? How about asking the girl some questions first…cops like this we don’t need.

    • Tim says:

      I was beaten by 12 officers of the court when i was 15 years old …I had went for a little drive late at night… I guess there’s not a police officer on our planet who has ever done the same….It doesn’t take a man to beat a child!

  20. Anonymous says:

    those people should be takn and executed for doing that to the little girl, they had to know she was a little girl what they were really doing was tryin to buy her and when she refused they took it out on her the should be shot beyond reconition

  21. Harry says:

    This policeman should go to jail.

  22. Kelly says:

    i hope they go to jail . she is a child .what is this world coming to?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Old story. Some slick lawyer will be able to get them off i’m sure. Don’t worry about terrorists,you have a much better chance of being killed by our own law enforcement. The only thing they protect and serve are there own jobs.

  24. Jan says:

    We have a new president that promised change, well people of the united states, it is about time that all people of all colors sat down and demanded that police brutality is put to and end, and these police ought to be sent to prison for at least 30 years with no chance of parole! how long of a sentence would you, sitting on a jury give these cops if they done this to your 12 year old daughter.sit down today and demand the change that your new persident promised. or set back and let your child be the next child beaten by a buch of ugly men that are supposed to be the protecters of the people.

  25. American says:

    what do we have censorship here in america now, i thought we still had freedom of speach.

  26. Lewis says:

    How awful…even if she was one of the prostitutes ( which, of course, she wasn’t), why the hitting and the beating? THis is a disrespect of human beings and an abuse of the power of police. Everyone involved should be fired and their pensions should pay the girl for the lifetime of emotional distress she will suffer.

  27. Redneck says:

    I think this needs to be taken for what it is. Wrong, no matter what race or the circumstances there was no need to beat this poor girl. I have been trained in these areas and know that you are not suppose to use that kind of force unless you have a threat to your life. There was not gun or knife and I do not believe that a 12 year old girl is going to be a threat to a grown adult. There are occasions due to drugs and other reasons but this was just a instance of possible prostitution. Wait till the whole story is out then see if there is a legg left to stand on.

  28. Chula says:

    I wouldn’t call these people policeman; they are thugs. They should be fired immediately, charged with deadly assault, jailed and given the maximum sentence that the law allows. They should never be allowed to own a gun or work in any kind of position that gives them any authority over others for the rest of their lives.

  29. Andy says:

    We need to start protecting our own,if the police are going to treat us this way and it’s called justified then we would be well within our god given right to retaliate, thats what they our forcing us to do where our are men stand up

  30. Peter S. says:


  31. Press says:

    Unfortunately, this type of stuff happens all over our country, in the past and in the future. One fool said it was because of the race orientation of our new President. That is almost as ludacrist as the action of this case of police brutality. Nevertheless, the punks in this case, don't deserve the respect of formal justice, but a down home &*^ woopen.

  32. Paparazo says:

    On CNN the other day they had a survey of Emergency room drs. and get this 98% yes 98% of them said when a cop brings in a perp 98% of the time they have used excisive force. Cops are scared with out their gun, mace and tazers. Punks.

  33. Large says:

    police are using the same old excuses to do the same dirty deeds.if they are going to say they had limited information at the time,why don’t they take more time to get better information.the truth is that’s not what they were doing this poor girl could have been just another jane doe.bravo to the parents for hearing her cry’s.hope they get a garage full of wrongful arrest and attempted murder money.

  34. Sein says:

    unfortunately, we all have to keep our eyes open. there is so much going on that America will change as we know it! the seeds have already been planted!!!!!!!

  35. King says:

    I really hope that we will get to the place that Police respect a person upon suspicion. Where is innocent until proven guilty? I have a friend in Dayton, Ohio that was left standing in the street when he was picked up for having an expired license tag. I might add that we are talking about a person that has a job, drives a nice clean vehicle, and owns his own home. We know of a pregnant lady that was left the same way. How can this be considered keeping the peace? This type of behavior, while somehow legal, has to be stopped. All people, regardless of color deserve to be treated with respect. Cities and towns need to really screen who they put in uniform.

  36. Tim Ley says:

    There’s so many people commenting on this that there’s hardly room for a comment. My comment is “let’s bring the police back to being peace keepers from being law-enforcement thugs. Those cops that beat this girl should all be removed from the Police department and barred forever from working as a public servant. Let them sling burgers at Burger King and find out how the rest of us live under this POLICE STATE in America

  37. Anonymous says:

    Not only is it terrible that they beat this innocent young child but they must believe it is ok to beat prostitutes. Arresting prostitutes is one thing but beating them that is just cowardly. These cops need to be held accountable. You give them a badge and they think they can beat women. I hope the girl is able to recover from the trauma and these clowns are put away… and she gets a bunch of money for her trouble.

  38. Bree says:

    Retaliation is required of us in matters of the slain, abused an mistreatd, if we can not get justice from those who are supposed, to protect an serve.We have a god given right to protect ourselves where are men, we must protect our women and children, stand up!

  39. Justice says:

    I do not fear criminals or terrorist.What really fills me with terror is police and government.America has become a fascist country. With a brutal paramilitary ss. Called the police.

  40. Anonymous says:

    To Eileen January 12 2009:

    Your comments sounds accentuate negative mentality, and stimulate bad influence on people especially, who are already scaptical about the President elected Obamama.

    If you care about helping our world a better place to live,I urge you to supress these types of expression you posted here in regard to a girl brutalitily beaten, by a police man, who may not qualified to be a police man in the first place. This police man does not have a natural instinct to proctect qnd serve other human, may be event not good enought to serve and protect aniomals. This one incident is too many, he does not deserve to be in this honorable position, as we call police profession, which we expect them to have original natural instinct that was born with him, not the one he may inherit from the police college.

    Please do not blem race, Black, white, yelow, or, brown human skin coulor the individual human weakness. It is that individaule’s problem which need to be address, perharps, that the way to make this world a better place to live.

    You may need to reassass your attitude, and perharps, your own mentality, and learn to expresss it in the way that will create positive influence on the oudience.

    Learn from the president elected Obama, and other Hero before him. They are brave and work or express there possitive action against the odd.

    Remember Eileen, because of those odd people, one of the millions in this world, like Obama and others before him, who may have various human skin courlors, they are/were they one that actually make this world a better place to live, vs the people with narrow, negative minded and often tend to blem other people or other objects for some thing went wrong as a result of prejude reasons by narrow minded interpretations, like your comments here.

    You can be a part of those heroes, from now on; it is not too late. Just look for good reasons why, the hero are lable as hero. I am very certain that you will do a good job!

    I pray for Dymond to over come this horror brutality life expirience. God assigned a name for her: Dymond for areason, as it is sounded like “The Diamond”, she is the most beautiful, the most strong, the most resilience, and made from the natural elements which has the life as long as the birth of this Earth. The Dymond and Diamond will last in the heart and the mind of all good people for ever. We all love you, and God loves you.

    I pray fore forgiuveness for this police man, and hope that God will put him in an appropreate place where he should bo long, peacefully!

    May God blesses the President elected Obama, and all people of all skin courlors in this world over the next 4 years, and may be 8 years!

  41. Claire says:

    God forbid that was my child these cops would be under the jail.And who in the world gives anyone the right to abuse a child.where is it that says innocent until proven guilty. If she was a prostitute which i doubt they had no authaurity to hit a child no matter what she does ,We r not allowed to spank our children.Where is that low down goverment now that started all this.

  42. Ali says:

    This is heartbreaking and so very sad!!! I ache all over for the entire Milburn family. I can not imagine what kind of “animal” would assault an innocent child-even IF she was a prostitute. Obviously the idiots involved have some unaddressed mental health issues-and to think they pack a gun. Our society (black society) would be in “less danger” if there were NO COPS AT ALL. I’d rather take my changes with the thugs, hoodlums, skin heads and common street trash!!!!!!!!!

  43. aire says:

    Now?When has there ever been no police brutality of people of African descent in the Western Hemisphere.You answer that, can you?The answer is never.The beast has never been brought under control.Who’s its Boss ,the Supreme Court?Law makers?or the President?It appears THIS BEAST is on its own.Where will you be when it bites you?

  44. Racist? says:

    Plain & simple it's al about race. Why where the 3 WHITE prostitutes not beat. But a black girl was. I don't care if U tell me the cops where black or white it comes down to a BLACK girl being beaten & the WHITE girls where not. It is a SHAME we still got to deal with this in this age. I pray my Grand Children do not have to deal with this cause I know MY children will! LORD have MERCY on us ALL!

  45. Female ex-cop. says:

    I’m a female ex-cop. When I was a cop I was 5’2″ and weighed 135, which isn’t bad considering I have a ribcage like a fullback (which a 9#14 oz son didn’t help). My youngest daughter was shot to death by cops three years ago this month, so I know both sides. I want to throw up when I see this kind of story. There was NO reason at all for this. If they really didn’t know what was going on that was all the more reason to FIND OUT before resorting to batons. Even if the kid was mouthy, as some kids are when they think they’re safe, cops are supposed to have more Pride-Integrity-Guts than to think they have to defend themselves from an unarmed child with batons. I hope these cops get prison time. I assure you they won’t enjoy it.

  46. Nathan Mi. says:

    Violent video games and violent movies also violent cartoons, what do you expect the kids to act out. These police officers are just the beginning of a world wide problem. This will be the biggest time bomb ever created. Our police, government officials, sports figures even part of our clergy are now just out for what they can get and whom they can abuse with a show of power. Welcome to the 21st century. And now Obama wants to take weapons away from honest hard working americans. What a Country!!.

  47. Harry N. says:

    The police are generally the largest, most well-armed gang in the city. This isn’t news any more.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I think the same thing should be done to the officers, A 12 year old child Oh My God… What is becoming of this world. To the parents I am so sorry for the act of these so called officers. I hope you take this to the highest courts. And these asses loss the badge. The same thing should be done to them, I pray they DO NOT have children, and if they do, someone should be looking in on them. If you will beat someone elses child what is stopping you from beating your own…..South Carolina

  49. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why upon seeing this excessive use of force, they didn’t react. I can assure you that if this happened to any of my children in front of my house there would absoutely be a different news story.

  50. Lover says:

    In some countries, the cops punishment would be his wife raped and her and the kids killed before his eyes, and then him the cop thrown from a high rise building to his death. You are all spineless sheep, and some of you are so politically correct and act surprised even to a fart coming your way. You are superficial, ignorant, self absorbed, and forgot even the recent history. This is just the begining, and already there is hardly anything you can do about it. Wait a few months or years, and the KGB and Gestapo would be cheerleaders by comparison to what is coming to you.

  51. Stuart says:

    This is sad, and we raise our children to look up to the men in uniform..she is just a child and this is happening outside her own home in her neighborhood?? What are these goons thinking.
    I sure hope justice prevails and they get what is coming to them..like loosing their families cause they probly dont know how to treat them if thats how they treat someone elses child…
    Lock em up an throw away the key
    thank you

  52. Anonymous says:

    no way shape or form is this situation right – what just because she was a black girl – they decided she was a prostitute –Old School thinking – better get some more diversty training for these men that call themselves policemen – that they are NOT

    GG – WB, PA

  53. Matthew34 says:

    Did this child have a gun, knife, weapon of any sort? Even if they believed she was an adult prostitute what call would they have to physically assault that person without being threatened themselves. Furthermore, how threatening can a twelve year old female be in comparison to trained police officers? Whether he had no information, reams of information, doesn’t a person need to pose a threat before he is beaten.

  54. Down To It says:

    A cop here in New Hampshire had several episodes with a young man around town.One day the officer and young man sat face to face in their cars after another clash.The officer rammed the young mans car several times.The young man raised his arms and sat in his car as the officer approached but was sprayed in the face with mace.Obviously after having enough, the young man drew a handgun and shot the officer dead. A bystander then shot and killed the young man.I’ve seen the video several times and am old enough to see that no one should have been hurt here. But the officer underestimated the young man. He approaches the car in a rage, sprays mace in the face of this guy,then turns his back and walks away. If cooler heads had prevailed no one would have been hurt. The officer could have called for assistance but attacked the young man instead.The young man was obviosly scared and reacted by shooting the officer. WHOSE THE VICTIM HERE????

  55. Hope says:

    She probably was a prostitute…

    • Debbi says:

      Really? She was 12 years old and in the close vicinity of her own home, close enough that her parents could see what was happening after they were alerted by the raucous. Your’e really sick for saying that.

  56. hugh says:

    That’s why its hard to trust police officers these days because of stuff like this. The hate crime, segregration is over everyone needs to grow up and be adults. This was a little girl and now she had nightmares because of what a coward, dumb and whatever else that I can’t say police officer has done, they should be arrested charged with assault and battery and put in jail without parole. She probably won’t trust another police officer again because of what they did.

  57. Anonymous says:

    If this was my child I would hunt these real tough guys down and see if they could whip someone their own size. Some cops are as bad or worse than alot of other thugs.

  58. Hen Y says:

    I think that this was terrible I have a 15 year old daughter and she is very timid and scary I can only imagine how afraid this child was during the hole ordeal these cops should be arrested for their actions children are a gift from god and we as adults are here to protect them not to harm them. I pray that justice is done for this child.

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. kita says:

    wtf that is not justifible what so ever cops are who your supposed to be able to trust but i guess you cant these days then people they’re just as bad as people who walk the without a badge and commit crimes and they wonder why people kill cops i hope this family seeks justice to the fullest extent anybody who puts there hands on a child is a coward

  61. Anonymous says:

    Just once i would like to read the replies of people on one of these types of sites and think that they were intelligent replies. Your hatred in these replies are no different than the hatred of these officers. Just my opinion!

  62. baby says:

    This is just unbelievable!! I recently had a daughter and I just could not immagine this happening to her. The parents of this child should sue, sue, sue!!! These so called officer of the law should be fired! I wonder if they have any children of their own and if so, how would they feel if someone assaulted their child. Children are a precious gift from God and although some of them may not travel the road we would hope for them, it does not give another human being the right to abuse that child. Maybe they need to remember, we were all children at some point. And no matter how great or messed up our childhood may have been, we all have been given the choice to do right or wrong. These officers should have approached the situation as mature adults, but no, they approached the situation whatever it may have been like the criminals that they should be called. I hope and pray the law punishes them according to their actions.

  63. Proud says:

    this stuff has been going on for years ..here in america,..the only one solution..is this.lets get tough with them through our congressmen..it’s the only way..every county in the usa,,needs a police..patrol..none biased..citizen oriented,,ethically diverse..panel to reveiw all cases like this..and involving..police deaths in jail and in the streets.this panel will be chosen and interview..so to find out they are not associated with any police agncys…or law background..this panel should meet at every county builing in the ..us…1 time a month..to review and vote on..charges being files ..by the da..once the 12 memebr panel..gets a vote of 7 or above..it should be handed over to the DA”S office..not for review…becuase it already was reveiwed by the panel…but directly to criminal court.so the police can be judged by a jury of his peers..just liek criminals..knowing he is innoscent before being found guilty..he punishment shouild be like any regular persons, once this is in place…police beatings and abuse will go way down….us states is becoming a police counrty ..not just states anymore…its everywhere.the cam was the best thing going..but now we see how stupid they are and the system they work for.everyone write .your congressmen..about a new national panel..in all counties.police should also go back to warning shot..now it was..stop or I’ll shoot..Now it ..I shoot and look..you stop.

    • Debbi says:

      How about a non-profit that logs the incidences, collects as much documentation as possible, and carries on continuous correspondence with the congressmen of that state? But I do like your idea of skipping the DA’s office, they’re just brown-nosing the system and worthless when it comes to prosecuting officers. The officers could still get a fair trial by jury.

  64. Reply says:

    Eileen. Really? “One of the girl’s race is headed for the White House?” Have we only voted in frogs and squirrels previously? Do you not understand, with all your wisdom, that people of different color are still of the SAME RACE? The human race. In your arrogance you’ve showed yourself to be one of the most racist of us all. Separating yourself from not only this poor child, the soulless officers, and the President Elect of our country, you have set yourself on a pedestal above the citizens of our country who have different color skin. I speak now to the rest of the readers: don’t think that it’s only violent hate crimes that express racism. We are all of the same race. The difference between us is merely ethnicity and culture. Let’s remember, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

  65. Anonymous says:

    There is no excuse for beating anyone, restrain, yes, beat, no. Even if this girl had been a prostitute no one has the right to beat or abuse her. In this case the mentality of the police that they can abuse someone for whatever their perceived reason is wrong and should be prosecuted.

  66. Rey says:

    The anonymous writer that wrote to Eileen, man you sound like Buckwheat. Next time read over your comments or have someone else write for you. Although, barring spelling,that was a nice thing to say.

  67. Anonymous says:

    We Americans have enough to deal with without all this excessive violence from the Police. They wonder why people are reluctant to even talk to them. Something has got to be done. Yes, they are supposed to keep the peace but when these kinds of things happen you wonder whether they are keeping it by adding to it.

  68. Anonymous says:

    we should get rid of all cop fire them and start over

  69. Scribbles says:

    ……….and these “police officers” are supposed to be there to help?

  70. Jodie Sewell says:

    wow little information,but enough to say THREE WHITE WOMAN!! ..how does that constitute seeing a 12 year old black girl and accusing her of being a white woman who is prostitute. then beating her over the head so much she has probably more injuries then the other three actually reprted woman.. smh.

  71. Persian says:

    Execute them, forget anything else. And fuck the idiot up there who said that she probably is a prostitute. And fuck the person up there who blamed it on video games and the girl. And most of all, fuck the person up there who said our angry comments make us no better than the cops, because if you’re going to be a stupid ignorant fuck, just go all the way.

  72. terry wagar says:

    It is not for pedophile cops to determine whether their actions are justifiable that is a matter for a jury to decide!

    Beating 12 year old children for sex is a crime pedo cops, you could be charged with attempted rape pedo cops!

    Since no cop in that city arrested these pedo cops then we can assume all the cops in that city are FINE with those cops beating children for sex!

    Those cops were beating a child and making sexual advances towards the child forcing the child to discuss sex!

    Pedo cops don’t stand trial in a criminal court of law, charge a cop with a felony and that’s when you find out none of the cops give a damn!

  73. facto says:

    And these miscreant “officers?” of the law are whom we rely? upon to arrest child abusers?? Helloooo SATAN!!!!!

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  75. Anonymous says:

    “The actions are justifiable, because they had little information at the time the incident found place.”

    This is completely wrong, on too many levels..

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