Police Brutality and Violence on Young Girl

Posted on: April 28th, 2009 40 Comments
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Member of special unit against riots in Germany, unknown police officer has shown his cold blooded brutality on a young girl during arrest.

He beat her with his hands, kicked her, and used a police stick ,then took her hair and pulled her around on the street.

Other cops did not try do stop him. Police officer can use force only if his life is in danger or if arrest without force is not possible.

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40 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    stop the violence please!!!

    • slackdaddyyo says:

      you are a dork if you really think the police just attacked her without cause… really look at them—- they just cruse around in full riot gear and attack chicks… lol your truely stupid… i say SLAP HER AGAIN IKE…….LOL

      • kim freeman says:

        what a bunch of bulls*** she wasnt fighting and if you look you can see the other officer smiling grr assehole

        • Glenn Guthrie says:

          To kim slackdado. You are one of these persons that should be shot with a ball of your shit.You are a moron and should be locked up in a jcket with no arms you peice of shit.

    • BoomShakaLaka says:

      Let ME be this poor woman on the concrete!!! The police wouldn’t be smiling.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stop F-ing with the police and treat them with the respect they deserve and maybe they will stop beating people. They put their lives on the line every day and get treated like shit. You don’t know what happened before, maybe the person or people went after them first.

    • TommyKnockerz says:

      Being treated with a lack of respect IS THEIR JOB!!!! If they can’t handle it, they shouldn’t be cops. Personally, I thought about being a cop. I took a look at my personality, my temper and what pisses me of. Most importantly, I took a look at REALITY. I asked myself, “could I put up with the shit that REALLY happens out on the streets? Could I put up with the crap that cops have to deal with on a daily basis?”T The answer to all that was “Hell NO” so I did what EVERY PERSON thinking about being a cop should do. If more cops would do that, maybe PIGS wouldn’t be out there violating people’s rights. OK, let’s say this girl is guilty, her in the U.S. , she would still have rights. I’m not sure how things work in Germany but I’m fairly certain she didn’t deserve an ass whippin’ there either. That shit happens all the time and if cops can’t deal with some little girl WITHOUT beating the hell out of them, THEY should be the ones in prison. FUCKIN’ HYPOCRITES!!!! They obey the laws they want to obey. I personally know cops who have driven drunk, been pulled over and let go by their fellow officers. Again, FUCKIN’ HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!! Did this girl do what she was accused of, maybe, what happens the next time they have a bad day while arresting an INNOCENT person, which, by the way, they ALL are until they are PROVEN guilty. For all of you
      ‘holier than thou, put ’em all in prison’ idiots, it’s cops like this who also get GUILTY people off. They violate peoples’ rights and the guilty people walk, so before you bash people stating this cop is the piece of shit that he is, think about how many guilty people would serve NO TIME because of assholes like this. Do you still think this asshole should be a cop?

    • TommyKnockerz says:

      By the way, dipshit, even if this girl were guilty as hell, cops are ONLY allowed to use the force NECESSARY to subdue a suspect. If this ‘big bad’ cop couldn’t subdue this little girl without beating her ass, he sure as hell shouldn’t be a cop. One last thing. Many cops become cops after years of abuse at the hands of other children. They were picked on and they get a badge so they can finally be ‘tough’. They figure they’ve finally got a reason that people ‘have’ to treat them with respect and when they don’t, or even if they DO treat them with respect but the cop has a shitty day, they get to get even for all the crap they had to take as a kid…..because they were pussies. There is NO WAY you can dispute that people who can’t control their temper SHOULD NOT be cops. It is their JOB to subdue criminals, treat them as though they are innocent, because they are until they are PROVEN guilty, and they have to do this WITHOUT violating peoples’ rights.

    • facto says:

      People are treating them with “respect” they “deserve/earn”! The key word is “earn” respect, which they obviously have not. They serve ALL citizens, not just the ones they prefer to SERVE!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That scum bag, i wonder what else he and his sick fat buddy’s did to her…
    this is what they give you for speaking your mind about the system.

  4. too much says:

    im willing to bet 100$ that the person did not threaten the police officer at all. and to prove that police commit such actions unjustly and without cause all you have to do is look at videos online. they are clips start to finish of unjust arrests.

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are *RIOT POLICE*. Obviously, there was a goddamn riot going on. The girl was in the riot, so she was obviously doing SOMETHING wrong, and more than likely tried to attack someone, possibly the police officers in question.

    • TommyKnockerz says:

      You’re an idiot. “She was obviously doing something wrong”????? Really….REALLY?????? So you think that these self riotous pigs NEVER arrest innocent people??? Especially during a riot, there are people all around, some just watching, who get arrested and released WITHOUT being charged all the time and many of the ones who are charged with a crime, are later found NOT GUILTY at trial. Now you have a person with a potential law suit. Personally, I’d just send piece of shit to the emergency room with numerous fractures and contusions.

  6. GOOFS says:

    cops are all fckin GOOOOOFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!f.t.p

  7. Anonymous says:

    to serve and protect my azz these cops now a days are all crooked powere trippin goofs ftp

  8. Sad says:

    she probably didnt even deserve that

  9. andrew says:

    cops suck

  10. this girl says:

    what if the girl was just holding a sign an the police officer bumped into the sign or yelling and he didnt like what she said… and he just starts beating her?…i really doubt that she deserved what happened especialy being pulled around the street by her hair.. the police just know that they have weapons and they can lie and get away with it.

  11. Think twice says:

    Somebody is not forced to become a policeman or policewoman. He or she accepts the job and in turn, is aware of the ups and downs of their work. So, the police person MUST comply with the rules. Even if a teenager went up to a police person, the police reaction MUST be accordingly to the alleged attack. This picture shows a policeman reaction that´s far much more intense than a teenager´s aggression, whatever the INTENSITY of the aggression should be. And, if the policemen put their lives on the line, remember, they are there because they WANT to be there, and so, they MUST accept the rules. Thanks GOD policemen\woman exist, but they MUST demonstrate civism all the time. The scene depicted here is above all, an unethical and unprofessional one that must be punished accordingly.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is terrible, how whats happening on our earth these days….how could someone do this.. “They dont care about us” Michael Jackson is right!

  13. carer says:

    “Stop F-ing with the police and treat them with the respect they deserve and maybe they will stop beating people. They put their lives on the line every day and get treated like shit. You don’t know what happened before, maybe the person or people went after them first.”

    fucken cop lover. that is an act of bullying and over use of power and if you feel the need to stick up for this, you are as fowl as i perceive him.

  14. carer says:

    ifn this is what we expect to get for protest, how do you call this democracy.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You ppl know nothing about riots – try living in Africa – here we have REAL riots – respect the riot police – they protect your lives and property – most of you have an opinion about something that you know nothing about – If ya don’t want to clash with the law – don’t stand on the wrong side of the fence – here where I live a woman is raped every 26 sec and a murder committed every 31 min – stats from the national goverment – protect and serve !!

  16. carer says:

    “You ppl know nothing about riots – try living in Africa – here we have REAL riots – respect the riot police – they protect your lives and property – most of you have an opinion about something that you know nothing about – If ya don’t want to clash with the law – don’t stand on the wrong side of the fence – here where I live a woman is raped every 26 sec and a murder committed every 31 min – stats from the national goverment – protect and serve !!”

    you must be a hero hey, knowinig all you do about outside affairs. so according to you the LA riots were a joke. or maybe whats been happening in France or Egypt is a soft form of riots. idiot, read the pappers a little more and you may know not just in Africa people are rioting fool.
    and just because a law is made, no matter how unjust or wrong we have to cop it sweat and not argue? ‘you must be white African’ to agree with these pricks and suck up to them. also if a woman gets raped every 26sec and a murder every 31min the riot squade arnt doing their jobs too well…. you are an uneducated fool who should read and not speak then perhaps, in a long time from now a correct opinion may leave your mouth!

  17. Talya says:

    I think regardless of how little respect you give the police, they have NO right to beat you. I mean for God’s sake she’s like my age or a bit older. What harm could she really be to a herd of armed police officers? All I have to say is God will punish those who do such horrific things.

  18. carer says:

    p.s. to my last post.
    do this to my daughter and see what outcome you recieve.

  19. koinonia says:

    Just Google “police brutality videos”. The number of videos is staggering.

  20. Police brutality and violence on young.. Peachy 🙂

  21. Eve says:

    Not all cops are horrible people, so this “Fuck the Police in General” mentality is a little messed up and basically a big stereotype.
    However, it seems that fewer and fewer police these days are worthy of the respect that they demand. Ya gotta earn it, bro -.-‘

    • Pikgitar says:

      Currently it is factual to say that virtually ALL COPS are bad if but for the fact that good cops are quickly driven out of the PD if said good cop even thinks about telling the truth when the Blue Wall brings it’s pressure to the rank and file of any Police Department.

      I am so tired of hearing about how we need cops and how they have such a tough job and all the other blithering nonsense boot licking pig lovers spew out of their filthy mouths.

      Let’s just face it and realize that all cops are garbage and not needed in our society. Want crime to go up? Add more PIGs to your local PD. I guarantee crime will increase.

      So Eve, your statement “Not all cops are horrible people” is absolutely wrong and you are stupid if you can’t see that. There is no excuse for police brutality. PERIOD. End of discussion.

  22. Neil says:

    As a police officer and a use of force instructor, I have never encountered the part of police training that instructs officers to grab someone by the hair, when they are on the ground. Or for that matter grab a young girl by the hair in any situation. Maybe I missed that part of the training. But I’m pretty sure what the fool in this picture is doing, would be considered dumb as shit and asking for a law suit, in pretty much every jurisdiction in the USA. Maybe Germany has different laws. But I doubt it.

    Most police officers are just regular folks who took the job because it has good benefits and pays almost enough to get by on. We really aren’t a bunch of abuse victims looking for people to take out our frustration on. Having said that we do deal with people at their worst on a regular basis. Lets face it, when was the last time you called the cops because someone was being nice to you? You call the police because things are going wrong. SO sometimes we expect the worse from people. We are supposed to remain polite and in control at all times. But it’s just not possible. Most people who live or work on my beat call me officer friendly. I always smile at strangers and go out of my way to be polite to everyone. However I will admit to having bad days just like everyone else. If the only time you dealt with me was when I was having a bad day, maybe you would spend the rest of your life thinking I am a total jerk. I’m sure there are people who think that of me. I will say the longer I do this job the easier it is to remain calm and under control. When you are first starting out and the poop is hitting the prop, it is hard to just maintain self discipline and not go into overdrive.

    • a civilian says:

      In Germany, a policeman is not allowed to beat or treat somebody with other violence (like pulling hair) who is already on the ground.

      I can understand when people bear hatred towards the police when they got treaten violently by some of them.
      I can also understand that it’s hard to maintain self discipline and not go into overdrive.

      I got beaten up as well often enough for example when I was trying to stop 6 full armored policis from beating a young guys body and face bloody while he was lying on the ground (because he don’t wanted to stand up.)in a defensive way. I haven’t offended them in any way, nor did he.
      when I was able to see again [current black out by beaten stomach and head] after a few minutes they had already thrown him into the car, just the blood was left on the ground.
      sadly it seemed that no one filmed it. (researched)
      but even so, I dont hate the police.

      I just despise the (non-existent)attitude of “gain an order, shut off your brain and beat straight on”.
      which is often the case at confrontations with a critical mass.

      Because, as you said, the police should help the people and aid them.
      But the Police should NOT be the personal army of a few people’s interests.

      The problem with a lot of so called riots is, the police is standing on the wrong side. The side where they follow the orders of profit-orientated people who give a fuck about others as long as they have secured their wealth.

      I was very glad and surprised when I heard (and talked to) an organisation – beware I try to translate it from german to english –
      alliance of critical/discerning policemen? [don’t know which word is the best choice for translation but I hope you know what I mean].
      anyway, this consortium of on and off duty-policemen/women
      gives legal advice to victims of in- as well as extern police violence/other social disputable affairs.

      do you know if there exists a similar organisation in the u.s?
      I would appreciate to know that.

    • Pikgitar says:

      Neil, you are basically nothing more than a liar. The only way you could prove otherwise to me is if you have testified against another cop and actually got that other cop fired from the PD. I really doubt you would go against the Blue Wall of shut-the-fuck-up-or-else-you-are-black-balled-from-the-entire-PD.

      Regular folks. What kind of joke is that?

      Give me a break. Stop your bullshit rationalizations and justifications and excuse making. You are nothing more than garbage that should be thrown in a landfill and buried.

  23. Fuckerman says:

    That was not a she! It is a male with boobs caught raping a 6 year old boy and it tryed to kill the poor lady cop so the lady cop only used as much force as needed and the only way to treat a he she is to drag them by there hair ask one and they will tell you so

  24. terry wagar says:

    Two Portland police officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray break into peoples homes early in the morning and rape children and they photograph it and they poison the parents coffee pot!

    Terry Wagar

  25. facto says:

    Police universally are funded thru taxes paid by all. Their duty is to serve the needs of all, not just those they prefer! That would be biased prejudism. They are not the judge nor the jury, and when causing bodily harm to any citizen, there must be established a real and present danger, not an instigated real and present danger!

  26. Norman says:

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