Police Officer Assaults and Tasers a 72-year-old Woman

Posted on: April 2nd, 2010 52 Comments
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After stopping a 72-year old grandmother on a highway for speeding, the police officer commands her to stand back or she’ll get tasered. The old lady steps back, then crosses her hands and refuses to go any further. Police officer freaks out and throws everything he’s got in his hand, pulling out handcuffs and starts yelling at the old lady while he is trying to put the handcuffs on her.

When she struggles to get loose he taser her so much that she falls down and starts crying in pain. The police officer doesn’t stop, he just continues yelling at her to put her hands behind her back while she is turning around on the ground saying desperately: “I’m trying!” The officer said afterwards that the old lady mouthed off, and was physically non-compliant.

The weirdest part is that the cop looks insecure during the whole situation on the tape, like he has no clue what is right and wrong.

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52 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    HA, There is something you need to look into, jack. its called the Force Continuum. Its what the officers use as a guide for force.

    Its funny people like you hate cops because you break the law and you get caught and you blame the police officers for you stupidity.

    • ananymous says:

      I completely agree!!!! I love police officers!

    • Louie says:

      As a former police officer in the U.S. Navy, and as someone who morally objects to pepper spray and tasering, what you are seeing here is not “law enforcement”.

      What we see here is a male officer, more than competent enough to physically restrain an old lady, but he gets insulted by her not “obeying” him, so he uses his taser not as a means of protection, or to decline the situation, but as a tool for punishment, through physical torture.

      Police are “preliminary investigators”…they are not judges, or juries. They are no supposed to “dish out” punishment or judgement at all. This cop is a sick bastard, who used his weapon to “correct” an old ladies behavior.

      A taser was not designed or meant to be used for those reasons.

      • Mark says:

        Thank you Louie. It’s hard to believe you are a cop, talking so sensibly, but I’ll believe you are.

        • Mike says:

          There are good cops and there are bad cops. Unfortunately, far too many cops on police forces across the country know who the bad apples are, cops who have no business carrying a gun or badge. However they turn a blind eye to the bad ones. It’s the code of blue. You don’t rat out a fellow officer no matter what.

    • forrest says:

      I wonder what you think of the Constitution, if you are a police officer and you think this is right no wonder your comments are “anonymous”….If a man did this to his wife or significant other he would be hauled away for assault and batter. You guys are punks and freaks.By the way what’s your badge number?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This lady was NOT a threat to the police officer, yet she was tased anyway. Why? Why didn't the officer just wait for back-up? This is a clear case of taser abuse by the police. Just because she refused to do something, she got tased…She's not violent…she is not a threat to anyone…yet she was still tased. Tasers should ONLY be used to subdue violent people who are a threat to someone. Tasers should NOT be used on someone simply to gain compliance.

    • Anonymous says:

      The old lady was yelling, being uncooperative, and trying to get back in her car and leave after being pulled over and repeatedly being warned, so the cop tazed her……I’m 1000000% against any kind of brutality especially towards the elderly, and especially by a cop…..but just because she’s old doesn’t meant that she’s above the law, she can still be tazed and even shot at if necessary….btw, guns are for subduing violent people who are a threat to someone, tazers are for subduing someone who isn’t a blatant and immediate threat you want to subdue but don’t want to physically fight or shoot at.

      • Louie says:

        if lazy pig cops are going to retire with a fat pension on my tax dollars, they outta work for it. i say take away their tasers and pepper spray. and that taser was used as an instrument of punishment, not to gain compliance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that was stupid, that officer had no right to put his hands on that lady like that and for him to pull out his taser like that right away tells alot about him. This officer hardly tried to resolve the situation! Was a lame ass excuse for an officer!!

  4. Typical says:

    That's typical. The general public sees a snipet of a video and think you know everything. We don't let people get back into their vehicles when they are being uncooperative, even if she's 80. I've been tased as was protocal for training. Yeah, it hurts but does no permanent damage. If that officer would have wrestled with her, and she broke a bone in the process, the situation would have been worse. You are making judgements based on 30 seconds of video. Maybe the officer was wrong in the totality of the situation, but I don't know that and neither do you. Every time we use force all I hear is police brutality. I wish every cop in this country could just take two days off and lets see how much yall miss us then.

    • SUMONE says:


    • poogis says:

      Thats with pay too, right??

    • Louie says:

      why? Cops do nothing but hand out parking tickets. 95% of the shit they do is busting our balls over minor traffic violations…or fucking with some kid because he has a joint. Every cop is corrupt and crooked. Cops who get free coffee or donuts are corrupt, as their are laws against police accepting gratuities.

      But they all do it anyways. And speed. And drunk drive. I’m from the metro Detroit area. You have any idea how retarded and corrupt Detroit cops are?


    This cop is a sorry excuse for a man

  6. Wait says:

    i am not for cops brutality….but …when you go against the law…you cant say you didnt went into troubles by your own first…and second thing when you hear a cops saying your gonna be tahse or shoot why keep doing idiot? still running for troubles?
    use to be a street girl…. hated cops… but sometimes i neded them and they were there…
    i wont change my idee on 30 seconde video!
    and i dont make an idea on one moment ….everytime cops make actuality we make our own conclusion but like it be said…we were'nt there to see !

  7. Ben Testin says:

    She can't get back into her truck because she feels like it. If he pushed her against the truck to handcuff her you'd scream brutality. If she stumbled into oncoming traffic while struggling with him, you'd scream negligence. If he pepper sprayed her to force compliance you'd scream brutality and she'd be burning for hours.

    This site is visited by people who have lost objectivity. What would have been a better course of action? To let her ignore his instructions and do whatever she wants?

    • joe says:

      just give her the damn ticket and be on the way loser over use of power is the problem were all humans and deserve freedom and respect

    • joe says:

      freedom is a right not privelidge like cops think

      • Anonymous says:

        freedom is a right that can be taken away…..what do you think jails are? they’re for people who don’t deserve their freedom

        • Louie says:

          almost 40% of people in jail are there because they got caught smoking a joint. They deserve to lose freedom for that? Who are they a danger to?

          Police purposely escalate situations, like with this old lady. They get bored of writing tickets, so they purposely push people around and try to get them angry, so they can justify attacking and brutalizing them over NOTHING.

    • poogis says:

      thats why you hand the person a ticket threw their window and have a nice day. He could of grabbed her by the wrist to restrain her. Hes why people think cops are scumbags. If that was my grandmother Id find that guys name and address and beat him with a bat.

    • EMT says:

      Ben, The officer could of easily contained the old lady with hand cuffs if he tried for more than 3.5 seconds, but he dropped his cuffs almost immediately and went for the taser.
      BTW, i can look at about two seconds and make a judgement that an elderly lady might not be healthy enough to withstand the shock of the taser. Especially if she had an existing heart condition, or pacemaker. in that case she would be dead; but hey I guess it’s ok, because she didn’t get back into her car.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Downright horrible! POLICE ARE SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC,THEY SEEM TO FORGET THIS VERY QUICKLY!!!! They have no right to treat her like this!!! What right did he have to pull her out of the car? She was a calm woman! I hope she hires Gloria Allred and sues the police department and this officer personally!!!

  9. Justice says:

    I want to send out a big YES SIR out to the man who posted the second comment. If you want a world without police, go to Juarez, Mexico, see how you like it.

    • Louie says:

      Juarez has police..they’re just all on the take. like cops in baltimore, NY, detroit, etc. All cops are crooks who accept bribes to look the other way.

  10. STOP THIS says:

    A taser is for use when the officer feels threatened or is assaulted how could this old lady threaten him?!she did nothing to assault or threaten him


    • Anonymous says:

      why does everyone keep saying that tazers are for when police are threatened or assaulted???? NO!!! that’s what GUNS are for, tazers are for subduing someone without causing permanent damage

  11. Why? says:

    Pity it is such a "we vs them" world"….after all we all answer to God i the end so He'll surely honor the good and require the evil to leave for the real party……pity cause everyone was invited

  12. Lazy Cops says:

    To the cop that posted here… What's there to understand? Old lady standing there, doing nothing harmful, gets tased. There's no maybe about it, that cop did the wrong thing. There was no need to tase that old lady. Cops are getting 1) too lazy and 2) abusive of their power. It's swine like that who gives cops a bad name. I will NEVER respect the police as long as things like this happen. Worst of all, they have the gall to call me and ask for donations. Seriously. I remind them of things like this and tell them when cops learn to use tasers properly, I MIGHT consider respecting them and giving something to them. Until then, it's a HELL no.

  13. Matt says:

    Many people who are older are arthritic and can't put their hands behind their backs. That's what she said, I can't. She probably couldn't. The police officer was out to lunch.

  14. Stop says:

    Taser are out of control. We need to take them out of cops hands, or put laws in place to say when they have the right to use them. If they use them when they shouldn't, as in this case, then there should be strict consequences. At least a suspension with out pay, if not fired. They need to be punished. In other professions, you don't get to make mistakes like this. You make a mistake, your gone.

  15. No Justice says:

    Oh man. I SO wish you cops would take two days off. Actually, I wish you would take the rest of your lives off.

    Never forget, Pig, there was a time when you were not around and everyone was fine… better off in fact. The west was peaceful BECAUSE there were no cops. People looked out for themselves.

  16. Susan says:

    He demands she puts her hands behind her back, which is impossible while being tased, your muscles do not react the way you tell them to. This is a case power-tripping meets pure stupidity. I hope he was promptly fired. And before anyone tells me that i do not understand or that I'm making excuses for people try to broaden your thoughts into more than that because YOU dont know either and YOU'RE making excuses for the cops who make mistakes.

  17. Devin Smith says:

    What is this world coming to? Whatever happened to police officers just handcuffing people instead of using unneccessary, physical vioence? I feel that nowadays, the police overreact to every little thing that people do, whether they don’t do anything at all or they do something illegal. The police should be confiscated of their tasers, clubs and pepper sprays, and ONLY use their guns as a threat if people are disobeying them. If the weapon is misused, they should be suspended or fired, depending on how severe the situation is.

  18. Devilcat says:

    Well well, its interesting to hear every ones opinion on this. i have sat down many time with my now Ex-father in law(medically retired patrolman in Washington) and his father (medically retired Captain, decs.) They both have said many time that more often police believe tasers are not leather. Their opinion is BS to that. Even the mfg warnings and training say they can cause death if use incorrectly. They also both feel that current training on situational awareness and fear control leads to this type of action. There is a difference between a police officer and a Cop/pig so please learn the difference. When we are pulled over don’t argue or make personal attacks, stay calm. Law enforcement must also remember that just because there is a badge does not mean we have to obey every command given, especially if that command is a violation of civil laws or constitutional rights. The officer always has the upper hand by virtue of the uniform design, protection gear and badge. learning to use that is the proper way is not easy but letting emotion rule you will only get others hurt or killed. being a citizen is a responsibility just like being a an officer of the law.

  19. vince says:

    That cop should to visit his grandmother and think about how he would feel about her getting tased. An old lady …… really????? I guess when his kids are just a little stronger then her I guess the prick won’t have a choice but to tase them also huh?…… but that’s why most cops are given a IQ test and are hired with a lower score then 120 … They follow orders and buy into what they are taught rather then what is right.

  20. dude says:

    Just another example of police not having the intelligence to act other than barbaric. What kind of answer can you expect from a cop. They protect their own… Pathetic!

  21. abraham says:

    damn pig

  22. Vikki Hal says:

    What youre saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I also love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what youre trying to say. Im sure youll reach so many people with what youve got to say.

  23. NateC says:

    Bitch ass Police OFficer..He pushed her like she was nothing – why didn’t he hadn cuff her with appropriate force the same way? He is a pussy. I hope he get fired and has to take jobs for security at WALMART!

  24. Live Free or Die says:

    love how that sorry cop says get on the ground “AFTER” he tasered the old lady. He must feel like a big strong man.

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. LMAOATPOLICE says:

    God damn that is so pathetic.

  27. terry wagar says:

    Two police officer’s named Eric Carlson and John Ray broke into my home and they raped my daughter Kayle Wagar and they planted child porn on our computer and they poisoned my coffee cup and coffee pot!

    They bragged about this at Clackamas Walmart and then they printed out flyers giving me the blame for their crimes and they distributed those flyers in my neighborhood destroying my reputation!

    They did all this on one day in March 26th 2007, and they call this activity pedofying, meaning they do whatever they have to do to destroy their targets reputation so no one will care if their target is murdered, and these cops/pedofyers are more than happy to commit the crimes themselves!

    My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with Eric Carlson and she helped them to break into our home so they could rape our daughter and to frame me for it!

    This is a common form of murder commited by Portland police officer’s and their caught bragging about it to their bro’s at Clackamas Walmart!

    Cops brag pedofying people gets them killed off, that’s admitting to premeditated murder their admitting to!
    Cops never do this alone, they have the support of their emtire police department when it comes to cops framing people, which is why very few people hear of these crimes because police cover up all complaints of these crimes and news media is mums the word about it!

    Terry Wagar

  28. Pat says:

    After he tasered her, did he do her? Maybe thats how he gets it up.

  29. Sara says:

    Id be goin to jail for murder if that was my 74 yr old grandma! Best believe that!

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