10 Cops Taser Innocent 86-Year-Old Woman Twice

Posted on: June 19th, 2011 20 Comments
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In El Reno, Oklahoma an 86-year-old grandma got tasered by ten cops in her bed at home. Her grandson thought she was overdosed on pills so he called an ambulance, but next thing you know there are 10 cops in her room. The old woman got scared and the cops claimed that she was acting aggressive and that she threatened them with a knife. It turned out that she was just stressed out because of the incident and her medical condition.

She was hooked up to an oxygen machine, so she basically panicked when the police officers suddenly entered her room. One of the cops even stood on the oxygen machine hose, this made the old lady suffer from lack of air. She now wants to sue them for at least $75 000.

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20 Responses

  1. kenny says:

    Maybe they thought she had some marijuana… oh wait, that can’t be it… they didn’t shoot her.

  2. nick waitches says:


  3. FU#*Police Officers says:

    People need to start standing up against this shit. These fucking idiots we call call police officers need to be in prison or they need to be turned into slaves.

    • Charles Sommers says:

      You say that like all cops are bad. That is not the case. The majority of officers are trained professionals with the public’s safety and well being a top priority. Don’t try to demonize all cops because of the action of a few. There are some incompetent people in every occupation in the world.

      • Scott says:

        The majority? Really? Where was the majority that night.

        • Dave says:

          Who knows man, there’s always a chance that all the dumb cops could be called into one place at once. There’s always that chance.
          Besides theres for sure more to this than what were told. Not even dumb cops would taze an 86 year old.

          • Anon says:

            well, for sure we know that it’s less than 1 for 10, because it’s ridiculous that TEN officer could be “dumb” enought, it’s just disrespect and impunity for the rights.

      • Debbi says:

        This is true, it is not the majority, but it is growing. However, the public needs to take a diligent and firm stand against this kind of stuff. Obviously, an 86 year old in bed on oxygen isn’t a threat. Really, if I was a cop, even if she had a knife (I don’t think she did), I would just laugh. One thing I notice is that many of these incidents are occurring because elderly people are requesting medical assistance. Maybe it is a new policy aimed at getting seniors not to use emergency medical services, because the country is broke.

    • itsall4thegoodcops says:

      I could not agree more nor finding more deserving candidates of the meritis award of washing my dirty laundry

  4. Nick Knight says:

    I think someone shooting the cop, would be justified as self defense.

    America, becoming the new worlds police state.

    • James says:

      Totally agree. POLICE STATE with COWARDS WHO HAVE BADGES. That makes them DANGEROUS.
      SHOW”DISRESPECT” get beat down.
      TAKE A PICTURE/VIDEO, get arrested. They can record you, but you can’t record them.
      ARGUE THE LAW? OH, you just ‘assaulted’ the police officer.
      THIN BLUE LINE? MY ASS. Cops don’t stop crime. LET ALONE if your house is burglarized, they don’t even investigate. BUT give them a chance to pull their gun, they are there. THEY love pulling their guns. Especially if its an UNARMED ‘suspect.’
      IF these sorry excuses of humans ever had to REALLY put their life on the line, they’d poop bricks.

  5. Chris C says:

    Damn that’s crazy….I hope that 11 month old didnt drop that bong.

  6. Ron Howard says:

    I was a nursing assistant in a nursing home for several years. I was able to single handedly take knives away from 3 residents on 3 separate occasions and I didn’t use a taser, a billy club or even my steel toed boot. They are old and it was easy to do. 10 cops to bust one old woman? It must be very easy to get away with crimes in that town if you only have to go up against one cop. How pitiful!

  7. L. Hill, says:

    Charles – I agree all cops should not be lumped together because of the actions of a few. However, the actions of those few must be dealt with properly. We should not fear our own police.

  8. Mimi says:

    These cops are really disgusting. But, the society has to take some of the responsibility. Who empowered these cops to this extent? Who sat on juries 20, 30 years ago and willfully acquitted murderous cops? Who kept quiet while cops’ kids ran amuck?

    Welcome to the party, we’ve come a long way since the 80s, haven’t we?

  9. R Dowsett says:

    SICK SICK SICK! I came across this website today and have commented on several video clips, trying to be as fair and unbiased as possible based on what I have seen in each clip. This is it for me this video clip demonstrates just how depraved and power hungry as humans we can be regardless of whether we are law enforcement officers or thr public in general. I can appreciate the outrage left in the comments but most are simply derogatory and unconstructive. I am leaving this site now, wishing I could do something to bring officers that deserve to be brought to justice, to justice and feeling completely frustrated and angry at the comments which simply go on the attack without backing up their statements.

  10. David says:

    i don’t see this one as abuse she did have a knife and was telling them she killed before, Yes they should have tried kicking it out of her hand, or maybe getting a family member to calm her down and all police leave room for a minute, I mean cmon 10 cops surrounding her, the old lady probably had a flashback to the war or somthing..
    Not quite abuse

  11. James says:

    FAT COPS, unable to be real men, have to use TASERS to subdue old woman.
    AND, lets look into the last few years of these cops “arrests”. MAYBE there is a case or two of someone getting tazed, beaten, shot when they were no real threat at all.
    I have been around these dictator type cops. WHO think WHAT THEY SAY is the law. Say something bad to them? THAT gives them right to beat you. for NOT showing respect. I didn’t know that was included in the DEADLY FORCE BRIEF.
    Take away these guys badges. PERIOD. TAKE THEM away and I’d bet every single one of them is a G@D damn coward.
    I was pulled over by a female state trooper who gave a ton of attitude. “WHY didn’t you pull over right away? YOu don’t pull over we get nervous. This isn’t California you know.”
    TOWHIT I said to her: “MAYBE THE TV SHOW “COPS” ought to stop following all those police in NYC, DC, LA, and come follow you in podunk town here of 20,000 people. Better yet, put on a real uniform, go to IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN and see how brave and tough you are there. ” I thought she was going to taze me there. BUT, she realized, I AM A MARINE. I’ve BEEN THERE 3 times.
    She was just upset daddy never loved her, and that she always wanted a set of ball.s

  12. the problem here is the prosecutors and which be fired for not taking common sense action against these thugs, and the lack of the—— Names—– of the cops and prosecutors

  13. itsall4thegoodcops says:

    What happened to the ambulance?

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