K9 Police Dog Died After Being Forgotten In Squad Car

Posted on: July 6th, 2011 8 Comments
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In Greenville, North Texas a police dog named Liberty died after being forgotten in a back of a hot squad car. The officer that was her handler forgot to put her in the police kennel after work and left her to die in his car.

She was a bloodhound that was used for search and rescue.

The worst part is that Chief Dan Busken tried to cover it up by saying that these things just happen?!

“Whether we’re shuttling kids here or there, whether we’re shuttling animals here or there, we get busy and inadvertently things happen. And there’s times when you have a tragedy like we have here.” were his words.

The guilty officer has been put on administrative duties while the issues are sorted out.

They are still trying to find out if he broke any laws, which is obvious: animal abuse and animal death. Mostly K9 dogs are living at home with their handlers so that he had to drop Liberty off at the kennel is weird and maybe even a lie.

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8 Responses

  1. JohnQPublic says:

    The officer should be ashamed that he just couldn’t be honest for a creature that spent it’s life helping us.

  2. TheDefender says:

    Really, really sad. I bet he felt like crap.

    While I consider INTENTIONAL animal abuse or neglect one of the worst possible crimes, sadly, I CAN see where someone might ‘forget’ their partner if they were extremely tired or just emotionally/mentally drained.

    RIP, Liberty. (what an ironic statement)

  3. -=COP_KILLAH=- says:

    ahaha stupid pig DOG retarded dog…. shoudda called his PIG butt pals to let him out

    kill all cops…

  4. Glenn Guthrie says:

    To the defender:
    Where were you born with an attitude like that. That poor dog must have been suffering for a long time before he passed on. You and the stupid cop should have your nuts nailed to a work table inside of a garage and only have a knife andf then set the garage on fire.I would sure like to see that for sure. What assholes we have here

  5. lessgov says:

    this keep happening! the cops are goddamned MORONS!

  6. I.N says:

    What a shame, forgotten!!! And are they still trying to find out if he broke any laws?

  7. danny says:

    Anybody else would get murder on a police officer but they can kill there own and its OK.

  8. Kayla M says:

    I won a competition choosing her name when I was a kid.
    It breaks my heart that she suffered this fate shortly after I graduated from high school :/

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