Police Busted Children’s Lemonade Stand

Posted on: July 17th, 2011 83 Comments
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In Midway Georgia the police recently shut down a lemonade stand that was run by three girls.

They wanted to earn some money for a trip to a water park in Savannah, but according to the police they didn’t have any kind of permission to make a lemonade stand.

The license and permits cost $50 a day or $180 a year, so the girls had no chance whatsoever.

“We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance”, the police officers said.

The girls were only from age 10-14 and didn’t understand why they couldn’t sell lemonade but they shut down the stand as soon as the cops told them too because they got scared.

This has happened in other states where families have gotten huge fines for selling lemonade on the street. It’s like the police don’t have anything else to take care of than shutting down children’s lemonade stands?

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83 Responses

  1. F THE POLICE says:


    • Hurd says:

      Good for those cops, I am sick of evil little girls trying to poison us with their damn cookies and lemon aid. A little ragamuffin on my block is selling kool aid pop sickles. It disgust me how our cops even paid the small child two bits for her frozen Satan juice.

    • F*** THE PIGS says:

      I sold lemonade before to try and save for an iPad, and no one shut it down, and you sir are quite right

  2. Chuck Stanley says:

    I think the town needs to find another Police Chief after this fiasco !! How trifle and how petty.. She should be ashamed to pin that badge on her chest.. This was not hurting anyone nor was it taking money from another store in the area for God’s sake.. News like this infuriates me.. Shame on the Police Dept, City Council and the Mayor .. OK, who wants to be the first pessimist to jump on board and tell me how wrong I am ..

  3. critter says:

    and people like to know why people don’t like the police i wonder why.

  4. Samson says:

    Nothing but sloppy pigs, these cops. Bored and taking it out on little girls. Awful.

  5. ed says:

    Im sick of all this government anymore way to much big brother controlling our lifes

    • Tim says:

      lol, big brother? What happens if these girls used dirty containers and didn’t clean their supplies? The sell lemonade that makes people sick. Good people who buy it to help them out are put at risk because I can guarantee these kids don’t use the same standards that restaurants do.

      • JUSTIN says:

        Your’e stupid dude, reseraunts are fuckin nasty. I’m willing to bet my left nut that those girls used lemons and sugar with some water to make lemonade while being supervised by thier mom. Clean thier supplies? you mean the plastic cups that come in a package? yeah your’e right those are real dirty. Maybe that ice wasn’t filtered water huh? No, these cops are stupid, and people like you suck as well.

      • Eric says:

        Have you worked in a restaraunt? i have for three years and i can tell you now these little girls couldnt TRY to make their glasses dirtier than the ones you drink out of at a restaraunt.

        We dont get paid to clean dishes, we get paid to serve them.

      • andrew says:


      • mark says:

        I don’t think you know what your talking about they are innocent girls. you are worst off going to Mcds or KFC where your coke and burger gets extra spit go ahead and back up your cop friends see what they do too you.

      • Jat says:

        You are an idiot!!!!!

      • Glenn Guthrie says:

        Tim it is people like you that let these creeps get away with this kind of thing. Years ago this was a popular site during the hot summer and was affordable.
        GET A FU**ing life or get your head out of your ass

      • Adriana says:

        Then don’t fucking buy it

  6. tom says:

    the police should be bustin drug dealers , pimps , hookers ,gang bangers and child molesters ! leave the kids alone !

  7. Brutish pig says:

    What can one expect from high school educated simpletons which most if not all cops are …..

    Support real American brave man such as Mumia Abu Jimal in jails and prisons !!!They are heroes !

  8. michael says:

    this is awful, these people need something else to do, i bet she has 50 cats in her home and no husband

  9. bg says:

    This is just ridiculous, forget about drug dealers, gangbangers and thieves!! The world is a terrible place with A CHILDS LEMONADE STAND. That entire police force is just pathetic, go find something productive to do PIGS!!!!!!

  10. Karen says:

    That cop needs to find something better to do than picking on 14 year old girls!!! What a BEEOTCH!!! She’s probably too afraid to deal with REAL criminals!!!!!

  11. Tim says:

    I can’t believe the responses to this video. Sure the police were a little harsh but it’s for the safety of the people that they’re shutting them down. The children learn early in life that they need paperwork to do things and everyone is fine. Police are not simply pigs and these officers seem to have the best interests of everyone at heart.

    • andrew says:

      super douche

    • Jeremy says:

      Thank you. This is what happens when people let their emotions run wild. They start ignoring the facts and they forget why these laws were put in place. PEOPLE HAVE DIED because laws like this WEREN’T IN PLACE. When people can come up with better arguments than “douche”, “super douche”, and “What a BEEOTCH!!! She’s probably too afraid to deal with REAL criminals!!!!!”, then come talk to me.

      • james says:

        tell me one person you know that has died from drinking lemonade that they bought from some kids. how were they hurting anyone? and the kids shouldn’t need a permit to sell lemonade. how could you stick up for the cops, they are supposed to protect and serve the public, but all i see from the police is them harassing the public.

        • DM says:

          Its just like candy on halloween. Parents don’t know who that person is from one house to the next, so we check the candy and make sure it’s safe. Same concept different scenerio with authority. Trick or treating is just as innocent as three girls selling lemonade, all they asked them to do was get a permit, they didn’t say they couldn’t sell it.

          • Nick says:

            They didn’t say they couldn’t sell it, you’re right. So these three girls can just go digging around in their couch cushions for fifty dollars each day plus the extra 180 dollars a year. Then the girls end up losing money and everyone’s happy, right?

      • Danny says:

        I’ll tell you what’s fucking stupid. This “overprotective fucked up” society that we live in. No longer can one settle their differences with a good old fist fight for fear of prosecution. No longer can little girls have a perfectly harmless lemonade stand because of some stupid fucking laws. America needs to fall into the fucking ocean with everyone’s hands and feet tied behind their backs. And yes, I am an “American.” We’re a plastic nation with Barbie and Ken dolls in place of actual human beings. Fuck off and die in a fire

      • Pablo says:

        Oh, Jeremy and Timmy, do you remember when you were young? Asking your parents for money but they didn’t have any? Did you go collect cans or bottles? Make cookies and sell them? Come on, these are good honest Americans, with kids! Do you really think that they would try to poison lemonade? If that were to happen, the custemers would never come back and the kids will never acheve their dibolical plan to get to a water park… Maybe you should check their shed, they just might have an anterax lab back their, you never know…. They just might also be hiding the bomb right under their own house, where their children sleep. Now, I know that the kids have no intention to kill you, but yes, the water could be contaminated, or they could have picked a bad lemon… I have bought some raunchy lemonade in my days from lemonade stands, but I would take little sips in front of the kids walk around the corner and dump that shit out. Ya, the lemonade tasted like shit, but at least I made a kid happy.

      • Jat says:

        These laws were not put into place to shut down lemonaide stands. This is the problem with America, no one wants to use common sense. They want to treat everything the same instead of using their brains, to make a decision. This is not the only community that shuts down lemonaide stands.

      • Thomas says:

        “This is what happens when people let their emotions run wild. They start ignoring the facts and they forget why these laws were put in place. PEOPLE HAVE DIED because laws like this WEREN’T IN PLACE.”

        I call bullshit. Name the persons and/or tell us what is the percentage of those claimed deaths related to all accidental deaths.If you don’t know, it’s not a fact at all.

        Then we have a common base on which to judge this issue.

        Until that I say that you are the one ignoring the facts: The laws are paid by big corporations in order to kill competition and to squeeze more money from citizens. Have been that way since paying elections became legal.

        Safety is just a buzzword for people like you to support these laws. Also an excuse go all the way Nazi on people.
        Like this police.

    • Ryan says:

      no they dont they just found something to do that day witch was pester some kids., and yes they are just pigs i see officers in the military not in the fuck citizens police force anyone can go to the surrplus store and bye the medals and call themsevles officers., but just like I say they are grown kids with guns and noone to govern them so they take advantage of the pepole who make thier job possible. And why didnt they just help the girls and get them the permits they needed insted of showing them that they are bullies.,(protect and SERVE) i try to make my kids understand that they are here for all of us but when u have pigs like this its just a lossing battel., sad day for all PIGS

    • Eric says:

      ADULTS need to do paper work. Children run around and play and ENJOY their childhood. If I wanted extra money as a kid, you know what I did? I ran a lemonade stand. I made an EASY $50 a week doing that. For a kid around 9-10 yrs old, that’s A LOT of money. I sold my lemonade for 25 cents a cup. People were giving me $1 bills and told me to keep the change. I was lucky to grow up in the 90s. Some cops even bought my lemonade and told me to keep up the good work. What these girls were doing wasn’t wrong. Running a lemonade stand teaches kids about EARNING a dollar rather than asking for one. But of course, people like you ignore that is you probably got whatever you asked for as a child.

    • jwat says:

      i take it Tim is cop in Midway.

    • Jeremy, Who is not a douche says:

      Don’t be such an apologist. I bet my soul they have let other menial “crimes” go.

  12. Ken says:

    This is why their called PIGS!

  13. Me says:

    The reason they have to shut it down is not because they are pricks, but because someone will get an ambulance chasin’ lawyer and sue them. It’s clearly discrimination if they let the girls sell without a permit and require someone that has a business to get a permit. Lawyers are the reason kids can’t sell lemonade, not the cops.

    • Ryan says:

      a permit is the same as a contract in what world do u live that always kids to get this shit and i dont belive u can sue them aswell., look people shit happends in life thats why thier is twice as many lawyers as doctors but that doesnt mean anything. Like I say u cant protect urself form everything think about the money u tuch everyday even people with aid have money and jobs to they dont just stick them in a cornor get real people.

  14. Ryan says:

    When police have time to do this, it means you have too many police on the payrolls. Time for a budget cut Midway.

  15. Les says:

    Welcome to the police state! Don’t think that’s true? You’re not paying attention.

  16. janice says:

    because the little girl decided to have a lemonade stand to learn marketing techniques as it was her aspiration to own a lucrative restaurant business, the police came and arrested her mother for allowing her daughter to sell “possibly contaminated” lemonade. the little girl has no father or other relatives so she’s put in an orphanage where she spends 10 years of her life. upon leaving the orphanage she takes up prostitution and decides to do and sell drugs. she dies at the age of 23.

  17. Kmuzu says:

    This is where we teach children it is better to be a consumer than a creator.

  18. Sam says:

    Cops are overpaid underworked scum

  19. william says:

    FIRE THOSE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what do we pay them for, keeping crooks off the street not saving us from little children and revinue grabbing.

  20. Bob says:

    I had a Garage sale in Spring and grand-daughter, 4 yrs old, sold cups of Kool-Aid, that I made and drank myself from new plastic cups. We got robberies in daylight and people stealing everyday, and if a police officer came on my property and told my grand-daughter to shut it down, I would ask where is his warrant to be on my premises. Men and women have died for our freedoms, they better have more than license and permits. And the people who agree with the cops, maybe you need a license and permit to walk down the street, you might bump into somebody and hurt them.STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!

  21. Reece says:

    With the amount of sugar in lemonade I highly doubt it would be bad, besides if you see three girls running a lemonade stand it’s totally up to you whether you buy it or not, it seems laws these days are designed to protect idiots. It’s like ‘hey we can’t trust you to make your own decision, so we will make it for you’.

    Life is full of danger, and if you’re worrying about getting bad lemonade off a side stand run by girls then maybe you should examine your own fears and how they are controlling you.

  22. Don Wilson says:

    Summer lemonade stands are almost an American tradition. You read every day of someone suffering from food poisoning from a licensed restaurant, but rarely hear of someone getting sick from a lemonade stand. Shame on all of the posters who agree with this police action!

  23. bostonblah says:

    all you people saying that the police should be arresting “drug dealers” should STFU too, that is another even bigger problem, this phony war on drugs, thats why the U.S. has the largest prision population on the planet, even surpassing communist china,and that not per capita either, per capita it would be bigger than all other countries combined,THIS IS A POLICE STATE .WAKE UP< and you think this is the 1st time this has happened, not by a long shot, this shit happens all the time, same woth girlsoouts selling cookies too

  24. forrest says:


  25. Billy Bo says:

    really popo busting up the little girls lemonade stand, whats next a cop pulling out his gun on a j walker? come on!

  26. billy bob says:

    Fuck them all they are all stupid

  27. Justme says:

    Yeah bust a Little Girls Lemonade Stand because laws are violated, but allow illegal immigration to go unchecked and to Top that Off our now DIC “Dictator In Chief” says not to act on illegal immigration alone as a cause of arrest

  28. warvet0311 says:

    I agree with “Me”. Lawyers are the reason for this. I highly doubt the police officer was being proactive and came across a lemonade stand he couldn’t wait to shut down. 99.9% of the time some idiot citizen calls in to complain about the petty shit going on around them. I know because I respond to the shit all damn day long. If the officer shows up and leaves without doing anything then dumb ass citizen calls back to complain and wants to file a lawsuit and Mr. Officer gets written up. I’m fed up with this job and currently trying to open up my own business so I could walk away if I don’t get fired first. I’ll tell you this, no one could of made me shut the lemonade stand down, not even the chief. They would of had to call another officer cause that’s ruthless.

  29. warvet0311 says:

    Hey “Bob” cops don’t need a warrant to be on your property if you have an “illegal” garage sale going on!! Warrants are for reasonable suspicion that something illegal may be going on in your home or wherever. If you’re doing it right in front of the cops they don’t need a warrant buddy. You just confirmed a business idea I have been thinking about!

  30. warvet0311 says:

    Oh and “Bob”. I know all about “Men and women have died for our freedoms.” I had 7 of my closest friends killed in front of me within 41 days of each other during the Battle of Nasariah and the first Fallujuah. People, I realize that there are a lot of bullshit laws out there and not all cops are great, but some of these guys were the same ones that were in the Sandbox while you were drinking hot coco and eating bond bonds during chritstmas while we were fighting to make it back. Cops are middle men!! NoGuTzNoGlOrYbItChEs!!!

  31. Huxtable Grimm says:

    Meanwhile, in the ghetto, some dude is making serious dough selling crack. . .without a license.
    The kids should have sold doughnuts, the cops would swarm

  32. Emina says:

    whats next? at school sports events coaches bring those same coolers and cups to serve drinks to the players… do they have a license for that? ooops.. i dont wanna bring the law down on high school volleyball or anything…

  33. R Dowsett says:

    If the girls were adults trying to make a living then yes permits etc. are completely justified. They were simpley trying to make a few bucks and by this action were learning a valuable lesson for the future in enterprise. If making gain wether it be in money or goods is illegal without a permit then why not ban trick or treating. As for the comment left by Ed – natural lemon juice (as well as sugar) is a natural preservative and anticeptic.

  34. odom602 says:

    unreal, think you’re in a free country? LOL I’ve got my bags packed and as soon as I can I’m headed to Canada, I’m done.

  35. Hans says:

    LOL the cops must have been some kind of heartless germaphobes…

  36. Your Ad Here says:

    I bet if the kids wouldn’t have been shut down if they were selling coffee and doughnuts

  37. chris says:

    i have read alot of the posts on here and i will prob never come back to this and see what people say about this… however i do think i have a few things to say. 1st is the cops that had to go do it probably were following orders… messed up orders but still. 2nd, the chief needs to grow up… she must have never had a lemon aid stand when she was growing up. but lets face it.. 3rd how often do the cops show up unless they are called? so who ever in that pathetic little town called needs to get a life as well. 4th, those girls should have taken lessons from some homeless people in the art of raising money since the cops always drive by and turn their heads away to that but not to a lemonade stand… i have more i could say but it would be a waist of time and lets face it… we have no rights anymore so im risking being tried as a terrorist just for what i have said!! freedom of speach?? so long as it doesnt hurt some poor little cry babies feelings!!

  38. robert says:

    It’s GA. This wouldn’t happen if they sold peach juice.

  39. renegadesufi says:

    The police were remiss in their responsibilities! These “girls” could have been midgets working for al-Qaeda! They may have put anthrax or mind altering drugs in that lemonade. The money could have been used to fund terrorist cells in the US! The signs advertising their lemonade stand may contain coded messages for other terrorist cells! THE SO-CALLED PLASTIC JEWELRY THEY WORE MAY HAVE BEEN FISSIONABLE MATERIAL TO MAKE SUITCASE NUKES!!! But it’s not too late! The Savannah police should must contact the DHS immediately, so a FULL INVESTIGATION could begin!

    Let the tasering and waterboarding begin! There’s no other way to protect our freedom!

  40. kristin says:

    this is america

  41. Casandra says:

    Welcome to AMERICA.. U need to pay money to make money.. you need licences and proof of everything.. All the kids that got beat up and teased in school are now the enforcers of this country… A lemonade stand… really????

  42. jwat says:

    next time i get solicited by cops for fundraiser i’m going to ask for their permit. Does the fire department have to get permits to beg in the street for donations? The girls need to outsource their lemonade stand to mexico to make any money. Midway, GA you just showed everyone how pathetic your town is. I’m suprised you didn’t take it further and investigate the stand for being front for prostition ring. If your police force has nothing better to do then lay them off, i’m sure they could sweep the sidewalks.

  43. David says:

    wow if they said no they probably would have shot the girls to, some police just have shoot me in the head please written all over them, all they do is destroy our world

  44. Citizen says:

    F**king Pigs!

  45. terry wagar says:

    Acting under color of law is a crime police! you fascist bastards!
    Leave the children alone you pedophile cops there not involved in commerce so leave them alone!

    Remember people they can only regulate “business” because that is commerce, children selling lemonade in front of their house is not commerce and not a business, it’s like a yard sell, and that’s not a business either!

    The f@@king police misapply the law all the time to shove their fascism down our throats!

    Charge a cop with a felony and you find out REAL quick there is no such thing as a law that gets a cop arrested, 911 does not get a cop arrested it gets the 911 caller beaten down by cops!

  46. Thomas says:

    I see this as classical “soft target” police operation.

    You have a quota to fill and drug dealers are shooting back, that’s dangerous, so you go and bust lemonade stands: Safe, comfortable and fills your quota as well as busting drug dealers.

    That is the real reason for this: Idiotic quotas enforced by police administration and minimum effort to fill them.

    Brilliant example of administration gigantic stupidity shooting the foot of the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

    In reality, it’s the other way round:The police is worse highway robber than any other organization, criminal or not. Not only in US but in many so called western countries, UK as the worst example.

  47. Alan says:

    Serious crimes are too dangerous nowdays.

  48. Lisa says:

    I guess all bake sales at school & church, that are run by the parents and or students must stop also. How pathetically sad. Its not a moonshine stand.

  49. terry wagar says:


    When cops and attorney’s and prosecutors turn the OTHER WAY when cops commit FELONY BATTERY’S and PRETEND it’s just EXCESSIVE FORCE then what are they doing there!?


    What a bunch of Fascist Nazi Bastards these cops are! and what a Fascist damn system we all got now!

    I do believe the police are acting under color of law and therefore they are breaking the law themselves!

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