Prison Inmate Deadly Beaten By 3 Cops

Posted on: July 14th, 2011 7 Comments
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3 Kinston police officers were caught beating up an inmate at the prison in Greene County. The victim was handcuffed and had shackles on his ankles while the officers were beating him badly up with nightsticks. Superior Court Judge Paul L. Jones says that “Prisoners have rights, too. The law requires they be treated humanely, not be assaulted.”

They caused the inmate serious bodily injury with their weapons that are considered deadly.

They chose to assault him in sections of the prison that didn’t have security cameras. They all agreed to plead guilty and therefore got up to 24 months of suspended sentence, and up to 36 months on probation.

Each had to pay a fine that went all the way up to $2500. If they hadn’t agreed they could have faced 7 years in prison.

The inmate’s mother was very disappointed, she said that her son was almost beaten to death and that they got easily out of it because anyone else who did what they did would get a much worse punishment.

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7 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Wow a whole $2500 fine. Those in government uniforms are above the law. No doubt about it

  2. KAS says:

    I was disturbed by something I heard today. I was volunteering at a sporting event and met a psychologist who works in a local prison. She was counseling a schizophrenic inmate and indicated rooms were full so she used a closed door room with no cameras or windows (poor judgement in my opinion). He attempted to grab her leg when leaving and guards outside overheard and he was taken for attempted assault and rape and as she said “he was later given a bad beating”. I asked by who and she said the guards and I was shocked. She casually said that it happens all the time if a prisoner tries something with staff. That is not ok and its not ok in my opinion to take a schizophrenic male to a closed room with a female. Very disturbed.

  3. dave says:

    It does happen alot, i understand peoples disgust for someone breaking the law, but they are still human beings that deserve to be treated as such

  4. Mark says:

    He was an inmate I would have beaten as well.

    We need more criminals to get their beatings

  5. mike says:

    30% of cops i’ll say do a good job but the rest the abuser should get a tast of there own medicine handcuff shackel them and let someone who has been beaten give it to them

  6. Olin Mason says:

    Prison Inmate Deadly Beaten By 3 Cops
    The prisoner is still alive, the headline is really bad English….

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