Secrets About Police Pepper Spray Revealed

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 9 Comments
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You know that it burns like hell, but no one will tell you how dangerous police pepper spray really is. Here’s a collection of facts about the hazards of this chemical weapon that have been kept secret for a long time:


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9 Responses

  1. Shaneequa X Sarkozy says:

    It’s torture, essentially.

  2. Tammy says:

    What a bunch of LOSERS POLICE ARE FUCKING COWARDS that the state and governments have given power to do just about anything they want COWARDS ARE ALL POLICE, they are trying to pass a LAW that they can search you and your car/property when they pull you over. ALL PIG NUTS LAW ENFORCEMENT ARE PIECES OF CRAP. DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM.

  3. amanda says:

    Having been a victum of police brutality I am not sure what can be done to recruit better quality individuals
    to serve as police officiers and to be accountable to the public in a up front way where should it be begun to improve things because it is such a mess? the good officiers dont get proper respect…..the bad ones usual slip by… and one with egos sometimes get promoted for no other
    reason than being self-promoting\\ pepper spray is just way for officiers with no judgement can abuse the public

  4. pav says:

    we should strike back with molotovs !

  5. Chad says:

    eh sure its shocking how dangerous it is to humans but then again i lived in alaska for a year and i didnt leave my house without a can of spray rated to stop a fucking GRIZLY BEAR
    so can it be fatal to humans?

  6. steg says:

    “no one will tell you how dangerous police pepper spray really is”

    When a civilian uses on a cop, then we will hear just ALL ABOUT how dangerous it actually is. Till then, no.

  7. yeah right says:

    Unfortunately, Florence Police Department does remind me of a mini L.A.P.D.. They do tend to be overzealous at times and abuse their authority. All too often the people in law enforcement seem to forget who they work for. They go too far and overreach their boundaries. Personally, shows like Americas Most Wanted and Cops make me sick to my stomach. I can’t watch them because they routinely abuse people and call it right and get away with it totally. I have watched officers slam people to the ground yelling don’t resist and in fact the people weren’t resisting. However, the cop has to say that to absolve the excessive brutal abusive force that is being applied at the time. That way they can’t be held liable. Police also lie to standard civilians to obtain convictions and how many have you ever heard of actually being charged and convicted of entrapment. None right. We seem to have an ever growing problem in this country that “might makes right”. I would take issue and totally disagree with this line of reasoning. Until we address this seriously and stop allowing these abuses we are destined to continue to backslide into basically a “police state” where the officers are always right and never questioned. I have to say that most police officers and fire fighters are not what I would aspire to “look up to”. I don’t view them and I don’t recommend anyone especially children coming up to idolize these individuals. The simple fact is they are human and all too often succumb to egos that are unbecoming and detestable. Also, there have been and always will be many cases where these so called hero’s have committed heinous crimes against the very communities that they serve. So let’s not be to quick to look the other way because of the job title these folks hold. They should garner no more trust or less than a store keeper a cab driver etc. In conclusion, I would just say a word of caution that some and eventually most get the “big head” and think that their God and can do as they please and that you should shut up and take it. Well, I beg to differ and you should too.

  8. digeredoodoo says:

    Police are people, the same as all the nice German public in 1930’s Europe. They’re not demons. Just people, given administrative power with a compliant populace. Stop your whinging! Peaceful protestors! What poppycock! We the police, own your roads and you DO NOT even contest fines in court, which you would probably win. The law is actually currently on your side, but your lazy, or scared. And the police help you women, church goers and scared little rabbits ‘feel safe’. You are compliant, uninformed and weak. The heavy penalties, and incarceration of your non-compliant males, just makes you quieter. The baby-boomer generation, of which I am part, has relinquished so many hard fought rights paid for in blood by previous generations, and placed absurd restrictions on especially the males of the next generation. So stop whinging, accept the jack-boots in your normal yuppie fashion, because you’ve already forgotten that everything Hitler did WAS LEGAL! It took till 1944 for the average German to understand they were conned. Might is right works. That’s why governments have always liked it.

  9. Anon says:

    digeredoodoo is correct! You all sacrificed freedoms for the sake of security so you deserve neither! If you want your freedom back, don’t grovel to anyone for it, take it! You have the freedom to make your own choices and every time you CHOOSE to let corrupt officials get away with being corrupt and asserting their authority over you, you make it a little harder for the next generation to break free of this demonic system. I blame ALL OF YOU for letting it get this far and not stopping these dogs when you see them breaking COMMON LAW. Next time you see a cop abusing someone, kick his teeth in. If you’re not willing to do that then don’t whinge when it happens.

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