Minor Raping Cop Shot Dead During Attempted Arrest

Posted on: February 3rd, 2012 11 Comments
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cop killed santa monica

A police officer charged for a sexual misconduct with a minor girl was shot dead after an attempted arrest by his fellow officers. While he was operating on a DIU checkpoint around 1 a.m. on the territory of Santa Maria, CA, the officer got surrounded by his colleagues who were ordered to take immediate action.

After the case concerning a 17-year-old minor got supported with more incriminating evidence, the order came to arrest the accused officer immediately. Unfortunately, he put up a fight trying to resist the arrest, and at one point he took out his gun and fired once, but hit no one.

One of the police officers on the team responded with shooting him in the chest, which turned out to be a lethal shot.


The name of the killed police officer still can’t be revealed due to the sensitivity of the whole case, and Santa Maria police chief Danny Macagni was rather brief in his official statement. He pointed out that it was necessary to take such extreme measures against a fellow police officer, and that the incident could have been avoided if he hadn’t acted so impulsively at the time of the arrest.

The officer who fired the shot is currently under investigation about the whole case, Macagni stated.

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11 Responses

  1. Did he pull his fire arm first? If he did, and he got a shot off, with that many people on him, why didn’t he hit someone? Cops are highly trained to shoot to kill, yet he hit no one? If they were wrestling around with him to get the gun away, how did they shoot him in the chest? Something just doesn’t feel right…Why not taze him? Why wasnt he wearing a vest? he was a beat cop. standard issue. It just leaves questions. I cant wait to see the video, or listen to the sound byte.

  2. arak seepoom says:

    do we have any names yet?

  3. sam r. says:


  4. mikemike says:

    No crap he wouldn’t let himself be taken in for questioning. I think death is a much smarter fate than the CA prison system as a cop child molester!

  5. Dillinger says:

    HAHAHAHA I love it! to hell with that PIG! it’s to bad he wasn’t shot down like a dog by the girls parents. It makes me so happy every time I hear of a cop that is killed. That girl is scared for life because of that pig.

  6. terry wagar says:

    I am writing you because I am in a situation that requires me to warn as many people as possible about my situation, I am a victim of a murder conspiracy started by my wife Joan Wagar, and by her lover Eric Carlson who happens to be a Portland police officer.

    After my wife started her affair with Eric Carlson she recruited her daughters and her relatives to lie for her about it, and then she started slowly poisoning me to death, and I was not the only family member being poisoned at the time.

    My family pretended nothings wrong during this and my wife’s lover Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement made sure I could not get help at a hospital by having secret chats with my doctor in the hallway at the hospital.

    To make matters worse I was a plasma donor at the time my wife was poisoning me, Joan Wagar was not hiding their murder conspiracy from her daughters or from her coworkers at East Port Walmart, Joan Wagar’s coworkers started calling Joan Wagar Mrs Dash when she was at work, that’s what her coworkers were calling her by and her lover Eric Carlson also was calling her by that nick name.

    When I discovered their affair everyone in our family as well as Joan Wagar’s coworkers were trying to hide the fact from me that Eric Carlson is a cop, they all pretended Eric Carlson was a coworker of Joan Wagar at East Port Walmart, nobody wanted me to know about their affair, their nick names, and no one wanted me to know Eric Carlson was a cop or what he looked like.

    I could not get help at a hospital the doctors refused to take a toxicology test and they refused to care, and I was surrounded by family members that pretend nothings wrong and I was so badly poisoned I could not leave home or call anyone that would care.

    While I suffered at home in severe pain surrounded by family members that acted like nothings wrong my wife and her lover and his bro’s were having fun destroying my reputation behind my back, they were setting me up for break ins and they were basically framing me for their crimes, since my wife had her daughters to lie for her they were also pedofying me using flyers and word of mouth so no one would care that I am a victim.

    They spent two years pedofying me in my neighborhood turning god knows how many people against me, and Eric Carlson, my wife’s lover, was acting as a photo double committing crimes and then turning around and giving me the blame.

    God knows how much stuff they were framing me for, but they had no intention of giving me a trial for anything, they just wanted to destroy my name and then kill me off.

    All my attempts to get help gets covered up by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s, my 911 calls were covered up, my emergency visits to the hospital were covered up, their is no way for me to report these crimes because after the fact the police just pretend it’s not reported.

    Not only were they poisoning me when I was a plasma donor, they were poisoning off other family members as well, three family members died within a three year period of Joan Wagar’s use of antifreeze as poison, they were poisoning my coffee pot and my coffee cup and my wife poisoned my benidril capsils.

    Joan Wagar was not the only one sleeping around with those cops her sister Vickie Rosales was also sleeping around with them and Joan Wagar’s daughter Megan Wagar was sleeping around with one of Eric Carlson’s partners David, and they had a child together.

    Everyone in the family was trying to hide their motive for murder, an affair with a cop, I was in a situation where I could not get help from family or from 911 and I was already poisoned and more or less at their mercy with no where to turn.

    After two years of this hell I caught Joan Wagar sneaking her f@@k buddies Eric Carlson and John Ray into our home at 5:55 am on March 26th 2007, I was sleeping on the couch and woke up hearing my wife whispering to a dude in our home and the dude whispered back to her, thinking I was catching them in their affair I got up and put an audio recorder in my wife’s purse knowing she will be leaving for work soon and then I laid back down on the couch and listened and waited for my wife to leave.

    What I caught turned out to be one of the sickest things I have ever listened to in my entire life, I caught Joan Wagar helping Eric Carlson and John Ray to rape our youngest daughter Kayle Wagar, they photographed what they did, they put copy’s of their child porn on our computer, then Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson sneaked into the kitchen and they poisoned my coffee pot and my coffee cup.

    Eric Carlson was dressed like me during all of this and John Ray was photographing Eric Carlson doing these crimes with the intent of framing me for the crimes.

    After they were done Joan Wagar grabbed her purse and her and Eric Carlson walked past me and walked out the front door, once outside they started discussing what they just did, and their were two female officer’s outside our apartment that was photographing what they did from the outside.

    They got into their vehicles and headed to Clackamas Walmart and they met up with Joan Wagar’s sister Vickie Rosales, Vickie wanted to know how it went and was not surprised about what they did, they all started bragging to Vickie Rosales about what they just did, and they were all laughs about it, and when other Walmart employees arrived my wife and her lover and his bro’s were giving me the blame, and I have them on a audio recorder talking about this.

    The whole store knew about this, they knew they were using Eric Carlson as a double, they knew he was dressed up like me, they were cracking jokes about it in the break room, they knew my wife was having an affair with a cop, and they all thought it was funny.

    Joan Wagar started printing out flyers giving me the blame for what they just got done doing, and they refer to this activity as pedofying, it’s their term they use that term.

    When Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson were alone with each other Eric Carlson admitted to Joan Wagar that he was framing me over a missing runaway as well and he named the runaway, and then the two of them started discussing their prewedding party and who they were going to invite to it.

    They were framing me as a pedophile so no one will care that I was being poisoned by them and they were framing me for their crimes, I discovered after listening to that audio recorder our youngest daughter Kayle Wagar was helping them to frame me for this, like I said my wife and her lover spent two years recruiting people and family to lie for them.

    I also caught them admitting they were going to murder someone else off but I do not know who the person was but they were discussing that as well.

    I tried to warn people but I was so badly poisoned I couldn’t do much, and I was poisoned again after this and was so badly messed up from it that I was on the floor for weeks and unable to get up, family members just ignored me and behaved as though nothings wrong, they knew I could not get help so they did not care.

    If you ever seen the movie Misery then you have an idea as to how badly they poisoned me, I was so at their mercy they could have smothered me to death and I wouldn’t of been able to defend myself, that’s how bad it was.

    They were poisoning me, they were framing me for their crimes, they pedofied me publicly using flyers and word of mouth, and after I caught them on a audio recorder they started blackmailing me with audio death threats they put in my home.

    They got rid of all the copy’s of that audio recording with the exception of one and they replaced them with what amounts to a audio death threat where they are bragging they pedofied me and that they covered it up at the hospital and that I cannot get help from a hospital.

    Three family members died during their murder conspiracy and I was a plasma donor and here they are bragging on audio death threats to their murder conspiracy.

    I am not their only victim and they have no intention of stopping their crimes, at great risk to me I have been warning people and blogging this all over the internet to expose people to their crimes, their bragging that they pedofy people all the time and that it gets people killed off, so their admitting to premeditated murder just with that one.

    Anything they plan out that gets people killed IS premeditated murder.

    Now that I know they are actively using a photo double to frame me as a pedo I need to warn people about this, I have every reason to believe they are to this day still using Eric Carlson as a double, they did after all give Eric Carlson a new identity so they are trying to hide his appearance from the general public, the police do not want people to know they were using a photo double, how many convictions would be overturned because cops use photo doubles to make child porn? a lot.

    So I am in a state of legal limbo and severely disabled from being poisoned with no help and no way to get emergency services due to my wife’s affair with a cop.

    No one wants to talk about this, no attorney wants to hear my case, no doctor cares that my wife is a confessed poisoner, no one cares my wife’s lover the cop is a pedophile and a murderer and a framer.

    All actions of mine under these circumstances are in self defense of my life as well as others, they did admit in my presence to their murder conspiracy I am a witness as well as a victim I can testify to all facts I state to anyone.

    I am writing to people all over the world via the internet about these crimes I have publicly reported these crimes because of repeated cover ups by Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s.

    I am not welcome to emergency services and not welcome to report a crime to authority’s and I have no recourse at law other than to warn people and act in self defense to the best of my ability.

    Terry Wagar

  7. Josh says:

    Despite these horrible excuses of civil servants here, I’m still a firm believer in the law. I know alot of cops who are honest, hardworking men and women who just want to help people. But when it comes to ‘policemen’ like this man, he deserved what came to him. Any man who is willing to use his authority to hurt little girls deserves to be gunned down like a dog in the street.

    • Jon Wainwright says:

      You say you know a bunch of honest hard working cops. I am wondering if one of these “honest, hardworking” cops saw a cop acting with this kind of misconduct first hand, but didn’t say anything because he or she was fearing retaliation or being ostracized for not being a “team player”, would you still consider that person a honest cop? In my opinion, if one really signed up with the Police Department to help others and to serve the public they made an oath too and witnessed Police misconduct first hand, yet remained silent is just as bad as the cop whose perpetrating the misconduct, maybe even worse. Anyone who sells out their own beliefs to be accepted is a coward in my view and doesn’t deserve the respect or authority a cop is given.

  8. Jeremy says:

    This is a fine case of where officers do not allow one of theirs to be above the law. Too bad he didn’t go quietly. But that’s what happens, he knows what will happen if you resist arrest.

  9. Ray186 says:

    A cop, and a rapist. The headline should read “Cop done favor by Brother Officers.”

  10. Mike says:

    Rapists killing rapists. Love it.

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