Fresno Cops Taser and Drown Man in Front of His Children

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 20 Comments
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This horrifying event took place in Fresno, California when 28-year-old Raul Rosas was tasered, hogtied and finally drowned with a garden hose in front of his minor children and numerous witnesses.

Police came in response to a domestic disturbance call, pepper spraying and tasering Rosas at a friend’s house. His two children, I.R. and H.R. stated that their father had not committed a crime and that he was unarmed. The tasering went on for 8 to 10 minutes, then Rosas was hogtied with his ankles tied to his handcuffed hands on the back.

Cops slammed him face down on a table in the backyard when Rosas started complaining that he couldn’t breathe and asking for water. One of the officers took a garden hose and ran water into Rosas’ face, drowning him while he was trying to move his face away, fighting for air.

When he turned the water off, the officer put a knee on the decedent’s back and kept applying pressure on it, while some of the witnesses started begging him to let the man stand up because he apparently had trouble breathing. Their call for help was ignored, and after a couple of minutes spit bubbles started coming out of Rosas’ mouth.


The witnesses yelled at the cops that he wasn’t breathing, but one unidentified officer told them “he is faking it” and wouldn’t let go of him. Finally, after checking the man’s pulse, they realized he had none and that he had stopped breathing. An ambulance came too late, failing to revive the descendent.

Rosas’ children are suing the City of Fresno and 10 Doe cops through their guardians, Claudia and Nora Nava, demanding punishment for their father’s wrongful death.

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20 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    My wife Joan Wagar was poisoning me while she was having an affair with a cop.
    My wife recruited our daughters into this our daughters pretended nothings wrong when my wife poisoned me and they were hiding my wife’s affair from me.

    My wife’s lover the cop Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement made sure I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital.
    Eric Carlson’s partner would speak with my doctor in the hallway and label me as a bad guy repeatedly until the doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned.

    Three family members died during my wife’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison and police covered up my emergency visits to the hospital and my 911 calls.

    I was so badly poisoned I was just stuck, at home, at their mercy, with no one to turn to for help.

    Eric Carlson and his bro’s were framing me for their crimes and they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedo and they framed me over a murder by using Eric Carlson as a double.

    My wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers knew my wife was poisoning me and that her lover Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double, Joan Wagar’s coworkers nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, and Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar used those nick names in their love letters.

    I was a plasma donor when they were poisoning me.

    Terry Wagar

  2. Drew Martinez says:

    This story is pure fiction, it has been in circulation on the internet for over a year but there is NO hard proof the incident ever occurred.

    • terry wagar says:

      You would be surprised how many murders the cops commit and people try to warn people about it yet the police and news media does everything in their power to discredit complaints against cops.

      Cops will block victims from uploading video evidence of cops crimes, especially if there is cops on video with audio admitting to a crime.

      Cops will actively ignore complaints against other cops and will try to label the victim as mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses.

      It’s called stonewalling, the system simply refuses to acknowledge a complaint against cops.

      According to your opinion victims of cops need to prove to the internet their complaints BEFORE you will take it seriously.

      Many victims of cops have proven over the internet crimes committed by cops, and the cops still don’t go to jail.

  3. GrammarNazi says:

    DEFENDANT! For fuck’s sake, if you don’t learn how to string a sentence together properly A.) Nobody will understand you, and B.) Nobody will take you seriously!

    This website is an awesome idea, but come the fuck on guys. You’re losing credibility by not correcting the numerous mistakes like this on your site.

    • Nicki says:

      Um, no, decedent. The man died from their attack. And they were right to use the word decedent.

      Use better grammar yourself, you Nazi.

  4. Jon says:

    When is it ok to shoot a cop? This was one of those times.

    • Robert Curtis says:

      When has it ever been seen or proven as the Cop’s fault for getting shot? The only time is when another cop is involved. There are good cops but even with then rarely will you find a cop ratting out another cop. It’s scary how cops live by the same rules as prison inmates. Criminal or cop sometimes the difference is just a matter of perspective. TRUTH

  5. pence says:

    Wrongful death? This is murder. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Fresno, I would throw away my life if I could bring just one of them with me.

  6. WEMISSURAUL says:

    i actually knew raul very good, so for the person who posted the first comment yes it is true, it did happen just like it says it happend, raul loved life! there is alot more that they arent saying in these reports as well. i just know that this was murder and he didnt deserve what the police did to him, im going to miss his big smile raul had a smile that lit up a room, i hope the police involved get treated like common criminals but i highly doubt that will happen, but hey its fresno , raul woul want his children to be taken care of , they do deserve that much. rest in peace raul you are loved and missed by so many people!

  7. Penny says:

    This is downright murder and if the citizens of Fresno do nothing about it then they could be next. If the police chief does nothing about it then he is just as guilty as those police officers. I am so tired of the police thinking they can treat people anyway they want to. I love it when they go to prison. Where I live we have had at least four cops go to prison for drug trafficking prescription pills. Way to go. They love to do illegal activities because they can get away with it because they have a gun.

  8. Pat says:

    It is true. We citizens have paid over 2.2billion in 2011 alone for these types of incidents. That is ove 3000 dollars for every law enforcer in the US. That does not count 223 million in attorny fees. Cops kill. It is the nature of the people attracted to the job. They tend to be bullies and control freaks. If you ever call the police to your own home you have only yourself to blame for the damage to your family. COPS LIE PEOPLE DIE

  9. lessgov says:

    this cowardly cop must be an army vet. he was water-boarding the suspect. nice….

  10. Sebastien says:

    These disgusting human beings are given all this power and this is how they use it. It is a certain type of person that becomes a police officer. The type that think they are privileged and can treat other people any way they want. They lack empathy and are tyrannic. They are despicable individuals. The least we can expect is that justice is served and these cops get put away for the rest of their lives…but of course, we know better. We know that they are given carte blanche, because the message is sent from the higher ups that their actions will be met with impunity when the time comes for The People to rise up. This is in fact a practice test for when the people rise up against the 1%. We will be met with brutal repression.

  11. jennie ruiz says:

    my brother was shot to death by sanger ca PD on june 15 2012. Fresno county sheriffs department has ruled it justifiable homicide. our family has not had any of our questions answered by these murderers. total silence from sanger pd and fresno co sheriffs. it has been almost 5 months and we have no answers. They are silent because they know they are in the wrong and are frantically trying to control how much information gets out. too late.

  12. Anthony says:

    While I doubt it will actually be effective I have created a petition to the President regarding the police brutality that is continuing and getting worse in the country. Please check it out and sign. The link is Sign it and pass the word around. Need 25000 signatures in 30 days to get a response from the White House. At the very least we will get to see where the President actually stands on the issue. Lets get their attention and see what happens

  13. slango20 says:

    this is outright MURDER, my dad’s friend Dan L (not printing full last name) was beaten by just running his mouth off, not even talking to the cop, and the cop lied and said he was “resisting arrest” because he was running his mouth off (he (Dan) was half drunk at the time)

  14. michael porter says:

    I knew raul rosas my whole life he was my best friend i will always love him with all my heart and this was such a devestation to me it thru my life into shambles overnight this was truley the worst thing that ever happened i love u raul rest in peace maen

  15. Bozewell says:

    I guarantee if this 66 yo grandfather sees any obvious form of abuse, I will act just like Rambo. A citizen of this country has the legal right to physically stop any abuse regardless if it is a police officer.

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