St. Paul Cops Won’t Face Charges For a Brutal Arrest

Posted on: December 9th, 2012 6 Comments
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The video of a violent arrest in St. Paul, Minnesota, raised criticism from the local black community leaders. It shows the 30-year-old Eric R. Hightower lying on the sidewalk after being maced, asking the officer for a reason of the arrest. When Hightower starts coughing because of the mace, the officer identified as Jesse Zilge kicks him in the chest for no apparent reason. Then he handcuffs Hightower, pulling him up by his hair. A second officer shows up and helps Zilge take the suspect to the police car, where they slam his head and chest against the hood. Several other police cars arrive for backup, and three officers pull Hightower in the car.

Hightower was arrested on suspicion of aggravated stalking, terrorist threats and property damage after his ex-girlfriend called the police and complained about him threatening her and breaking windows on her house.

Even though the whole arrest was caught on camera, the prosecutor said there was “insufficient proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that officer Jesse Zilge “used unreasonable force” to arrest Eric Hightower.


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6 Responses

  1. What is “good policing?” What should you look for in a police leader? How is your city going to evaluate that leader? Perhaps one or more of the four major obstacles arresting police development is going on? For what they are and how to overcome them follow my blog at where other current police improvement issues are discussed. The kind of policing I am talking about is accomplished by men and women who are well-trained and led, restrained in their use of force, honest, and courteous to every person.

  2. terry wagar says:

    The police are organized criminals and they don’t care if people know it!
    Police nowadays want people to fear them, they brutalize people for the fun of it and they know they will get away with it!
    At most if a cop gets caught doing something on video such as that cop kicking a man that is already down, the most that might happen to the cop is he will be forced to quit and then he will just transfer to a new jurisdiction, probably with more pay, and continue to do this to more people elsewhere!
    Cops have power trips and get off on brutalizing people they enjoy it, and no one with a badge in the entire state cares about what that officer did!
    I find it interesting that cops actually post on here and yet say nothing about the crime caught on video of a police officer committing a battery!
    Very interesting how cops can just gloss over the obvious and then spew rhetoric of which does nothing but distract from the real problem!
    I have a solution to the problem, why don’t the paid for by taxes police actually arrest a cop for assault and battery and quit covering their butts by ignoring their crimes!

  3. terry wagar says:

    Several decades ago authority’s had public hangings, nowadays cops commit public beatings and they don’t try to hide it because the news media covers their butts by ignoring felony crimes committed by police!
    Many beatings committed by cops cause death and these incidents are whitewashed over by news media!
    The Nazi Germans controlled their populace through news media propaganda in the 1930s and 1940s and now in our time in America our news media is doing the same for the police all over the USA!
    Nazi Germans ignored the Jews complaints and our police ignore American Citizens complaints!
    People that spoke up about the Nazi Germans were targeted by Nazi’s and people that speak up about police in America are targeted by police!
    If Jews complained about crimes to Nazi’s they were ignored by Nazi’s, if American Citizens complain to police about cops committing crimes they are ignored by police!
    Felony complaints against cops in America are covered up and ignored by authority’s and news media, we now live in a fascist country and police do not even try hard to hide their fascism.

  4. aka says:

    This is united states of america, the country that goes around the world to teach others what democracy and respect of human rights are. when a criminal police is covered by a criminal justice, that is covered by a criminal politc system, the circle is closed, no one can stop, that is the end of the whole system. United states citiziens are too much ignorant and drug/entertainment addicted to be aware of this, so the result is just under the eyes of a minority.

  5. JONDO says:

    Most bully’s grow up to be policemen They wont try anything unless they have the upper hand. In this case the civilian knows he will go to jail if he hits a police officer even in self defense So,They still have that edge to hide behind.

  6. the U. S. police are an organized gang of thugs with badges. we, the citizens are being abused brutaly and murdered by them and our government officials refuse to take legal action against them. The cops openly brag that they are a club and stick together through right and wrong.They are murdering us just like the Nazi’s did in Germany.the cops just like the Nazis are doing whatever they want to non police public citizens. wake the fuk up AMERICA.

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