Ultimate Police Brutality Compilation

Posted on: February 22nd, 2013 7 Comments
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Compilation of the videos you have may seen on this site, now all in one. Music is, ironically, “What A Wonderful” World by Louis Armstrong and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra.

While the music is really beautiful the footage we are seeing are very disturbing. Don’t forget that only way to stop police brutality is to share and inform the world about this problem.


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7 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    Joan Wagar was poisoning her husband Terry Wagar with antifreeze while she was having an affair with a cop in Portland Oregon.




    Joan Wagar and her lover the cop Eric Carlson and his brother Shannon caught on video at 5:45 am outside Terry Wagar’s apartment and they were waiting in ambush for Terry Wagar to step outside and Terry Wagar caught them on video waiting in ambush!

    Both Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar are caught hiding alongside Terry Wagar’s doorway and both Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar were armed with recording devices and with guns!

    Both Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar took off down the center of the street because they were caught waiting in ambush to kill Terry Wagar.


    Terry Wagar

  2. Shaun Day says:

    If I saw a cop doing this in the street I would shoot them in the face under the assumption that they were in fact vicious criminals wearing stolen uniforms.

  3. Institutionalized, nationwide, police brutality is a reality in the US and Canada. The “cage” which is installed in the cruiser is the weapon used. All ‘cage’ equipped cruisers are illegal.
    Officers have boasted about using the brake pedal to assault the prisoner being transported, to thrust the prisoner, face first, into? the steel grid of the cage or partition.
    This is a cowardly,? vicious felony.
    The cage/partition is illegal and it is used as a weapon.
    see steven-crowells.blogspot.com

  4. Bacon Buster says:

    Some of these incidents are not police brutality, rather, they are well deserved and justified beatings on punks who resisted arrest and/or put their hands on the pigs first. Otherwise, the rest of the compilation is of police brutality.

    You fuckfaces need to stop adding videos of NON-police brutality because you only discredit the awareness and yourselves. It’s no different than crying “wolf”. Some of these punks are not victims of police brutality – they provoked the beatings by initiating contact or resisting arrest. Get it correct, you FUCKFACES!!!!

    • terry wagar says:

      There is a difference between justification and a felony battery, sometimes citizens can justify laying a hand on a cop, if a cop attacked me without just cause then I as a citizen would be justified in acting in self defense.

      Cops all over the USA are flaunting the fact that they never stand trial for felony battery anymore because schools and popular media have tricked people into thinking that when a cop commits a battery that you need to refer to it as “excessive force” or “police brutality” instead of calling it a battery!

      Because of this “Pretending” on the part of cops and attorney’s and popular media of calling it police brutality they are effectively covering up felony battery’s!

      Police brutality claims are civil matters and NEVER GO ON THE CRIMINAL RECORD OF THE COP ACCUSED!
      So all these felony battery’s taking place by cops are being covered up and NOT going on their records!

      The mere act of calling all these felony beatings being conducted by cops IS the act of covering up FELONY BATTERY’S!

      So when you talk to an attorney about being battered by a cop the FIRST thing the attorney does is REFER TO IT AS EXCESSIVE FORCE AND OR POLICE BRUTALITY and they do this KNOWING they are protecting the cops criminal record from getting a felony battery complaint on it!

  5. terry wagar says:

    People have the SAME right to self defense that cops have and if cops are going to act like thugs then they should be treated as such!

    Our system is corrupt, completely, it is so corrupt that a ordinary citizen can no longer charge a cop with a felony crime and police and attorney’s will not LISTEN to a felony complaint against a cop!

    The moment you charge a cop with a felony crime is the moment the police make it known that they don’t care about anything you have to say, and it’s the moment an attorney will trick you into THINKING it’s a civil matter and not a criminal matter!

    This is the moment all the propaganda you been fed by TV and Hollywood movies burns away and in it’s place you are stuck with the sickening feeling that you have been lied to all your life by your government and by media!

    Our government will not TAKE or ACCEPT a FELONY COMPLAINT against a COP and cops will make it known to you at this time that they don’t give a damn WHAT you know or WHAT you witnessed, and you will NOTICE they are not even bothering to WRITE anything down that you report to them!

    They may tell you that they will conduct an investigation into the matter, and THAT’S LITERALLY the last you will hear of them unless you contact them over the STATUS of your complaint!
    This is when they will tell you that they “conducted an investigation and they have insufficient evidence for a trial and that the case is closed!” and to your shock and horror this is the end of your complaint!

    Cops don’t give a damn about people or the law and they DO NOT HONOR A FELONY COMPLAINT A CITIZEN MAKES ON A COP!

    How many times have you witnessed cops on TV making arrests and NO INVESTIGATION EVER OCCURRED!?
    Cops arrest people ALL THE TIME WITHOUT CONDUCTING AN INVESTIGATION just because the cop WANTS to arrest someone!

    So why is it when a citizen charges a cop with a felony crime no arrest occurs and instead the police claim that they will investigate the matter instead!

    When cops tell citizens that they are going to conduct an investigation on a officer that’s just the cops way of telling you “F##KOFF I am not doing sh!t for you!” and then nothing happens, at all!

    I was battered by police and county sheriff’s in 2005 and my wife was having an affair with a cop at the time, the officer’s that battered me were friends and relatives of my wife’s lover the cop!
    Needless to say it was personal on their part, and when I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with these cops she poisoned me!
    Because the cops had it out for me and because of my wife’s affair with a cop the police made sure I could not get help from a hospital, and because of their influence no doctor would help me or even bother to take a toxicology test!

    The system is so engrained with people working within it that covers each others butts that it is just a automatic act on the part of government officer’s and first responders to IGNORE any complaint made against a cop and they will even go as far as denying the victim emergency services to cover a cops butt!

    If you don’t believe the system is corrupt then put it to the test, try and find any attorney that will admit in writing that cops commit felony battery, or will they just label it instead as “excessive force” or “police brutality” and NOT admit cops commit felony battery!

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