Mentally Disabled Man in Custody Ruled a Homicide

Posted on: March 5th, 2013 8 Comments
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Three Maryland sheriff’s deputies have been placed on leave after the death of a man they had taken into custody has been ruled a homicide. Lieutenant Scott Jewell, Sergeant Rich Rochford and Deputy First Class James Harris are currently under investigation regarding the death of a 26-year-old man named Robert Ethan Saylor.

Saylor, who had Down syndrome, was arrested in Regal Cinemas Westview Stadium 16 after a call from one of the employees. Saylor had watched Zero Dark Thirty but when the screening was over he refused to either leave or buy another ticket, reluctant to leave his seat.

The officers took him out by force as he was struggling and resisting them. He was handcuffed and placed face down on the ground when he became distressed and started showing signs of a medical emergency. The ambulance rushed Saylor to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where they could only pronounce him dead.


The Chief Medical Examiner’s ruling stated “the cause of death as asphyxia and the manner of death as homicide,” and further investigation is pending. Saylor’s family refused to give any comments.

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8 Responses

  1. brooke says:

    From other articles I have read it sounds to me that he would not leave because his aide instructed him to wait until she got the car… If that is proven to be the case the three officers deserve to go to jail. I don’t feel sorry for them or their families. The law should do more than protect public servants and business owners!

  2. EMS says:

    I don’t want to call the cops dumb as they probably weren’t aware (tho they should be), but when you detain someone face down, either on a street, stretcher, or whatever, it greatly increases the risk for cardiac arrest. EMS providers usually have a protocol that prevents us from transporting patients in that manner. Not sure why it would be a possible homicide unless there was malice and intent to harm. Doesn’t sound that way.

  3. TiredOfKillerCops says:

    I personally think every cop who kills an innocent should be killed, not jailed. These three deserve far worse than they will ever get.

    • Fucdacops says:

      Innocent or guilty, a person has the right to life and is innocent until proven guilty, right? Law enforcement DOES NOT have the right to be punisher or executer. They always claim that the person was resisting or in their “expert knowledge of criminals” they felt threatened. That’s a lie, 95% of the time they use the excuse just so they feel justified in what they are doing. They probably go home and beat on the spouse and kids! Sad part is -Blue covers Blue-they can just legally kill with no repercussions!

  4. terry wagar says:

    My wife was having an affair with a police officer and that cop was almost a twin to me, everyone in our family and all my wife’s coworkers were hiding this affair from me as well as that cops appearance!
    When I caught my wife bringing our daughters to Walmart to hook up with that body double my wife poisoned the hell out of me and the hospital refused to take a toxicology test!
    I discovered early on in their affair that Walmart employees gave them the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and both my wife and her lover adopted and used those nicknames in love letters and in emails.
    The body double and the poisoner had a plan for murder, and they shared their crimes with their coworkers, hence their nicknames!
    Here is a link to a love letter the cop Eric Carlson wrote to my wife, and they are using the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash!

    I confronted my wife in late February 2006 over this love letter and I recorded the confrontation with a audio recorder.
    I am arguing with my wife over a blood stained shirt of hers and confronting her over her lovers love letter.
    She first lies about it, and then she admits it’s her letter, and then she lies about it all over again, she is afraid of her nickname because she was poisoning me when I was a regular plasma donor!

    This is my wife’s diary she started writing it shortly after I confronted her over her love letter she got from a cop.
    She is trying to cover her butt in her diary but she not doing a good job at it, she’s admitting in her diary to her affair and she admits I was ill and she admits I cannot get help from police and that the hospital wont take a toxicology test.
    She admits she is a liar and a psycho and that she wants life insurance money’s and she names off antifreeze and pills as poison.
    She admits at the end of her diary to poisoning a plasma donor.

    A week after the end of my wife’s diary she writes a denial letter denying my allegations against her.
    Almost everything in her denial letter is a lie, the three men she describes as Walmart employees are actually cops, and one of her daughters was pregnant at the time of writing the denial letter by one of those men.

    After a few months went by I was so badly poisoned I was bedridden and unable to leave my apartment, I had severe internal bleeding from being poisoned and the stomach pain prevented me from leaving my apartment.
    My wife at this time was having fun throwing written signed confessions at me like they were frisbees knowing my vision was so bad that I cannot read it and there was no one I could hand it to that cares.
    My wife freely admits to use of antifreeze as poison.

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  5. They were only placed on leave AFTER public outrage through Facebook and other blogging sites. The Frederick County Sherrifs Department had NO intentions of any disciplinary action against any of the deputies. Investigations were only a result of the public outrage as well, as the shriffs department had no intentions of investigating this either.

  6. terry wagar says:

    Our system is corrupt, victims complaints as well as their lives are silenced, first responders never publicly charge cops for killing anyone even though many people killed by cops are unarmed at the time

    Cops kill people, they are known killers of unarmed citizens, and they have a history of not being held to account by the system unless public pressure forces the prosecutors to act.

    The system is so corrupt that if your spouse starts an affair with a cop and she poisons you then their is no first responder that will take your complaint and there is no doctor at any hospital that will help you.

    The whole corrupt system hides behind vague policy’s and procedures, none of which has any bearing on citizens lives and citizens are not bound to obey.

    When cops kill someone they never never mention the law, at all, they just start talking about looking into their policy’s and procedures, as though that is supposed to mean something to people, it means nothing to citizens, and why are they ignoring the fact that when they kill unarmed citizens then it’s murder, a crime, policy’s and procedures don’t override the law, and it’s murder to kill unarmed citizens.

    Did the victim violate a policy or procedure yes or no? did the victim break a law yes or no?
    If you answered no to both those questions then you know cops have NO JUSTIFICATION for the killing or for their actions.

    Cops can easily fake justification, especially after the victim is dead, because the victim cannot testify that the cops are lying.

    Corrupt cops hide behind their policy’s and procedures and SUSPICIOUSLY DON’T MENTION A SINGLE TIME THE LAW WHEN THEY DO SO!


  7. terry wagar says:

    Since Robert Ethan Saylor is disabled, it begs the question “Why and how did this disabled man get into this situation in the first place?” and was there anyone acting as his caregiver on the scene at the time? was it a relative or caregiver that got him into that situation? did a relative or caregiver ask him to wait their?

    If that is the case he may have been abandoned their and the cops just wanted to Finnish him off to be done with it, there are a lot of cops and buddy’s to cops that think that way.

    The man may have been abandoned and or was just doing what a caregiver or a relative told him, if that’s the case them their is no crime and instead of arresting the disabled man they should be arresting the person that abandoned him there.

    Disabled people are abandoned all the time and yuu would be surprised how many people don’t think of them as disabled, they just want to get rid of them, which explains the theaters employees dealings and complaints about him.

    Why are the employees at the theater treating a disabled person like a criminal? and why would cops even arrest him? unless the disabled person attacked someone then there just is no cause for arresting him, and instead cops should have been trying to find out who abandoned him there instead and arrested that person for abandonment of a disabled person.

    Neither the theater employees or the police cared he was disabled, and none of them treated him like a victim in need of help, and instead viewed him as trash and just wanted him gone!

    This attitude which seems to be a part of the theaters employees is shared by the police, did it ever occur to you the man is disabled and is not intentionally breaking any law because he was simply abandoned and left behind to be attacked by murderous cops that already knew no one wanted him.

    This is just disgusting who the hell is allowing disabled people to be abandoned like that and why are the cops ignoring that aspect of the crime!?

    My God people they are disabled, they cannot function normally and you need to realize that he was not intentionally committing any crime, regardless of the theaters and the police officer’s opinions on the scene.

    Abandonment of disabled people that cannot take care of themselves is a crime and don’t forget that!


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