South African Man Cuffed to Police Van Dies

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Just when dust from Oscar Pistorius murder case was starting to settle down, another incident involving South African police has hit the cover pages. A shocking cell phone video shows a brutal arrest of a man in Daveyton, east of Johannesburg. Mido Macia, age 27, was a minibus driver whose vehicle was blocking the road and the police had to intervene because of the traffic obstruction. The video starts by showing Macia arguing with several officers and resisting arrest as they’re trying to outpower him. The man is handcuffed to the back of the open police van with hands above his head and left sitting on the ground.

Things seem to have settled down, but the outrageous part of the video starts several seconds later. The van starts to move slowly, dragging the cuffed man along while a bunch of officers is walking behind it paying no attention to the man. At one point, the van accelerates and two cops lift Macia by his legs, trying to carry him, but they drop him and watch the van speed away, dragging helpless Macia along the road for about half a kilometer.


A couple of hours after the arrest, Macia was found dead in his cell. Medical examination shows he suffered from head trauma and internal bleeding which caused his death. Other inmates confirmed Macia was severely beaten while in custody. This is just another in series of incidents linked to South African police, which is considered one of the most violent police forces in the world with a high number of deaths linked to police brutality every year.

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  1. terry wagar says:

    On January 18th 2005 I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriffs while waiting for my wife Joan Wagar to come out of East Port Walmart from her orientation for her job!
    I done nothing wrong, but the police were not hiding the fact it was personal on there part!
    I was put in handcuffs and put into a sheriffs cruiser, after that the police arrested two of our three daughters, without naming ANY charge, and then the sheriff released me from his cruiser, removed the handcuffs, and then the sheriff smirked and said “You need to attend a hearing a week from now in order to get your daughters back!” and then the sheriff got into his vehicle and he took off like a bat out of hell!
    I was left standing there in the parking lot, injured and angry at what they just did to us. they don’t even bother to call an ambulance!
    I noticed that the security guard was standing in the parking lot near me about thirty feet away and I hobbled over to him, and I was in severe pain from a broken rib and a messed up knee from the beating, I immediately started talking to the security guard asking if he knew why those cops did what they did, the security guard was in shock at what happened, and was not able to talk well, I could see he was nervous and in shock.
    I explained to the security guard we did nothing wrong and that we were just waiting for my wife to come out of Walmart from her orientation because it is her first day at work at Walmart.
    I asked the security guard if it was OK for me to remain on property so I could wait for her to come out of the store, and the security guard had no problem with that.

    This is the beginning of what amounts to my worst nightmare come true, I was unaware of it at this moment but my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a police officer, and a police officer was inside the store with my wife at the time I was battered by police and county sheriffs and two of our three daughters were arrested without police naming ANY felony charge.

    I was battered by police and county sheriffs, and it was personal on there part!
    To my shock and horror, behind my back, my wife and her relatives were recruiting our daughters to lie for them after this.
    While I am stuck at home, injured with a broken rib and a messed up knee, my wife and her relatives were recruiting our daughters to lie for them, and behind my back my wife and her family gave the police signed waivers saying the police did nothing wrong.
    So my wife and her family were trying to cover up what happened by pretending nothings wrong and giving the police immunity for their actions.
    My wife was having an affair with a cop at the time, which is WHY the police and county sheriffs battered me.

    In February 2005 I was being gang-stalked by plain clothed police officers and they were renting apartments around mine and they were running around my neighborhood destroying my reputation, and one of those officers name was Eric Carlson, and he was the officer that was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar.

    In February 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair and was destroying my reputation by labeling me as a pedophile, they did all this behind my back, the whole time my wife pretended to be a loving wife to my face!

    March 2005 my wife Joan Wagar no longer tried hiding her affair and was openly hostile towards me and she was enjoying putting evidence of her affair in her clothing knowing I was washing the cloths and would find such evidence of her affair within her clothing.
    In March 2005 my wife was actively turning my daughters against me and I barely saw my wife and daughters in march.

    In April 2005 my wife was hinting to her daughters that her lover was a cop and that he was a twin, and the hints were so blatant that I was picking up on those hints as well.
    By mid April my daughters were openly turned against me and was not trying to hide it from me.
    I had enough information at this time to know that what police did to me was personal and I knew it was because my wife was cheating on me with a cop, and I knew my wife was cheating on me with a dude she described to her daughters as a twin, and by this point everyone I cared about in my family was openly turned against me.

    A week later I caught my wife bringing her daughters down to Walmart and she was hooking our daughters up with a dude that was almost a twin to me, and HE was the officer my wife was having an affair with, Eric Carlson.

    To my utter shock and horror everyone working at East Port Walmart knew about their affair, and they knew about Eric Carlson’s appearance, everyone in that store openly called Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick, because he was almost a twin to me!

    I was in complete shock over this, I did not know what to say, or who to say anything to, as far as I was concerned I just lost my entire family to a damn body double that was a cop!

    Four days later I tried to warn the one family member I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to, and she did not care at all, and right after that my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me!

    After my wife poisoned me I was so badly debilitated I could barely walk or talk, I was suffering severe stomach and head pain, severe vertigo, barely able to stand, many times I almost fell from the vertigo, and I was surrounded by family members that was pretending nothings wrong while they hook up with a cop at Walmart!

    This was an ongoing murder conspiracy started by my wife and her relatives and by the officer Eric Carlson and his relatives and friends in law enforcement, and from the beginning of it they were recruiting people into it.

    Eric Carlson started calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nick name Mrs Dash after she poisoned me, they both used their nicknames in love letters they wrote to each other, and they were having fun pedofying me behind my back while I was stuck at home, injured with a broken rib, a messed up knee, and was severely debilitated from being poisoned by my wife for finding out about Eric Carlson hooking up with our daughters!

    At the hospital my doctor refused to take a toxicology test because Eric Carlson’s brother was talking to my doctor in the hallway and was telling the doctor to cover it up!

    My wife and her daughters kept me ill for years after this by repeated poisonings, and the whole time the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriffs were having fun pedofying me with flyers and word of mouth!

    They had my family on their side to lie for them so they just did not care if I or anyone else knew, there was just too many people helping them for them to care!

    Here is just a small amount of evidence I acquired over the years about their crimes, and I would like to point out I was a active plasma donor when my wife started poisoning me, and a lot of male members of the family died between 2005 thru 2006 while the female members of the family were sleeping around with cops.
    One of my wife’s daughters got pregnant by Eric Carlson’s partner David which says a lot about my wife’s affair with Eric Carlson!

    My wife was having an affair with a police officer and that cop was almost a twin to me, everyone in our family and all my wife’s coworkers were hiding this affair from me as well as that cops appearance!
    When I caught my wife bringing our daughters to Walmart to hook up with that body double my wife poisoned the hell out of me and the hospital refused to take a toxicology test!
    I discovered early on in their affair that Walmart employees gave them the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and both my wife and her lover adopted and used those nicknames in love letters and in emails.
    The body double and the poisoner had a plan for murder, and they shared their crimes with their coworkers, hence their nicknames!
    Here is a link to a love letter the cop Eric Carlson wrote to my wife, and they are using the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash!

    I confronted my wife in late February 2006 over this love letter and I recorded the confrontation with a audio recorder.
    I am arguing with my wife over a blood stained shirt of hers and confronting her over her lovers love letter.
    She first lies about it, and then she admits it’s her letter, and then she lies about it all over again, she is afraid of her nickname because she was poisoning me when I was a regular plasma donor!

    This is my wife’s diary she started writing it shortly after I confronted her over her love letter she got from a cop.
    She is trying to cover her butt in her diary but she not doing a good job at it, she’s admitting in her diary to her affair and she admits I was ill and she admits I cannot get help from police and that the hospital wont take a toxicology test.
    She admits she is a liar and a psycho and that she wants life insurance money’s and she names off antifreeze and pills as poison.
    She admits at the end of her diary to poisoning a plasma donor.

    A week after the end of my wife’s diary she writes a denial letter denying my allegations against her.
    Almost everything in her denial letter is a lie, the three men she describes as Walmart employees are actually cops, and one of her daughters was pregnant at the time of writing the denial letter by one of those men.

    After a few months went by I was so badly poisoned I was bedridden and unable to leave my apartment, I had severe internal bleeding from being poisoned and the stomach pain prevented me from leaving my apartment.
    My wife at this time was having fun throwing written signed confessions at me like they were Frisbee’s knowing my vision was so bad that I cannot read it and there was no one I could hand it to that cares.
    My wife freely admits to use of antifreeze as poison.

    In July 7th 2009 my daughters computer was hacked, I had to reformat it and reinstall the operating system to fix it, and I used a program to recover some files, and I discovered there was a audio death threat on the computer, I saved the audio file and played it and discovered that my wife and her lover the cop and his bro’s bragged on a cryptic audio death threat that they are going to kill me and that they have a big surprise for me.

    The next day there was a car parked in front of our apartment I never seen before and it had the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it, that’s short for the french word meaning GOODBYE, so I was under the impression they were renting apartments around mine.
    On July 10th 2009 there were several adults and children running around in the parking lot, it sounded like they were having a barbecue or something, they were very loud and they started harassing me while I was inside my apartment.
    The adults were coaching the children to slap my window screen and to ring my doorbell and then run off, and they were hanging around the front of my apartment and by my front window.
    My dog and cat was scared, and I was suspecting this had something to do with the audio death threat I found just a couple days ago, so to prove their harassing me I turned my camcorder on and aimed it at the window but I left the shade closed.
    It was my wife’s lover Eric Carlson and his brother Shannon was out there and they and their friends brought those children there and they were coaching them to play in front of my apartment and to make false accusations about me.
    The whole time there are adults out there talking to those children and telling them what to do and what to say, and it’s hard to hear but they even admitted they were being paid to frame me and to make me look like a bad guy.
    At one point in the video my cat goes to the window sill and my camcorder caught Eric Carlson the body double outside with the children.
    This is a long video, I was being harassed by these people before I turned on my camcorder and the harassment continued after I turned it on.
    Eric Carlson is a cop and he was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar that started way back in 2005.
    Eric Carlson is dressed similar to me and he is outside my apartment impersonating me, and he is caught on video coaching those children to make pedo accusations.
    Cops/gang-stalkers caught on video doing street theater framing me for their crimes.
    These children outside my apartment were brought there by several law officers and Eric Carlson and his bro Shannon was directing their actions and words and at one point on video you can hear the children asking how much money were they being paid to frame me, and they were told 10,000 dollars!

    The next day Shannon and the female officers that were renting the apartment two doors away from mine were in a panic because they found out I caught them on video framing me as a pedophile.
    Shannon and two female officers brought a white van and parked it in front of their apartment and were in a hurry to load it up JUST with those children’s belongs.
    The children were already gone and these officers are caught trying to hide the fact that they had children there in the first place by getting rid of their toys and blankets and bedding.
    It’s hard to hear on the video but Shannon is talking to the female officers saying I am trying to catch them on video.
    I was very very disgusted and pissed off at these pedophile cops already knowing they were framing me by paying children to make false accusations about me.
    Here they are covering there butts!

    On July 22nd 2009 early in the morning I got ready to potty my dog Pepsi and as I opened the front door I noticed someone in a baseball hat dive behind the van and trailer across the street, thinking I was catching them backing up their death threat I turned out my lights and grabbed my camcorder and aimed it at the van and trailer.
    Next thing I know my wife’s lover the cop steps in front of my doorway and he is carrying a camcorder and a gun in his right hand.
    It happened so fast I did not realize who it was until I seen the video later on.
    Eric Carlson walked over to the street, made a hand gesture to his brother to stay put, and then Eric Carlson walked down the center of the street.
    As Eric Carlson got along side the trailer he grabbed his gun with his left hand.
    After a minute went by another person that was hiding beside my front door stepped into view, I did not recognize her until I saw the video later on, it was my wife Joan Wagar, and she was armed with a gun in her left hand of which she covered up with her shirt, and she was recording with her cellphone in her right hand.
    Joan Wagar walks at first, wanting me to recognize her, and then she bolts into a run following after Eric Carlson down the center of the street.
    After a while someone crossed the street coming from the van and trailer and it was Eric Carlson’s brother Shannon with the baseball hat, and he was talking to a female officer that was responsible for coaching those children back in July 10th 2009, and Shannon was not trying to hide the fact he had it out for me.
    My wife and her lover the cop caught waiting in ambush to shoot me and they were going to record it.

    This is around mid August I noticed some of the officers that framed me were standing in front of the apartment that Eric Carlson and Shannon were renting so I grabbed my camcorder and charged out the front door and charged them to their faces of framing me, I was so pissed I did not care they are armed cops!

    Terry Wagar

  2. Pineapple says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

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