GRAPHIC: Officer Shot a Unarmed Man 11 Times

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 40 Comments
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The attorney representing the family of Ernesto Duenez has presented a graphic video of the police officer shooting him 11 times, just one day after the said officer was cleared of wrongdoing.

Duenez was wanted for a domestic violence incident and several police officers in patrol cars were waiting for him to come home so they could arrest him. The video from one of the patrol car cameras shows Duenez parking his pickup truck and officer James Moody approaching him with a drawn gun. He suspected that Duenez had a knife and shouted at him to drop it and put his hands up.

As Duenez was exiting the vehicle over the passenger seat, he tripped and turned around which provoked the officer to fire 13 shots in just 4.2 seconds. Duenez was shot once in the head, eight times in the body and two times in the extremities and died from wounds to his chest and abdomen.

After hearing the gunshots, his wife Whitney Duenez ran out of the house screaming and ignored officer’s warning to stand back, rushing to hug her dying husband.


It was later discovered that Duenez had his foot stuck in the seat belt which is probably why he had turned around, trying to set his foot loose.

Attorney John Burris wants officer Moody prosecuted for murder, saying that he should be “held accountable just like anyone else would be held accountable when they engage in this kind of barbaric conduct.”

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