4-Year-Old Beaten By Cop Still in Critical Condition

Posted on: January 23rd, 2014 8 Comments
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The city of Yamhill, Oregon has never seen such a brutal act of violence committed by the very man sworn to protect and to serve the community. A 4-year-old boy was beaten by a reserve officer so brutally he had to be flown by LifeFlight helicopter to a Portland hospital where he is still in critical condition.

Yamhill County sheriff’s deputies responded to a medical call concerning an injured 4-year-old. The type of injuries on the boy’s body indicated that he was physically abused, and the first suspect was his mother’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Michael Shane Abo. After a three day investigation, Abo, a former Yamhill County Sheriff’s deputy, was arrested.

KATU TV news reporter interviewed Abo’s neighbors and came to a shocking conclusion that this horrifying act didn’t come as a surprise to them. Ruby Swartz, one of the neighbors, said that there was something odd about Abo.


“I think he should be persecuted as far as he can be”, said Swartz, still shaken up by witnessing the ambulance taking the boy.

Abo is currently in custody in the Yamhill County Correctional Facility. He is charged with first degree assault and criminal mistreatment. Due to the severity of the child’s injuries, he’s held on $1 million bail.

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8 Responses

  1. Miss B says:

    I’ll wager he abused animals when he was a child. What is wrong with these idiots? But I guess this kind of behavior has always gone on. The internet spreads the news faster. Hope the little boy recovers.

    • sonny says:

      As bad as this is its nothing compared to what these thugs with badges do in TENNESSEE.Last year TENNESSEE thugs with badges stripped a man nude in the snow before beating and tasing him over and over.Some say that these thugs with badges received some-kind of sick sexual thrill from it.Also the TENNESSEE police LT who said in public that the Constitution was a piece of paper he wipes his ass with was promoted to chief of police.Thats how much the police and elected officials in TENNESSEE think of our CONSTITUTION.

  2. I, too, have been beaten when I was a kid and the experiences will forever scare me, as well as many, many others. Being on the receiving end of a person’s fury is far more than words can describe and in trying to make sense of it is even more confusing. I pray with my heart that this kid will heal both inside and outside for what he had to experience from that of an adult and the person’s demeanor.

    Bernard Rigaud III

  3. Scott S says:

    The physical abuse to such a young person is simply horrific. I pray that not only the “COP” be severly punished, but that the little boy and his other guardian his MOTHER, get psycological attatention as well.

    Poor baby.

  4. LD says:

    That cop’s low IQ. Typical boot camp Inquisition LEO (ILEO).

  5. The cop is an agent for the Corporation of the City, County, or State, he is not a member of the government at all, while his pay must be from the US Treasury and all bills issued by a Grand Jury must be made to the US Treasury.

    The very demand that you pay a private treasury is a demand for a bribe. The cop in reality is a Corpora Ficta employee and not a government employee at all. He has no powers of a government official whatsoever.

    License and registration produces commercial connection/nexus to Corporate City, County or State. License and registration are commercial agreements and not contracts. If one is not involved in commercial activity then there is no exercise of a privilege that must be licensed and registered.

    When the Cop writes you a ticket for infracting a code, regulation or statute with a summons to Court, the cop is now impersonating an officer of the court. He is then not part of any of the branches of the government, as an employee of the Pretend Government Corporation, a Corpora Ficta employee.

    When the Cop writes you a ticket for infracting a code, regulation or statute with a summons to Court, the cop is giving you a bill of exchange. You cannot lawfully sign a bill of exchange, because you are not receiving the original copy.

    When the Cop writes you a ticket for infracting a code, regulation or statute with a summons to Court, the cop is giving you a bill of attainder unlawfully, as you are not a public servant and there is a jury required to convict you to make it lawful.

    No one person can serve in two branches of the government at the same time. Only a sheriff can execute (serve) a summons, or compulsory legal process, and the cop is clearly not a member of the executive branch of the government and the ticket is pure fraud.

    In summary, cops in traffic stops are impersonating government officials on an emergency and the one being stopped is the emergency. Cops try to get people to validate their fraud. Cops impersonate judicial officers, impersonate being a Sheriff who is an executive officer, violate the principal of separation of powers, and impersonate a court bailiff by signing the false summons thereby impersonating a judicial officer a second time. The entire summons is a total fraud because it is not a government document at all; it is a corporate document being forced upon private People.

    Questions for a public Servant:

    1) Do you understand that under Trezevant v. City of Tampa that I will be charging you 1000 per minute?

    2) Where is the emergency?

    3) Do you understand under Macias V. Ihde, if you are obstructing my rights, you may be liable, in both your personal and public capacity?

    4) Are you aware that all of your individual assets can and will be lawfully subject to seizure by lien(s) which cannot be removed by any court of law, but only by me, for high crimes and misdemeanors?

    5) Are you aware that anything you do or say can be used against you?

    6) Do you consider yourself to be above the law?

    7) Are you aware that you are contracting with me?

    8) Whom do you work for, the state, county or city?

    9) Can you state for the record which branch of the government you work for-

    Elective, Judicial, or Executive?

    10) Do you have a valid oath of office and faithful performance bond on file with the Secretary of State of New Mexico?

    11) Do you have your valid DBA validly registered with the Secretary of State of New Mexico?

    12) Are you aware that impersonating a government employee is a high crime and misdemeanor?

    13) Do you believe that you are the injured party?

    14) Where is the strict-proof of assessment of damages from the injured party?

    15) Have you sworn to uphold the Constitution of the united states of America?

    16) Were you solely representing your agency or were there others with you?

    17) Do you understand that the US Constitution trumps all law?

  6. Demarion says:

    “After a three day investigation, Abo, a former Yamhill County Sheriff’s deputy, was arrested.”

    A former deputy, meaning at the time he did what he did he was not actually a deputy. Yes, his conduct was brutal, hopefully he’ll be in jail for decades to come, but this is not an example of police brutality.

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