Caught On Camera: LAPD Shoots A Non-Violent Homeless Man On a Daylight

Posted on: March 2nd, 2015 3 Comments
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Los Angeles: Police shot dead a homeless man while trying to evict him from hist tent. The victim was known by his nickname “Africa” and was living on the street for five months. Witnesses said that Africa was having an argument with another homeless person in his tent when the group of police officers arrived.

Police asked him to step out of a tent and when he refused, they dragged him out. Thanks to LA resident Anthony Blackburn, this incident was caught on a camera, with perfect sound. After the homeless was dragged out of his tent, he was tasered. Although police tasered him, the poor Africa struggled and stayed on his feet.

After that, you can hear on the video footage several gun shots. The witnesses notes that the deadly force wasn’t necessary and that there is no justification for taking someones life. Other the five gunshots you can see another homeless woman on the video that tried to help.

Yet, officers held her while they were pumping bullets in Africa. The actual justification of the cops is that homeless Africa was trying to reach the weapon from a police officer. The investigators didn’t established was he really reaching for a gun, was the deadly force necessary.


Also, the body of the victim wasn’t formally identified yet. It is important to note that the residents of Downtown LA characterized this man as a non-violent person.

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3 Responses

  1. GrimmTale says:

    First of all, the poster of this video, and the commentary written are consistently inaccurate – and factless. In essence, it’s a complete lie.
    The person shot (as you refer to Africa) was a wanted bank robber. This person threw a wind-up whaling punch at a police officer, and then after being tased (not teased as you wrote), he then grabbed for the “black” officer’s gun, who shot him. The homeless woman you say was “helping” Africa, grabbed the cop’s nightstick and was attempting to strike the officers. If she wasn’t stopped, how do you think that would have ended?

    If I could make just one little suggestion to this poster/commentator = please get your facts straight before posting something like this. All you do is feed the racial fire which is burning down your cities and towns from within.

  2. Sam says:

    Feeding the racial fire you say. More like exposing the power happy sadistic police. They are the most dangerous gang in America. They typically abuse their power and
    there are many , many other videos of this happening.

    The police are the enemy. They are a danger to society.They are out of control, power happy and trigger happy. The bad cops need to be fired or put in jail where they belong.
    It is no wonder that most people don’t like cops.
    They are doing it to them selves. It is not a racial thing
    that is getting worse. It is societies perception of police that is getting worse and rightly so.
    The people are going to fight back against the police brutality taking place all over the country.

  3. candy says:

    I agree with you Sam,there is no law for the law,they continually abuse their athority,if we done all the things they get by with we’d be in prison right Its gI got to stop and if it takes rioting to do it then as the old saying goes you get what you ask for,People are fed up cops getting away with murder,it seems to be an everyday thing,because they know odds are they will never be punished for the crimes they commit, makes me sick!!#!

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