NYPD Officer Arrested For The Third Time In Eight Months

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Stacey Staniland (29), was arrested Tuesday night at Staten Island. This is the third time she has been arrested in past eight months.

Staniland, whose helmet reads “ Little Miss Dangerous” was riding a motorcycle around 11 p.m. on Davis Avenue and lost control as she turned onto Henderson Avenue.

This New York officer crashed her unregistrated motorcycle into two cars at red light.

Officers that came on the scene noticed a silver spoon and syringe in her bag, next to the several “prescription drugs”. Of course there was no proof of prescription, so Stanilad was arrested and charged for criminally possessing a hypodermic needle, misdemeanor drug possession and driving an unregistrated motorcycle without licence plates.


In December, 2014 the “Little Miss Dangerous” was arrested for breaking into the home of her boyfriend’s mother and stealing jewlery. Later, she sold it at pawn shop. She was arrested and suspended from work for 30 days back then.

Then again on May 2015, she was arrested and charged for criminal possession of a controlled substance and a hypodermic instrument, while od duty.

Stanilad is stil an NYPD officer.

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