Off-Duty Officer Assaults Blind Woman And Her Dog

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St. Louis- A federal civil rights lawsuit filed Tuesday claims that William Clinton, a St. Louis police officer, while off duty, handcuffed a blind woman without a reason and dragged her and her dog out of a St Louis bar.

Marvelena Quesada, the victim, was leaving the Caleco’s Bar & Grill, at 101 North Broadway, as it was closing. Clinton was working on a security job in the same bar, the same night she was having a drink with her friend.

Quesada was coming back to her table to help her friend settle the bill when Clinton started yelling “GET OUT AND GET OUT NOW!”. As she was putting her wallet back in her purse he yelled again “I SAD NOW” and added “you are going to jail”.


The next thing, Queasada was handcuffed by the off-duty officer. Clinton puled her off the chair and she hit her head on the floor. Then, he dragged her out the bar on her back while the leash for Quesada’s guide dog was on her arm. The dog was consequently slammed into tables and chairs.

This frightened blind woman is bruised and suffers back injury.

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