15-year-old Girl Brutally Beaten by Cops, Washington Police

Posted on: March 1st, 2009 145 Comments
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CCTV footage of a US police officer apparently beating a 15-year-old girl has been released. The pictures show the sheriff’s deputy kicking, punching and pulling the hair of the teenager before throwing her to the floor of a jail cell. Prosecutors released the footage during the assault case against Deputy Paul Schene, who is accused of using excessive force. The 31-year-old has pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree assault and has told prosecutors his actions were to “prevent another assault”, by the teenager.

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145 Responses

  1. Yogi says:

    This is very distressing. The officer also may be having kids at home. How would he feel when this happens to his children. Just firing the officer would not work, he needs to be given jail time and his name should have to be included in a list of voilent criminals and he should be made to register his address with the local police when he gets released from jail (just like sex offenders do).

    United States is a police state and a police officer can arrest a hamburger if he wishes to. This officers address has to be made public.

  2. LOL says:

    shouldn’t have got herself arrested in the first place

    • Glenn Guthrie says:

      to lol. I would lik to see you face to face and give you the facts of life, which does not includ being beat up and thrown around like a rag doll.Smarten up you asshole

    • christy says:

      I’m quite sure that your not perfect.Human being’s make mistake’s, and it does not justify abuse.
      Instead of feeling angry about your opinion….I have to feel sorry for you for not having any compassion for this young lady… bacause it shows that you must not care to much or love yourself.Someone has definetly failed you somewhere in your life.We need to respect other’s right’s.


      • Sherri says:

        Big bad guy, your so bad!!!!!!! You can beat up a 15 year old girl….oh….. but you may have felt endangered by her , since there was only you & another grown man assisting her. What you do in life come’s back to bite you, and it will. I was born in Washington,,,,,and you make me feel disgusted! BOOOOOOO on YOU!!!!!!You don’t need to be in the police force!

  3. Puff says:

    He did not have to do that she was only 15 and it makes you wonder if he does that to other kids what kind of man is he. poor excuse for a man

  4. NO WAY says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Biggest kind of police brutality i seen on this site so far

  6. Anonymous says:

    Paul Schene
    1510 35th St SE
    Auburn, WA 98002-8744

    • Me says:

      Why is this still posted up here? What are you implying here? Go to his house and hurt him? Terrorize his family, for his stupid decisions?

      Hmm, end violence with violence? Yeah…that’ll get you places.


      • Blake says:

        Maybe if civilians started visiting these corrupt “PUBLIC SERVANTS” and give them a nice ass kicking things will start to change a bit. They believe and do get away with everything. I applaud a little vigilante justice every now and then when its very apparent that the regular justice system is severely corrupt and not “For the people”.

    • Me too says:

      Who cares, the video is still up too. imagine how that girl feels and her family. everyone gets to see what happened to her. Um read this comment which was posted before yours :. “Just firing the officer would not work, he needs to be given jail time and his name should have to be included in a list of voilent criminals and he should be made to register his address with the local police when he gets released from jail (just like sex offenders do).” I know my little girl will not be in that neighborhood. That’s the consequence you pay when you’re a grown man, a COP that beats a 15 year old girl.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thats where the word “PIG” comes into play. Excessive is not the word to describe what that punk did. He should have his cap peeled. That young ladies family really need to get him. GET HIM!!! I know i would if that was my family member in that video. He would be MEAT.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    This was a sad day for cops everywhere… Is this state if you get into a bar brawl an hit someone over the head with a beer can or bottle thats considered Assault 2nd degree, which is a violent crime an a strike on the 3 strikes program. Also considering this man was trained to “Sub-Due” the perp not smash on the person ALL READY in custody. The fact that she’s 15 makes this an even more vicious “crime” she’s a juvenile. Makes you wonder how he treats his kids when they get out of line.. In all he’s a cop an WE all know he’ll recieve a slap on the wrist an told not to do it again. Shameful!!! Not only to the city but the state an law enforcement. He should be jailed an remanded to DOC supervision upon release an register as a sex offender. He’s a male officer an the victim was female, he should’ve shut the door an got a female officer to sub-due her.. I hope her parent or parents sue SPD an the state corrections dept for the violation of her rights as a detainee..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Stick the pig

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am a police Officer that spent several years working in a jail.This is embarrassing There was a better way to prevent another assault. CLOSE THE DOOR. Do not think all Police are minless animals that react soley based on anger.

    • pbwrs says:

      Glad you posted, question? Do you feel that good cops should to a stand against their deparmet’s officers of such character? I always say that you have to cut your own lawn before you cut your neighbors…………..
      And yes, this fool does make it hard for the “Good” cops

    • dave heason says:

      Every person here that claims to be a cop (1. I don’t believe you…you can get this kind of action on the streets.(2. You make me think of all the fuckin muslims who say “we’re not terrorists we are all great people who want peace”…..my ass start arresting pigs for committing crimes and someone my listen to you

  12. Anonymous says:

    you know what cute this video has no sound and it lasts for all of a min and a half… NO ONE before this whole issue went to court knew the surrounding circumstances and I suspect that most people commenting here don’t know the circumstances around what happened in the video. I fully agree that it was an excesive use of force but who knows maybe she had said something about his wife that had died a months before WHO KNOWS

    • UNKNOWN says:


    • Glenn Guthrie says:

      to anonymoua:
      You are just like them, making up excuses for these assholes to get violent with the public and get away with it. He should be charged with assult and put behind bars where he would get his head kicked in. Would do him good

    • dave heason says:

      I take back my last comment…you are a pig and u are just here to look at some piggy porn(did you get hard when he bounced her head off the concrete?} I decided that you might really be a pig because that is what pigs ALWAYS say about vids they weren’t able to earase “you dnt know what happeded just before that pig attaced that little teenager

  13. Anonymous says:

    And you wonder why police are not respected. It does not make a difference why he did it. HE DID IT!! And I hope He was sued because he should not have kicked her or pulled her hair..She was 15 years old..And where was the female officer…

    • pbwrs says:

      Some 15 y/o’s are 6ft, 200 lbs., the age is not the issue, it is the moral and legal rights of “ALL” citizens to be treated fairly. The true peoblem is that Law Enforcement resembles the KKK today in America????? It is time the “American Citizens” stand up for themselves, this is truly not isolated with race, these idiots are given the right to beat you, kill you! They have little fear because in the end they will suffer moving to another state and being re-enployed, but never jail as normal citizens are………………

  14. Anonymous says:

    This asshole should be arrested and go to jail! It doesn’t matter even if she spoke about anything in the world or provoked him in anyway (which she clearly didn’t). He should not punch her and pull her hair and all that crazy stuff he did…
    I hope that once he sees the inside of a prison he will get the same treatment..

    • pbwrs says:

      Prison? Are you kidding, this is a cop!!!!!
      We as a people permit their crimes to go un-punished!
      You; on the other hand would have gotten 5 years for touching her hand…………………

  15. jailhim says:

    Take his badge, throw him in jail, tell the inmates what he did, and record the results… He would be torn to hundreds of peaces in less than a minute.
    The resulting footage would be a stern warning to other officers who do similar.

  16. prisonforcop says:

    put his ass into prison where it can get fucked real good over and over again and again and again and again

  17. POWER says:

    The only reason people become cops is for the POWER! Usually these sub-humans were bullies at school and have little social skills. I have met hunderds of police thru may job and can honestly say the majority of them are scumbags not worthy of existance.

  18. NOJUSTICE says:

    I don’t care what she said, it gave him no right to do that, period.. Anyone that even remotely tries to defend this criminal act is just as much a piece of crap as the cop in the video.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I pray strongly those two cops and cops like them loose their jobs. The more I see of this, the more I’m convinced cops like these will suffer a consequence equal or greater to the one they have acted out themselves. I pitty the fools! Times are coming around. Its time cops suit up for protection of the people and not the current machine that is broken and currupted. Their abuse of power will come to an end I promise them!

  20. Anon says:

    Lets not forget the subway incident where there were atleast 7 cops altogether and one of the cops in a split second fired a shot at the back of the young guy while he was handcuffed faced down with a knee driven into is neck. Now remember there are some serious reprocusions coming for this cops actions I assure you the time is coming near and judgement will be swift and eternal. To put it short, the cop will one way or another reap what he did and it will not be fun and pleasant.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What assholes…1st, she’s an underage female who suppose to be accompanied by a female officer. 2nd, it looks like the asked for her shoes in which she kicked one off and pissed off one of the cops who then attacked her. 3rd the other cop assisted. 4th the continued assault by pulling her up by her hair after she was handcuffed. They both have been fired then arrested. The video speaks for itself. Excessive force/brutality no excuse for it!

  22. no name says:

    whats wrong with these people just because they have a get-away badge doesnt mean they can do whatever they like.

  23. stopnow says:

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Those police need to have two guys that are atleast two to three times their size beat their a$$ to sleep, while their handcuffed, and then let them lay there and think about what they did, or either let them watch someone do that to their daughter and see how they like it, not really do that to their daughters but make them think that just to show them how it feels, I bet their attitudes would be totally different.

  24. bully says:

    He’s a bully and also probably abuses animals

  25. Anonymous says:

    I hope he has daughters and someone beat the shit out of her like he did the little girl Shame on the force he works for for paying an nut like him.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Things wrong with this:
    – the cop’s first reaction is to kick the girl (00:09)
    – he then goes immediately for her neck and head (00:10)
    – he slams her head into the wall (00:11)
    – he throws her to the ground by her hair (00:12)
    – once she is restrained, he proceeds to punch her in the head twice (00:18)
    – he drags her to her feet by her hair (00:44)
    – and he marches her out the door while continuing to pull on her hair (00:46)

    It does not matter what she said to the cop previously. It does not matter if the crime that she committed was against the cop’s own family. His behavior is unacceptable. Period.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i want to kill this cop with knife..slowly
    sorry for bad english

  28. Anonymous says:

    kill him.

  29. Anonymous says:

    We also need the external cell view as well so one can clearly see the 'assault' on the officer's pants leg via shoe sole.

  30. Prairiefyre says:

    Watch the Shock doctrine (Naomi Klein) and
    End of America (Naomi Wolfe) on youtube.

    This behavior is intended to let all of us know that they would do it to us too, given half a chance. And people will continue to say things like we shouldn't done whatever they think provoked the attack. There is no provocation. It's about power and control. The police are the "shock troops" of the power elite. Anyone who is thinking about being a cop has to consider that truth.

  31. wiwichu.asf says:

    This is incredibly disturbing. Not that I don't think this type of abuse happens too often, it's just hard to actually watch. The young woman is 15 years old. Why is it necessary to have two grown ass men bring her down and beat her like this? Situations like this one makes it difficult to have respect for police officers. It really discredits them. I know they are not all the same but it somehow takes away from having trust in the men in blue at all. I don't wish this abuse on anyone but something inside of me makes me wish that when the cops got home after that shift that they are mysteriously shot in the ass and unable to walk for their rest of their lives. I know for a fact that what they did to that girl in the bathroom is going to stay with her for the rest of her life. That to me is the real damage.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it was to prevent another assult from the frail teenager… That's why he went to the corner her face hit to check for blood smears.

  33. Anonymous says:

    seriously if i ever came across that guy who beat that girl i promise you he'll be beating or even dead

  34. Anonymous says:

    if that was my family he'll be dead by now Malika is just a baby those old dirty bastard better yet what the hell is this cops name paul schene to be exact this man not only beat this young beautiful baby this bastard also shot and killed 2 other people in king county i think this bastard lives at this address with stephanie

    1510 35th St SE

    Auburn, WA 98002-8744

  35. GTFO says:

    For those of you who are saying that there is some circumstantial evidence that we can't hear/see, and therefore no one should jump to any conclusions…I gotta ask…

    Does the inside of your rectum look as bad as it smells?

  36. ThatIsUSA says:

    Times have changed in America. It's practically a police state with misconduct by all levels of government that are now just an everyday occurrence. Some people buy guns for self-defense against criminals walking the streets; I bought guns because of the fear my government instills. I just found out I'm having a daughter and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to stand by and wait for this kind of violence to hit home before anything is done about it.

  37. Democracy? says:

    And you teach other countries deomocracy. Go to hell united states. Save the teenagers then come to teach us the democracy

  38. SAP says:

    Typical police behavior is what you see in this video. Serve and protect????? Think again. Police are there to serve themselves. They feed their childish egos by becoming grown-up uniformed bullies that our society funds with tax dollars….the tax dollars from this young woman's parents and your tax dollars too. Remove all funding of police departments and special forces, and instead put that money into education programs, and let the police sell cookies to raise money for thier guns and sticks they use as weapons against the citizens they supposedly protect.

  39. Anger says:

    its just send shivers (but mostly anger)down my spine seeing officers do something so uncalled for , i feel that letting the officer go was not the right decision…..if i was that little girls family i would probably hunt him down.

  40. Matt says:

    Some police detectives depend soley on lying informants for all their information. The bigger the lie by a sicko, the better the detective likes it.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new-takes such a coward male to even hit a girl, takes a couple of snakes to beat one, takes gutter trash to hide behind badges to do it. Ive been there only worse-dogpiled by 5-8 cops, yes hair pulled, punched kicked, slammed my head and body into cement, and cops if you recall I had one thing to say to the biggest one-your momma must be some proud of you-little man!
    How do you gain possession of your own in cell video? I wasnt permitted to view anywhere but in the lawyers office-Their claim-fear it would get circulated! Wonder why-hell it was brutally edited anyhow, with huge time slots missing in each frame immediately before I struck back-no wonder no one trusts them anymore. I got jumped for having an anxiety attack! All I have to say is fight back in whatever way you can!

  42. Ax says:

    that is just sick… i hope paul schene gets the big book stuck up his @$$ and does real time with daddies that have teen daughters…
    paul schene, you make me sick!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    What a fucking idiot!!!! You feel good beating up a young defenseless girl?!??!!?!

    I hope you die.

  44. Tacoma WA says:


    who is her Attorneys ???????

    I was attacked by a corrections officer at the Tacoma WA. Pierce county Jail


  45. Anonymous says:

    NO man should stand by and allow this to go on any further, we take up arms and we stop this here and now then and forever.

  46. Anonymous says:

    how can you say WELL SHE SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN ARRESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! People the cops can arrest you on anything, for no reason, cops are a corrupt organization, preying on the poor and minorities

  47. Anonymous says:

    haha whoever said " WHAT IF SHE SAID SOMETHING ABOUT HIS WIFE THAT DIED MONTHS BEFORE" okay first of all youre a fucking dumbass because so what people talk shit doesnt mean its right to get theyre asses beat secondly shes A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD FUCKING GIRL yeah most teenagers would do something like that its no exuse to bruttaly beat somone so my point youre stupid as fuck go choke on a dick

  48. Anonymous says:

    Its reasons like this that I work with a company that provides prepaid legal services. The man has too much power now days. If your interested check it out if not don't let the man get ya down.


  49. Allison Alloro says:

    WOW. And I thought only MEN could be cops. Not pussy ass boys who beat girls HALF their age. AND HALF their size. Come over here piggy. Ill show you what a real man looks like. 😉

  50. Anonymous says:

    I see a stressed out guy using violence to put fear into a teenager… a 15 year old girl that doesn't respect authority (I assume she was cheeky with the uniform). But in this day and age of bailouts, untested vaccines, illegal wiretaps, depleted uranium, toxic foods and toys, no-fly lists, 9-11 criminals still on the loose… so lets cut the uniform some slack, and just tell him to arrest the real criminals. Your IRA and property values depend on it!! (oh, and also your children, grandchildren, and…)

  51. Anonymous says:

    next time stay out of trouble they dont bother you if you dont break laws… lucky your in america at least shes not dead?…you should check the laws of other countries that rape, and kill little girls like her for being a wise ass…take it from me ive seen it first hand in Iraq

  52. Anonymous says:

    that guy looked capable of rapeing her he totally overpowered her for his own enjoyment

  53. Anonymous says:

    3A BTM

  54. Anonymous says:

    The same cop shot and killed a mentally disabled guy a couple of years ago and got himself pulled over while under the influence of alchohol and prescription drugs. What a piece of $hit. I hate pigs.

  55. Nonsense says:

    This is so disgusting that it pains me to view it. What kind of coward will beat a 15 year old GIRL!!!! She is tiny and petite and he reminds me of that idiot Chicago officer who beat the bar female employee!! One should not wonder why many citizens do not trust the police!

  56. John says:

    I mean really the comment on march 27 of 2009 13:36 when you choose the positon of protect and serve between that line you seperate yourself from your job because thats when you become seroius so even if your family member might die you do not put your anger at someone that might mention them in a bad way becuse where all goign to die some day but we just dont know when and 4Paul Schene he deserve to serve time and be fired for doing what he did i mean come on did he really think that he was going to get the tape and lose it i can truly say the system doesnt work illegal all the time

  57. Venny says:

    I just watched the video and it's sad really. Took the time to read some of the comments too. First of all she probably got arrested for a violation of statue (which is not the same as breaking the law), on the other hand the cop (who is suppose to be a peace officer) did commit a crime (personal injury to some one or someone's property). Plain and simple the family and the girl personally should do a private claim and seek a commercial lein on this guys and turn his life upside down for the rest of his life…for the cop who commented, I am glad that you recognize that this was wrong and yes not all cops are bad (some actually take the time to educate themselves on what their primary duties really are, very few however)…but we all allow this to happen by not doing anything and refusing to educate ourselves in what law, government, finance and who we really are. I hope we soon start to see the light. If you really knew that not only cops, but judges and attorney's constatly break the law more than we ever do and on real crimes not jus Bull statue. My sympathy for the girl…

  58. Anonymous says:

    fckkk the po lice they will get what they deserve oneday stupid god damn pigs oink oink fuckers hahah

  59. David says:

    Every single one of you are dumbasses. He never broke the law. He is the law.

    • anonomus says:

      so your saying that a cop can get drunk and drive just because he is the law? NO DUMBASS!!! just because he is a cop that dosnt give you the fucking right to beat a 15 year old girl its against the law to beat a minor and just because he is the law dosnt mean he can break it either

  60. Anonymous says:

    If people don't respect the police, they would have no power, which would spell disaster for society at large. I definitely think this officer should be reprimanded, and harshly, but there's a good reason why no one with half a brain would ever kick or throw something that wasn't a kleenex at a police officer.

  61. fiearce says:

    I in no way condone what the officer did, however most people are condemning him and do not know the entire circumstance that lead up to the situation. I work in a juvenile facility and the person that said this girl was frail obviously have never worked with them in situations such as this, because in no way are these kids frail. she was obviously locked up for a reason and she also had just assaulted another youth. who are we to assume that this was not warrented.

  62. Anonymous says:

    whats is this we are in USA the land of the free and just but we have rights to and this very clearly that was taken from her she only 15 a child sad i dont understand why he do those things to her!!! come on now!for real!!!!

  63. Raising money with Google says:

    There's no however to this. Brutality is self evident. Just beating the crap out of a person justified under the color of law as restraint is not an excuse. I'd ask people with a contrary opinion to lend themselves to a little and then give their opinion. Your either a person or an animal, and people are thrown in prison for doing less to a dog or a cat. Wake up !! Have a little self respect.

  64. herfault says:

    she had it comming to her.she kicked her shoe at the cop what was he going to do.

    • anonomus says:

      close the door maybe or hold her if she got too out of hand they do carry pepper spray for that not beat a 15 year old and it was a girl at that he is a pussy and needs to man up or stay on the porch

  65. angry says:

    oi fucken oi the cop had nigger in him he must have

  66. Anonymous says:

    I live in anniston, al. My husband and his friend is a victim of police brutality. On November 13, 2009, he and his friend were pulled over by drug task force. Obviously, they were undercover. Once my husband pulled his car over, and stepped out the car. The officers jump out with their pistols drawn, yelling and cursing get on the ground. My husband thought someone was about to rob them, so he tries to run for his life, and the passenger was scared to death, that he didn't even move. One officer comes and pulls him thru the window and beat him repeatedly while in cuffs. His eye was swollen, black and blue, and his blood vessels were busted and bleeding. My husband was cuffed and beaten with a pistol in his head,and his face was smashed to the ground with the officers knee on side of his head, and he was kicked. Once taken in, the officers stated that they thought the passenger was someone else. Whatever happened to anouncing who they were, or showing some form of law enforcement to the guys. They didn't know who y'all were and still they had no right to beat these young men. Also, why didn't they ask for identification from the men, and when the passenger asked to see a picture of the guy who they thought he was, he was denied. Officers get away with a lot of wrong doing, and it's time for it to cease, and for people to stand up for their rights.

  67. Move It here says:

    punk ass police all the same they do it in toledo ohio all the time. right chuggy highmore, they also steal your money punk bitches.

  68. Anonymous says:

    this is very disturbing… i mean this really makes me wonder about the police force and who is qualified. i say this is just about on the same level as rape thats just rediculous

  69. notgood says:

    tuthfully it was that one officer that was beting her….the other officer was standin there lik wtf?!?!?!?! since im only 16 if tht was my sis or gf or somethin i wouldve sued or proboblly caused some havok

  70. Edwine says:

    Thats messed up!! this should be take to the supreme court. IN this tape, there was no assault. A shoe was thrown to the police, but that does not give the god giving right to beat the living hell out of her. This should be take seriously by everyone, the people run this country, the people should write and take action about this. Last I hurd, these cops didnt get anything but a slap on the wrist. I believe the deserve more. This country is for the people, and by the people. We have the power to fire these cops, no pay, sentence them to jail, and fined because God knows, if we as citizens beat up the living hell out of a cop or any official of the law, we would be prosecuted to the full the extent. SO we must apply the same to them. The bible says, live by the sword, die by the sword. Laws are applied to us, same laws and action and consequences should be applied to these supposedly Officers of the law. I pray to God that he takes action upon these officers, there curse will be far greater than their action and abuse upon this poor citizen. There over abuse of authority will be seen by and has been seen, oh officers, you guys are screwed. People may not do anything now, but GOD ALMIGHTY will. God, do not forgive these cops, for they do know what they do.

  71. Anonymous says:

    This is just ridiculous. Cops are just like people only with uniforms & badges, so what gives them the right to beat people like that. If someone beats a cop they will most likely be severly prosecuted, yet if a cop beats someone, and claims it was to "prevent future assault"–(as if), they get a "let this be the last time this happens" type of warning. Makes no damn sense.

  72. Anonymous says:

    i believe like smoe one wrote above the cop told her to take off her shoes they have too the girl probably had an attitude and pissed the sorry a** cop off.still no excuse.and why was 2 male officers handeling a female period where are the female officers?stuff like this is whats gonna cause a civalwar between policeand and "THE PEOPLE"if that was my daughter,i'd make resivations for PRISON for myself because i'd kill everyone envolved

  73. Anonymous says:

    I don 't think we know the whole story in this case, but I tell you, it sure looks like this "Cop" used "excessive" force in this case. Maybe "Someone" will hire thugs to slap and beat the holy crap out of this jerk (cops), if he is found guilty!!!!!!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    No wonder cops are being shot in Washington!! I can not believe this pig was acquitted for this!!!

  75. 100 says:

    yo. this dude flung her just by her hair alone and all she did was kick her shoe off. there was 100%no need for that at all. i feel bad for her family and her.

  76. POLICE says:

    I am a Police Officer, and not only am I discusted but also embarrased. I feel bad for those of us Officers who have sense and have to do a good job, which makes citizens not want to have anything to do with us.And for any of you out there who would make a damn good Police Officer dont let this make you say "Man F…K that I would never wanna be a cop, there all bad." I use to think like that but I know now that if I can be one officer who knows how to control and detain as we all should, thats one person that will be treated properly no matter what the crime. We as officers are taught to control ourselves, so there is no reason for this sad diplay. Remember only you can make a difference, if you want any off this to eventually change then help make a difference. I wish it was a little harder to be a cop considering all that we must be able to endour. My grandsons father had him scared when he saw cops like they want to hurt him, and now he is only three in a half, and he cant wait to be a good police officer. Most cops with the stress would never want any of there children let alone grandchildren becoming an officer because the toll it can take on you, but I couldnt be more proud.Dont let anyone tell you what you can or cant do. Be what ever is gonna help you prosper in life.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Ohh yeah, kicking her shoe at them.. That's a really good reason to beat a 15 year old girl…..


  78. Anonymous says:

    this is so fucked up i my dads sheriff and my dad even thinks their completely out of their league this made me cry poor girl if that were to be me my dad would probably kill them..

  79. Anonymous says:

    I'm fourteen and I live in oly. If this kind of thing is happening I'm now terrified. That poor girl. Does anyone know what she was arrested for? If nothing else so that i can watch out. I'm doing a project, that's the only reason I'm looking this stuff up. THIS IS EFFED UP!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING?!

  80. Laniya says:

    No one is above the law. What gives these "people" the right to beat up a poor girl? Anger management not workin for ya? Wife cheatin on ya? Maybe the chick looks like his wife, who knows. No matter what, that guy's an a$$. What is wrong with you? Dude? seriously! She's only fifteen.

  81. hazbadge says:

    thatz fucked up…fuck him..that fuckin bitch tha inly reason he got away iz cuz he haz a fuckin badge…FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Angry says:

    there has been so much police brutality..it seem's
    we hear everyday someone who was complying with
    the officer yet was beaten to the point of concussion and other serious injuries. Why?? We all complain yet nothing is being done to stop
    this insanity! These police officer's are nothing
    more than anti-social thug's who enjoy's beating up on the weak and inflicting serious injury and excuses are made for their horrific behavior. And we accept it.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Personally, that cop needs to die, in quite a horrific way. Unfortunately he'll go through the legislative process, with any luck, someone will murder him. I'm taking all bets.

  84. Mad says:

    I invite this scumbag to try that w me,ill break his neck and the piece of crap that was with him and helped!!!!!!!!! F N scum cowards!

  85. Anonymous says:

    this is disgusting. that man deserves to be behind bars. not guarding inmates. this is 1 video with 1 girl. how many hundreds of these girls has he beaten like this?

  86. Rad says:

    This is a single incident, and is there any knowledge any of us has as to what kind of things this 15 year old has been doing while incarcerated prior to this event? We saw her kick her shoe at the officer, and if she kicked it at his testicles, I would not be the least bit surprised at the outcome, though it was a little excessive, the intent/attempt to restrain was not unreasonable in and of itself.

  87. Anonymous says:

    hey who wants to get a job where you can beat the shit out of people and not get in any trouble? well i hear king county is hiring!

    fuck cops, vigilante justice should happen!

  88. fuqk says:

    Fuqk The Laws! They Can Suqk My Dikk! Fuqkin Races Ass Piqqs.

  89. Anonymous says:

    if this guy is so tired of his job he should quit. unfortunately it is to late for him now. to assault a young girl like this, only because he was frustrated, not because he was stopping an assault. i mean come on anyone can see this. he is a poor excuse for a man, and a even worse excuse for a jailer/cop. he should be taken out and have his ass whipped..like in the old days..with a actual whip. like 100 lashes in public. then run out of the state with a tattoo on his forehead stating his worth,,something like punkass childbeater. or sent to prison, put in general population with his paperwork pinned to his back.

  90. PBProject says:

    im doin a project on police brutality and this is the perfect example why cops cant be trusted and coopreated with because theres always that one officer who feels as if they can do what they want when they think their off camera sadly their not and its ashame these are the people that"protect" us hahaha what a joke smh. very disgusting and disappointing

  91. Sick Cop says:

    that cop is sick.a 15 year old girl takes to cops to handle you can see him punching her while sitting on her..he need to be in jail looks like he enjoys hitting girls…

  92. NOJUSTICE says:


  93. JACK says:

    Sons of bitches! And the guy who said she shouildnt have gotten herself arrested ! I hope u die a very bad death U /son of a bitch!! Ill make kill a cop day Soon! Trust me i hope ur kids burn in hell u fuckiong pig if i ever get ur adress ill rape ur wife kill ur kids and beat ur baby! fuking pig!

  94. leczyca says:

    Accident Attorneys MN

  95. Me says:

    WTF are the majority of you idiots focusing on the fact that she’s only 15? If she’s getting arrested in the first place, obviously she’s not little miss innocent law abider. WTF cares if she’s only 15?

  96. voltron says:

    i think it a trend that is happening all over the country!!! i believe that many of the police departments are recruting many of the veterans that are used to dealing with uncontrolable foriegners in other countries such iraq & pakastan,to name a few & they seam to have forgotten they are back in america where people have rights and they must be put in check & realize that heigh,your back in america,people do have rights & they(the police) will & must be held accountable for there actions!!!!!

  97. deneme says:

    Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California, and the county seat of Sacramento County. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California’s expansive Central Valley. With a 2009 estimated population of 489,676, it is the sixth-largest city in California.[1] Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center of the Sacramento metropolitan area which includes seven counties; with an estimated population of 2,927,123.[2] Its metropolitan area is the fourth largest in California after the Greater Los Angeles Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Diego metropolitan area as well as the 25th largest in the United States. A city attaining global status, Sacramento was cited by Time magazine as America’s most ethnically and racially integrated city in 2002

  98. Dont Tread On Me says:

    Got a bullett for both those pigs. all of you who dismiss what happened, put yourself in that persons shoes. if this is what people in positions of power are going to do then i say ENOUGH> KICK THERE ASSES TO THE CURB.

  99. Steven TX says:

    For the address that was posted, how come that is still on google map. He should have the same treatment done to him by victims male relatives(her pick). I have personally had cops use “More” then needed. Mace is one thing but causing bodily harm and pain for no good reason. And what the hell is he getting a 4th degree charge for, it should be 1st degree and his badge revoked. Sounds like special treatment to me by the DA and cop shop not charging him correctly, because we all know if it was one of us it would have been 1st degree assault not some BS 4th to be easy on the cop. Besides we all know what the country is coming to, GUILTY till proven INNOCENT…. thats why you have to get cuffed and bail out instead of a ticket to appear in court to prove that you are innocent. DUH!

  100. T. Nellon says:

    Sooooo easy to beat down a Little girl… What COWARDS!!! And it took two of them. They better watch there back on the street If she has a Dad,Uncle,Brother or close family Friend….

  101. Curious says:

    Has anyone from this area heard any updates on this case? Even if the girl doesn’t seek a private lawsuit, someone should take this video to the local police and THEY should be doing something about it. Having had relatives that were cops (both good and bad), I passionately believe that justice is one of the few beliefs that keep us as a society together. If the group of people meant to keep order are unable to take responsibility, they will lose respect from those they’re meant to protect. Sure, not all cops do this, but to those “good cops” and judges who work with this man, and allow him to go without punishment befitting his crime: you might as well be accomplices.
    There is no acceptable reason why two grown men should be allowed to instill that sort of fear into a child. It’s not just a race crime, it’s also a crime against women AND children. I can’t imagine the suffering and terror that little girl went through…
    I’ll end on this:

    ter·ror·ist? ?[ter-er-ist]
    a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.
    a person who terrorizes or frightens others.

  102. Mike says:

    This cop should fight a man, a real man, like most of those pussy ass cops that gotta go out and try and take their frustration and job hatred on the general public. Try that shit on me, and you will be wearing your own ass for a hat, pussy ass bitch

  103. ken says:

    fuck this shit. i hate the US. i was skating a ledge at a parking lot and a random cop drove up, and shoved me over. he ran over my board.

  104. averageamericanoutlaw says:

    just to update everyone, the young lady and a friend were arrested for supposed auto theft from one of their guardians, not any type of violent crime. the officers DID ASK HER TO REMOVE HER SHOES just before she flung the shoe at officer schene. officer schene has had two trials, both resulting in hung juries, so king county now says that they will not be pursuing charges for a third trial. along with that he was fired from the sheriff’s department, but is exploring his employment opportunities and may seek a further career in law enforcement. that being said… FUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKER! actually, can you really blame him for acting like the disgraceful animal he is when the system as a whole is not only excusing and enabling his actions, but apparently condoning them.

  105. David says:

    The video disturbs me greatly, and as if the smashing her head against wall and thrown to ground wasnt bad enough he had to pull her to her feet by her hair, wow id like to see where in the manual it says to do that to a little 15 year old girl….

    and as for leaving his address… Maybe people need to start showing up and telling these people how disgusting there actions are

    • Kay says:

      Does anyone stop to think WHY she’s in there to START with?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT did SHE DO to get arrested??? And considering there is no AUDIO I’d like to know WHAT SHE did to provoke that cop to come after her!!!! SO FAR all I’ve read was ohhhhh that poor little girl ….. well WTF did THAT LITTLE GIRL DO?!?!?!?! Cops DONT just go off the handle for NO REASON! I KNOW! I WAS ONE! ….. SOOOOOOOOO many people do NOT appreciate what we do and for so little that we do it …. it’s BULLcrap! You hate us when you see this but when YOU need us you LOVE us …. well all of yall can go to H*LL!

  106. terry wagar says:

    I was being poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar while she was hiding an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson, and Eric Carlson and his partners/bro’s in law enforcement were framing me as a pedophile so no one would care.

    While I was stuck at home to ill to leave from being poisoned by my wife her f@@k buddy’s ran around the neighborhood labeling me as a pedophile and they used flyers giving me the blame for the crimes Eric Carlson and his bro’s committed.

    I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson in the act on March 26th 2007 breaking into my home and they planted child porn on our computer and they poisoned my coffee pot.

    I caught them on a audio recorder bragging to Clackamas Walmart employees they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedophile and Eric Carlson admitted he was framing me over a missing runaway and he named the runaway.

    I have them admitting they were framing me for their crimes and they admitted they were going to kill me off, they also admitted they were going to kill off a female as well.

    Their laughing about all this to Clackamas Walmart employees in their break room, Joan Wagar and her sister and her daughters worked in that store at the time.

    They describe the act of destroying my reputation using flyers as pedofying, their term they used it and I have it on a audio recorder, it means based on what they were doing “They do whatever they have to do to destroy their targets reputation by falsely making pedophile allegations against their target so no one will care their target is a victim, including committing the crimes themselves and then blaming their target” and I have them on a audio recorder bragging to Walmart employees as to how their setting me up for their crimes/

    Joan Wagar and her f@@k buddy’s in law enforcement recruited our daughters into this so they have them to lie for them, but I have them in the act on a audio recorder admitting their framing me and poisoning me, which is why they publicly pedofied me using flyers and at the same time media is mums the word about any of this.

    Eric Carlson has changed his name and is still working for the Portland police department and still functions as a cop, under a new alias, and the Portland police covered up my 911 calls and made sure I cannot get help from a hospital.

    I discovered their murder conspiracy and I tried to warn people about it and I was severely poisoned for my trouble, they had a list of people they were doing this to.

    I lost three family members to this murder conspiracy within a three year period from 2005 to 2008 and I almost died in 2007, I am disabled from being poisoned and I am denied emergency services because my wife had permission from a cop to poison me to death.

    Walmart employees knew of their murder conspiracy and were helping them by hiding their affair from me as well as Eric Carlson’s likeness to me, and Walmart employees nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and both Eric and Joan used those nick names in love letters to each other.

    Joan Wagar’s brother Don Minr, the former owner of Fantasy Limos Inc, died shortly after Joan Wagar confessed in her diary to use of poison.

    After I caught them on a audio recorder Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson and their bro’s bragged on a audio death threat and they threatened to kill more of my family members if I don’t do as they want! Their blackmailing me at the threat of death!

    I was a plasma donor when Mrs Dash started poisoning me.




    Terry Wagar

  107. Kay says:

    To be completely honest I’ve BEEN there in those Cop’s shoes …. there is OBVIOUSLY a REASON that she’s been arrested, and she more than likely was cussing and spitting at those officers. It doesnt MATTER how old she is, after 14 years of age they are legally considered a consenting adult. If MY child was in her shoes and got that treatment I would look at them and tell them that they have to DEAL with the consequences of their actions and I would NOT bail them out. One I wouldnt RAISE my children to act in any way shape or form like that or do anything to be incarcerated to START with. I have been in law enforcement for 4 1/2 years now. I’ve SEEN what “kids” are capable of. It STARTS with THE PARENTS!

  108. facto says:

    It is apparant that the requirement for having a badge pinned on anyone, is to be incapable of discretion. One must be oblivious to size,weight,age,gender,state of health, and mental capacity of their intended victims. That way, as an officer of the law, they would never be accused of exercising discretion, which obviously requires a higher degree of intellect!

  109. Examlo says:

    She got what she deserved. Now she knows that she just shouldn’t fuck with the police. And hopefully she also learned that she can’t get away with everthing.

    • me says:

      go phuuck yourself…

    • Kyuki Yoshida says:

      Simply being arrested does not warrant a minor being beaten by someone twice her age and size. Police will arrest you for absolutely nothing you dumbfuck, in case you didn’t know, cops like to sit on their asses instead of doing their jobs, so when they have to make quota at the end of the month, no one is safe, and they will arrest for no reason, or do their best to fabricate one. For all you know, this could have been a simple case of “loitering”. The only one that deserves to have their ass beat is this cop, you and others like you. You’re probably a woman and child beater yourself.

  110. me says:

    the police are a criminal gang.


  112. terry wagar says:

    Cops caught on video waiting in ambush to kill poisoned victim because they don’t want him as a witness!


  113. daniel says:

    come and try that with my daughter or you coward your a sorry excuse for a man and a police officer hello 4th degree assault what a joke

  114. terry wagar says:

    Cops frame people all the time! cops lie on the witness stand all the time! cops batter people all the time!
    Cops don’t care if citizens charge a cop with a felony crime and will ignore such complaints!

    Cops fabricate evidence to railroad innocent people into prison all the time and our system refuses to admit and acknowledge that this even happens thus protecting the police from criminal prosecution!

    Cops gang up on people all the time and most so-called investigations done by police are nothing more than several plain clothed cops gang-stalking and harassing their victims and staging crimes and planting evidence in order to frame people!

    The police force all over this country is corrupt and our Fascist news reporters are mums the word on the open Fascism in the USA and do not try to alert the people as watchdogs!

    Anytime it becomes public knowledge that an innocent person is in prison and later it is proved that the person is innocent then the system and police put on a bullcrap show of “ERRORS” being the cause, bullcrap!

    Innocent people are in prison because a bunch of badge carriers WANTED that person in prison and staged crimes and planted evidence in order to GET that person in prison!

    This goes on all over the country and cops/detectives always organize and permit this type of criminal activity by their officer’s and always look the other way to cover up organized crimes done by cops!

    Cops lie! they commit crimes! and they are organized! therefore they are organized criminals and no one should blindly take their word for anything!

    Remember cops NEVER go to prison for PERJURY charges so they are FREE to LIE ALL THEY LIKE WITH IMPUNITY!

  115. Michael says:

    Where is her father. If a cop ever Put his hands on my daughter I’d put him in the ground period . These thugs will continue to assault citezens intill we do something about it.

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