Police Officer Pepper Spray Women and Children

Posted on: April 4th, 2011 287 Comments
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During a protest in the metropolitan area of Rio De Janeiro police officer Bruno Schorcht pepper sprayed innocent protesters and even women and children! It was caught on photos and camera so the evidence is clear enough. He was spraying the pepper spray directly into the eyes of waiter Rezende Gustavo Barreto that now has to use sunglasses even at night because it’s so inflamed and damaged. The police officer got departed immediately by the general commander of the Military Police, Colonel Mario Sergio Duarte.

The protest was about hundreds of people that lost their homes during the rain period last year in Niteroi, that refused to pay the rent and failed to receive the benefit of $400 which led to a big demonstration.

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287 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    They should be fired!

    • gerard gelinas says:

      Nothing but wimpy cops, a disgrace to the Badge and America…Look at the wimpy punk spraying the old lady.. I’m sure his mother is so proud of him.. This is why I keep 1 gun to throw away. These are not cops there futcher convicts. All I can say then is getem Bubba cause he’s a bitch …

      • peaceintheUS says:

        attn: Gerard Gelinas: Can you not read? This was in BRAZIL and *NOT* America! duh. The cops jacket reads: POLICIA.. we don’t have that in the US.

        • mike p says:

          did you not see what happened in NY? cop got 10 vacation days taken away. same damn thing

          • Bill says:

            When people fear for their lives they call for a policeman. When (ONE) does wrong HANG THEM ALL ! ! !

            Oh come on everyone knows that they have a high risk of self inflicted death just due to the stress.

          • e says:

            This ARTICLE has nothing to do with what happened in NYC.

        • tomie says:

          brazil is in SOUTH AMERICA STUPID. they call themselves americans also.

          • yer_a_duphass says:

            You are obviously not from Latin America because they DO NOT call themselves Americans, Americanos or anything close by a long shot.

          • Eric says:

            @Tomie, actually it is in south America as you stated and they call themselves Brazilians and not Americans. Americans is a term used to describe North Americans in the USA. Every country in south America has a distinct country and heritage that they adhere to… eg Peru=Peruvians, Bolivia=Bolivians. The distinct name of being American is due to the fact that ALL of the states in North America, including Alaska and Hawaii are under a common government, whereas those in South America are not.

          • youreanidiot says:

            no…actually no they dont…dumbass

          • jerry says:

            canada is also in north america,the much bigger half at that. we dont call our selves americans,the only real amaricans are the native indians.america is a continent,not a country.

          • Andrew Woodworth says:

            …and Bermuda is a country, also in North America.

          • Devon says:

            @tomie: Actually Bermuda is a big ass island in the north atlantic ocean dumb ass. Not part of north america at all

          • George says:

            You guys have forgotten Mexico haha

      • Mike D says:

        umh, I guess you did not read the article. This happened in Brazil.

      • matt says:

        This is in Brazil.

      • Mitch says:

        Yup disgrace to America even though they are in Rio.. Get your facts and spelling straight..

      • Mrs. Smith says:

        This ISN’T in America….it’s in Brazil. Either way it’s still a disgrace to the badge.

        • Jumbo says:

          Brazil is in America.

        • Ben Allred says:

          mrs. smith, Brazil IS part of the America’s. that’s why they call it SOUTH America and NORTH America. Canada and Mexico are also part of the Americas as well as the United states of America.

          • Todd says:

            Brazil is not America…. get your facts straight!!!

          • brandy says:

            Looking at these pictures make me sad. Reading these comments make me sad. i am 27 years old and live in Richmond Va. i have a 5 year old son and friends and family who i love dearly. The thought of anyone doing this for “fun” or some type of “power trip” is disgusting and unjust. I keep thinking to myself what if this happened to my son or any one of my loved ones? And then i think what if it happened to the people who put such hateful and negative responses to things like this or to there family? And it still makes me sick, i receive no joy from these thoughts and it saddens my heart to know that there really are sick sad demented people in this world willing to freely spread there hate violently to other beings or to leave such jaw dropping ignorant hateful remarks towards something like this . PLEASE FORGIVE THEM LORD AND HELP THEM TO SEE YOUR LIGHT AMEN

          • David says:

            You’re correct Ben we’re all Americans. The others here that are screaming that the other countries on this continent aren’t Americans are only showing their ignorance. Its sad to see so many people objecting the mire idea that there are other countries called America. In fact they have been American a lot longer than we have been!

        • PS says:

          I can´t believe how uneducated some of you are. The continent is called “America”, and it is divided into North, Central, and South America. The “United States of America” (HINT HINT “United States of…”) is part of a continent called America. Therefore, Brazil is in South America, which is indeed part of a continent called America.
          If you still don´t get this, please go back to primary school. Thanks.

          • Geography Lesson says:

            Uneducated? There is no continent called “America” for starters. There ARE, however, seven continents and they are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. North America and South America haven’t been commonly referred to as “The Americas” for hundreds of years. Furthermore, citizens of the United States of America ARE called AMERICANS, not USAvians or some other ridiculous made-up name. Just like a Brazilian is from Brazil and Mexican or Canadian is from Mexico or Canada respectively, AMERICANS ARE FROM “AMERICA” (HINT HINT “The shortened form of United States of…”).

            So before you start doling out your disbelief in the ignorance of others you might want to check yours at the door, sucka. 😛

          • David says:

            One up for you, but anyone can copy information off Wikipedia. That fact of the discussion was We’re not the only Americans. So go a head and change the subject and also your ignorance! Have a good day!

          • Ken says:

            Geography Lesson, please tell us where Africans come from. Let me help, the come from Nigeria, Eygyt, Ghana, Ethopia,etc. They are still Africans. Just as the Spanish are European and the Chinese are Asian. Brazilians are Americans and so are Mexicans. It’s only arrogance of the U.S. that wants to exclude other countries on the American Continents.

          • 'Murica says:

            To Geography Lesson: I think you should actually HAVE a geography AND History lesson. Specially before trying to ‘teach’ someone something you don`t know.

            You said that America has not been referred to as “The Americas” for *HUNDREDS OF YEARS*. Wow. That`s really huge, HUNDREDS, when the world has 4 bi years… Or when Human History goes far as 4000 b.c. Even before there was you petty USA, there was ALREADY America. (actually, historically speaking, the first America is South America 😉 wikipedia, will u.)
            So basically, just because nowadays you, USA citizens, like to call yourselves “americans” doesn`t mean AT ALL that you are the americans, and not the rest of the population of the continent.

            Which, by the way, some others may refer as the America`s as just one Continent, specially because it is a continuous mass of land connected (before the Panama canal).

            So let`s say, if a contry like Brazil decides to change it`s name to “United States of Europe”, doesn`t mean that their population will be THE europeans. I think you got the easy analogy 😉

      • Bubba says:

        “Gerard”: the only Bitch is you for being too stupid to read where this happened. Moron.

      • Stacy says:

        This occurred in Brazil not America it would have been a good idea to have read the article…before commenting Gerard :)

      • lyle says:

        Hey you should read its not America

      • Nathan says:

        These white cops are doing this all over the world!! Fucking evil pigs

    • Cynthia says:

      For those who are not understanding WHY we are saying this is NOT in America. When those of us who live in the USA say America, we mean the USA. When people speak of Rio or Brazil, we say SOUTH America, not America. It’s the way we establish WHERE something is. America or South America. This incident took place in SOUTH America, not America as in the USA. So now can we stop arguing about it? Arguing about logistics is just plain ignorant of what the issues actually are. Yes, issues do take place in the USA, but we noticed more brutal police disregard in other countries. Something like this would never have been allowed in the USA. I don’t even think most officers in the USA carry pepper spray or mace for the most part.

      • Grammar Nazi says:

        *semantics (not logistics)

      • Sanchez says:

        Actually Cynthia They do carry pepper spray … its actually called OC spray … and its carried so the cops woun’t go for their guns first to shoot … but then again we see how that turns out right?

      • Chely says:


        It is sad that the reason for the post to show disgust for what happened in Rio; however, this type of brutality does happen in the USA and is not isolated to other countries. We may not see it in our own communities, but it happens. I am sad to say, that CA is riddled with power hungry officers and brutality happens from one end of the state to the other. We are just told that people are beaten at the OCCUPY Oakland protest just recently held this week. Police brutality happens… very sad, but at times it is simply ‘justified’ in writing.

        and if it isn’t the spray that Sanchez mentioned, then it is tazers…

        • Tim J says:

          Lol at stupid Americans arguing over nonsensical rubbish that has no value! Go watch some more TV! Cops anywhere will have a small number that will abuse their power. Most Americans don’t own a passport so would have no idea about anything to do with other nations so naturally think that just about anything which vaguely looks American is, even without reading the story… Go figure…

      • carol says:

        cynthia, what the part of amrica do u live in that cops dont carry mace???? cops all over nys carry mace and there was just a case a couple months ago where a college cop killed a kid with mace. furthermore, u display ur ignorance a far worse things that have happened in the us and cops walked free. do you remember rodney king? how about the african kid, i think his name was diallo, who was shot 36 times for pulling out his wallet to present id to cops and they “thought” he had a gun? how about the mentally disabled kid in fla. just this summer who was killed by cops. i could go on but i think u should have the point by now.

      • surfer9z says:

        Pepper Spraying Police in the USA:

        Senior NYPD Officer Accused in Wall Street Pepper-Spray Incident Subject of 2004 Investigation

        The Guardian newspaper reports the senior New York City police officer accused of pepper-spraying young women at close range during a peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” march on Saturday is the subject of a pending legal action over his conduct brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. The hacker collective Anonymous claimed responsibility on Monday for posting the name of the officer, Anthony Bologna, online.
        (From DemocracyNow.Org)

      • surfer9z says:

        Here’s the video of the sept. 2011 USA policeman pepper spraying peaceful young women:


    • AshleyMac says:


    • ricky jay says:


    • brandy says:

      @ peaceintheUS——– are you just plain stupid… brazil is part of AMERICA YOU IDIOT…

  2. Kyle Broflovski says:


  3. Derek Pierson says:

    Ehhhh!! probably deserved it…

    • SEAN says:


    • Dreama says:

      Hey hey hey, take a gadenr at what’ you’ve done

    • rob says:

      well lets tie you down scum and spray it in your face, and yeah you deserve it coz your a scumbag who thinks its good to beat on women and children

      • GG says:

        what good does it do to be astounded and enraged at the abuse we see and then us becoming abusive to others??? I don’t get it. Sorry – there is no excuse for abuse. PERIOD. Everyone EVERYONE – deserves compassion. Perpetrators and victims alike. When we can sit and radiate peace and see that we are all cut from the same cloth and that those who hurt are hurting, we can then minister love where it is mostly needed. Peace out!

        • zaire says:

          obviously u have been fed grain all ur life and live in a farm stall. cuz u sound like a sheep waiting to be sherd. i bet ur a middle class crystal waving hippie who never leaves ur yurt. except to by more couscous. well the rest of us live on earth friend. and the brutalizers learn nothing from bleeding hearts wh9o want to hug them and understand their pain. instead of their victims….FAIL!

          • Stereotyping much? says:

            Why such hate on someone you classify as a hippie? What did he do to you to make you want put him down like this? This is what he was trying to get across. You shouldn’t shun people for how they dress or act unless its something really bad like a crime or like the above pictures. They shouldn’t have to be put down for how they look just because it does not look decent or good to you. They shouldn’t have to be shunned just for acting differently or thinking differently than you. Every person is different. We all don’t act, look, think, or do things the same as the next person, so why are you putting him down for his ideals?

          • not a yank says:

            Zaire, it is equally obvious that you are of exceptionally low intelligence, as you are completely unable to construct a sentence properly, let alone spell such simple words as “buy”.

        • Kerry says:

          are you kidding me? the perpetrators need compassion too? i think not hippy

        • Davey says:

          ew. Horrible liberal. Attitudes like yours cause just as much harm as they seek to avoid by giving people free rein to do whatever they like without consequences. I tell you one thing, if I ever got my hands on that cop he’d sure be hurting then.

        • GAIJININJA says:

          Argh! Sounds too much like religious crap. Peace and love to everyone. Yeah, I LOVE the a-hole that just pepper sprayed me and my kid for no reason. Yeah right, I wanna tear the damn chico’s intestines out and hang him with them. THAT’S how it works in the real world. That’s about how these people feel about it.

    • Good job says:

      Successful troll was success! Good job bro. they mad

    • trollface.jpg says:

      Well played.
      THEY MAD, BRO.

  4. Tom Trollstein says:

    I hope your family gets peppersprayed by an officer abusing his power.

    They’ll probably deserve it.


    • How do you know they were abusing their power? Were you there? Do you know the circumstances? Have you ever been pepper sprayed? Do you know if it’s better than the alternatives?

      I think all of those answers are “No”. That doesn’t stop you from having an ignorant, uniformed, opinion and stating it as though it were incontrovertible fact.

      I am not saying that police abuse of authority doesn’t happen in Brazil or anywhere else. But, until you know some facts, STFU “asshole”. (When you use those terms for someone else, you’re making it OK to have them used for you.)

      • Lou says:

        @ James Smith, your statement may very well be true but when you start pepperspraying young children, you have officially crossed The Douchebag line. I bet this guy rides a Ducati, practices mixed martial arts and has unprotected sex with young boys.

        • Camille Christie says:

          Thanks for this answer, not only is it probably spot on, the last part of your last sentence cracked me up. : )

          Derek, if you think police brutality doesn’t exist you are living in a fantasy world. Do those children remotely look like they’re doing anything to warrant being sprayed in the face?? Does that person in the black and white striped shirt look like they’re doing anything to warrang being sprayed in the face? The answer to those two questions….. is NO!!!

        • linda B says:

          loll,,I bet he does too.. looks like the type..

        • Sprayem says:

          Anyone named Lou is a good candidate for humping young children too. STFU Lou, I say spray ’em all and give them something to cry about. By the way, the top pic looks photoshopped!

          • teresa payne says:

            I ALSO THOUGHT THIS PICTURE LOOKS VERY PHOTO SHOPPED. the crowd around doesn’t even appear to be unruly or out of hand at all! Why would someone just randomly spray. A kid?
            And everyone around doesn’t look a bit concerned. If that kid was mine, I’d be shielding her, moving her,ect
            Plus that stream coming from his mace bottle looks Fake as hell

          • Your nightmare says:

            YOU look photoshopped (fake ass human). Lol

          • Stop IT says:

            Yeah, well those photos of the peaceful protestors in Selma, Alabama weren’t photoshopped. That didn’t stop the cops from turning their dogs and fire hoses on them though.

            Funny how people turn a blind eye to actual events, but have super eye powers to tell when something is photo shopped!

            Same people who will say the peaceful protest never happened!

          • Lindsay J. says:

            It’s probably just bug spray.

          • Robotnik says:

            Go back to 4chan, sociopath.

          • Carmella says:

            Lindsay J if its bug spray, 1) WHY THE HELL WOULD A COP HAVE BUG SPRAY! 2)That would still hurt and would be worse than pepper spray.

        • Chrissi says:

          please don’t be nasty to the poor Ducatis, they’re not the greatest bike, but they’re still real bikes

      • Rachel says:

        You’re the one that sounds ignorant, uninformed, and also insensitive to the fact that IT is NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, OKAY TO PEPPER SPRAY A CHILD. And as far as the context of this incident goes, the protesters have been noted in this article and many others as being peaceful. So it’s okay to pepper spray people for doing absolutely nothing wrong? Have YOU ever been pepper sprayed? Have you ever felt the inferno of burning in your eyes, nose, and throat? Have YOU ever experienced the uncontrollable coughing or the temporary blindness? Yeah. You STFU, asshole. They are OBVIOUSLY abusing their power, and you’re an idiot for not observing this when it’s right in your face.

        • linda B says:

          irregardless of the circumstances at the given time,,,what gives an Officer who is supposed to be upholding the Law, the right to Pepper spray a child in the face,,or that poor woman who was just standing there covering her face. I swear,that one cop asshole who pepper sprayed the little girl,,and if I was standing close by,,,he would not be going home with a full set at the end of his shift. granted I may have been pepper sprayed as well,,,,but it would have been worth it…and James,,,you seriously ned to stay in Brazil,,,come this way towards Canada after your ugly little boy touching face is seen all over the net…you will be going back to Brazil in a pine box you freak.

        • GAIJININJA says:

          The kid could have had an AK-47. Oh, hang on, that’s Afghanistan, not the South Americas. That kid could have had an Uzi! Whoops, that’s L.A. OK, that kid had some cocain and the chico wants it. No, that’s Cuba and Chicos are Mexican. The kid could have stuck her tongue out and the cop just got revenge ’cause he’s corrupt. Ah, now THAT’S Brazil. Ok, now we’ve all had a laugh, lets get back to the point at hand which is “It’s not ok to pepper spray children.”

      • me says:

        How do you know it’s not abuse when the guy pepper sprayed a *child*? Why would he do that? Because she deserved it? Or because he thought he’d get away with it? The only facts I see is a man spraying pepper spray into a little girls eyes. That’s all the facts I need. I agree pepper spray is a better alternative in a lot of cases as far as protests that are starting to get out of hand but there is absolutely no excuse for this.

        • Keith says:

          really? Your facts are you see a pic of man spraying pepper spray into a little girls eyes? Am I looking at the same pic? I see the spray hitting the back of her neck. OH i get it, she is a future teacher or mom with eyes in the back of her head.
          When stating what you say are facts at least get those facts right.

          • Eric says:

            @Keith: The kid is turning her head away after being hit with the spray, retard. You need to see a pic of the kid actually facing the spray to believe that’s what happened? Are you THAT stupid? Do you also need to see a bullet passing through a body to understand seeing someone who was just shot? The lack of common sense is astonishing.

          • youkiddingme? says:

            so not only does everyone know what’s going on in this photo, but you also know what was happening BEFORE the photo? wow, eric, you’re amazing.

            actually, i read another article that had another angle of the SAME incident which SHOWED he was pepper spraying a man crouched down behind the little girl. yes, it did hit the girl and that sucks, and yes, it is true some brazilian cops are corrupt, BUT SO IS SOME MEDIA! you can look at a pic and assume you know what’s happening, but that makes you ignorant. the fact that this photo is misleading and even being labeled as american is BS in itself. many of you proved you didn’t even read the article, yet you have no problem spouting off what you believe to be “facts”!

            the fact is you were not there and you did not see what happened. period. i do not condone police brutality or misconduct, so don’t get me wrong here. but i also don’t believe all cops are “pigs’ (let’s see who you turn to when you’re family has been victimized and you need help).

            if you want to attack someone, how about the mother? i personally was upset that she was not shielding and protecting her child.

      • James Smith João Pessoa is an ASSHOLE says:

        There are much better alternatives to subdue someone, especially a small child. Anyone with half a fucking brain would know that.

        James, you are an idiot. I’m afraid you are the only ignorant, misinformed and possibly mentally retarded person here if you are standing up for this douche bag who decided it would be a good idea to pepper spray a small child. Even his commanding officer removed him from duty for his actions you fucking moron. Keep your ignorant, idiotic, moronic comments to yourself you dumb cunt.

      • Mr. Cat says:

        Children, dickhead. The first picture is all you need to see to know that the officer is willing to abuse his power.

      • Joe says:

        You motherfucker. do you have children? i hope to god you don’t you shit. if you do, imagine someone punching them directly in the face. a grown man at that. think things through you dip shit. i can’t believe people like you who question whether or not this is brutality are allowed walk around. you should be beaten every day until you realize that THIS is in fact wrong, in every way. go fuck your mother now ok?

      • Your mom's chest hair says:

        Shut your fat ass up, you racist, child hating bitch

      • Sunshine28 says:

        @James Smith…. it sounds as if you may have been part of the “MOB” that are expected to protect and serve the public by treating humans HUMANE! They lack training and are the reason our American Government feels the need to step in for the ppl of foriegn countries.
        They deserve to be prosecuted internationally for hate crimes against lower class citizens. This treatment is unacceptable in the USA and those lives are just as valuable as ours.
        And we wonder why the next generation is growing up to hate authority…

      • Hazel says:

        It doesnt matter, James!!! HE IS PEPPERSPRAYING A CHILD!!! And these women and children have their BACKS to them, submissively!!! YOU are obviously IGNORANT and UNINFORMED. It doesnt take a genius to look at this picture, of this cop casually pepperspraing a little girl, to see that this is an ABUSE OF POWER. The cop has the pepperspray. The pepperspray = the power. Spraying a defenseless, innocent CHILD = abuse of said power. You have no feelings, do you? You’re just a sheep, and you probably abuse kids YOURSELF. Asshat.

      • mary says:

        tHERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH facts for a grown ass man cop or not to be pepper spraying a little girl with her back to him and her head down!! you asshole. Let us get to your family your daughter, sister , mamma , niece or who ever in your family and see how this works as an alternative for your racist ass.

      • benngrym says:

        when is the pepper spraying of a litle girl ever justified

      • Max Perez says:

        Yes, the kid poses a terrible threat to a trained uniformed bully. Sure, that kid is a menace and deserved it, all to preserve the rights of the policeman. Can you hear yourself man? This is an outrage, don’t try to minimize it or disguise it. No circumstance can possibly justify pepperspraying a kid.

      • Dedrick Mack says:

        No James, You Shut The Fuck Up, your just defending this asshole because you condone abusing little black kids, your bitch ass wasn’t there either, I’ll Fuck you up, Punk ass

      • LARRY says:


      • Gordon says:

        James,this is inexcusable anytime,any place.You have lost your common sense if you agree that this is what humanity is all about…

      • PeteVonHolle says:

        James…I hope you get brutally anal raped with a sharpened broom stick that has been doused in gasoline and lit on fire first, and then beaten to death with a sack full of rotten food, nails, and broken glass!!! Then may you burn in hell for eternity suffering the same fate over and over again, while I piss and shit all over your grave screaming HAIL SATAN!!!!

      • Trust says:

        @James Smith and who ever else that think this is a good thing to do,
        No matter the situation James Smith there is not reason a grown man should spray a young child and an old women. That is totally unnecessary! What kind of person are you (and/or anyone else) to take a look at that picture and think for some reason that would be a good idea. You have serious sicological problems and you need to be evaluated by a professional psychologist!!!
        People please try your best to make sure this form of action does not take place anywhere again.
        May your highest authority bless you!

      • Kecia says:

        @James Smith are you on crack power or not do you want him to peper spray your child or grandchild.

      • Robotnik says:

        We DON’T know the story, but there are several things that we can infer from the first photograph alone.

        The man’s posture suggests he’s not in any danger or feeling any sort of threat, as his is one of a casual stride and not one indicating alarm.

        The mother’s pose suggests that the gravity of her child being pepper sprayed hasn’t yet sunk in by the time the photograph was taken, suggesting she probably wasn’t being violent, as if she had been, she would have been on alert.

        The child is… well, a child. Too small to pose any real threat and too non-threatening to warrant macing.

        Your simplistic rationalization is baffling. “You don’t know what happened.” You’re right, we can’t know for sure, but people have deductive reasoning capabilities. It seems pretty clear to me, and to anyone who isn’t an authority-fearing suck-up, that this police officer has abused his power as a peace keeper by harming a child.

        And you’re letting him get away with it, willfully, on the basis that photographic evidence is no evidence whatsoever.

        Which, like I said, makes me sick.

      • Michelle says:

        You are the worse kind of human bean, why are you taking up God’s good air…Damn well he abused his power and going straight to HELL with his mam me’, piece of shit daddy, demon seed children and your worthly ASS!!!

      • itsme says:

        Since when is pepper spraying a child of about 7 years old, a girl at that, NOT abusing power. Yes I have been pepper sprayed…It hurt like a bitch. I was in jail in restraints. They didnt like what I was saying. What is the alternative Leave the little kid alone…pepper spray the adult…I can come up with a few. You seem to be the asshole here.

      • mary says:

        James Smith you are a troubled man probably one of the people on the force. There’s never a reason for a grown person to abuse a child like this, if you think this is ok I pray God have mercy on your soul and favor over your family, because remember what goes around comes around I hope you never have to see anything like this happen to any children in your family. May God forgive you for even thinking about the alternative.

    • Papa Legba says:

      Yeah you dumb ass, that kid deserved to get pepper sprayed in the face. What a tool you are.

      • mary says:

        May God forgive you, and deliver you from yourself because you’ve got to be some kinda of devil to say a child should be peppered sprayed by a grown man. Pepper spray may be burning this little girl now but, it’s nothing compared to how you’re going to burn in hell continual if you don’t consider repenting from your evil ways.

    • Teddy Trollingsworth says:

      That’s not pepperspay, it’s obviously AXE cause the cops can’t stand the smell of the kids and that old woman

    • Jim Smith says:

      I think this is absolutely horrible, no one should use this amount of force at a demonstration like this.

  5. rose says:

    Those police are just doing their job. Yeah it’s not good to spray those pepper sprays on those