Texas Cop Rapes a 19-Year-Old Girl

Posted on: February 27th, 2014 10 Comments
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Jackie Len Neal, a 40-year-old San Antonio police officer, is facing charges for handcuffing and raping a 19-year-old girl during a traffic stop. He got arrested after showing up at her front door just hours after the assault.

The girl whose name remained undisclosed was driving to a friend’s house near Zarzamora Street and Hutchins Place around 2 a.m. when she noticed Neal’s patrol SUV following her. She was pulled over on Betty Street, allegedly for driving a stolen car. The girl told Neal it was impossible because the car was bought recently and provided him with a sales slip to prove it. Regardless of it, Neal made her get out of the car so he could search her and started groping her. She yelled at him to stop and asked for a female officer, which enraged Neal who dragged her to his SUV where he raped her. Neal warned the victim that he knew where she lived before leaving but she gathered the courage to report him.

Just 20 hours after the incident, Neal showed up at the victim’s house looking for her and identified himself as ‘Jack’. Her grandmother threatened to call the police and Neal was arrested for civil rights violation.

The rape investigation showed that there was no footage in the video cameras installed in the SUV at the time of the assault because the hard drive was missing. Nevertheless, the GPS tracking system showed that the car was parked on Betty Street for 18 minutes, which corresponds with the girl’s story.


The most terrible part is that this is not Neal’s first sexual assault. A similar scenario took place several years ago, but the woman who was assaulted changed her mind and decided not to cooperate, so the charges were dropped. Neal even had a sexual relationship with a 18-year-old high school girl who was on the Police Explorers program designed to prepare young people for a career in law enforcement. He was punished with a 3 day suspension after he disobeyed the orders to stay away from the girl and sent her sexually explicit text messages.

Neal was released on a $20,000 bond and will be facing charges for sexual assault, civil rights violations and official oppression.

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10 Responses

  1. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    Death Penalty. New Rules….oh and I have 400 million in my network bitch…..I hope you lose your virginity to a flashlight….on Christmas. Texas h8s god….clearly.

    No Officer….fuck ‘YOU’…..judge….death penalty is fine….set the pace…the new tempo. Thank you…

  2. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    How many victims did not come forward?…..Texas….YOU hired this piece of shit…..fry him….tx bbq style….
    rape w firearm under color of authority = death row
    it does now….. uhmmmm..is this mic on. Can you hear me in the very back of the room….?

  3. Sonny Freeman says:

    He should have been fired the first time but NO they gave him another shot to rape again while protecting his sorry ass.Name one citizen in this once free nation of what was ours that can kill abuse rape except the cowards that hide behind badges and not be arrested>my opinion

  4. Trevor Hitchin says:

    leaving America…….This place is horrid….no morals…just pigs and their chiefs….send em all to prison. Any prison….let 18th st show the way…

  5. mike jones says:

    WOOOOOOW only 20K Bail Fukn Pig Shit Not Right or Fair At All

  6. Traindriver says:

    If that was my daughter, going to court would be the least of his worries. This fucker deserves the chair or a firing squad. Fucking piece of shit.

  7. Saxon says:

    I wanna know when people are gonna stop blogging start protesting and and DEMANDING that someone start policing the POLICE !


  8. Seth Keegan says:

    Why is everyone getting upset about this one instance of police abuse of power? It happens everyday in every state, and less than one percent of the perpetrators with badges ever get prosecuted. Police officers are human and react to the same triggers everyone else does. There are two differences however. Police have guns and authority. As long as there are police….any police…this crap will continue to happen.

    • Melissa Bonnette says:

      It is truly disturbing that many, most probably, instances of police abusing their power is just swept under the rug and forgotten about. I was arrested in Whitehouse, TX last April because I was afraid to talk to a police officer in a secluded area that I believed was acting suspicious. I felt I was in danger and was trying to get home to my husband. I was in my neighborhood that I walked in every day and on this particular day I was literally taken to the ground, taken in the station, and told I was going to jail for evading the police. After I was arrested, I was told the officer had wanted to tell me I was walking on the wrong side of the road. The funny thing is, he passed me and I thought he was long gone when the next thing I knew is he was coming up behind me on his motorcycle and I actually switched to the correct side of the road on my own; without being told. They ended up letting me go because they said they didn’t think I would “do well” in jail. I feel that this was completely unlawful on their part. Since the incident, I have tried to work with the department to get a safe word policy in place for anyone who is in a secluded area to be allowed to have the police follow them to a public area where they feel safe to be questioned. They never put forth any action to implement this new policy. I spoke to a political representative in Longview, TX about what happened to me and I was told there wasn’t anything that could be done. I do not hold animosity toward the Whitehouse Police Department, but I do feel that they should be accountable for their wrong action. They said on the news that the situation was not mishandled in any way. I do not want women, or anyone, to be harmed by police who have evil intentions who are abusing their power. I believed whole heartedly that day that my life was in danger; I tried to preserve my life from someone I believed meant to harm me and I was arrested because I wouldn’t stop and talk to him. I am going to pursue starting a nonprofit organization that will bring awareness to situations that are occuring across the country like this. Something must be done to protect citizens against police abusing their power and harming innocent citizens.

  9. Reneg says:

    Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy. Watch out if someone is too interested in your body, they may want to inhabit it.

    Matthew 23:32-33 Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

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