Chicago Police Officer Opens Fire At The Car Full Of Unarmed Teenagers

Posted on: July 1st, 2015 4 Comments
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A video of Chicago police officer shooting towards unarmed black teenagers was released few days ago. This incident occurred in 2013, but the video wasn’t released until the civil complaint was filed against the city of Chicago and several officers.

The retired Cook County Judge, Andrew Berman was deeply disturbed by this video, so he handed it over to the media.

This video footage shows police officer Marco Proano shooting at the moving car full of six minors. None of these teens had a weapon on them nor did they acted aggressively toward the officers.

Before the accident, two other Chicago police officers had stopped the vehicle full of black teenagers. This happened near 95th and LaSalle Street in Chicago. One of the teenager went out of the car and run away. The rest of them stayed in the car, at the time Proano approached.

Video shows Proano exiting his service vehicle and approaching the car with his gun in his hands. Car started moving in reverse, and Proano started shooting more than dozen rounds at them.

Officer hit one passenger in the shoulder and another in both hips.


The federal lawsuit filed against Chicago and three other police officers is pending approval from City Council. This lawsuit could end with $360,000 payout for the victims.

In the past four years, Proano has been cleared of many complains against him, and today he is still on the force.


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4 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    I am a victim of a murder conspiracy, I have been a victim of police/sheriff sting operations ever since I was six years old in 1971 and to this day am still being victimized by sting op’s!

    In 1971 me and my whole family was being victimized by Multnomah county sheriffs and by Portland police and by their civilian op’s that lived in the surrounding homes surrounding our home!
    Ever since The Multnomah county sheriffs framed a neighbor that lived a block away from me as a pedophile the sheriffs and their relatives/sting op’s the Dunham family have targeted me and my family!
    Dunham family would babysit me and take me to the movie theater and force me at the age of six years old to sit alone in an empty movie theater and watch bad movies that are not appropriate for kids and the sheriffs would snap photogenic photo’s of me while I was forced to watch these bad movies!
    In 1972 the Dunham family were targeting my father Don Wagar and my older brother Harold Wagar, the Dunham family began planting stolen property on our property and when my father called police to report the crime and to surrender the stolen property over to police the cop that responded simply grinned at my father in an evil manner and implied blame on my older brother who was just a child at the time and was completely innocent!
    The Dunham family set a garage on fire that was behind our house and the Dunham family tricked my father into helping them tear down that garage and every time my father worked on tearing down that garage on his days off Darlene Dunham was snapping photogenic photo’s of him doingh this so they could set him up for the blame!
    By 1973 the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriffs uped their gang-stalking of me and my family, me and my brother were being gang-stalked and beaten up at our schools at the3 same time and both me and my brother were kicked out of school and being blamed for the fights by the schools and the schools ordered my parents to put me and my brother on meds the school prescribed and the meds we were given that the schools wanted us on was speed!
    So the sting op’s targeting us began poisoning me and my brother to cause brain damage and memory loss!
    By 1974 my father Don Wagar was being gang-stalked at his place of employment, sting op’s working at my fathers place of employment were staging conversations in the break room in such a way as to frame my father for a murder, the sting op’s were staging conversations in the presence of my father talking about killing their wives and discussing ways to get away with it!
    That was blatant staging by sting op’s that were obviously recording my father at the time and were staging these conversations in my fathers presence in order to frame him!
    Shortly after that my father lost his job and then he became poisoned, how he was poisoned I do not know because he never confided in me as to how it happened, I was only 8 years old when me and my brother were being poisoned by the system and a year later my father was poisoned, and police/sheriffs used their power of influence to cover it up at the hospital!
    While my father was in a poisoned and debilitated condition my brother was seriously poisoned and was trying to find help and he was scared of everyone in the family and feared the neighbors he literally knew people wanted him dead and he as a child had no clue who to turn to for help!
    Police/sheriffs covered up the poisonings by denying my father any real help at any hospital by simply using their power of influence with doctors at local hospitals, and they covered up the fact they poisoned a child, my brother Harold Wagar by simply labeling him as a sexual predator and denied him any form of help at any hospital and labeled him as mentally ill and locked up my brother without any trial or testimony what-so-ever from anyone!
    It was the Dunham family as well as other civilian sting op’s that lived near us that were staging crimes in order to frame my brother in 1974 as some kind of sexual predator, it’s these very same people that framed a neighbor that lived a block away as a pedophile and they used a sheriff officer as a photo double and it was the Dunham family that provided the children to pose with the double and it was the Dunham family using Multnomah county sheriff cameras to take photogenic photo’s of those children posing with the double!
    The camera Darlene Dunham used to take photogenic photo’s of her children posing with a double had a big fat Multnomah county sheriff seal on it!

  2. terry wagar says:

    1971 the pedophile Multnomah county sheriffs and their poisonous relatives the Dunham family framed a neighbor of the Dunham family that lived a block away from them as a pedophile!
    They used a county officer as a photo double he posed as the owner/renter of their victim inside the victims home and the Dunham family provided the small young children to pose with the double in the yard of the framed victim!
    The sheriff acted as a double of the victim and tossed out of the victims window candy bars to the children Darline Dunham brought there and ordered to play in that yard, and it was Darlene Dunham using a Multnomah county sheriffs camera to take photogenic photo’s of the double/sheriff tossing candy bars at the young children!

    By 1973 the double-using kid-abusing gang-stalkers the Multnomah county sheriffs and the poisonous kid-stalkers the Dunham family were gang-stalking and poisoning off children that are witness against them!
    Their sting op’s were beating up children at their schools and were poisoning the children when their not in school!

    By 1974 they had one child severely poisoned and had the child locked up and committed without a trial, what a fucking coincidence that child and his family were surrounded by sting op’s and sheriff officer’s relatives at the time!

  3. terry wagar says:

    In 1983 I get a job as a ride operator at Oaks Park and right away discover Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff sting op’s were sabotaging rides at Oaks Park and discover it was open knowledge at Oaks Park it was the talk of the park!
    The Monster Mouse ride was already down and in for repairs when I first started working there and I heard from many people working there that sting op’s representing the city of Portland were sabotaging the rides, they told me they sabotaged the Monster Mouse by UN-balancing the ride and they hid the sabotage/damage from everyone by hogging the ride to keep the normal employees off the ride so that they could develop cracks/metal fatigue on the ride!
    My fifth day on the job Oaks Park had a severe accident and the general manager personally put everyone on the ride team on alert including me!
    I have been on alert for sabotage ever since!
    In 1984 Funtastic, which was running Oaks Park in 1983, abandoned Oaks Park and pulled out of Oaks Park, and it was this act that caused Oaks Park to not hire back most everyone from 1983!
    Dick Connors remained and wwas promoted to general manager, and six ride operators from the previous season remained and was rehired back in 1984, everyone else was gone!
    Oaks Park lost all their managers except Dick Connors and lost all their ride foremen and lost their entire maintenance team and lost the vast majority of their ride team, only six operators remained, I was one of those six operators!
    So Dick Connors in 1984 had to hire an all knew maintenance team and hire all new ride foremen and had to hire an all new ride team!
    Odd how park managers/owners purged that whole park of everyone after it became OPEN KNOWLEDGE the city of Portland was sabotaging rides at the park, it’s as though the powers that run/own/control the park want to get rid of anyone that is a witness to sabotage and get rid of anyone that has knowledge of it!
    By 1985 the city of Portland took control of Oaks Park and turned it into a non-profit organization and appointed Joe Norling as the new CEO of Oaks Park, and his first act was to carry on this purging process that was started by Funtastic in 1984 by targeting the most experienced people in the park for termination and to replace them with sting op’s!
    At the start of 1985 Joe Norling fired everyone on the maintenance team and replaced them with sting op’s Joe Norling was friends with!
    By early 1986 Joe Norling wanted to terminate and fire the most experienced people on the ride team but was unable to replace them with anyone yet so Joe Norling decided to keep them around, for a while!
    By 1990 Dick Connors retired from Oaks Park and Joe Norling and his cabal of sting op’s he has installed in the park celebrated that he was gone and one week after Dick Connors left Oaks Park Joe Norling gave his sting op’s on the maintenance team the order to move the Monster Mouse to a new location in the park, and the sting op maintenance team promptly sabotaged the Monster Mouse by not balancing the ride at it’s new location in the park!
    By the start of 1991 Joe Norling’s sting op’s he installed in Oaks Park had multiple rides un-balanced by the sting op’s on the maintenance team and he had more sting op’s on the ride team and they were hogging the very rides the maintenance team sabotaged to develop cracks/metal fatigue and to hide and conceal the sabotage/damage from the normal employees!
    This is what happened at Oaks Park in the early 1980’s only back then there were a lot of knowledgeable experienced people working in the park and the sabotage was uncovered by then!
    In the early 1990’s their doing the same thing, only this time the park is filled with sting op’s and noobs, the sting op’s are committing the crimes/damage/sabotage, and almost everyone that is not a sting op was not experienced enough to recognize sabotage!
    In 1991 I am the last person from the Funtastic era on guard for sabotage and experienced enough to recognize sabotage, but there is no one left I can report it to!
    I tried to report rides were out of balance, only to be ganged up on by the sting op’s in the park, and me repeatedly reporting sabotage did nothing to get the rides fixed!
    The powers in control of that park were not hiding their guilt, they were flaunting the fact there is no one I can report it to that cares!
    In 1992 after the sting op’s that hogged the Monster Mouse for over a season they were able to covertly develop a crack on the Monster Mouse ride, and the sting op that did that suddenly quit, and the very next morning the sting op maintenance team between the hours of 7 to 9 am slagged the crack with wielding slag to hide and conceal the crack!
    Jim Clooten the sting op lead foreman Joe Norling hired to hog that key position held me in his office until the sting op maintenance team was done slagging the crack on the Monster Mouse track, none of them wanted me to know about it!
    After about two weeks past the slag on the Monster Mouse broke off and the track on the Monster Mouse was separating as the cars went over the track, and the ride operators did not notice nor catch it!
    I gave the front break operator a fifteen minute break and it only took me sixty seconds to catch it and shut the ride down, I was trained to detect these type of problems my rookie season in 1983!
    It was school picnics that we were serving that day so I prevented a huge blood bath from taking place thus saving around one to two dozen children’s lives that day!
    I was berated by the maintenance supervisor TC for shutting down that death trap, and Joe Norling was grinning like a evil sting op while TC berated me for saving lives and doing my job, and then TC took that hunk of slag which is evidence of sabotage and he through it on the ground as hard as he could to destroy it because it was a perfect mold of the crack and proves the crack was never actually wielded at all, and at that moment I discover Joe Norling is just as guilty of sabotage as the sting op’s he hired in that park!
    These sting op’s are serial killers and kid-killers and are guilty of organized crimes!
    A week after I shut down that sabotaged death trap Monster Mouse I was gang-stalked and followed out to my car in the parking lot at Oaks Park by a dozen people I have never seen before and they were hinting their not happy I shut down that ride!
    My wife Joan Wagar who also worked there was also being gang-stalked and she was being harassed by a past boyfriend of hers that was a sting op!
    Shortly after this I get a surprize visit at Oaks Park by none other than Kurt Dunham, any and every time Kurt Dunham shows up I know for a fact I am a target of sheriffs/cops!
    At the end of the season in 1992 Joe Norling paid for a Mad Mouse so that the park can use that ride for parts to replace the sabotaged sections on the Monster Mouse, and after the maintenance team covered up the sabotage via replacement parts Joe Norling pretended he fired that maintenance team and hired a new maintenance supervisor named Herman and he was trying to trick me into joinin g into the maintenance team so that the sting op’s could set me up for their crimes!
    I worked only temporaily on the mainenace team while the park was closed for the season and only did restoratuion type work when it came to the rides!
    At the start of the season of 1993 I went back onto the ride team, and once again sabotage was taking place in the park, only THIS TIME the sting op’s were n o longer trying to develop cracks/metal fatigue by unbalancing rides, this time they were in a much more hurry to sabotage rides so they were loosening key bolts on the rides in order to have accidents more quickly happen and make it harder for me to detect them!
    They sabotaged the Squirrel cage ride via loosening the main and only bolt that holds those cars on that ride in place and one of those cars came crashing off the ride and nearly killed me!
    The maintenance team the next day was grinning and smirking over that accident!
    I discovered they unbalanced the Space Train ride and it had severe cracks all over the ride and I shut it dow n, the ride ended up being decomissioned because of it, it was that bad!
    At the end of 1993 I was laid off and when I was hired back in 1994 I was looking for a new job because I no longer wanted to work at the park, I did everything I could to keep that park safe but it’s imposible to stop these organized sting iop’s from sabotaging the park!
    Near the begin ing of the season of 1994 on my last day working at Oaks Park I was running the front breaks on the Monster Mouse, I was approached by a ride foreman telling me when the fifteen minute breaks start he will need me to give the Ferris Wheel operator a break and I told him “OK” but when it came time to give the Ferris Wheel operator his break there was no one relieving me from my ride in order to give the wheel operator his break!
    Someone has to relieve me from my controls on the Monster Mouse to free me up in order for me to give the Ferris Wheel operator his break, and no one freed me up, so I was just as stuck on the Monster Mouse as the Ferris Wheel operator was stuck on his ride!
    It was during this time the Ferris Wheel operator had an accident and the ramp on the Ferris Wheel became torn up as a result of it, and the Foremans and managers blamed me for the accident and fired me!
    I have saved lives every season I worked at that park, the sting op’s in that park had it out for me ever since I pointed out to them the Monster Mouse ride was out of balance!
    From 1985 to 1992 Joe Norling spent almost nothing on making improvements to the park, but after I shut down the sabotaged Monster Mouse ride for the next several months afterwords Joe Norling spent around a quarter million dollars on improvements to the park, fifty grand of it was spent on a Mad Mouse so the park could cover up sabotage on the Monster Mouse!
    From 1985 to 1994 Joe Norling and his other managers he hired in the park as well as all the sting op’s he had in all the key positions in the park never cared about safety policies nor did they take the time to learn them and as a result never trained on sdafety policies and never inforced safety policies!
    Safety was not a priorty of Joe Norling’s adminstration, only getting rid of the knowlegable people and replacing them with sting op’s was his priority!

  4. terry wagar says:

    In 2000 my wife Joan Wagar got a job as a prep cook at Multnomah county jail kitchen and she began showing signs of an affair!
    After she worked at county jail for one and a half months she was told by her lovers/buddies in law enforcement to quit her job to hide her connections to them, and on the same day she quit is the same day Multnomah county sheriff’s filled out a multitude of seventy two hour notices to take over the apartments/homes surrounding my apartment and my fathers apartment and my mothers trailer home, and it’s the same time they brought in a double to impersonate me and to target/stalk my parents and they brought in their long time favs the Dunham family to stalk and target my children!
    The sting op Dunham’s luvsss to target them children, it’s all about the chiuldren with them, OH and also doubles as well!
    They all paid my wife to turn my yard into a playground and then the child-killing double-using harem-building serial killers the sheriffs began using a double on my property!
    When I kicked this blatant and repeated attempts by sheriffs to use doubles around me off my property that’s when the sting op’s went after my innocent parents, they battered my mother using that double and they covered up my mothers 911 calls, and then they poisoned my parents and once again cover up my mothers 911 call, and three weeks after my father warned me badge carriers poisoned him he was dead, murdered by sting op’s!
    The Multnomah county sheriffs made it known to me their guilty of the crime and began blackmailing me with phone threats and phone demands!
    Shortly after this my wife Joan Wagar arraigned for me to find out they got the Dunham family stalking my children at their schools, they all already know I know what the Dunham family specializes in!
    Did I forget to mention Portland cops and Multnomah county sheriffs call their county jail kitchen prep cooks by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters!

    By 2005 I am beaten up by Multnomah county sheriffs and Portland police at East Port Walmart parking lot while my wife Joan Wagar is inside Walmart with one of her F-buddy cops she sleeps around with and is not even hiding it from her co-workers at that store!
    I got a broken rib and a messed u knee from that beating, and no one called me an ambulance since authority’s did this to me and left me in the parking lot!
    Two months later my wife and her sting op lovers recruited our daughters into their murder conspiracy and when I found out about it and tried to warn people that’s when my wife Mrs Dash poisoned me with antifreeze!
    I was a regular plasma donor so Joan Wagar A,K,A, by cops as Mrs Dash is a serial killer!
    Cops/sheriffs call their serial killer-girlfriends that are prep cooks at county jails by nickname Mrs Dash in love letters!
    In 2007 officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray murdered a child and they bragged to their girlfriends about their crimes and they had their girlfriends at Happy Valley Walmart print thousands of flyers giving me the blame for those sting op cops crimes!
    Everyone working on the day of March 26th 2007 is a witness to this group of kid-killing double-using pedophile cops and their poisonous girlfriends in the back of that store bragging about their crimes and recruiting people that work there to lie for them and witnessed these cops girlfriends print the flyers!

    In 2009 I got several sting op’s on viddeo/audio in the act of framing me as a pedo by using officer Eric Carlson as a double and have them caught on video/audio paying little children ten grand to pose with officer Eric Carlson the double and have them admitting there there to make me look like a bad guy and to murder me off!
    In 2016 a black female detective/sting op sneaked up behind me at night and put a knife to my throat and she admitted while holding a knife to my throat their framing me for the murder of a child

    In this very moment to this very day I am gang-stalked and harassed daily by sting op’s trying desperately to piss me off and to force me to act in self defense so that the sting op’s can get video of me being angry so that they can frame me as mental and dangerous when in fact if I do anything it will just be self defense, but of course pedophile badge carriers have no intention of giving me a trial for anything, they just want me to look like a bad guy and give me blame for everything and to murder me off!

    I have a history of saving lives I have saved hundreds of people over the years at Oaks Park, I have a history of being victimized by sting operations and I have a history of standing up against sting op’s!

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