Chicago Police Officer Opens Fire At The Car Full Of Unarmed Teenagers

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A video of Chicago police officer shooting towards unarmed black teenagers was released few days ago. This incident occurred in 2013, but the video wasn’t released until the civil complaint was filed against the city of Chicago and several officers.

The retired Cook County Judge, Andrew Berman was deeply disturbed by this video, so he handed it over to the media.

This video footage shows police officer Marco Proano shooting at the moving car full of six minors. None of these teens had a weapon on them nor did they acted aggressively toward the officers.

Before the accident, two other Chicago police officers had stopped the vehicle full of black teenagers. This happened near 95th and LaSalle Street in Chicago. One of the teenager went out of the car and run away. The rest of them stayed in the car, at the time Proano approached.

Video shows Proano exiting his service vehicle and approaching the car with his gun in his hands. Car started moving in reverse, and Proano started shooting more than dozen rounds at them.

Officer hit one passenger in the shoulder and another in both hips.


The federal lawsuit filed against Chicago and three other police officers is pending approval from City Council. This lawsuit could end with $360,000 payout for the victims.

In the past four years, Proano has been cleared of many complains against him, and today he is still on the force.


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