Baby Squirrel Pepper Sprayed By Police Officer

Posted on: April 10th, 2011 9 Comments
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Outside Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite police officer Davis was pepper spraying a poor baby squirrel that managed to get into the school yard. The animals abuse was filmed by one of the students, and on the video tape you can hear how they are yelling and screaming at the police officer to have mercy with the baby squirrel. They were screaming: “No, no! Don’t spray it, please!”, etc. Of course the officer just continued to spray it. The police said that they thought it was dangerous for the students and that it maybe had rabies.

Luckily the Mesquite Animal Control came shortly after and saved the squirrel before they cleaned it and put it out in the wild again. Some of the upset parents of the students said that their children got a traumatic experience from seeing how a harmless animals is being abused and even kicked by someone who shouldn’t represent violence.

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9 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    Disgusting cop. What harm is a baby squirrel doing. He should be ashamed of him self.

  2. edward bliss says:

    someone should pepper spray him and a gigantic kick in the butt!

  3. bob dole says:

    did anyone else not see him pepper spray it??

  4. Michelle says:

    What an idiot! Even the teachers in the background are morons. “It’s not normal for it to be coming towards us like that.” Its a baby! It either lost its mother or someone has been feeding it- how hard would it have been just to catch it in a shirt until animal control was there since it was coming right to them anyway- Yeah, I just love being part of the human race when we are sooo intellegint that we know it all and can control it all-pain involved or not. God forbid one or two of the people our children are meant to look up too actually take the correct actions instead of doing what is the easiest.

  5. Beef Chicken says:

    He was a school officer. His job is to protect the children. It was walking toward the children so he stopped it. It was a wild squirrel it could have multiple diseases and cause infections if people are bitten.

    Also a pepper-sprayed animal is a lot easier to catch in a towel and safely release later.

  6. Love Dead Cops says:

    Police are state-sanctioned killers. They are liscenced to do whatever harm to whoever they choose, even if it’s a baby squirrel. And to the idiot who fears baby squirrels will harm his kids with disease, chances are your kids will get germs from other kids or a dirty door knob. My guess is you’re a cop. I love dead cops.

  7. americathefallen says:

    Seriously, a baby squirrel’s bite rarely can even break the skin. What kind of abuse do the police and “school protectors” think they can get away with. I used to feed squirrels when i was a kid, and if you feed them they do COME UP TO YOU. All that idiot had to do was grab a towel and catch it. It’s not like it can run fast. ITS A FUCKING BABY. Jesus isn’t it time we put the police on trial for their uncaring torture and thinking they are above any laws?

  8. Kyuki Yoshida says:

    A tiny baby squirrel is a safety issue and cause for concern? It’s so little, it was probably scared and confused, instead of just leaving it be and waiting for animal control or holding it in a towel, shirt or jacket they lined up all the kids to watch an officer pepper spray it, why not just go inside? Schools are retards when it comes to animals.

  9. Pineapple says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things… -_-

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