SFPD Cops Attack Innocent Man, Neighbors Beaten For Helping

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 9 Comments
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The heartwarming story about citizens of San Francisco making 5-year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott’s dream come true couldn’t go without SFPD casting a dark shadow on the whole event. A black cyclist was beaten up after riding home from the Make A Wish Foundation happening for carrying what turned out to be a cupcake and juice.

21-year-old D’Paris Williams, known as DJ, was riding his bicycle and pulling up to his home at Valencia Gardens Apartments in Mission District. Two undercover cops in an unmarked vehicle got out of the car and grabbed DJ from behind, suspecting that he was carrying drugs.

It is still unclear whether they identified themselves as police officers before charging at DJ or not, but they went on to search him. The only thing they found was a cupcake and juice DJ had just bought at the corner store, but this didn’t stop them from beating the young black man.

One of the cops shoved DJ’s head into the building’s front door, then dragged him in the street where he was beaten until he blacked out. His sister, holding a newborn in her arms, was pushed by the second officer when she tried to intervene.

Several neighbors came to the rescue trying to make the cops stop, which resulted in three more people beaten by the police and taken in. One part of the incident was caught on tape and it shows the undercover cop running to a man and punching him in the face several times.


The man is later seen with a bloodied face, taken away in handcuffs. Police also arrested a man with HIV whose medical condition requires that he walks with a cane, considering the cane ‘a deadly weapon’.

DJ was taken to General Hospital for treatment, and then to the police station on Bryant Street. It is yet unknown if any charges will be pressed against him.

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9 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  2. Khannea SunTzu says:

    Race and hunger riots are imminent in the US. I am thanking the Goddess on my knees I live in Western Europe. The US is Hell.


  3. Mike says:

    These sissy cops will be taken down. Notice how fewer and fewer people care what happens to city employees nowadays. Wah! Robotic cowards with a baton and protection while lying under oath.

  4. terry wagar says:

    Police sting operations are common at apartment buildings and police have their civilian operatives to act as tenants in order to stage crimes at apartment building in order to build false cases against their innocent targets!

    Police sting officer’s are always in plain cloths as well as their civilian operatives and are fond of renting apartments surrounding their targets and they usually get at least one officer that is a close look-a-like to their target to dress up as their target and then stage crimes at dusk or early in the morning and use photogenic photo’s or fuzzy video surveillance to catch the double!

    Police will spend a couple months to several months on average staging crimes using look-a-likes in that matter in order to build false cases against their targets, and the civilian operatives will spread false rumors about the target throughout the neighborhood so that no one will be surprised that the target gets arrested month’s later!

    Police use the same tactics over and over again, and all apartment managers and landlords cooperate with any sting operation even when police use doubles!

    Doubles and photogenic photo’s is common practice with police all over the USA and news reporters are mums the word about it as well as courts and attorney’s!

    Police usually take side shots and back shots of doubles on photogenic photo’s when the double is staging crimes in order to give blame to their target!

    Civilian operatives are the ones police usually put next to their target as a next door neighbor and he/she will back up anything police want that civilian operative to back up!

    Go Wiki “Sting Operation” and discover for yourself police do indeed use civilian operatives in sting operations, it’s no secret!

  5. terry wagar says:

    To be a victim of a sting operation is like being gang-stalked and harassed and terrorized by a cult!

    Police and their civilian operatives don’t give a damn about the law and when they target someone they REALLY TARGET that person and make that person’s life a living hell!

    Everyone stupidly cooperates with police sting operations which only makes matters worse for victims of sting operations!

    Apartment managers will help police take over surrounding apartments surrounding their target thinki8ng their helping with an investigation!

    But those officer’s are not wanting next door apartments near their target just to spy on them, they want to terrorize their target with constant harassing and constant staging of crimes near the targets home!

    To have under cover cops next door to you is to have several organized criminals staging crimes around your home, and those officer’s will even dress up like their target and stage crimes in order to frame their target!

    Police will even break into the targets home while target is at work or out shopping and will poison foods or even poison the targets coffee pot!

    VICTIMS OF STING OPERATIO9NS are not able to get help from calling 911! no first responder will help someone that is a victim of a sting operation!

    It is impossible to even report being a victim of a sting operation because there is no such thing as an officer that will take a complaint on it!

    To be victimized by a sting operation is no different than being a victim of organized mobs, either way your ganged yup on and no one will take a complaint!

    When your surrounded by under cover plain clothed officer’s then you are a victim of a sting operation whether police admit to it or not!

    It is common practice for sting operations to break into their targets home to plant evidence and to poison foods of target, and it is common for sting operations to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame targets!

    How many times have you seen on TV news or even in movies police sting operations? have you seen under cover officer’s dress up like criminals and stage crimes? yes? did it ever occur to you that when police do this they may be impersonating someone in the neighborhood that they are targeting?

    Did it ever occur to people that police frame innocent people in sting operations by impersonating their target while staging crimes for fuzzy video surveillance and or for photogenic photo’s?

    Did it ever occur to you people that police have always done this and that news reporters know they do and just look the other5 way and keep the secrets of these sting operations from the public?

    Most sting operations are never admitted to officially by police because police themselves are the ones doing the crimes, and they don’t want the public to know how they target people and they do not want the masses giving it any thought!

    A lot of people are murdered by under cover police in sting operations, and THOSE sting operations are not publicly admitted to by police!

    The moment a victim of a sting operation tries to find help is the moment the system makes it known, just to that one person, that there is no one in the system that gives a damn!

    If you get poisoned by sting officer’s and go to a hospital the hospital will not help you and will pretend to not know what’s wrong with you, and the doctor will fill out paperwork labeling you as either a drug attic to cover up the poisoning, or will label you mentally ill without pointing out what your complaints are and will not make mention of your symptoms, and you wont even be allowed to even see that paperwork!

    No one will take a complaint, all complaints a victim of a sting operation makes is suppressed and ignored by police and by all first responders and by doctors at hospitals!

    We all know sting operations exist, yet to say your a victim of a sting operation is to be immediately treated as mentally ill by first responders, it is an automatic response by a corrupt system that is used to covering up crimes committed by police!

    A lot of people are killed by sting operations, and our news reporters may mention the deaths, they may admit their is an investigation underway, but that’s about it, they make no mention that police were conducting a sting operation at the place of the killing, so news reporters try to hide and conceal these operations from the public!

  6. BEN HEROLD says:

    Cops in all states need to be under controle
    and put in persen if this shit doesn’t stop.

  7. terry wagar says:

    Under the pretense of conducting sting operations police are womenizi9ng with other people’s wives and they teach those women how to frame people by planting evidence and by making false accusations over a long period of time behind their victims back and even how to poison off people!

    They teach these whores/women how to perform for video surveillance and what to say to their target in order to make their target appear guilty of crimes of which police and their whores and girlfriends are committing!

    Officer’s select from their own ranks someone that resembles their target andf then they use that officer as a double and that double will dress up like their target and will stage/commit crimes for the purpose of photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance cameras!

    Police recruit the women they sleep around with to work with these officer’s that act as doubles and police will use their eviction power to evict neighbors near the target out of their apartment and under cover police and their whores/girlfriends will take over those apartments surrounding their target in order to control the area and to conduct their operations covertly using a double!

    These covet operations can last a couple months to a couple years depending on what they are framing their target for, if their framing their target for drug use then it will be for a couple months, if police are framing the target as a pedophile or for a murder then it can last for a couple years!

    Police and their whores will spend that whole time near their target, accumulating hours and hours of video surveillance of their target near them, when the target leaves home the operatives step outside to just be there is nothing else JUST SO they can have video of the target near them!

    Police will stage crimes in the neighborhood using an officer dressed like their target and will stage cr8mes at night and will get photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance of the crimes, they do this because they already know what they want to frame their target for, so it’s just a matter of police building/fabricating their case against their target!

    Landlords and apartment managers always cooperate with any and ALL police investigations, and police will TELL the landlord/apartment manager it’s an investigation and that’s why they need the surroundings apartments surrounding their target, and police will deliberately label their target as a murderer/repast/pedophile in order to gain the landlords/apartment managers cooperation and silence!

    Now that police have used their police powers to completely invade their targets lives covertly, and have their target surrounded by their operatives, they now CONTROL the surrounding area and can stage ANY CRIME THEY WANT TO and they have a shit ton of operatives pretending to be neighbors that will back up any lie police want them to!

    Police usually poison their target slowly during this time, police do not care if their target suspects something is going on, because their is no one the target can turn to that cares, and because the whole system is Fascist reporting police are setting you up will just get a bunch of people such as doctors ignoring your complaints and will label schizophrenic meaning they label you mentally ill and ignore your complaint6s!

    If you become a victim of sting operations then there is no one that will take the complaint, NO ONE! NOT EVEN THE FBI! TAKES COMPLAINTS ON COVERT STING OPERATIONS!

    OJ Simpson is a perfect example along with Michael Jackson that were targeted by covert sting operations, they were targeted for years and the targeting never stopped until their dead or incarcerated!

    Once the Fascist sting operatives have a target they NEVER STOP TARGETING THAT PERSON! Their ultimate goal is the death and destruction of their target, they not only want their target dead, they want to destroy their targets name and reputation and legacy!

    If sting operatives use a double to frame you and you report it, no one will take your complaint, no case number, no nothing, and they will NOT act on any complaint against sting operatives!

    If you get poisoned by sting operatives and you go to a hospital, the sting operatives will follow you their and will flash their badges at your doctor in the hospital hallway and will label you as a bad guy to your doctor, repeatedly, until your doctor gets the hint to Not take a toxicology test!

    I guarantee you if you get poisoned by a sting operative and you go to the hospital and your doctor see’s you in the E,R, right away in your E,R, room, then you can bet just outside your room by your doorway is a sting operative waiting for your doctor to come out so they can flash their badge at them and to turn your doctor against you and to cover up the poisoning!

    As a matter of fact it would be easy for anyone to prove their killing people by just hanging out in the E,R, area and have a audio recorder running, just hang out their all day, you would be surprised to what doctors and sting operatives talk about in those hallways!

  8. terry wagar says:

    Cops in Portland Oregon are womanizers and teach the women they sleep around with how to frame people and how to poison off people!

    Under the pretense of conducting sting operations police are taking over apartments surrounding their targets and they spend several months staging crimes near their target using a officer as a double for photogenic photo’s to frame/entrap their target!

    Police will even poison their targets foods when the target is out of his/her apartment and they cover it up at the hospital by telling the doctor to not take a toxicology test and to fake not knowing what’s wrong with the person!

    Landlords/apartment managers ALWAYS cooperate with any and ALL police stings and investigations and lie for police so that police can take over the surrounding apartments around their target!

    Landlords/apartment managers assist police even in poisonings of the target, police will install a water filtration system under the targets sink and connect it to the tap line, and apartment managers will lie to the target/tenant saying it’s a broken garbage disposal to hide the fact they are slowly poisoning the target/tenant!

    If you notice after the fact it’s NOT a garbage disposal then the next time you are out of your home they will remove it and fake not knowing what your talking about and pretend to know nothing about a garbage disposal or a water filtration system!

    Landlords/apartment managers cooperate with any and all sting operations done by police at apartment buildings and landlord/apartment managers and police AND the news media tries to hide their “Cooperation” from the public because they do NOT want people thinking too hard about how many people conspired against a target, it is criminal conspiracy after all, so they try to hide their connections!

    Most people that are killed at apartment buildings are killed because they are a target of a sting operation of which police and landlords/apartment managers do NOT want people noticing!

  9. Terry Wagar says:

    My wife’s lovers and buddy’s in law enforcement are still trying to murder me off by poisoning my water tap line!

    I first moved into my apartment I currently rent three years ago, and I noticed the day of moving into the apartment a large device under the kitchen sink and asked the apartment manager “What is that?” and she told me “OH that’s a broken garbage disposal,,, we have it on our list of fixing.” so I forgot about it and paid it no attention.

    My health has been slowly deteriorating while living here, and recently I looked under the kitchen sink for something and happened to notice that the so-called broken garbage disposal was not a garbage disposal at all, it was not connected to the drain, it was connected to the water tap lines, NOT the drains!

    After closely looking at it I discovered it was a water filtration system connected to the water tap lines under the kitchen sink, it was black, it was plastic, it had a roundish lid on top of it, it had a visible clear-through part where you can see water in it and something white inside of it, kind of like the reservoir markers on a coffee pot, similar to that, on it’s side, it was shape like a cone and it tapered into a pointy cone shape at the bottom of it, and my tap-lines were connected to it by hoses and hoses also went from it to the sink above it!

    After I discovered this as soon as I got my SSI left my apartment to go to the bank to get my money and I went to a Best Buy store to buy a cheap phone with a built-in cameras so that I could get it on video, and when I came back home I found out someone removed it WHILE I WAS OUT OF MY APARTMENT!

    It was gone! and in it’s place were brand new hoses with tags still on them going from the tap-line to my sink, so I got video of this brand new hoses connected to my sink, and I took video comparison comparing the bathroom hoses that have been in place for years to the brand new hoses that were connected to the kitchen sink!

    So my apartment manager is clearly lying to me about what that device was and when I found out what it was they removed it when I was out of my apartment without any notice to me nor permission and are acting like nothing happened and ignore the fact their are brand new hoses under my kitchen sink and they are lying as to why they are even there!

    I have witnessed this apartment manager palling around with people in law enforcement and witnessed the apartment manager staging crimes with under cover officer’s that rent apartments near mine, no one takes complaints on plain clothed sting operations and on their operatives, and my apartment manager is clearly lying for them and helping them to slowly kill me with poison!

    They were pedofying me behind my back to my neighbors, they do this behind my back so that I cannot defend my name and reputation from their false accusations, and they were poisoning me to death and when I find out about it and leave my apartment to get a cameras to prove they had a water filtration system under my sink they illegally break into my home when I am away and remove it and put in all brand new hoses with tags still on them and then they fake and pretend nothing happened and they smirk about it!

    Terry Wagar

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