Some Ohio Cops Allowed to Drink and Work

Posted on: November 27th, 2013 2 Comments
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Ohio-based newspaper Journal-News did an investigation on union contracts for local public safety offices, and there were some shocking findings. They have discovered several clauses that protect police officers and firefighters from being disciplined for consuming alcohol during or before working hours.

For example, in Lebanon, OH, officers are allowed to have a blood alcohol level of up to 0.04% while working. Police Chief Jeff Mitchell said that he had been trying to get the union representatives to change this clause to zero tolerance, but without success. Mitchell, who has been a Chief for nearly two years, did manage to add some changes to union contracts. One of previously existing clauses allowed officers to suck on a breath mint before being tested for alcohol, which is known to distort blood alcohol level readings in some cases. Mitchell succeed in getting the unions to remove this clause from the contracts, but he is still fighting for stricter policies.

Patrick Mulligan, an attorney who specializes in drunk driving cases in southwest Ohio, stated that the current DUI laws can lead to absurd situations, like drivers being cited for drunk driving by officers who have a higher blood alcohol level than them. Drivers under age 21 can be cited for blood alcohol level above 0.02% which is twice as less as the limit for police officers.


“It’s an interesting double standard,” he said. “I don’t think it’s one the general public would appreciate.”

Police officers from other cities such as Hamilton, Middletown and Mason work with a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol, and are placed on administrative leave for up to three days if suspected of having consumed alcohol before or at work. Mitchell hopes this will someday be the standard for all Ohio cities.

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2 Responses

  1. Frederick Frederick says:

    I think it is great that you are investigating , and reporting corrupt and very dangerous law-enforcment. They need to be held accountable

  2. Gideon says:

    My friend ,Deb lives in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio. She is very disabled.When she moved to Cuyahoga Falls downtown, her landlord told her parking is in City garage. He had a parking deal with the Falls Mayor,residence can park free ,no limit parking,this being part of bringing people to live in the downtown area. She called CF police n thwy verified landlord’s story. The officer told her to paek ground level ,which she followed officers instructions. She got a ticket the next day. Although, she had the officers name she spoke to ,pictures proving there are No signs prohibiting or restrictions on parking she was made to pay the ticket. When she called the CFPD spoke to the Sgt ,once he STOPPED LAUGHING, HE INSTRUCTED HER TO PARK ON THE SECOND FLOOR. THE next day she called the mayors office. Explained what happened AND WANTED TO FILE A COMPLAINT. THe MAYORs assistant verified the parking deal ,refused to allow a complaint. Deb also told the mayors assistant about how THE ONLY HANDICAPPED PARKING SPOT ALWAYS HAS VIOLATORS PARKED. DEB was instructed to call the police when that happens. (cutting it short) Over the next year she followed the mayor’s assistant instructions, called the police about handicapped parking violators. The police would either not show up ,make Deb stand out by the car violators car until they got there ,otherwise they would not bother if they didn’t see her. Deb had to call the Mayors office22 times regarding the police not ,enforcing the HANDICAPPED PARKING THE ONLY ONE SPOT FOR HANDICAPPED PARKING IN 5 BLOCKS. THEN THE BUSINESS STARTED THREATENING having her car towed for parking legally, with a displayed handicapped sticker. Once again she contacts the Mators office ,who does NOTHING TO THE BUSINESS HARASSMENT. THEY DID PROMISE TO FIX THE SPOT. This was after she had to read them their own ordinance. Keep in mind that the only times Deb called police about handicapped parking violators is when she had groceries. All other times she parked in the blue parking deck ,second floor the as the police chief had instructed without problems for a year or so. Then it came time to fix the handicapped parking space which she still had to complain to mayor’s office since the police REFUSED TO ENFORCE THE LAW. THEN THW POLICE TOWED HER CAR ,REFUSED TO TELL HER THE WHEREABOUTS OF HER CALL AND POLICE CHIEF DAVIS THREATENED HER “IT’S NOT GOING TO END WELL FOR U ” IF SHE KEPT CALLING TO FIND OUT WHERE THEY TOOK HER CAR. FOR THE NEXT 2-3 MONTHS BOTH OF US MADE NUMEROUS CALLS TO THE MAYOR N SENT EMAILS ASKING FOR THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE CAR AND DEB NEEDED HER WHEELCHAIR N WALKER AMOUNG OTHER THINGS In THE CAR. no response from the mayor’s office ,none. !
    So the Cuyahoga Falls police basically stole her car. Her insurance company couldn’t get any info either. Her health has failed since access to medical treatment, docs etc. Would u please help her? They violated her civil rights.

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