15 Year Old Girl Brutally Knocked Over By Cop

Posted on: May 17th, 2011 12 Comments
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The video tape shows how a teen girl is rolling around drunk on the ground in a car park with her mother that is obviously trying to talk sense to her. They are confronting for a while when several people stop by to see what’s going on. The Phoenix police arrives the scene and when the 15 year old girl suddenly is trying to walk away a police officer is running and slamming her onto the ground. It looks very disturbing and violent. She wasn’t threatening the police officer nor trying to run away, but still he brutally knocked her down to the pavement before he arrests her.

Police have begun a criminal and internal investigation into the officer’s actions and he has been placed on administrative leave immediately.

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12 Responses

  1. I HATE COPS says:

    This is the Unites Stes! The most developed country in the world! No?

  2. Jessica Heitman says:

    And this is a prime example of disgusting cops nationwide. Their bald heads, over zealous and violent natures, even the way the meat heads stand repulse me. The poor citizens of this country. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. These cops should undergo psyciatric assessment before they even graduate from rookie cop school. How would they like it if it was their mothers, sisters, cousins or daughters.these are some really fucked up individuals.And to think that they carry a badge, I think we should pile them together in a bus and drop them all off at the Hells Angels club house or some other hard core biker g the sick fuckers are then

    they are then roup and see how tough

  4. Jake says:

    Lucky that wasnt my kid, That fella would be shot before he even made to court, as far as im concerned, he could of killed that kid hitting her like that, and any attempt on my kids life would be punishable by death..Sorry, these bullies with badges need to learn the seriousness of thier actions, Police investigations that exonerate these assholes only perpetuate the problem and this is why these crooked cops act like this, they never get reprimanded and if they do, punishment is minimal.I like to live by the old school philosophy- eye for an eye

  5. Jen says:

    How much do you want to bet that he charged her with assault on an officer and resisting arrest?

  6. jim says:

    id like to find him and his wife/kids walking down the road and just run up and smash one with a shovel right infront of him

  7. Glenn Guthrie says:

    Like I have always said, these assholes with the shaved heads and gloves on just to make them look tough. Then it goes to their head and they act on it. I would like to see how they would act if facing someone with a gun just to see him cry for forgivness. I,d shoot the prick in the balls so that he would not conceive and have one like him come out to carry on the tradition. He should be shot

  8. terry wagar says:

    Catching cops commit crimes on video does not get cops arrested, why? because no one with a badge in that city and no prosecutor in that city gives a damn!

    The cop did not place the woman under arrest until after he assaulted and battered her.
    This is plain out right assault and battery by the cop he just wanted to knock her on her butt.

    The police department and prosecutors just pretend the officer was justified and any attorney the victim gets will protect the cop from prosecution by labeling the cops crime as excessive force instead of assault and battery.

    cops go to jail for assault and battery but you can only sue the city for civil damages if victim agrees it’s excessive force.

    Assault and battery equals jail, excessive force equals civil damages.

  9. IHateStupidPeople says:

    This article makes me want to kill myself.

  10. CopKicker says:

    If a cop did that to me, I’d snap his neck.

  11. logic says:

    you guys are all idiots..

  12. AnonHQ says:

    Why is almost every incident of Police Brutality in the US is the country serriously that bad.

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