SWAT Team Poke Homeless Man Eye Out With Rubber Bullets

Posted on: November 7th, 2011 5 Comments
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Palm Springs Police Department and Palm Beach County sheriff Ric Bradshaw are facing a federal lawsuit for seriously wounding a homeless man in an attempt to dislodge him from his camp.

Dennis Gaydos was temporarily lodging in an improvised camp in the back of a Palm Springs church ground, where he claims a local pastor gave him the permission to stay. One day he called an assistant agency for food, and when he hung up, the agency’s operator called 911 informing them that a homeless man was living on the church property.

Palm Springs police called PBSO for assistance, having a SWAT team surround Gaydos. Even that wasn’t enough for them to take him down, so they had a PBSO chopped hovering above the church ground.

The police claim that Gaydos stood up with a cell phone in one hand, and a knife in the other, and they fired a couple of rubber bullet shots at him.

One ripped off a piece of his right ear, and the other squashed his left eye. Gaydos went into convulsions and had to be hospitalized, losing his eye.

No knife was found at the scene, and Gaydos was never charged with a crime. Palm Springs police lawyer refused to give any comments.

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5 Responses

  1. Thomas Owens says:

    Are we going to take real action to stop this sort of atrocity or are we just going to write and read stories about what is happening until the censors shut down everything? We must take back our country and put these police back in their proper place. Wake up America! Don’t wait until they come after you. It will likely be too late then.

  2. Jeremy says:

    A SWAT team and a chopper for a homeless guy, what a waste of time and manpower.

    • Bunpor says:

      Modesto will never bmecoe Joe Muratore's utopian society with the current GREEDY,CORRUPT business and Law Enforcement leaders.We're in a depression and Muratore doesn't want the poor and homeless to recieve aide. Another political shill for the wealthy.

  3. anthony harris says:


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