Off-Duty Officer Kills an Unarmed Man

Posted on: November 10th, 2011 6 Comments
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The reasons for a Santa Ana off-duty police officer engaging in a car chase and killing a young man are yet to be determined, says a Sheriff’s Department official, but he confirmed that the killed man was unarmed at the time he was shot.

According to the police officer whose name remains undisclosed, he was awaken around 6 a.m. by the noise outside of his house on Longworth Avenue.

He went outside and saw two men across the street trying to break into a parked vehicle, and he confronted them. One of the men ran away on foot while the other got in the car and drove away.

The police officer got in his personal vehicle and went after them. He found the 23-year-old Jason Richard Bitz, the one that ran away on foot, across the street from Rynerson Park.

The officer got out of the vehicle and told him to stop and raise his hands, but the man refused to do it and somehow got into the driver’s seat of the officer’s car.

He then allegedly reached for his waistband and was shot and killed on the spot.

Rita Gomez, a friend of the Bitz family, said that he was just helping change a tire, and was given the keys to the vehicle by the owner’s son. She added that Bitz was on parole, which was probably why he got scared and tried to run.

Police are still looking for the other suspect.

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6 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    I am so damn tired of cops on duty or off duty breaking the law, thinking because they wear a badge it excuses them or clears them of MURDER!! Shooting an unarmed man is MURDER and that cop needs to be arrested, charged and made to stand trial!!

  2. RBG says:

    Why are you taking up for the thieves? I understand the problem with police brutality, but I can see where the cop was coming from. On or off duty, it is his job to serve and protect.

    • terry wagar says:

      Why do you take the word of a cop that kills unarmed citizens?
      The cops WONT stand trial so they are free to lie and make up whatever bullsh!t they want to and people already know that!
      Anyone that believes in the cops so called official story’s are either bro’s to cops or are very naive!
      If the cops were honest then they would not FEAR standing trial!
      The cop KILLED an UNARMED MAN! an UNARMED MAN! That’s more than enough to not trust that cop and to SUSPECT that cop of murder!

  3. Bob Walker says:

    I had a run with Santa Ana PD back in 2008 at a bus stop trying to get to work. I am a 206 lb website developer but the police were after a group that was waiting also. One of the group panicked threw a bunch of rock cocaine on the ground. the cops found a piece near me and said “Oh this must be yours” and arrested me for possession. I have no drug priors and they found nothing on me. I spent a week in jail and $3500 on a lawyer to clear my name. Santa Ana PD is the most corrupted department I have ever seen. No one polices the police and a cop will kill you in a second always remember that when you get arrested.

  4. terry wagar says:

    Two police officer’s named Eric Carlson and John Ray broke into my home and they raped my daughter Kayle Wagar and they planted child porn on our computer and they poisoned my coffee cup and coffee pot!

    They bragged about this at Clackamas Walmart and then they printed out flyers giving me the blame for their crimes and they distributed those flyers in my neighborhood destroying my reputation!

    They did all this on one day in March 26th 2007, and they call this activity pedofying, meaning they do whatever they have to do to destroy their targets reputation so no one will care if their target is murdered, and these cops/pedofyers are more than happy to commit the crimes themselves!

    My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with Eric Carlson and she helped them to break into our home so they could rape our daughter and to frame me for it!

    Terry Wagar

  5. terry wagar says:

    Police killing unarmed citizens equals citizens are justified in getting armed!

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