Ogden Cops Kill Two Dogs In Separate Incidents

Posted on: March 29th, 2013 4 Comments
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After the second killing of a homeowner’s dog by the police officers, the Ogden community is enraged. Both incidents took place this March and the police claims it was self-defense.

Michelle Merila called the police to report a burglary, and when the officers arrived she was at her front porch with her two bulldogs and a German shepherd. Jesse, the German shepherd, came towards the officers who ordered Merila to make the dog get back on the porch. Before she had time to react, one of them shot the dog dead.

“The cop was standing there and he says ‘get your dog or I’m gonna shoot her’ and as I’m walking up ‘boom, boom’ he shot the dog, didn’t have any reason, the dog wasn’t going after him anymore, she had stopped,” Merila said.

This happened just one week after the police shot and killed Dan Marocchi’s German shepherd named Max. Max had slipped out the front door and ran to a neighbor’s driveway where he started chasing two officers. One of them knocked the dog down and shot him twice with a handgun.


“Instead of having guns ready, they should have had tasers ready, pepper spray, not bullets,” said one of the owners, Roxanne Marocchi.

The officer who shot Max was cleared and the second case is still under investigation.

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4 Responses

  1. Debbi says:

    Dogs have a sixth sense about who has bad intentions. They can smell it.

  2. Claire says:

    Most cops are just big kids who were creepy and bullied in school. So now they just think they are a bunch of big shots who can do anything they want to. I have never been in trouble, but I have never met a nice one. Asked directions one time to one coming out of a store and you woulda thought I killed somebody. Called them once cause somebody vandalized stuff at my apt. complex. He didnt want to be bothered and wanted to make into something more by being a real jerk off.They are just a bunch of nobody’s trying to be somebody.

  3. all around the world the power the authorities have represents itself in the same way. the more power the police get, having a gun rather than a truncheon, the more they behave tyranically. they seem to think that if they are challenged they are ready to protect themselves first and then start protecting others. mostly these, to coin a phrase, are people who were bullied at school and are psychologically showing themselves as the new bullies on the block. but that isn’t our fault and there needs to be drastic changes to a system that never in the history of the civilised world has been anywhere near satisfactory. i now hate the police and other authoritories

    • i didn’t realise that these comments needed to be judged. if i knew it was a compositionary competition i wouldn’t have bothered. i’m actually a professional writer but i didn’t realise that we were being asked to write in any high level. your comments are annoyingly moderate.

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