Police Officer Cries On Trial After Shooting Innocent Man

Posted on: October 4th, 2011 12 Comments
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When pressed why he was crying, he responds because he’s on trial! Atlanta police officer Reginald Fisher turned himself in after shooting an unarmed 29-year-old man.

The story behind this incident was that the young man had visited his ill aunt to give her medication.

While he was there officer Fisher noticed that the man had parked in a handicap spot.

He approached the 29-year-old later and said that he shouldn’t park there, but the young man didn’t care that much, so Fisher pulled out his gun but claimed afterwards that the man had reached for his gun in the car.

Witnesses confirms that this was not the case, the young man had held his hands over his head when Fisher pointed his gun at him.


That’s when he shot the man, right in the face. When Fisher was on trial for shooting this unarmed man, he broke down and cried on the stand.

When asked why he was crying, he responded: “Because I’m on trial”.

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12 Responses

  1. Ben Fenton says:

    For a second there, I thought he felt remorse. Bwahahahaha yeah, right. Remorse and cops go together like bread and raw sewage.

  2. james says:

    that’s why you shouldn’t park in a handicapped space when you aren’t handicapped, he deserved it in my opinion. (not trolling, just pissed off by people who do that)

    • nunya says:

      You must live under a rock or something because I’ve never heard someone say that another person deserved to get shot because they park in a handicap spot. Yes, he shouldn’t have been there, but a ticket or him being arrested and fined the price wouldve done. Not getting shot in the face. Word of Advice: Dont dish out what you cant take. You saying he deserve that, but that couldve been someone who was close to you and how would you feel if a stranger said your loved one deserved that? Not cool. Think about what you say next time.

  3. JamesIsclearlyIgnorantandorAredneck says:

    James, do the world a favor and spare them of your ill-words. Put the bullet in your head you thoughtless troll.

  4. michele says:

    i agree with nunya..what he did was overkill..completely unnecessary.

  5. terry wagar says:

    My wife Joan Wagar was poisoning me while she was having an affair with a cop.
    My wife recruited our daughters into this our daughters pretended nothings wrong when my wife poisoned me and they were hiding my wife’s affair from me.

    My wife’s lover the cop Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement made sure I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital.
    Eric Carlson’s partner would speak with my doctor in the hallway and label me as a bad guy repeatedly until the doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned.

    Three family members died during my wife’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison and police covered up my emergency visits to the hospital and my 911 calls.

    I was so badly poisoned I was just stuck, at home, at their mercy, with no one to turn to for help.

    Eric Carlson and his bro’s were framing me for their crimes and they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedo and they framed me over a murder by using Eric Carlson as a double.

    My wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers knew my wife was poisoning me and that her lover Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double, Joan Wagar’s coworkers nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, and Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar used those nick names in their love letters.

    I was a plasma donor when they were poisoning me.

    Terry Wagar

  6. James says:

    What a fuckin pussy. Boo hoo “I’m on trial for committing a heinous crime” piece of shit scumbag motherfucker!

  7. Paul says:

    What was that cops name again White Powers?

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