Baltimore Cop Facing Prison After Killing a Man With Taser

Posted on: February 19th, 2013 4 Comments
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A domestic dispute ended tragically when Baltimore County police officer intervened and tased one of the family members to death. Shocking the suspect ten times in a row caused him to die from a cardiac arrest in front of his parents and brother.

The 40-year-old Ryan Meyers was suffering from bipolar disorder which made his behavior volatile and violent at times, and one of the fights with his brother and father was so intense his mother had to call the police. When the cops arrived and ordered Meyers to drop the baseball bat he was holding, he refused to listen to them. One of the cops tased him repeatedly until he fell to the floor. It took two discharges to make Meyers drop the bat and one more to fall down, and while he was on the floor the cop continued to tase him seven more times. After ten shocks, Meyers went into cardiac arrest and even though the paramedics tried to revive him, he died.

Meyers’ brother claims that the cops didn’t give his brother enough time to obey their orders before using the taser. One of the cops’ testimony revealed that Meyers’ body went stiff during the tasing but the other officer didn’t stop shocking him.


It’s up to the jury to decide whether tasing a suspect ten times counts as excessive use of force. Paul Mayhew, Baltimore County Police attorney, defended the cop’s actions and said there is still no connection between the tasing and death since there are many factors yet to be determined, such as an underlying heart condition that could’ve caused Meyers’ death.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The cops name is Officer Stephen Mee. You should print that in the article.

  2. Orlando Coombs says:

    This Officer Mee should go to prison for life. Its no need to taze a man 10 times after he’s already subdued, thats overkill. No one has the right to inflict violence on someone without just cause, its wrong. Im all for tough on crime, all for law and order, and support good honest cops doing their jobs, but I got sympathy or tolerance for rogue cops who use their badges to commit hate crimes and violate the rights of others. I hate criminals no matter who they are. Whether they got saggy jeans and briads or locks, or blue uniforms with silver badges and handguns on their hips. I dont care who they are. No one has the right to use unnecessary violence on someone else. If its wrong, its wrong I dont care who’s doing it. RIGHT IS RIGHT, WRONG IS WRONG. PERIOD.

  3. Adof Eichmann says:

    This is horrible – cops should be allowed to kill the scum, hippies and faggots running wild.
    We in the Vaterland gassed them to death.

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