Cop Pulls Gun on 11-year-old Building Tree Fort

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 6 Comments
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Omari Grant, a 11-year-old Georgia boy, was allegedly harassed by two police officers while playing with his friends in the woods. His mother Janice Baptiste is filing an excessive force complaint.

Young Grant was in the woods behind his home with several friends, playing at their usual hangout spot. The kids decided to build a tree fort and started cutting and gathering branches and other material. One of the neighbors called the police to complain about the children “chopping off tree limbs” and two officers showed up in response to the call.

According to the boy, one of the cops pointed a gun at them and made them lie on the ground with their legs spread. He also claims that the officers used foul language. Edgar Dillard, whose wife called 911, was shocked with the officers’ reactions on something they believed was just a safety issue. “There were falling hazards, tripping hazards, all types of hazards, so No.1 was concern for the children and concern for the environment,” Dillard said.


The event left the children in shock and scared for their lives. “I was thinking that I don’t want to be shot today, so I just listened to what they said,” said Grant, who is still scared every time he leaves the house. Henry County Police Department Sgt.

Joey Smith says that the incident is under investigation, but the Department has refused to reveal the names of officers involved.

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6 Responses

  1. Terry Wagar says:

    Police and sheriff sting operatives recruit civilians into sting operations all the time and they commonly stage crimes using look-a-likes dressed like their targets and act as doubles to frame people!

    I have the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s on video paying children to call me a pedophile and I have police/sheriff’s on video in front of my apartment building using a double of me and using a double of one of my daughters and they both were pedofying me with false accusations in front of my home!

    Police/sheriff’s are pedophiles that recruit civilians into sting operations and to lie for them and they stage crimes and fake crimes and commit crimes using doubles for fuzzy video surveillance!

    Police/sheriff’s use DOUBLES to frame people as pedophiles and police/sheriff’s pay their girlfriends with children to back up false pedophile charges!


  2. Terry Wagar says:

    My wife’s lovers and buddy’s in law enforcement are still trying to murder me off by poisoning my water tap line!

    I first moved into my apartment I currently rent three years ago, and I noticed the day of moving into the apartment a large device under the kitchen sink and asked the apartment manager “What is that?” and she told me “OH that’s a broken garbage disposal,,, we have it on our list of fixing.” so I forgot about it and paid it no attention.

    My health has been slowly deteriorating while living here, and recently I looked under the kitchen sink for something and happened to notice that the so-called broken garbage disposal was not a garbage disposal at all, it was not connected to the drain, it was connected to the water tap lines, NOT the drains!

    After closely looking at it I discovered it was a water filtration system connected to the water tap lines under the kitchen sink, it was black, it was plastic, it had a roundish lid on top of it, it had a visible clear-through part where you can see water in it and something white inside of it, kind of like the reservoir markers on a coffee pot, similar to that, on it’s side, it was shape like a cone and it tapered into a pointy cone shape at the bottom of it, and my tap-lines were connected to it by hoses and hoses also went from it to the sink above it!

    After I discovered this as soon as I got my SSI left my apartment to go to the bank to get my money and I went to a Best Buy store to buy a cheap phone with a built-in cameras so that I could get it on video, and when I came back home I found out someone removed it WHILE I WAS OUT OF MY APARTMENT!

    It was gone! and in it’s place were brand new hoses with tags still on them going from the tap-line to my sink, so I got video of this brand new hoses connected to my sink, and I took video comparison comparing the bathroom hoses that have been in place for years to the brand new hoses that were connected to the kitchen sink!

    So my apartment manager is clearly lying to me about what that device was and when I found out what it was they removed it when I was out of my apartment without any notice to me nor permission and are acting like nothing happened and ignore the fact their are brand new hoses under my kitchen sink and they are lying as to why they are even there!

    I have witnessed this apartment manager palling around with people in law enforcement and witnessed the apartment manager staging crimes with under cover officer’s that rent apartments near mine, no one takes complaints on plain clothed sting operations and on their operatives, and my apartment manager is clearly lying for them and helping them to slowly kill me with poison!

    They were pedofying me behind my back to my neighbors, they do this behind my back so that I cannot defend my name and reputation from their false accusations, and they were poisoning me to death and when I find out about it and leave my apartment to get a cameras to prove they had a water filtration system under my sink they illegally break into my home when I am away and remove it and put in all brand new hoses with tags still on them and then they fake and pretend nothing happened and they smirk about it!

    Terry Wagar

  3. Terry Wagar says:

    In the 1920s there were the KKK all over the USA policing the community’s and the KKK were killing unarmed people and torturing unarmed people all the time and made public lynchings common place in America and the community’s back then did nothing to stop these organized killers!

    Because of WW2 Americans got a bad taste of Fascism and hated Fascism and because of this shift in Americans attitudes towards Fascist the KKK removed their white hoods and white robes and went underground, but their targeting of people and their singling out of people NEVER STOPPED!

    To the best of my history knowledge their are ONLY TWO large groups of organized people in America that are in some way uniformed and police the streets and are organized and have/had the backing of the community’s, and that’s the KKK and local law enforcement agency’s!

    Both uniform themselves and both are known to kill people on the streets and both are known to batter people and both are known to have the support of news media which is why back in the 1920s the KKK ewas getting away with it then!

    Fascism is Fascism regardless of what country you are from or what uniform someone wears, and their is not much difference between the KKK of the 1920s and our local police of today, they both think of themselves as above the law, they do not police themselves and complaints on them go ignored and not acted upon, and news media stays quiet about most complaints on law enforcement because they are Fascist supporters of police and brown nose to and for police!

    In the 1920s the KKK as an organized group would destroy their targets name and reputation with a flourish of accusations on their target/victim and would whip people into a killing frenzy until the community is calling out for that persons death/arrest and then the KKK would have a lynching and not bother with a trial and the local news media would show up after the lynching to get photo’s of the hanged person for the newspaper!

    Newspapers would label the lynched person a repast or murderer and would show the hanged person in the newspaper and not once did the news media act upset over the fact the lynched person never got a trial!

    In modern times our local police and news media pretty much does the same thing minus the lynching, they label their target a bad guy and do so publicly by word of mouth throughtout their targets neighborhood and even use flyers to destroy their targets name and reputation and they do this until they have dozens and dozens of people calling out for that persons death/arrest.

    In the 1920s the KKK would allege their target/victim raped a white women to enrage the community before they lynched their target, well that does not enrage people as much in 2014 since so many women nowadays dress like sluts and such, so when law enforcement really wants their targets hated by the community’s in order to justify a murder police will just label their target a pedophile!

    That accusation has the same effect now as declaring a white woman was raped back in the 1920s and it gets people in 2014 to call out5 for the accused to be killed/arrested!

    Just like the 1920s they did not bother with trials, they just made the accusation, whipped the community into a frenzy, and lynched the accused, well today in 2014 police do not bother with trials either, they just publicly pedofy their target using word of mouth accusations and use flyers and TV news segments to publicly destroy their target labeling their target a bad guy without any trial and everyone ignores the fact there is no trial going on, and during the pedofying process the accused somehow ends up dead, and police simply pretend it was a suicide and NO ONE QUESTIONS THAT from police at all!

    Are technology of today is far advanced than it was in 2014, but the tactics organized Fascist killers use to whip people into murderous frenzy’s are pretty much the same,and because most people do not have an understanding of human nature and history we as a society are ignoring the fact that there have always been organized people that dress in uniformed ways that organize in order to get away with targeting of people and even killing people, and that news media has a history of brown nosing up to such organized groups of people.

    In the 1920s and 1930s it was common knowledge their were organized murderous groups of people in America policing the streets and running rough-shod over whoever they wanted, and you either had to look the other way to not be targeted by it, or you spoke up and complained about it and became targeted by the very people you complained about.

    News media in the 1920s did not give a damn organized people in hoods were lynching people all over America and were brown nosers to such groups.

    Well in 2014 the news media does not give a damn our local police behave the same as the KKK did and openly supports the police in their Fascist targeting of people!

    It is common practice in the USA for police and news media to label their victims they target as mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses, this Fascist government no longer recognizes organized crime and instead labels the victims of organized crime as mentally ill and ignores their complaints!

    If you get targeted in the USA by organized people and complain you immediately get labeled, no trial, just labeled, mentally ill, and this has become the norm in this Fascist country in so far as the system covering up it’s Fascism!

    To label victims of organized crime mentally ill or schizophrenic when victim report they are victims of organized crime is to pretend there is no such thing as history because history already teaches us there have always been organized people running things and targeting people!

    Were all those people lynched by the KKK in the 1920s by the KKK that was backed up by the community schizophrenic? or were they victims of murderous mobs organized into a frenzy by organized people?

  4. Quantavious Jones says:

    Terry they are watching you more than you know. Take all of the lightbulbs out of your house because they are using them as audio and video monitors. They see you when you are in the shower and taking a dump. Don’t run your heat or air conditioners because they are using them to send poison gas into your house. They bee’s after you man.

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  6. Xavier says:

    FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS! QUANTAVIOUS JONES THANK YOU. as for you Terry, you would benefit from listening to Mr. Jones here. purchase new light bulbs and cameras to have around your house BUT DONT CONNECT THEM TO THE POWER GRID! they will be able to see you if you do. make sure they are battery powered and take out the memory card every time you leave your house. purchase a new furnace and AC unit if you can leave your windows open as much as possible.

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