Oakland Cops Point Guns at a Sleeping Baby

Posted on: February 4th, 2013 5 Comments
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The latest report on Oakland Police Department misconduct made by independent monitor Robert Warshaw has revealed numerous irregularities and several shocking incidents involving Oakland cops.

Perhaps the most improper use of force took place during a house search, when two police officers pointed their guns at a sleeping 19-month-old baby. It was obvious that the child couldn’t pose any threat to them, but they put its life in danger anyway. According to the report, the crime they were investigating involved a misdemeanor offense.

Warshaw didn’t include any other details about this incident, but he listed several complaints that include unnecessary use of force and general hostility towards the residents as well as failing to resolving Occupy Oakland related investigations. The officers’ refusal to cooperate with internal affairs has prevented many individuals from being held responsible for their actions. Supervisors were reluctant to take disciplinary action even when presented with clear evidence like videos of incidents.


Robert Warshaw turned the report in to federal judge Thelton Henderson who is currently choosing a compliance director to supervise Oakland Police Department.

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5 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    Two Portland police officers named Eric Carlson and John Ray committed an early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped, photographed, and killed a female child!
    They carried the child out her bedroom window the same way they came in, and before exiting the apartment they poisoned the residents coffee pot and coffee cup!
    After committing these horrible crimes they drove to Clackamas Walmart and bragged to Walmart employees there framing someone and that they needed Walmart employees to lie for them!
    Officers Eric Carlson and John Ray were having sexual relations with two Walmart employees, a Joan Wagar and a Vickie Rosales, and they started printing flyers giving an innocent man the blame for officers Eric Carlson and John Ray’s crimes!
    These officers and their partners and superiors in law enforcement have a history of framing people as pedophiles and they have a history of using photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people!
    They have a history of using flyers to destroy their targets reputation before they execute a search warrant and they always plant evidence in advance of using a warrant!Officers Eric Carlson and John Ray and their partners and superiors in law enforcement have a name for their type of activity’s they call it pedofying, meaning they do whatever they have to to destroy their targets reputation so no one will care that they are victims!
    Everyone working at Clackamas Walmart on March 26th 2007 is witness to officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray’s bragging and are witness to them recruiting employees to lie for them!
    Walmart office printers were used for over two hours that morning printing flyers framing an innocent man for their crimes!
    It was female Walmart employees that did the printing!
    Officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray met up with their superiors at Clackamas Walmart and gave their superiors the photogenic child porn they just got done making to their superiors!
    It was the first thing their superiors wanted and expected from officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray was the porn they just made, why? because officer Eric Carlson was acting as a photo double!
    I have their conversations on a audio recorder I accidentally caught these people in their crimes, I thought I was catching my wife Joan Wagar in her affair with a armed police officer, what I caught was way way more than that, I caught them all in a murder, and their caught on a audio recorder I put in my wife’s purse!
    It turns out I was the one they poisoned and I was the one being framed by them, and my wife Joan Wagar and her relatives were helping them in framing me.
    Because I caught several law officer’s in murder no one with a badge wants me as a witness and I am denied emergency services and all my complaints are ignored and covered up by police!
    I am a victim of a murder conspiracy and I am clearly not their only victim!
    I am currently disabled from being poisoned and repeatedly denied medical care and hospital refused to take toxicology test thus covering up the poisoning, and of course my reputation has been destroyed because of the flyers my wife printed and distributed publicly!
    Clackamas Walmart officially backed up those flyers but when they found out I caught them in the act using a body double they started pretending nothing happened, but that don’t stop them from smirking about it, and they still backed up their complaint publicly so they don’t care if people know their liars!
    This has been an ongoing situation for me I still get death threats from people involved in those crimes and they still run around destroying my reputation thus isolating me from any help from neighbors!
    I am a witness and a victim of a murder conspiracy and I am under constant attack from people that were involved in those crimes and the Portland police department does absolutely nothing to help me and they interfere with me finding any help!

  2. C says:

    Where are your sources for this? I don’t believe a bit of it. I think its a fabricated exaggeration

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