Cops Caught On Tape Beating Up a Suspect and Celebrating

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 4 Comments
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A horrific footage shows two police officers heavily beating a man who’s helplessly lying on the ground, and then doing a chest bump in celebration of the whole act. These two officers didn’t know they were caught on the surveillance camera of the parking garage where the incident took place. After the video had been released in public, the officers got fired from the service.

The man on the footage is Nicholas Blume, who was stopped just for a traffic violation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police officers John Doyle and Robert Woolever took him to the parking garage of the Barcelona hotel where they threw him to the ground while Woolever kept kicking him in the head over a dozen times. Blume was pinned to the ground and unable to defend himself while the kicking continued. After the cops finished with the beating, they did a bizarre thing – congratulating each other on the job and doing a celebratory chest bump.

Mugshots of Blume that were taken at the police station show cuts and bruises on his head as a proof of his injuries.


In an attempt to explain his actions, Doyle said that he suspected Blume had a gun on him and that he had to be restrained. That didn’t keep him or Woolever from getting fired shortly after the video was released.

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4 Responses

  1. forrest says:

    I these and many cops have a bondage fetish…

  2. MrFiveofHearts says:

    Fired? They should be imprisoned.

  3. Sandie says:

    WTF is wrong with these cops now a days. They think that they can get away with sh** like this well they are so wrong God doesn’t like ugly. I hope they get thrown in jail and rape and beat up to a bloody pulp. I hope this man sues the whole damn police department.

  4. terry wagar says:

    This is Terry Wagar, I am trying to warn you about a murder conspiracy within Portland Oregon that was started by my wife Joan Wagar and her f@@k buddy’s in the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s.

    My wife Joan Wagar started an affair with a cop named Eric Carlson in early 2005 and Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement gave my wife permission to poison me to death, and I was not their only victim, three family members died within a three year period from 2005 thru 2008, and I was a plasma donor at the time Joan Wagar was poisoning me.

    Eric Carlson’s bro’s made sure I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital, they pressured my doctors at the OHSU in the hallways labeling me as a bad guy, repeatedly, until my doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned, and they did not care that their voices carried into my E,R, room.

    Because cops interfered with me getting medical treatment the hospital refused to take a toxicology test and only gave me a x ray and they pretended they could not find anything wrong.

    They will not find poison with an x ray and the doctors know this.

    After multiple attempts by my wife and her lover to murder me off I was trying to warn people about it, but I was too ill to do much and I was surrounded by family members that agreed to lie for my wife, so my family just pretended nothings wrong.

    Under these circumstances my wife Joan Wagar started writing a diary and she wanted me to know about it, she asked me to read it.

    In Joan Wagar very short diary of which she only wrote in for just several days in March of 2006 she admits to her affair with Eric Carlson, she admits I was ill, she admits to taking a lie detector test, she admits I did not believe the lie detector test, she admits I was saving money up for a toxicology test because my hospital refused to take one, and she admits I cannot get help from the police. she admits I was warning people she is a poisoner, she admits her boss Preston at East Port Walmart lied to me about Eric Carlson, she names off the poisons I accused her of using to poison me with, she admits she lied to me two months ago and her lie detector test was two months prior to her writing her diary, she admits she is a liar and a psycho, she admits to having a life insurance policy of which I knew nothing about and I discovered after reading her diary that if I died my wife would have gotten 25.000 dollars, and she admits she is also a plasma donor, and at the end of her diary she admits to using one of the poisons she named off as poison and she is admitting to poisoning a plasma donor.

    On the last entry in Joan Wagar’s diary she admits to poisoning herself, and on that day she told me to my face she poisoned herself, I called 911 for an ambulance and while I was on the phone with 911 my wife battered me in the stairway outside our apartment, she was pretending to try and throw herself off the balcony but she was actually trying to knock me off of it.

    I tried to calm her down she was acting historical, she had just admitted she poisoned herself and then she was attacking me while I was on the phone with 911.

    I calmed Joan Wagar down by offering her a cigarette and I helped her sit down by her apartment doorway, the 911 operator was yelling at me to not get her a cigarette but I told the operator she is not here to deal with this, I was dealing with it, and I was severely injured and did not have the ability to prevent her from harming herself or me, offering her the cigarette got her to stop attacking me, and I already had severe internal bleeding from being poisoned by her of which the OHSU already knew about.

    After I gave her her cigarette I took off my coat and put it over her shoulders and just tried talking to her in a normal non angry voice, trying to keep her calm until help arrives.

    What seems like hours was probably minutes two police officers arrived on the scene, they looked up the stairs where I was with Joan Wagar and they could see I was on the phone, I saw them and I told the 911 operator the police arrived and I thanked her for her help and hung up, I said to the cops that were standing at the bottom of the stairs to help me with her and I was standing up at this point, and I noticed as I looked at the cops that they were not heading up the stairs and one of them had their hand on their gun that was still in it’s holder.

    Fearing they were misreading the situation I held my hands out for them to be seen by the police, I still had the phone in my hand and a cigarette in my other hand.

    The police were not interested in any information from me and they did not care I was the 911 caller, they were treating me like a criminal, they ordered me to put out the cigarette before they would even come up the stairs, I put out the cigarette, I noticed at this point my wife was grinning.

    As they came up the stairs I tried to tell them she poisoned herself and admitted it to me, they ignored me and was not hiding from me the fact that they had it out for me and they did not care about anything Joan Wagar did.

    One of the cops asked me if they could enter the apartment and I told them it is her apartment not mine, because my wife did not put me on the lease so I could not give permission but I told them our daughter is inside the apartment and he could ask her or I could ask her to give permission.

    But the police simply opened the door and looked inside through the doorway and then just closed the door.

    At this point I walked down the stairs to get out of everyone’s way, I could hear an ambulance and a fire truck arrive so I knew I needed to get out of the way, as the paramedics and firefighters arrived and they started going up the stairs, one of the fire fighters asked me if she is on any medication and I answered no.

    After about five minutes the fire fighters and paramedics were helping Joan Wagar down the stairs and they were leading her to an ambulance, as Joan Wagar passed me she threw my coat I loaned her to me and thanked me for giving it to her, I stood off to the side trying to stay out of everyone’s way, the two cops came down last, and the cop that had his hand on his gun when they first arrived charged at me as though he was going to hit me, he was loudly yelling about me holding a cigarette in my hand, yelling that he already told me to put it out!

    He got within six inches from my face and was acting like he was going to strike me yelling about a cigarette, I stood there and met his gaze with disgust, I did not move and just stared at him in disgust, my wife just confessed to me she is a poisoner of a plasma donor and they are not even trying to hide the fact from me they don’t care.

    Joan Wagar was treated at the Portland Adventice hospital and released, I notified family of Joan Wagar admitting to being a poisoner with my cell phone after Joan Wagar was taken to the hospital.

    The Portland police and the Portland Adventice hospital and the OHSU hospital pretended after the fact that I made no 911 call they acted like nothing happened!

    My wife was taken to the hospital, I was the one with internal bleeding, I was the one battered by Joan Wagar when I was on the phone with 911, and the police assault me over a stupid cigarette in my hand while my wife grins about it!

    Joan Wagar’s lover the cop Eric Carlson nick named my wife Mrs Dash and he called her that in love letters and the police assault me for having the audacity to report a serial killer.

    Everyone in Joan Wagar’s family including her daughters pretended nothings wrong, Joan Wagar and her family treated it like it’s nothing and they did not give a damn, about a month later Joan Wagar’s brother Don Minor died, and Joan Wagar took actions to try to hide her motive, she transferred from East Port Walmart to Clackamas Walmart where her sister Vickie Rosales worked, and Joan Wagar’s daughter Megan Wagar started up working at Clackamas Walmart after Joan Wagar transferred there.

    I had no way to get help from a hospital or from police and Joan Wagar admitted in her diary to this and she admits to her affair with Eric Carlson, who happens to be a cop in Portland Oregon.

    I am denied medical treatment at a hospital and the police cover up my 911 calls.

    Terry Wagar

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