Police Officer Pepper Spray Women and Children

Posted on: April 4th, 2011 287 Comments
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During a protest in the metropolitan area of Rio De Janeiro police officer Bruno Schorcht pepper sprayed innocent protesters and even women and children! It was caught on photos and camera so the evidence is clear enough. He was spraying the pepper spray directly into the eyes of waiter Rezende Gustavo Barreto that now has to use sunglasses even at night because it’s so inflamed and damaged. The police officer got departed immediately by the general commander of the Military Police, Colonel Mario Sergio Duarte.

The protest was about hundreds of people that lost their homes during the rain period last year in Niteroi, that refused to pay the rent and failed to receive the benefit of $400 which led to a big demonstration.

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287 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    They should be fired!

    • gerard gelinas says:

      Nothing but wimpy cops, a disgrace to the Badge and America…Look at the wimpy punk spraying the old lady.. I’m sure his mother is so proud of him.. This is why I keep 1 gun to throw away. These are not cops there futcher convicts. All I can say then is getem Bubba cause he’s a bitch …

      • peaceintheUS says:

        attn: Gerard Gelinas: Can you not read? This was in BRAZIL and *NOT* America! duh. The cops jacket reads: POLICIA.. we don’t have that in the US.

        • mike p says:

          did you not see what happened in NY? cop got 10 vacation days taken away. same damn thing

          • Bill says:

            When people fear for their lives they call for a policeman. When (ONE) does wrong HANG THEM ALL ! ! !

            Oh come on everyone knows that they have a high risk of self inflicted death just due to the stress.

          • e says:

            This ARTICLE has nothing to do with what happened in NYC.

        • tomie says:

          brazil is in SOUTH AMERICA STUPID. they call themselves americans also.

          • yer_a_duphass says:

            You are obviously not from Latin America because they DO NOT call themselves Americans, Americanos or anything close by a long shot.

          • Eric says:

            @Tomie, actually it is in south America as you stated and they call themselves Brazilians and not Americans. Americans is a term used to describe North Americans in the USA. Every country in south America has a distinct country and heritage that they adhere to… eg Peru=Peruvians, Bolivia=Bolivians. The distinct name of being American is due to the fact that ALL of the states in North America, including Alaska and Hawaii are under a common government, whereas those in South America are not.

          • youreanidiot says:

            no…actually no they dont…dumbass

          • jerry says:

            canada is also in north america,the much bigger half at that. we dont call our selves americans,the only real amaricans are the native indians.america is a continent,not a country.

          • Andrew Woodworth says:

            …and Bermuda is a country, also in North America.

          • Devon says:

            @tomie: Actually Bermuda is a big ass island in the north atlantic ocean dumb ass. Not part of north america at all

          • George says:

            You guys have forgotten Mexico haha

      • Mike D says:

        umh, I guess you did not read the article. This happened in Brazil.

      • matt says:

        This is in Brazil.

      • Mitch says:

        Yup disgrace to America even though they are in Rio.. Get your facts and spelling straight..

      • Mrs. Smith says:

        This ISN’T in America….it’s in Brazil. Either way it’s still a disgrace to the badge.

        • Jumbo says:

          Brazil is in America.

        • Ben Allred says:

          mrs. smith, Brazil IS part of the America’s. that’s why they call it SOUTH America and NORTH America. Canada and Mexico are also part of the Americas as well as the United states of America.

          • Todd says:

            Brazil is not America…. get your facts straight!!!

          • brandy says:

            Looking at these pictures make me sad. Reading these comments make me sad. i am 27 years old and live in Richmond Va. i have a 5 year old son and friends and family who i love dearly. The thought of anyone doing this for “fun” or some type of “power trip” is disgusting and unjust. I keep thinking to myself what if this happened to my son or any one of my loved ones? And then i think what if it happened to the people who put such hateful and negative responses to things like this or to there family? And it still makes me sick, i receive no joy from these thoughts and it saddens my heart to know that there really are sick sad demented people in this world willing to freely spread there hate violently to other beings or to leave such jaw dropping ignorant hateful remarks towards something like this . PLEASE FORGIVE THEM LORD AND HELP THEM TO SEE YOUR LIGHT AMEN

          • David says:

            You’re correct Ben we’re all Americans. The others here that are screaming that the other countries on this continent aren’t Americans are only showing their ignorance. Its sad to see so many people objecting the mire idea that there are other countries called America. In fact they have been American a lot longer than we have been!

        • PS says:

          I can´t believe how uneducated some of you are. The continent is called “America”, and it is divided into North, Central, and South America. The “United States of America” (HINT HINT “United States of…”) is part of a continent called America. Therefore, Brazil is in South America, which is indeed part of a continent called America.
          If you still don´t get this, please go back to primary school. Thanks.

          • Geography Lesson says:

            Uneducated? There is no continent called “America” for starters. There ARE, however, seven continents and they are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. North America and South America haven’t been commonly referred to as “The Americas” for hundreds of years. Furthermore, citizens of the United States of America ARE called AMERICANS, not USAvians or some other ridiculous made-up name. Just like a Brazilian is from Brazil and Mexican or Canadian is from Mexico or Canada respectively, AMERICANS ARE FROM “AMERICA” (HINT HINT “The shortened form of United States of…”).

            So before you start doling out your disbelief in the ignorance of others you might want to check yours at the door, sucka. 😛

          • David says:

            One up for you, but anyone can copy information off Wikipedia. That fact of the discussion was We’re not the only Americans. So go a head and change the subject and also your ignorance! Have a good day!

          • Ken says:

            Geography Lesson, please tell us where Africans come from. Let me help, the come from Nigeria, Eygyt, Ghana, Ethopia,etc. They are still Africans. Just as the Spanish are European and the Chinese are Asian. Brazilians are Americans and so are Mexicans. It’s only arrogance of the U.S. that wants to exclude other countries on the American Continents.

          • 'Murica says:

            To Geography Lesson: I think you should actually HAVE a geography AND History lesson. Specially before trying to ‘teach’ someone something you don`t know.

            You said that America has not been referred to as “The Americas” for *HUNDREDS OF YEARS*. Wow. That`s really huge, HUNDREDS, when the world has 4 bi years… Or when Human History goes far as 4000 b.c. Even before there was you petty USA, there was ALREADY America. (actually, historically speaking, the first America is South America 😉 wikipedia, will u.)
            So basically, just because nowadays you, USA citizens, like to call yourselves “americans” doesn`t mean AT ALL that you are the americans, and not the rest of the population of the continent.

            Which, by the way, some others may refer as the America`s as just one Continent, specially because it is a continuous mass of land connected (before the Panama canal).

            So let`s say, if a contry like Brazil decides to change it`s name to “United States of Europe”, doesn`t mean that their population will be THE europeans. I think you got the easy analogy 😉

      • Bubba says:

        “Gerard”: the only Bitch is you for being too stupid to read where this happened. Moron.

      • Stacy says:

        This occurred in Brazil not America it would have been a good idea to have read the article…before commenting Gerard 🙂

      • lyle says:

        Hey you should read its not America

      • Nathan says:

        These white cops are doing this all over the world!! Fucking evil pigs

    • Cynthia says:

      For those who are not understanding WHY we are saying this is NOT in America. When those of us who live in the USA say America, we mean the USA. When people speak of Rio or Brazil, we say SOUTH America, not America. It’s the way we establish WHERE something is. America or South America. This incident took place in SOUTH America, not America as in the USA. So now can we stop arguing about it? Arguing about logistics is just plain ignorant of what the issues actually are. Yes, issues do take place in the USA, but we noticed more brutal police disregard in other countries. Something like this would never have been allowed in the USA. I don’t even think most officers in the USA carry pepper spray or mace for the most part.

      • Grammar Nazi says:

        *semantics (not logistics)

      • Sanchez says:

        Actually Cynthia They do carry pepper spray … its actually called OC spray … and its carried so the cops woun’t go for their guns first to shoot … but then again we see how that turns out right?

      • Chely says:


        It is sad that the reason for the post to show disgust for what happened in Rio; however, this type of brutality does happen in the USA and is not isolated to other countries. We may not see it in our own communities, but it happens. I am sad to say, that CA is riddled with power hungry officers and brutality happens from one end of the state to the other. We are just told that people are beaten at the OCCUPY Oakland protest just recently held this week. Police brutality happens… very sad, but at times it is simply ‘justified’ in writing.

        and if it isn’t the spray that Sanchez mentioned, then it is tazers…

        • Tim J says:

          Lol at stupid Americans arguing over nonsensical rubbish that has no value! Go watch some more TV! Cops anywhere will have a small number that will abuse their power. Most Americans don’t own a passport so would have no idea about anything to do with other nations so naturally think that just about anything which vaguely looks American is, even without reading the story… Go figure…

      • carol says:

        cynthia, what the part of amrica do u live in that cops dont carry mace???? cops all over nys carry mace and there was just a case a couple months ago where a college cop killed a kid with mace. furthermore, u display ur ignorance a far worse things that have happened in the us and cops walked free. do you remember rodney king? how about the african kid, i think his name was diallo, who was shot 36 times for pulling out his wallet to present id to cops and they “thought” he had a gun? how about the mentally disabled kid in fla. just this summer who was killed by cops. i could go on but i think u should have the point by now.

      • surfer9z says:

        Pepper Spraying Police in the USA:

        Senior NYPD Officer Accused in Wall Street Pepper-Spray Incident Subject of 2004 Investigation

        The Guardian newspaper reports the senior New York City police officer accused of pepper-spraying young women at close range during a peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” march on Saturday is the subject of a pending legal action over his conduct brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. The hacker collective Anonymous claimed responsibility on Monday for posting the name of the officer, Anthony Bologna, online.
        (From DemocracyNow.Org)

      • surfer9z says:

        Here’s the video of the sept. 2011 USA policeman pepper spraying peaceful young women:


    • AshleyMac says:


    • ricky jay says:


    • brandy says:

      @ peaceintheUS——– are you just plain stupid… brazil is part of AMERICA YOU IDIOT…

  2. Kyle Broflovski says:


  3. Derek Pierson says:

    Ehhhh!! probably deserved it…

    • SEAN says:


    • Dreama says:

      Hey hey hey, take a gadenr at what’ you’ve done

    • rob says:

      well lets tie you down scum and spray it in your face, and yeah you deserve it coz your a scumbag who thinks its good to beat on women and children

      • GG says:

        what good does it do to be astounded and enraged at the abuse we see and then us becoming abusive to others??? I don’t get it. Sorry – there is no excuse for abuse. PERIOD. Everyone EVERYONE – deserves compassion. Perpetrators and victims alike. When we can sit and radiate peace and see that we are all cut from the same cloth and that those who hurt are hurting, we can then minister love where it is mostly needed. Peace out!

        • zaire says:

          obviously u have been fed grain all ur life and live in a farm stall. cuz u sound like a sheep waiting to be sherd. i bet ur a middle class crystal waving hippie who never leaves ur yurt. except to by more couscous. well the rest of us live on earth friend. and the brutalizers learn nothing from bleeding hearts wh9o want to hug them and understand their pain. instead of their victims….FAIL!

          • Stereotyping much? says:

            Why such hate on someone you classify as a hippie? What did he do to you to make you want put him down like this? This is what he was trying to get across. You shouldn’t shun people for how they dress or act unless its something really bad like a crime or like the above pictures. They shouldn’t have to be put down for how they look just because it does not look decent or good to you. They shouldn’t have to be shunned just for acting differently or thinking differently than you. Every person is different. We all don’t act, look, think, or do things the same as the next person, so why are you putting him down for his ideals?

          • not a yank says:

            Zaire, it is equally obvious that you are of exceptionally low intelligence, as you are completely unable to construct a sentence properly, let alone spell such simple words as “buy”.

        • Kerry says:

          are you kidding me? the perpetrators need compassion too? i think not hippy

        • Davey says:

          ew. Horrible liberal. Attitudes like yours cause just as much harm as they seek to avoid by giving people free rein to do whatever they like without consequences. I tell you one thing, if I ever got my hands on that cop he’d sure be hurting then.

        • GAIJININJA says:

          Argh! Sounds too much like religious crap. Peace and love to everyone. Yeah, I LOVE the a-hole that just pepper sprayed me and my kid for no reason. Yeah right, I wanna tear the damn chico’s intestines out and hang him with them. THAT’S how it works in the real world. That’s about how these people feel about it.

    • Good job says:

      Successful troll was success! Good job bro. they mad

    • trollface.jpg says:

      Well played.
      THEY MAD, BRO.

  4. Tom Trollstein says:

    I hope your family gets peppersprayed by an officer abusing his power.

    They’ll probably deserve it.


    • How do you know they were abusing their power? Were you there? Do you know the circumstances? Have you ever been pepper sprayed? Do you know if it’s better than the alternatives?

      I think all of those answers are “No”. That doesn’t stop you from having an ignorant, uniformed, opinion and stating it as though it were incontrovertible fact.

      I am not saying that police abuse of authority doesn’t happen in Brazil or anywhere else. But, until you know some facts, STFU “asshole”. (When you use those terms for someone else, you’re making it OK to have them used for you.)

      • Lou says:

        @ James Smith, your statement may very well be true but when you start pepperspraying young children, you have officially crossed The Douchebag line. I bet this guy rides a Ducati, practices mixed martial arts and has unprotected sex with young boys.

        • Camille Christie says:

          Thanks for this answer, not only is it probably spot on, the last part of your last sentence cracked me up. : )

          Derek, if you think police brutality doesn’t exist you are living in a fantasy world. Do those children remotely look like they’re doing anything to warrant being sprayed in the face?? Does that person in the black and white striped shirt look like they’re doing anything to warrang being sprayed in the face? The answer to those two questions….. is NO!!!

        • linda B says:

          loll,,I bet he does too.. looks like the type..

        • Sprayem says:

          Anyone named Lou is a good candidate for humping young children too. STFU Lou, I say spray ’em all and give them something to cry about. By the way, the top pic looks photoshopped!

          • teresa payne says:

            I ALSO THOUGHT THIS PICTURE LOOKS VERY PHOTO SHOPPED. the crowd around doesn’t even appear to be unruly or out of hand at all! Why would someone just randomly spray. A kid?
            And everyone around doesn’t look a bit concerned. If that kid was mine, I’d be shielding her, moving her,ect
            Plus that stream coming from his mace bottle looks Fake as hell

          • Your nightmare says:

            YOU look photoshopped (fake ass human). Lol

          • Stop IT says:

            Yeah, well those photos of the peaceful protestors in Selma, Alabama weren’t photoshopped. That didn’t stop the cops from turning their dogs and fire hoses on them though.

            Funny how people turn a blind eye to actual events, but have super eye powers to tell when something is photo shopped!

            Same people who will say the peaceful protest never happened!

          • Lindsay J. says:

            It’s probably just bug spray.

          • Robotnik says:

            Go back to 4chan, sociopath.

          • Carmella says:

            Lindsay J if its bug spray, 1) WHY THE HELL WOULD A COP HAVE BUG SPRAY! 2)That would still hurt and would be worse than pepper spray.

        • Chrissi says:

          please don’t be nasty to the poor Ducatis, they’re not the greatest bike, but they’re still real bikes

      • Rachel says:

        You’re the one that sounds ignorant, uninformed, and also insensitive to the fact that IT is NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, OKAY TO PEPPER SPRAY A CHILD. And as far as the context of this incident goes, the protesters have been noted in this article and many others as being peaceful. So it’s okay to pepper spray people for doing absolutely nothing wrong? Have YOU ever been pepper sprayed? Have you ever felt the inferno of burning in your eyes, nose, and throat? Have YOU ever experienced the uncontrollable coughing or the temporary blindness? Yeah. You STFU, asshole. They are OBVIOUSLY abusing their power, and you’re an idiot for not observing this when it’s right in your face.

        • linda B says:

          irregardless of the circumstances at the given time,,,what gives an Officer who is supposed to be upholding the Law, the right to Pepper spray a child in the face,,or that poor woman who was just standing there covering her face. I swear,that one cop asshole who pepper sprayed the little girl,,and if I was standing close by,,,he would not be going home with a full set at the end of his shift. granted I may have been pepper sprayed as well,,,,but it would have been worth it…and James,,,you seriously ned to stay in Brazil,,,come this way towards Canada after your ugly little boy touching face is seen all over the net…you will be going back to Brazil in a pine box you freak.

        • GAIJININJA says:

          The kid could have had an AK-47. Oh, hang on, that’s Afghanistan, not the South Americas. That kid could have had an Uzi! Whoops, that’s L.A. OK, that kid had some cocain and the chico wants it. No, that’s Cuba and Chicos are Mexican. The kid could have stuck her tongue out and the cop just got revenge ’cause he’s corrupt. Ah, now THAT’S Brazil. Ok, now we’ve all had a laugh, lets get back to the point at hand which is “It’s not ok to pepper spray children.”

      • me says:

        How do you know it’s not abuse when the guy pepper sprayed a *child*? Why would he do that? Because she deserved it? Or because he thought he’d get away with it? The only facts I see is a man spraying pepper spray into a little girls eyes. That’s all the facts I need. I agree pepper spray is a better alternative in a lot of cases as far as protests that are starting to get out of hand but there is absolutely no excuse for this.

        • Keith says:

          really? Your facts are you see a pic of man spraying pepper spray into a little girls eyes? Am I looking at the same pic? I see the spray hitting the back of her neck. OH i get it, she is a future teacher or mom with eyes in the back of her head.
          When stating what you say are facts at least get those facts right.

          • Eric says:

            @Keith: The kid is turning her head away after being hit with the spray, retard. You need to see a pic of the kid actually facing the spray to believe that’s what happened? Are you THAT stupid? Do you also need to see a bullet passing through a body to understand seeing someone who was just shot? The lack of common sense is astonishing.

          • youkiddingme? says:

            so not only does everyone know what’s going on in this photo, but you also know what was happening BEFORE the photo? wow, eric, you’re amazing.

            actually, i read another article that had another angle of the SAME incident which SHOWED he was pepper spraying a man crouched down behind the little girl. yes, it did hit the girl and that sucks, and yes, it is true some brazilian cops are corrupt, BUT SO IS SOME MEDIA! you can look at a pic and assume you know what’s happening, but that makes you ignorant. the fact that this photo is misleading and even being labeled as american is BS in itself. many of you proved you didn’t even read the article, yet you have no problem spouting off what you believe to be “facts”!

            the fact is you were not there and you did not see what happened. period. i do not condone police brutality or misconduct, so don’t get me wrong here. but i also don’t believe all cops are “pigs’ (let’s see who you turn to when you’re family has been victimized and you need help).

            if you want to attack someone, how about the mother? i personally was upset that she was not shielding and protecting her child.

      • James Smith João Pessoa is an ASSHOLE says:

        There are much better alternatives to subdue someone, especially a small child. Anyone with half a fucking brain would know that.

        James, you are an idiot. I’m afraid you are the only ignorant, misinformed and possibly mentally retarded person here if you are standing up for this douche bag who decided it would be a good idea to pepper spray a small child. Even his commanding officer removed him from duty for his actions you fucking moron. Keep your ignorant, idiotic, moronic comments to yourself you dumb cunt.

      • Mr. Cat says:

        Children, dickhead. The first picture is all you need to see to know that the officer is willing to abuse his power.

      • Joe says:

        You motherfucker. do you have children? i hope to god you don’t you shit. if you do, imagine someone punching them directly in the face. a grown man at that. think things through you dip shit. i can’t believe people like you who question whether or not this is brutality are allowed walk around. you should be beaten every day until you realize that THIS is in fact wrong, in every way. go fuck your mother now ok?

      • Your mom's chest hair says:

        Shut your fat ass up, you racist, child hating bitch

      • Sunshine28 says:

        @James Smith…. it sounds as if you may have been part of the “MOB” that are expected to protect and serve the public by treating humans HUMANE! They lack training and are the reason our American Government feels the need to step in for the ppl of foriegn countries.
        They deserve to be prosecuted internationally for hate crimes against lower class citizens. This treatment is unacceptable in the USA and those lives are just as valuable as ours.
        And we wonder why the next generation is growing up to hate authority…

      • Hazel says:

        It doesnt matter, James!!! HE IS PEPPERSPRAYING A CHILD!!! And these women and children have their BACKS to them, submissively!!! YOU are obviously IGNORANT and UNINFORMED. It doesnt take a genius to look at this picture, of this cop casually pepperspraing a little girl, to see that this is an ABUSE OF POWER. The cop has the pepperspray. The pepperspray = the power. Spraying a defenseless, innocent CHILD = abuse of said power. You have no feelings, do you? You’re just a sheep, and you probably abuse kids YOURSELF. Asshat.

      • mary says:

        tHERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH facts for a grown ass man cop or not to be pepper spraying a little girl with her back to him and her head down!! you asshole. Let us get to your family your daughter, sister , mamma , niece or who ever in your family and see how this works as an alternative for your racist ass.

      • benngrym says:

        when is the pepper spraying of a litle girl ever justified

      • Max Perez says:

        Yes, the kid poses a terrible threat to a trained uniformed bully. Sure, that kid is a menace and deserved it, all to preserve the rights of the policeman. Can you hear yourself man? This is an outrage, don’t try to minimize it or disguise it. No circumstance can possibly justify pepperspraying a kid.

      • Dedrick Mack says:

        No James, You Shut The Fuck Up, your just defending this asshole because you condone abusing little black kids, your bitch ass wasn’t there either, I’ll Fuck you up, Punk ass

      • LARRY says:


      • Gordon says:

        James,this is inexcusable anytime,any place.You have lost your common sense if you agree that this is what humanity is all about…

      • PeteVonHolle says:

        James…I hope you get brutally anal raped with a sharpened broom stick that has been doused in gasoline and lit on fire first, and then beaten to death with a sack full of rotten food, nails, and broken glass!!! Then may you burn in hell for eternity suffering the same fate over and over again, while I piss and shit all over your grave screaming HAIL SATAN!!!!

      • Trust says:

        @James Smith and who ever else that think this is a good thing to do,
        No matter the situation James Smith there is not reason a grown man should spray a young child and an old women. That is totally unnecessary! What kind of person are you (and/or anyone else) to take a look at that picture and think for some reason that would be a good idea. You have serious sicological problems and you need to be evaluated by a professional psychologist!!!
        People please try your best to make sure this form of action does not take place anywhere again.
        May your highest authority bless you!

      • Kecia says:

        @James Smith are you on crack power or not do you want him to peper spray your child or grandchild.

      • Robotnik says:

        We DON’T know the story, but there are several things that we can infer from the first photograph alone.

        The man’s posture suggests he’s not in any danger or feeling any sort of threat, as his is one of a casual stride and not one indicating alarm.

        The mother’s pose suggests that the gravity of her child being pepper sprayed hasn’t yet sunk in by the time the photograph was taken, suggesting she probably wasn’t being violent, as if she had been, she would have been on alert.

        The child is… well, a child. Too small to pose any real threat and too non-threatening to warrant macing.

        Your simplistic rationalization is baffling. “You don’t know what happened.” You’re right, we can’t know for sure, but people have deductive reasoning capabilities. It seems pretty clear to me, and to anyone who isn’t an authority-fearing suck-up, that this police officer has abused his power as a peace keeper by harming a child.

        And you’re letting him get away with it, willfully, on the basis that photographic evidence is no evidence whatsoever.

        Which, like I said, makes me sick.

      • Michelle says:

        You are the worse kind of human bean, why are you taking up God’s good air…Damn well he abused his power and going straight to HELL with his mam me’, piece of shit daddy, demon seed children and your worthly ASS!!!

      • itsme says:

        Since when is pepper spraying a child of about 7 years old, a girl at that, NOT abusing power. Yes I have been pepper sprayed…It hurt like a bitch. I was in jail in restraints. They didnt like what I was saying. What is the alternative Leave the little kid alone…pepper spray the adult…I can come up with a few. You seem to be the asshole here.

      • mary says:

        James Smith you are a troubled man probably one of the people on the force. There’s never a reason for a grown person to abuse a child like this, if you think this is ok I pray God have mercy on your soul and favor over your family, because remember what goes around comes around I hope you never have to see anything like this happen to any children in your family. May God forgive you for even thinking about the alternative.

    • Papa Legba says:

      Yeah you dumb ass, that kid deserved to get pepper sprayed in the face. What a tool you are.

      • mary says:

        May God forgive you, and deliver you from yourself because you’ve got to be some kinda of devil to say a child should be peppered sprayed by a grown man. Pepper spray may be burning this little girl now but, it’s nothing compared to how you’re going to burn in hell continual if you don’t consider repenting from your evil ways.

    • Teddy Trollingsworth says:

      That’s not pepperspay, it’s obviously AXE cause the cops can’t stand the smell of the kids and that old woman

    • Jim Smith says:

      I think this is absolutely horrible, no one should use this amount of force at a demonstration like this.

  5. rose says:

    Those police are just doing their job. Yeah it’s not good to spray those pepper sprays on those humans but those police are on the authority to do those things on those people.

    • SEAN says:


      • I couldn’t agree more! the little girl (who was recently made into a zombie) was just trying to bite the officer… how are zombie’s supposed to spread the infection if they are pepper sprayed every time they try to bite someone! HOW UNFAIR!

        The second photo the officer should really be peppering the dude in the yellowish shirt because he’s pointing out that zombified woman with the handkerchief… such atrocities!

      • Caps lock on left says:

        The caps lock key is on the left, right above shift and next to the “a”

    • Eric says:

      Yep, I’m sure pepper spraying little girls is in the cops job description…

    • me says:

      Just doing their job? So spraying pepper spray in a child’s eyes is part of their job description? Because they have the “authority” they can do what they want with it even when it is admittedly wrong? Now that is the epitome of abuse of power.

    • Rosemarie DiMatteo says:

      Well, you have personally confirmed for me that there is absolutely no limit to the ignorance of a certain segment of the population. BTW, you’re in that segment. And segment means ‘a PART of’. You are in that part of limitlessly ignorant people. You.

    • Hazel says:

      Um. I hope YOU and YOUR FAMILY get peppersprayed- because cops have the authority to. I have a feeling that THAT just might change your small, ignorant-assed mind. Disgusting.

    • Your nightmare says:

      Haha, you just make me laugh. Can’t be serious.

    • Robotnik says:

      A police officer breaks into your house, kills your husband and rapes your grandchildren, holding you at gunpoint while you watch.

      What could you do? He’s just exercising his authority.

    • mary says:

      Rose you should just keep your opinion to yourself because for one your statement made no sense! oh but wait!!thats probably because you really don’t have any sense!! just shut-up

  6. lance says:

    whats the whole story behind behind the protest this cant be all.. what was the protest about and what were they doing.. im not defending the cops they shouldnt pepper spray women and children unless they are totally out of line but they also wont attack people for no reason.

    • Sunshine28 says:

      where do u live…. i’m sorry to be the one to awaken you from the fantasy world you live in but in the real world(even in USA) COPS often use unnecessary, excessive force for no reason. Have u forgotten about the Rodney King case amongst many others. Cops sometime live criminal lives themselves and dont get paid much so they thrive off of power and controll. Thierr are many racist, power abusing, liars on the police force so come out of ur bubble.

      • benngrym says:

        real talk sunshine

      • Mdhl says:

        Rodney king was high on fking drugs! Loaded out of his gourd! You cant even usethat as an example….. RETARD! King was to doped out to care about anything or anyone! He started swinging and threating the officers first… For fk sakes….. Find a better comparison you ignorant twitt!

        • Stop IT says:

          So why didn’t just one cop fight him one-on-one, without weapons, without help? Stun guns existed then, so did mace, yet they had to do the whole beating, stomping, kicking routine, with clubs, etc.

          Being high is not a reason to have officers abuse their authority! You use a better comparison!

          • Reason says:

            Rodney King was never proven to be high that I was aware of but all account that I’ve heard agree that he was hit with the stun gun twice and told to stay down, and just kept getting up. I believe that the cops then started using the batons.
            I don’t know what the cops are using but if it was pepper spray I would expect a more violent (even if involintary) action such as tearing and such. If it is pepper spray it has been wattered down quite a bit.

          • really says:

            Because Rodney King was kicking the shit out of five of the Officers, who were complete pussies before, during and after…Can’t we all just get along!

          • Mdhl says:

            Rodney king was arrested shortly before that incident for being under the influence, AND shortly after he was arrested for, guess what? Yup, once again under the influence… Mr. King cant keep off the sht! Hes been locked up numerous times for using illegal drugs. And, during his arrest that day of the beating, he actually had drugs on his person!

        • exene says:


        • mary says:


          • Mdhl says:

            Oh yeah mary, you got me! All i did was state an obvious problem with the fellas comparison…. And some how im a racist? Yeah, RIGHT! Its people that act and say things such as yourself that is whats wrong. I served in the united states navy, and have a great family!!! And yeah, im a big corn fed white boy… But know this, ive got some brothers that are “brothas”… Yup, there black, as dark as night too! So, how am i a fkin racist?

    • Hazel says:

      It doesnt MATTER what was happening! That little girl did NOT deserve to get peppersprayed. Under no circumstances is that ok. And oh boy, look! How DARE that woman and her two small girls have the audacity to be submissively walking away!

  7. bababooey says:

    What is bababooey doing there?

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  9. Kate Enns says:

    Well written piece, thank you very much. Will visit your site more often in the future.

  10. Rod, what did you say?

  11. whats up I appreciated, your main,weblog

  12. Joe says:

    This is fake, sorry to break it to all you trying to bash on police but these pictures are not real

  13. willis says:

    Amazing the courage and strength a badge gives you. I don’t care what was going on, that p.o.s of a human being cop, should have never sprayed that child in her face. How can someone sleep at night mistreating someone like that.

  14. Darcee says:

    I have to question how real this is – the people around those getting maced, the ones on their side, don’t seem at all concerned, don’t seem to be protecting them. You’d think at least the mothers of the children would be doing something – but no, just blank stares and apathy. I highly doubt any of this is real.

    • Stop IT says:

      See march in Selma, Alabama.

    • exene says:

      I don’t believe it is real, either.

    • GAIJININJA says:

      This type of comment happens every time a pic like this shows up. You can tell by the quality of the photos that it is a high speed, high quality camera held by some one who does this for a living (reporter), not some phone camera. 5 frames a second, and only print the ONE picture of the spray hitting the kid BEFORE othe people notice, and none of the following frames showing the protesters shock, fear, some panic, and others attempting to beat the cop in retaliation. By the way, I see TWO different cops in these pics. The cop in the first one has his back to the camera, and is to the rear left in the second photo. Nothing personal, just pointing out the obvious that most people in thier emotional outbursts seem to have missed.

    • mary says:

      Darcee it’s like shooting someone in the back the people are walking away do you get it!! they are not swing at him in his face they are already walking away. In law enforcement when a subject is walking away the police don’t take one last whack at them!! keep the peace don’t disturb it. It’s a little girl with her hands covering her head where is she hiding her weapon in her bra , her panties her hands are on top of her head, at this point what kind of a threat is she to the cop?

  15. Kristen says:

    Unbelievable. A$$&*LE! This is so so not right, but I would never bring my children to a protest, and this is exactly why. “SOME” police and there will always be that “one”(or more) willing to harm a child no matter how wrong it is.

    • GAIJININJA says:

      Two days ago in Melbourne, Australia, a few people at a peaceful camp protest got a bit “in your face” towards the cops that were sent in to evict them. The protesters were warned a few days before. Most protesters obayed the police directions to move, if some what loudly and verbally, but you want to know, out of the possibly thousands of photos reporters took, which photo ended up on the front page? No, not the protesters getting abusive. The hands of two unidentified cops holding the arms of a sitting woman, trying to move her. You are unable to tell from the picture if they are forcing her to get up or assisting her up but the reporter got the pic that speeks a thousand words. A thousand that may be a lie. The woman is holding an apparently terrified, screaming, and crying toddler! Nothing is said about why the child is crying. Nothing is said about the retarded mother who took her child to the protest. Nothing is said about the fact that the cops may have been assisting the woman to get up and safely away because the surrounding protest. The picture told a thousand words. The thousand words that the reporter wanted it to say. The thousand words that the reporter posiibly waited 10 minutes for to say. That moment when two cops put thier hands on a woman holding a crying child. “CLUCK!” headline:- Cops manhandle, terrorise peacefull protesters”. (It’s not even clear if it IS cops. It could just as well have been first aid officers.) A picrure tells a thousand words, but often only the thousand the reporter patiently waits to say. The thousand that will sell the paper.

      In relation to all that, who’s to say the pepper sprayed kid didn’t just throw a rock at the cops? Not saying she did, and definatly NOT saying the cops response was the right one, but as this is obviously a professional taking the photo, we have to ask ourselves, is this the thousand words they WANT us to see?

      • mary says:

        Gaijininja honey you just used a thousand words and said absolutely nothing. At the end of the day regardless if the kid threw a rock that is still not a reason for any grown person no matter who or what their profession is they still should not abuse children. they are to protect and serve not abuse children. Just go some place and sit down in your world of a thousand words this is just plain old wrong. Hope you don’t have any children keep them away from the rocks.

  16. Lilybright says:

    Isn’t that just the problem? The cops ‘have the authority”, the state-sanctioned power and ‘legitimacy’ to do something that is manifestly wrong, abusive of the individual – who happens also to be a minor – and , by extension, the rights of the vast majority of human being. The police just happen to protect the interests of the very few. Who just happen to control the wealth and the institutions like- oh, the cops – in society. Odd, that?

  17. OMFG I would so go to jail for murder! hurt me fine hurt my kid I will fricken destroy you! that was totally uncalled for this man should have he badge and gun taken the shit beaten out of him and well he just needs an ass beating……..just saying OMFG he better be thankful that was not my kid……. grrrrrrrr

  18. CK says:

    …I have NO respect for the police just as the jews should have fought back against the brownshirts of Nazi Germany. Individual police officers are taking advantage of the power behind their uniforms….single them out and they are just weak knee’s pussies.

  19. kay sorrels says:

    guess it wasnr an american cop huh??????? so quick to point the finger not even in our country. but i still see its wrong. but dont point the finger tell your sure ty an american who cares.i would spray theses officers back as punisment.see how they like it .

  20. c hold says:

    Look closely at the first two. They are chopped-shopped. FAKE, Fake…

  21. Kim says:

    1. The cop abused power
    2. If I was going to protest, I would not take my child.
    3. Although I would not like it, but if I participated in a protest fighting I would be aware that the posibility of the police trying to get rid of my loitering could entail pepper spray.
    4. If I was going to a protest, I would not take my child.
    5. I might go down fighting at a protest, and take a cop down, and risk the night in jail.

    • she should have checked out www.babysitter.com says:

      yeah, she clearly should have hired a babysitter and left the kids at home like any sensible person.
      That said, if you’re protesting like these people because a) your home has been destroyed and b) you haven’t received the compensation promised by the government, you might have to make alternate arrangements.

      the article’s only two paragraphs. do try to keep up.

  22. Valkyrie says:

    This happened back in March in the city of Niteró…in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Cpt. Bruno Schorcht is the man with the pepper spray, and this picture is partially accurate. He is spraying a man and soldier behind the women and children. However, they were all affected and subsequently he, along with another officer, have been suspended until the end of the investigation…which could result in their imprisonment of six months for each offense.

    • Max Perez says:

      Are you kidding me? A soldier? Is he using any kind of invisibility uniform or something? They pee on us and say it’s rain and we believe it. That is why we, the people, lost power all around the globe.

      • youkiddingme? says:

        so rather than giving you a heated, emotional response, valkyrie gives a rational one followed with a link for you to do your own research and you respond with pure stupidity? sure, some cops are corrupt, but much more of the media is. so who is the one that will believe anything their told?

    • Chrissi says:

      is that all, should be more

    • Concerned in the USA says:

      I’d like to know if the soldier and man standing behind the child and her mother is a figment of your imagination. If you look at the directio of the pepper spray, it is directly at the child and she is reacting to it. WHICH MEANS HE IS SPRAYING TH PEPPER SPRAY DIRECTLY AT HER, Wake up people!

    • mary says:


    • youkiddingme? says:

      i did see a photo from another angle showing the man behind her, but people will only believe what they want. sure, cops are corrupt, but so is the media.

  23. This happens allot. The police have this attitude that they are above and beyond us. I am growing more untrusting of police officers as I have been assulted myself by them. They do not know what they are doing all this is just the billy B A going to their head. Authority. They are supposed to serve and protect us but this is not the case any longer. They Kick us out of our homes illegally Imprison us In the county of Holmes in florida the police men here forge and just lie on their paperwork. Knowing they are doing us wrongly. The commanding LT Harry Hammilton knowingly wrongfully evicted a family of four throwing them on the streets. When this was brought to his attention it was said shut up. Now after three years this case is still in court. Somebodys getting paid also our possessions. This is just a dirty scam. I wish all police officers were investigated. Taking sick and disabled people pulling them by the heals to put in their car for doing nothing more than walking outside. I wish something could be done. People that are disabled and have cancer are made to freeze and live outside after paying for what is rightfully theirs. This will probably get me killed this time my husband has already been shot.

  24. The Ghost says:

    Hey, guys, this aren’t American cops. These are in Brazil. Think twice and read the article before trying to bash American cops. Yes, this was wrong. But its not like the US had anything to do it.

    • Helen Highwater says:

      Actually they are American, just not citizens of the USA. They are in Brazil which is in South America. Awful lot of “Americans” that don’t live in the land of Uncle Sam. Absolutely trivial… but a pet peeve of mine.

      I think what recently happened in NYC with Officer Bologna is proof that: yes it can and it does happen here in the USA. Macing people who aren’t fighting you or aren’t threatening the lives of others – physically is not just wrong, it should be considered assault. We entrust these people with our lives, property, laws, etc. If they do something like this, they need to (be forced to) find a new job, and their record should go with them so that they never get another job in law enforcement again. JMHO

    • mary says:


  25. Melbie says:

    Kim- how do you know that woman took her children to a protest? looks to me like she was simply walking. You don’t know where the protest took place maybe it was outside a popular shopping mall, store, restaurant, etc. She could have just been walking somewhere with her children and got in the line of fire of a pepper spray happy, power abusing asshole cop. Because honestly it does not look like she is doing anything but walking past that cop. I could be wrong but even if she did take her kids to a protest and she did do something that in his opinion warranted pepper spraying why did he spray them as they were walking away? This woman doesn’t seem to be putting this officer in any imminent danger or resisting arrest. On that note, an officer should only use pepper spray as an act of self defense- when he feels his own personal safety or that of fellow officers being threatened. To be used as a means to avoid shooting people- not the way police are using it
    now and spraying people that say something the officer doesn’t like or
    to get someone to shut up if they are protesting. They use pepper spray like 3 year old boys with water guns!! It’s ridiculous and out of control.

  26. hey james smith from brazil you like sucking police cock dont you? and what are you doing in brazil anyway reselling kids or teaching the filth corrupt officials how to murder them…. CIA ?

    I`m on facebook bitch if you wanna respond

  27. cheryl says:

    OMG really? So some people on here would rather claim this is fake than face the reality that this crap happens – all the time.

    The child is protecting her head from the spray. The photographer obviously caught it as it just started as the mother hasnt realized yet. Most people in the pics are not looking directly so thats why they are not reacting – they are not seeing it.

    NO ONE has the right to treat anyone this way – and what kind of coward maces a child or an adult for that matter, instead of just turning a deaf ear to whatever is being said. I dont care if the lady called the cop names, theres a special breed of coward who will spray instead of tune a deaf ear.

    Just because they are part of law enforcement does not mean they are above the law! It does not mean they do not abuse it – and often. NO MAN is ever above the other, regardless what governments try to say in every country how much liberty we have, we were born with a given right to our liberties – so no cop has authority over another being like this. The whole point of a police officer’s existence is to stop crime… where in these photos do you see a crime being committed?

    And if you think its fun or even funny to say spray them all – may karma return to you ten fold – its not so funny when its done to you or yours and you would be bitching about it all the way if it did – which makes any of you saying this is deserved, hypocrites.

    • cheryl says:

      Oh and to respond to another comment – this DOES happen in the USA, all the time. Just look at whats happened in New York… you can clearly see it on video, the two women are not doing a thing to provoke this officer and he just starts spraying them. Even as they are on their hands and knees screaming from the pain, he continues to do so. Other officers have been doing the same to many. I dont care what is said to your face, be a man and learn how to ignore it, dont be an abuser and pepper spray anybody just because you dont like what they have to say.

      This isnt new either.. research the “battle of seattle” that happened several years ago in regards to a protest against the WHO. A pregnant woman was jabbed in the belly with a beat stick. Protesters in Oregon recently were beaten and hosed down – the whole front rows, as far back as the spray could hit – and all they had been doing, was standing there.

      • Helen Highwater says:

        Standing around is fine, if you are in line to buy a new iPhone. But if you have a greater purpose, they mace you, hose you, beat you with beat sticks or tazer you. My God remember the police (in Oregon I think) that “punished” some kids who had chained themselves to gates by taking pepper spray, holding the trigger down very gently so as to get DROPS of it.. and DROPPING it directly in their eyes… That takes a lot of “fecked up” right there to do that to passive protesters.

  28. MCE says:

    I am really baffled by how many people actually believe what they see or read in the media. The top picture of the little girl is not the target. She is not the one being maced. Open your eyes, and observe the picture without letting a story and headlines feed your brain with B.S. This photograph if taken at another angle, would clearly show the police officer is macing a person behind the little girl and the family. The little girl is hiding her face, but not from direct mace contact. If you were to take a marker and draw a line from the angle of the police officer’s eyes to the line of the mace you’d see the point is behind the little girl. THIS IS A MISREPRESENTATION PEOPLE! False propaganda. I know a lot of police brutality has been going on in the world, and I am not in denial of that fact. I am just aware, and let my eyes see the truth before I let someone tell me what I should “think” is the truth. This article is lacking facts, and much more information. It’s media at it’s worst. This situation pictured at the top has been completely blown out of proportion.

    • mary says:


      • MJN says:

        MCE…..really if the police officer was spraying someone behind the little girl, was he spraying at a midget?….there is no one standing behind the little girl moron he is spraying the back of her head….and note there is a person pointing at the cop probably saying Jesus that cop is spraying a little kid….i think you should open your eyes

    • Woofer says:

      So I took a marker and drew a line to find… the officer is spraying the little girl’s mother’s ass with pepper spray.

    • youkiddingme? says:

      thank you. someone with sense.

  29. teresa payne says:

    I ALSO THOUGHT THIS PICTURE LOOKS VERY PHOTO SHOPPED. the crowd around doesn’t even appear to be unruly or out of hand at all! Why would someone just randomly spray. A kid?
    And everyone around doesn’t look a bit concerned. If that kid was mine, I’d be shielding her, moving her,ect
    Plus that stream coming from his mace bottle looks
    Fake as hell
    these pics are hilarious! So obviously fake! Like the officers are whistling ” la la la *SQUIRT* LA LA LA”
    hahaha you stupid bleeding heart types are such sheep.

  30. Chrissi says:

    Well we even get it in the Uk now, you only have to look at the trial now going on of a policeman on trial for kiling an innocent guy who was walking through I think the G8 protest last year, he just knocked the guy to the ground, and he died later from internal bleeding, and then during the student fee protests one guy in a wheelchair ended up with head injuries, and there were 12 year olds taking part in that one, because it was an issue affecting them too, and they used horses to contain them, though it did get out of hand a bit, maybe it might have been because of the heavy handed treatment the protestors got?

  31. Neil says:

    Actually he is not spraying the child in the eyes. He is spraying her on the back of her head. In my opinion what he is doing is worse. If he was spraying someone in the eyes, perhaps there could be some rational explanation for his actions. But clearly this is a group of people trying to walk away from him and he is pepper spraying them. Yes (as someone else pointed out)that officially moves him into the douche bag category.

    In defense of the police, he was removed from duty and punished for his actions. SO this was an individual act not something condoned by his department.

    In the spirit of fairness and honesty. I am a law enforcement officer. I have been pepper sprayed as part of my training. I can not think of any rational reason for what they are doing in the top picture.

    • Helen Highwater says:

      Cops like this guy thrive on the power their position grants them. Unfortunately in most states in the USA (YES I KNOW THIS IS IN BRAZIL but please take my greater point) there is no way for a perspective employer (another cop shop or sheriff office) to get the personnel records of any applicant to see if they have serious mental problems. I doubt things are much better in Brazil.. I bet you dollars to donuts that this guy is already gainfully employed as a mall cop somewhere by now, and he will work his way back into the “brotherhood”.

  32. Sidjack says:

    It is mankinds trait that those with authority become corrupted by their self importance with authority. Too do such a thing too a child and if he was an australian copper who did this then you can gaurantee the officer would be pounded and all the men who did the pounding would gladly take their hiding for bashing the dawwwg.

  33. @ James Smith, Pigs in uniforms, plenty of them all over the world and plenty of pathetic and dumb morons like you as well.

  34. mad dog says:

    The pig got fired/’departed’…. nuff said. piece of shit.

  35. mad dog says:

    Should be prosecuted…

  36. pebblerebble says:

    how do you know she didnt mouth the police officer off?

    • Russell Lewis says:

      Oh, yeah, her words were so strong and hateful that he had to spray her… big tough cop.

      • BUSHOASS says:

        these bobble headed kids nowadays need 2 learn respect 4 adults and the authorities…and if they dont learn from their sorry azzed parents then they will learn the hard way from the streets

    • pitchthedevil says:

      First of all, learn the use of basic punctuation and grammar. Secondly, so what if she did? She’s, like, 6. What the fuck is wrong with some of you people. “It looks photoshopped”, “She probably deserved it”. Jesus Christ, but you are so ignorant! There is NEVER A REASON to casually attack someone with their back to you, especially if that person is a small girl. And to the people that are saying “I wouldn’t bring my kid to a protest”, read the fucking article. Their homes have been destroyed. There was no place else for the kids to BE. They were protesting in what HAD been their neighborhood. Stupid, stupid, out of touch people.

    • Robotnik says:

      Does that make what he did right? Are we just going to allow people to get away with things because we identify them as authority figures?

      If you don’t like thinking for yourself, go into a field and join a herd of cattle.

  37. Kecia says:

    I am sure he is a hero to his cop friends but in the end he will reap it back I just pray its not on his kids.

  38. utopia says:

    she’s all of 5? and how does that warrant being MACED fuckbag. He IS macing the person BEHIND the child but its still undue care of a weapon! Why discharge the mace so freely? Intentional or not he is obviously not using any sort of due care and is most likely power drunk. This current issue is in Brazil and happens more frequently all over the world than people living in their bubble will admit. OPEN YOUR EYES DOUCHEBAGS.

  39. What a bunch of low life, piece of shit, ass-holes. Women and children. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a disgrace to the uniform. Hope they go blind for such abuse. ;0)~~~

  40. Rashida says:

    That was not pepper spray. They say its mace. Mace is a chemical that is 10 times worse than pepper spray and actually creates a chemical burn on contact. Its now illegal to even have in the United States now. I don’t care what kind of sassing or back talking a child does, applying MACE is outrageously wrong! The picture doesn’t looked photo shopped to me. There is a bystander behind the mother and kids pointing the police man out in objection to what he’s doing. Everyone else has their heads tucked and look like they’re moving forward to get the hell outta the way. That officer should be brought up on charges. They have him in 3 shots acting out his aggressions on the innocent. Abusing his power and authority to do harm. I hope the lawyer is able to get justice for that child! That police man over stepped his privilege with that rogue behavior. No matter what was going on, MACE should NEVER be turned on a baby.

  41. deseee says:

    This is so fake! Look at the childs shirt if she was pepper sprayed she would have wet spots on her back. Also the pepper spray stops right before the mothers elbow.. GTFOH!

  42. john says:

    i think parents that bring thier childern to a protest should be jailed!!!!!! what do they have to do with any issues going on??? NONE ! ! !

    • zaire says:

      they are protesting so they can have a home for these very children. so u fail in ur point. it makes absolute sense to have the monsters face who it is they are dispossesing.

  43. gcluskey says:

    Such a shame to see child abusers in a police force. It saddens me to see humans having such disregard for each other. Its why the world is in the state its in. I saw the same disregard in those people in China that drove across that child and the people who walked by ignoring what had just happened. Who’s protecting who? Who is willing to offer help to their fellow man? There are people all round the world who actually don’t give a fuck about what happens others. Some day something could happen in your life and when you really need that human help you could be unfortunate enough to have these people as your only option. God help us

  44. zaire says:

    well subhuman(james),why don’y u admit that u share this mans disease and see nothing wrong with brutality if its aimed at black people. because this is obviously the ailment this man has. i didn’t know brazil was such a backwards place. all those travel brochures never mention this shyt. this is why we should never go to this hell hole of country. it is clearly ok to be less than human where african decended people are concerned.even in the 21 century. makes me sick to have to face up to this yet again.the time will come when the powers that be all over the planet will have to face the wrath of the people they see as lacking human dignity. we will not continue to take this shyt.

  45. flores says:

    Wow the things people say is amazing these are children. The people of this parish has a right to express their fustration. Why is it that cops can abuse their rights because they feel they can. This is so childess like a big bully. He should be exile and ban from this town

  46. Robotnik says:

    No one can reasonably make the “authority” argument. If this had happened to your child, or your family member, you would be right here with us.

    As it stands, you’re pathetic if you side with these particular cops. Don’t suck up to authority for the sake of avoiding detection.

  47. Wes says:

    While the act is horrid, let’s get one fact straight.
    This did NOT occur in the US.
    It DID occur in Rio de Janeiro.
    The “officer” is part of the Brazilian Military Police.
    Here’s the information on each region and a photo that has a match for the uniform on the second pic.


    • mary says:


  48. hehe says:

    we will have POLICIA in ”america” very soon when we latinos take over this country hehe

  49. Angela says:

    Just goes to show,that “Police Brutality” does not dicriminate; no matter where you live. If it were’nt for the thousands of Americans who vacation in Rio every year,then the country would be impoverished. What I’m seeing is a light skinned Brazilian showing racism towards the dark skinned Brazilians. Does’nt matter that it’s a child. She happens to be a dark skin child! I fell that some law enforcers are “taught” to make the public fell that they are superior and wearing a badge means: “I am King”. The officers in these photos will not help you in your time of need. They are more than likely to sit back and watch a crime being committed,which will give them a reason,to kick your ass!. They will shoot first,and ask questions later!. Because some civilians will not stand up for their human rights,then incidents like this will continue to happen all over the world. “Know your rights and your democracy”. Don’t be a victim,be a fighter!

  50. christopher says:

    Hey Wes lets review the history of illegal and unprofessional police actions in the US before we state ignorantly such things or worse do not happen in the good ole USA, they indeed do and have.

  51. MT says:

    Uh, maybe it is mosquito repellant, and the cops are good-guys.

    I know – it would never happen. But wouldn’t the cops be helping if that was really what they were doing?

    They have never helped me, and every time tried to screw with me.

  52. RJ says:

    To all that keep writing that Brazil is America… It IS South America, however, when people say America they’re going to automatically think USA.. so , stop saying it’s American you freaking momo’s and just call it Brazil ! as far as this feeble minded tough guy, he needs to have pepper sprayed in HIS eyes, followed by a healthy dose of 99% Rubbing Alcohol and sea salt, to be followed by a Pineapple to be shoved directly up his ass, then ripped out and crammed down his throat…

  53. Keith says:

    Looks like photoshop to me. Just another activist trying to drum up support by faking some photos.

  54. ZsaMixola says:

    “The protest was about hundreds of people that lost their homes during the rain period last year in Niteroi, that refused to pay the rent and failed to receive the benefit of $400 which led to a big demonstration.”

    They’re protesting because they didn’t get their benefits or homes replaced. They need to get off the entitlement train, pick up their pieces and get a move on. The real disaster here in America during Katrina was the hoards of people who depended on Uncle Sam’s titty for provision.

    I’m not talking about relocation reimbursement or 90 days worth of benefits to help them get back on their feet, we’re talking months and years of lazy asses collecting their checks.

    Did you see any of that in Joplin last Spring when the tornado demolished that town? No. They went to work, helping one another, looking out for one another, picking up pieces and rebuilding their city. The gov’t interference was minimal and nobody was boo-hoo’ing on the streets for their check.

    How about Japan? Did you see the police macing protesting people there after the earthquake because they didn’t get their benefits?

    If we let this entitlement crap continue WE will be the ones getting brutalized and forced to pay more taxes to afford this by the violent yet unseen gun in the room that Gov’t uses to collect from us. So people like this can collect their checks and not pay rent.

    Hell to the no, mace their sorry stupid asses, hand them a broom, shovel and make them rebuild – not sit around and watch gov’t contractors rebuild on our hard earned dollars. Nigga please!!!

    • mary says:


  55. Thinker says:

    What does that mean, “even women and children”? I am really sick of the misogyny on these so-called ‘progressive’ sites. Are women somehow weaker and more in need of protection, much like children? I am a woman and have been pepper sprayed many times, and held up much better than my male counterparts, thank you very much.

    Work on your own issues before you try to call out others, you sexist morons!

  56. John Trollin III says:

    Your all a bunch of hyppies irregardless of this

  57. Gary says:

    It’s very obvious how this could happen. Go back and look at half the comments posters have been making towards each other and tell me this isn’t the verbal equivalent of pepper spraying or worse.

    Abusive cops and the government love nothing better than the populace to turn on themselves.

  58. Byron says:

    Once again, this is not a US cop, this is somewhere in Central or South America….. can’t believe this crap is going around facebook with people accusing US police of police brutality. Its ridiculous.

  59. Marilyn Magoo says:

    Nope this is definitely not in America. We don’t have bitch a$$ pigs like that here pepper spraying kids. Can’t say they never sprayed or tasered an old woman I’ve seen it on TV. Let him come to America and try that shit. Here in American we have a tree and rope with his name on it.

  60. Hans says:

    LOL @ the trollfest in the comments.

  61. Milagros says:

    DISGUSTING and COWARDLY actions!!!! No wonder children are losing “respect” for authority. I am appalled that the person in charge (DUARTE) is still the leader of brutal cops! or members of the KKK????

    There are many “good cops” and cops like the picture above makes them look terrible. I hope they are being reprimanded or FIRED!!!!!

  62. Melia Love says:

    I had my peper spray leak in my purse onto my Kleenex one time and I thought I was gonna die…. I can’t imagine getting sprayed i the face with it!!! That poor little girl….what the heck is wrong with these cops?

  63. anomisme says:

    I do not no why people are so mean, That poor little girl she is so small she does not even no why things are going on around her. Poor baby.

  64. Dan says:

    Anyone who thnks brizil is not part of amarica is a stupid fuucking retard brizil is where? SOUTH ……….oh wait south AMERICA that makes brazilians SOUTH AMERICAN an short form for SOUTH AMERICAN would be…..AMERICAN you fucking dumb fucking idiots

  65. Robin says:

    Oldest political trick in the book is “Devide and conquer” The foregoing proves it. A perfect example here!The man/men did reprehensible things whatever country or race! If you lose that focus youve lost your cause! UNITED WE,THE PEOPLE, STAND DEVIDED WE FALL!

  66. KRISSY says:

    It doesnt matter where it was. Its still wrong. Really kids… Its the same as the incident in Utah when the cops peppered sprayed the high school students for doing a dance after they won a football game. There is no difference. I think that they need to be punished for using their badge for something else besides good. You look at them as being protectors and all they do is pepper spray you… This is brutality.. It needs to be stopped. I dont care who says what on here or who replies to this. But if you think that this is right you need to be punished as well… They lost their home… They were protesting…Is that a crime now….?? No matter where it is COPS ARE HUMANS TOO……. They use their bagde for everything…. They flash their beemers to go through red lights. They fly down a 35 mile per hour road…(my road) But they dont get punished for breaking the law as well…. Why do we have to abide by the law if they dont… I dont think that they should be able to do the things that they do and get away with it. Its wrong. VERY WRONG!!! I guess this is what some people what for us. I guess having a**holes for police is GREAT!! Bullsh*t. I think that people need to wake up. Start an online petition to stop this brutality. Not all cops are bad but over half are…..

  67. joejpaige says:

    People! I am a photoshop user and I can tell you with honestly that these photos are photoshopped. You guys are getting so emotional that you’re not even observing the detailing of the photos. And don’t write me off as insensitive, because if there’s an young (North) American who does care about the plight of the world it is I. I can sit here and go into details on how you can tell it’s photoshopped, but chances are you’ve all made up your minds on which curse words you will call me for saying this. Sorry that I’m observant and think with my mind and not emotions. You’ve all just made the original poster proud. You believed his fake photos because it tugged on your heart seams and now he has brought attention to a false cause. Let’s not even get on how poorly written the article is. But besides that look how the stream of pepper spray starts, stops, and then where it’s suppose to connect with the victim they’ve used the lightening tool to give the affect of a dispersed spray. Look at the second pic how they photoshopped a towel to the woman’s face and due to their poor photoshop skills blurred out the woman’s eyes. Look at the first photo how thin the man arm looks with the spray. They photoshopped an arm into that sleeve. I’m done going over how badly photoshopped these photos are. You people are just too gullible for my taste!

  68. Fritz says:

    Well first of all, a citizen from a rich, politically stable country saying it’s a fake picture because everybody around is so calm will never understand, since you have never been in a situation where you know that any act of rebellion/protest/resistance will likely get you seriously beaten or even killed. You know that, almost certainly, the day will go on without anyone getting assaulted by those in power in broad daylight. You don’t live with a daily dose of abuse and fear for your life. You do not have the same perception of life as other people from another country. You have likely never had to protest for anything at all in your life or been in a situation where your life was in real jeopardy. Which is also why you don’t understand how they can calmly look at children getting mace or pepper spray shot at them. This is a thing only people who live through these situations regularly will relate to so please refrain from making such comments.
    Second, what difference does it make if it’s happening in the US or anywhere else in the world? It is still abuse and should not be allowed to go on. There is no point in stating that it hasn’t happened in the US. The people on Facebook posting this as police brutality in the US are fulfilling their objective by getting you to look at and read the article by making it about the richest country in the world because we all know that most US citizens will systematically dismiss anything not happening on US territory as “not so bad” since they are under the impression that the US is the only country that deserves democracy and where people should not have to live through these things. So that is why it is being passed around on Facebook as police brutality in the US because it raises awareness for a greater cause which is to get people around the world to get together against abuse and violence.
    Third, this part is solely directed at Thinker, do you really feel like it necessary to complain about women’s rights in this situation? Are you so hellbent on proving we are all equal that you justify this by saying that you’re just as good at taking abuse as a man is? listen to yourself before you speak. The fact is that, in the vast majority of cases, women and children are physically weaker than men which emphasizes the horror of the physical abuse this article is trying to bring to light, thank you very much.

  69. Karl says:

    @ Tomie… you are the one who is STUPID & IGNORANT. The only Brasilian who will call himself an AMERICAN is one WHO IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN who is asked if he is an AMERICAN… Other than that, he will always say that he IS A BRASILIAN!! You idiot!

  70. Gina says:

    This is event happened in Brazil not in the US. And for all of you stupid people who say Brazil is part of the US, then why do they have a different president. Duh! They are their own country. Lets worry about our own backyard, before we pass around crap like this and try to say America is involved.

  71. apandacutie1233@yahoo.com says:

    Common people! Enough with all of this! We need to worry about United States first before anything else. IT is a disgrace at what happened and I hope he is punnished for what he did. Pease stop argueing over which Brazil is part of the Americas. The point at hand is: This officer shouldn’t have done what he did! Grow up ya all!

  72. Disapointed says:

    Photo shopped or not…these outrageous photos are of Brazilian police committing these offenses, NOT United States of (North)America police. I find it distasteful to imply that this was done on “North” American soil. I don’t dispute that there are legitimate abuses, but trying to make it look like it is something or taking place somewhere that it isn’t is very seedy!

  73. Lawl says:

    Looks like an exterminator just spraying the cockroaches lol.

  74. Really?? says:

    Who Gives A Damn Where it happened Injustice is Injustice we are all of the human race. These pics just pissd me off

  75. Linda Pederson says:

    Horrible, that one human being does this to another…. bitch slap the cops and fire them and don’t ever let them throw their authority around again……..

  76. margie says:

    Does it really matter where it happened ? It should of never happened ,to the kids . I would love to meet that cop .. asshole

  77. Tee2Da Eye says:

    Wow!!!! REALLY?? All I can say is what a COWARD. Your a white honkey ass coward cop. Bring your ass to Cali. You are disgrace to human race. I never thought I would ever say this to anyone of God’s creation but all you dumb cops are WORTHLESS. Spraying a old lady n a lil girl. I cant believe my eyes. Like I want to hit these cops a few times in the head with a bat. Your guys are going to hell. You racist pigs.

    • mulu says:

      You sound like a racist yourself. FYI, if you study to first two pictures you’ll see that the cop in the first picture is the same cop in the second picture, a Brazilian cop, not a white cop.

  78. Maria says:

    Brazil people, it is in Brazil… not America, SOUTH America is where Brazil is located.

    What happened here is awful.
    This man needs to be found and stopped.
    He is a cop who gets his jollies by spraying people and that is just messed up.

  79. CLIVE LAWLESS says:

    wow…for all those that see such pictures and then come out with the ‘funny’ comments, or use em to start pickin at ur old prejudices, and, even spelling mistakes and gramatical fau pars!? Come onnn! we got whole threads on Columbus, geography, and history lessons goin on here!!!!!
    …..the REAL and ONLY ISSUE HERE IS ABOUT MAN’S INHUMANITY TO THEIR FELLOW MAN! Lets wake up a lil more, and grow up a lil more… how about just trying to get one more person onboard the idea this is wrong, and NEEDS TO CHANGE. And, that we can, and must help it to

  80. Vanessa Cruz says:

    My heart breaks as I see how these policemen act so cowardly. That could be my daughter right there. Hijos de puta no tienen madre! What has humanity come to??? May they pay the price for what he is doing to those people!

  81. CuriousNConfusedCat says:

    OK, I’m curious after perusing most of the comments and multiple studies of the pictures in question. Can anyone point me to further details regarding this incident or these photos? Perhaps someone knows who the photographer was? While there are many arguments that these photos are or are not “photo-shopped”, I am tending to side that they are not altered photos. I do however think it is possible that the pictures are taken from an angle which may make things look much more dramatic than the situation in question really was. There is very little information to go on about the events taking place. I’ve seen a couple of references to the officer being reprimanded in some way for his actions, which leads me to believe there was some inappropriate behavior. However, I haven’t seen any links to any other stories to confirm or further explain the details of the situation. I refuse to get involved in the off-topic excrement throwing over geographic or racial issues. I’d just like to know if I could be right about my first reaction to the first photo. My point is that the child may not have been the target in that photo, but the angle from which the picture was snapped made it look like the spray was closer to her than it really was. I’m sure most of us have seen the pics of the gigantic spiders being held up by a soldier that looks as though it is almost as big as the man. That is a forced perspective issue. The spiders are much smaller, but the angle from which the pic was taken makes it look insanely large. Another similar case in point is that of a picture taken of Steve Irwin feeding a croc with his infant son in his arm. The angle of the photographer made it appear he had his son in extreme danger when in reality, he was never THAT close to the animal. I’m thinking that may be what is going on here. As stated by someone else, there very well could have been another person who does not appear in the picture who was the actual target of the spray. The surrounding evidence just doesn’t add up to the girl being the target IMO. I could be wrong, but I don’t know for sure what the situation was and I wasn’t there to see it in action so I reserve official judgement for those who were there.

    • youkiddingme? says:

      nope. no way that is much too RATIONAL! it’s so much easier to glance at a photo and make an overemotional, even belligerent response with “facts” that i assume and call other people ignorant sheep that will believe anything. i mean, sure, the article did not cite any sources, but the media would never lie, right?!

      THIS is what i think is wrong with people. so fast to jump to conclusions and block out all other logical scenarios and immediately call it racism.

  82. danika says:

    Happened on April 12 of this year Rio De Janeiro police officer Bruno Schorcht pepper sprayed innocent protesters and even women and children!

  83. danika says:

    still can’t believe how many people are going on about Brazil/America. one post about it is enough, seriously people need to read the previous comments before posting the same old crap 27 times.

  84. brittany says:

    Who really gives a shit WHERE it happened??? That is a GROWN ass man walking around spraying INNOCENT ppl and CHILDREN u friggin morons!! It doesn’t MATTER where it happened…its cruel and he should be treated as any other citizen of ANY country would, when they do wrong…y is everybody arguing about where it is– the only thing we should be thinking of is how to STOP ppl like this!! Has everybody lost their minds about what REALLY matters…quit tryin to be right and DO what’s right!!!

    • brittany says:

      And just for the record-upon further inspection of the photos (I am looking at this from my phone bc my cpu is on the fritz momentarily), I have come to the conclusion these photos are NOT photoshopped pics…I can see in the first pic that the spray LOOKS as tho the children are being sprayed but it does say he was spraying a waiter-HOWEVER, in the 2nd pic he is OBVIOUSLY spraying the older woman, who is holding a cloth over her face and so..I have no doubt that he sprayed the kids too…and last but not least, it DOES state that this was a peaceful protest and nobody looks vilent except for the very last pic that, as far as we all know, could’ve also just been police brutality… and if anyone has anything to say about my punctuation, spelling, or grammer…think before u post bc that is not the point of this article and truly u just make urself look dumb trying to be an asshole like that…peace and love to all MY HIPPIES! (And what is so wrong with hippies?? Is it so wrong for us to just want ppl to fuckin get along!!!)

  85. colleen says:

    It depicts an adult of authority harming an unarmed child..what country doesn’t matter..it’s a disgrace to humanity..

  86. Jamie says:

    I like how every comment following the story doesn’t even relate to it, very interesting that most people would rather stray from the point and talk shit about each other instead… My god I wonder if that isn’t what’s wrong with our country? Hmmmm…. Anyway, What a disgrace! It’s an absolute shame that anyone would spray a child with mace, or any other person who is clearly unarmed. Karma is a bitch, and I’m sure he’ll get “his” someday.

    • nerd says:

      I was thinking the same thing….a kid gets pepper sprayed, and everyone wants to discuss geography…there is something really wrong here.

  87. Silent abuse or lack of protection is also abuse, see me at my page facebook.com/themeadowsfmly, find out what is been done to our family for exposing corruption in Miami, how our medical records have been used to harm us, the roll of the police & more… and I have only been able to do this……..I Just created a petition to Open a Criminal Invest.,Plz Sign & Help us!,click here:http://www.change.org/petitions/doj-open-a-criminal-investigation?share_id=iTBIuNwrDL&pe=pce I’ll Just take a minute!

  88. danny hill says:

    There’s a women with glasses on you can barley see her pointing out the officer that spray the little girl. Where has humanity gone if an individual can no longer discern the greater sin. That’s a child. There is an all eye seeing everything and no one completely gets away.

  89. 2011, you can’t even mace kids now?!?!? WTF?!?!?!

  90. AshleyMac says:


  91. Monique says:

    People think this is wrong because people we look up to as role models and protection are doing immoral acts of injustice. No matter where this specific act took place does not matter, South America is not the only place this is affecting, it is honestly happening almost everywhere. So everyone can calm down and speak reasonably to each other and remember we are all citizens of one country or another and we could all be a victim of this. Everyone with an opinion should be mature enough to know every body else has their own, too. Respect that.

  92. My name is David Slaughter Good morning. To whom it may concern. Today is the anniversary one month ago was convicted of a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge by way of Alford plea. I have contested this plea vigorously. I was sent two letters to the judge he deny the first one. I have not heard back on the second one. I would like to issue a complaint against one of your attorneys Bethany Koch. This lady did everything in her power to get me to plead to everything guilty. I would like to chill your little history of this story. One day two years ago May 1, 2010 and nephew came out of our residence and saw some neighbors. They were going to the park. We decided to accompany them but there was a problem I couldn’t walk that far and get back anyway so we decided to ride our bikes. So off to the park we go we get there no sooner t then we get off our bikes a young man approaches us. It was my nephew the baby’s father he was in a bad way and was also high. We get into an argument the people in the park got disturbed by the argument they were listening to. We had some novice bike riders with us the little guys. So they are shouting at me and I am shouting at them and my nephew it was a very hostile situation. I had a child with me his name is Cicero he was three years old at the time this is the child they had brought to me in the first place. What we have been to the police department of social services department. These people all been to my house look into my furniture in with that child’s quarters looked at our living arrangement decided the child was in a safe environment. Back to the story. Two minutes before this I had dialed out 911 and I guessed they had pulled up sometime in the next few minutes but at this time these people were charging at me. Me I’ve just had surgery on my legs I wasn’t moving to well not that wail that all. But I see these people charge me I had my cane and a little baseball bat that you get from a game. So I hobbled back to my bike were they were strapped on a cramped little bad raised my arms and ran towards the gentleman. Waving my arms and little baseball bat and hollering one of the gentleman hailed his child in front of me and swing. I talk to myself so sad. One thought my mine the baby. I needed to put this to a end and get back to my nephew and the baby. Before I could they were gone the police arrived. They immediately handcuffed me and pushed me to the ground paid special attention to my legs being I was hollering my legs my legs. But they didn’t care about my legs and what condition they were in a were bending pulling them and prodding (special attention) so they grabbed and gather me up and took me and my dog to jail not worrying about where the child was at. I’m screaming to them a child is a child is missing. Please help me I ask the officers but they just laugh and say we have history and take me to jail. When I get to the jail holding facilities the torture continues on my legs mainly and hands and wrists and arms they were just hurting me. I started to have chest pains I have a history of heart disease. I have had two heart attacks. They call an ambulance. When the EMT workers arrive they strapped me to a gurney and wheel need to the vehicle. They were still hurting me at this time the EMT worker at EMT worker lunges towards me and stabs me with a needle. Ripped through my arm like a hot knife through cold butter. Leaving a V on my arm like the leather V. At this time a child is missing for about three or four hours no one would hear me and no one care about the little missing child or the 911 call that I made. I guess this is just a non-call? Okay man is innocent until proven guilty if he cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed and so it was. I was given a bright looking young lady by the name of Bethany Koch attorney for the public defender’s office. She tried to get me to play from the start and never defended the child and never defended me there was a call made about a child should never defended they investigated every part of the case but the child and me. I asked her these things. Everybody that had a charge against me I would like to put charge on them. I asked her for her help and she would not do none of that for my rights I had no rights I had a court-appointed attorney. It was like I had no defense at all the things she was defending was me going to trial. Excuse me!!!Not going to trial. She kept saying case to state had I begged her for her help it was like it went in one ear and out the other. It is very hard to get somebody to believe in your innocence when they already convinced of your guilt . Freedom and justice for all even the have-nots — what they say. You know that’s not the truth and at least not in Chaska Minnesota and not with Bethany Koch the public defender that doesn’t defend her client’s based on race back to me is discrimination. They split the charges up. I was found not guilty by reason of self-defense against the paramedic Let’s skip pass almost two years into the future February 8 ,2012 court date almost 2 years past sad it took this long. She tells me she hasn’t called any of my witnesses it suggests her ethics as a lawyer. Sad a lawyer with those kind of act ethics I had no help in that courtroom it was like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The prosecuting attorney and my public defender. Freedom and justice for all NOT!!! Please help me correct this mockery of our justice system where all men are created equal in the eyes of the law. And Lady liberty is blind please help me correct this great miscarriage of injustice. My father had to deal with this in the 40s 50s and 60s this is 2012 for God sakes man please help. We print in trust we God and we trust in our laws and bylaws that they will govern everyone equally and impartially . I haven’t received anything but injustice and bigotry a moderate of the whole American justice system and the quiet little town of Chaska Minnesota please help me correct this injustice thank you.

  93. rachel says:

    what a fking disgrace our authorities are suppose to treat ppl with respect and here they are being azz’s to children wtf house the law enforcement come to lazy bastards

  94. Jodi says:

    I do not care where this happened….the FAT is he still peppered sprayed a child! y all the dang fussing about where this was at? grow up people….doesn’t matter where….it IS going on all over the world not just BRAZIL!!!!

  95. Jodi says:

    I mean the FACT not the FAT geesh can’t spell in the dark 🙂

  96. Amanda says:

    that is sick and twisted how can anyone do that to a child.PLZ tell me there will be justice for that little girl and there family. can u imagen what she is going thro nightmares of all kinds I bet so sad..my heart n prayers go out to everyone who had to endure this pain.

  97. sheronn says:

    why all the name calling and insults on here? rude, just saying

  98. alex says:

    bitch probably wouldnt leave the area. so he pulled out the pepper spray to tell her to piss off. mace isnt lethal but if he had hit the lady he could do some serious internal damage. and probably the little girl kicked him in the leg or punched him in the nuts mom shouldnt have had her kids in the middle of it in the first place. but im surprised her mom and her sister arent choking on that shit. that stuff burns even in the air and they should be choking and coughing. im a ex con and i have had my share of mace and i hate cops but no one know the true story of what was going on. you guys are judging by a fucking picture. if they had a video of this and it showed him randomly spraying these people then you can point fingers but this shows nothing except them trying to control a situation. im more mad at the mom for having her kids in the middle of a police situation.

  99. nwo says:

    Canada is the best place in the world .

  100. Alisha says:

    Why is everyone on this site arguing over who is ignorant and who is more intelligent?
    Let’s try to stay focused!
    We are all disgusted over innocent people being by abused by authority figures. It does not matter what part of the world it happen in. The fact is: it’s Wrong!

  101. Andie says:

    I don’t care who sees this, as a mother, I can say 100% for certain and without a doubt, I don’t give a shit what sized gun you carry or if you sport a pretty, shiny badge that says you have any kind of power over me. Do this to my kid and I will absolutely, without hesitation, kill you where you stand. I am so sick of cops and their BS. “We risk our lives every day”. YEA, and you CHOSE the job, too. A badge and gun do not entitle you to respect. Respect must be EARNED and very few cops earn it anymore. I have no respect for law or law enforcement. None, whatsoever.

  102. jordan 13 says:

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  103. Johnd419 says:

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