Santa Claus Arrested For Writing “Love”

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 4 Comments
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Santa Claus, also known by his friends as James Peterson, was arrested after spreading holiday cheer and chalk with young people in front of the Texas capitol building on the 21st. An occupy activist who was giving out chalk to children while dressed as Santa was well received in the plaza, but as he left, Texas DPS officers chased him down and handcuffed him. The crowd appears shocked, one woman yelling out in confusion, “You’re arresting Santa Claus?!”

Though there were dozens of people chalking – Santa was passing out chalk so that children could participate – he and one other activist were the only ones arrested. The second victim of the Texas Department of Safety was Cory Williams, who was arrested after chalking “Free Santa” on the sidewalk while Santa was in handcuffs.


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4 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    This video is staged by the cops, cops sometimes enjoy doing pranks like this to give their local news media something none important to talk about!
    Cops gave the camera man way way too much freedom to walk around them and the cops did not order the camera man to back off, which is a strong indication that the police WANTED the camera man there!
    This is an example as to how cops from time to time put on what is known as “Street Theater” for a demonstration or just because they want the local news to have some bull crap to talk about!
    I bet old Santa is an under cover cop and so is the camera man!

  2. Jacob kwierant says:

    Terry eager- are you a doofus? Are you really this stupid? This is not STAGED. In fact, I bet YOU are an officer, trying to play off the fact that another facist department will actually ARREST a man passing out CHALK TO THE CHILDREN. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY WELCOME the takeover of the US government, in fact, I pray it. America has become a police state with violence by police and complete facism being exercised by police all over the US. You flippin police need to watch old WWII videos of the nazis it looks EXACTLY like this!!!!!! Mark my words police officers of the united states, you are VERY QUICKLY becoming “us and them” and I can PROMISE YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY, it’s only a matter of time before Americans stand up, rebel, (it’s 10,000-1, us vs. you) where you fuckerz will be overrun and locked in your own prisons along with real criminals, rapists, murderers, JUST LIKE YOU FUCKING PATHETIC PIGS ARE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jacob kwierant says:

    BURN IN FUCKING HELL YOU BITCH COPS. I DATE YOU TO COME AND KNOCK ON MY DOOR OR IF YOU EVEN TRYYY TO LAY A FINGER UPON MY DAUGHTERS HEAD- I’ll SHOW YOU WHY YOU DON’T WANT US CITIZENS WITH AR, are you WORST enemy. Especially an EX seal like myself, with aim that won me medals for sheer number of drops…

  4. Jacob kwierant says:

    (true story), I was awarded a combat medal after eliminating 15 enemy combatants with 13 rounds protecting a fellow wounded seal. Just me and my man I was hovering. I dare yall to ruin my day and I will slice a pie yall never wanted one fuckin piece of.

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