British Tourist Beaten To Death By Dubai Police

Posted on: April 19th, 2011 8 Comments
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Recently in Dubai a 39-year-old tourist named Lee Bradley Brown was beaten to death by a group of police officers. It all started when a female staff member of the seven star hotel, where Mr. Brown was situated in, accused him for verbally and physically assaulting her. It is said that Mr. Brown tried to escape arrest by jumping over the balcony, but with no luck. He was taken to the prison and the prisoners saw how a group of 6 officers was brutally beating him up.

They stripped him, handcuffed him to a chair and punched and kicked him until he was all bloody. Mr. Brown was then left alone in an empty cell without water or food for three days where he slowly died. The last that the prisoners saw of Mr. Brown was how his dead body was bundled into a body-bag and taken outside somewhere. The officers claimed that Mr. Brown was violent and that he damaged public property.

They also say he banged himself into the wall so his nose broke and that he constantly kept falling so he scratched himself badly. Another thing that they claimed was that Mr. Brown had this scratches and injuries on his head and nose for five days until he died by choking in his own vomit. A little thin story, don’t you think? His family is shocked and they require to be told the truth, they still believe that the witnesses in prison told the truth of what they saw. What will happen is unknown.

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8 Responses

  1. Angela Kisler says:

    I am horrified again at this situation. It is so easy for officers to assault people and now they can kill them!

  2. Khan says:

    Lee Browns assassination behind the bar in Bur Dubai police station.

    My name is Khan and am recently released from bur Dubai police station after spending six months.
    Lee Brown assassination in police custody took place during my stay at police station. I was the eyewitness the time Mr. Lee Brown tortured to death.
    Lee Brown incident.

    I saw him while he was transferred from tortured room to zandana in police custody.
    • He was bleeding while policeman name Mr. Derwesh supported by his fellows was torturing him by kicking and punching.
    • He was hand and leg cuffed.
    • He was crying and bagging for life.
    • We were terrified to see his condition as he was bleeding from his mouth
    • We were force to leave the place and scene of crime under police custody immediate after he was transferred to zandana.

    A day after Lee incident
    • 50% prisoners were next day shifted to central jail after this incident took place.
    • New blankets were provided to the prisoners. Police station was cleaned and white washed. For whole the night we have been working to make it ready for inspection.
    • Prisoners were forced to wash evidence of death with in tortured room and in Zandana.
    Other incident

    • It was not only he tortured to death but police in front of us early before this incident killed another Indian.
    • Administration reported his death as natural to his family.
    • In august 2010 a local was found dead in zandana of central jail Dubai after he fought with police, police claimed that he committed a suicide action.
    • Some were tortured near to death while most were humiliated under police custody.
    • War gangs raped some prisoners.
    • CCTV cameras available in police station are dumped off/ covered with the help of police before torturing any prisoner publicly.

    During prison

    • On very first day a document written in Arabic language is signed by the prisoner forcefully under police custody is confess of crime.
    • Prisoner does not know how to read or right Arabic but still he is forced to sign different type of document for which he does not know.
    • Prisoner is not allowed to call his friend of family and his passport is deposited from him.
    • Prisoners cannot access to his lawyer during his first few days.
    • Accommodation in bur Dubai station is not free of cost as claimed by authority but individual have to pay 500- 1500 to war gangs supported by police for bed space.
    • New arrival is welcome by war gang tortured supported by police.
    • Drugs are openly available in police station.
    • Drugs are supplied with the help of police administration.
    • War gang in prison forcefully snatches pocket money.
    • War gangs are strongly supported by police administration.
    • Only one phone booth is available for 500-700 prisoners so I hardly managed to call my family after 2 months.
    Access to Medical facility in police station is as hard as getting loan from IMF.

    Food in Dubai police station for prisoners.

    Prisoners cannot eat because it is very much tasteless but cannot throw because they need to live.
    A cheep quality boiled rice or red bean with a piece of 50-gram fish is provided to eat almost daily.
    One Khubus (kind of bread eaten by Arabs only) with date expire is provided.
    Only once in a week a piece of chicken is provided to prisoners (that is stolen by jail administration and prisoners remain hungry on that particular day)

    Canteen is available but imagine the price of one packet Marlboro cigarettes is 60 Durham where as its actual price is only 6 Durham .all eating stuff is available at the same ratio.
    Foodstuff stolen by jail administration can also be available in canteen for sale on high price.
    Accommodation in Dubai police station.
    500-700 prisoners are accommodated in a building designed for 150 prisoners.
    Beds are available only for 150prisioners while remaining 350-500 prisoners find hard to sleep on flour sharing one blanket for three prisoners.
    Bed space and blanket are not free of cost for prisoners as claimed by authority.
    Price of bed space on open flour with blanket is 500- 1500.
    Price of single bed in separate room is 1500-3000 Durham.
    War gangs supported by police run this business along with canteen.
    Sanitation in Dubai police station
    7 bathrooms and 7 latrines are available for 700 prisoners. 40% of these bathrooms running out of water. Prisoners those not able to pay for their accommodation find place to sleep near these points. No sunlight is available for 700 prisoners in police station to keep their clothing dry after washing. Prisoners that why remain in dirty clothing for months and bad smell remain so high that police cannot enter without wearing special mask.

    Police staff in Dubai police station.
    Police staff is mostly 95 % illiterate they don’t know language other then their native language that is Arabic or Persian, cannot read or write in English. They become angry, feel their insult if any prisoner talk to them in English because they don’t understand. Counting more then 20 digits is a big problem for them. The situation become very funny when they come to count the number of prisoners at nighttime. They count and recount but their figures does not match. Extremely misbehaved. Earning big amount daily from selling drugs with in jail through their local gangs.

    Drugs in police station.

    Heroin, hashish, ganja and sleeping pills are easily available in Dubai police station. This business runs by war gangs supported by police. Having strong muscle or a good sportsman or boxer is not required to be gang member but people who can communicate with police in their local language that is Arabic or Persian.
    Final comparison.

    • Torture of prisoners is daily routine in police station.
    • Killing behind the bar is not a big issue to control in Dubai because there is no democracy and their media is under control.
    • Ram from India couldn’t laugh or cry because he got one-month imprisonment from court after spending two years as prisoner, the same situation is with 60% prisoners in Dubai.
    • Drugs are openly available in police station but still court punishes people 5-25 years for smoking or selling drugs to make international media fool.
    If I compare justice system of taliban from Afghanistan compare to Dubai justice system I found taliban justice more reliable and human right friendly.

    Regards Khan.

  3. R Dowsett says:

    Did our corrupt British government do anything about this? Probably not!

    • T. Hughes says:

      Our corrupt British government allows British police to do the same thing to black men and worse (ever hear about organised stalking).

      Don’t act too shocked.

  4. jen says:

    killing someone for a civillian= 25 to life
    killing someone for a uniformed police officer= 2,500 fine
    is that all i’m worth if i’m falsely arrested, tortured for days and starved until i die by the people who are supposed to protect and serve…..then they get a suspension, so they can come back do it again and just not get caught this time? nazis the lot nazi

  5. Spent Time There says:

    Reading this article brings back so many bad memories. When I was seated and interrogated the officer wanted so bad to beat me so bad, making gestures his fist was coming. It was only from years of traveling and experiencing other cultures I understood what was in store for me if I did not submit to him by showing respect and accept his authority, all the time knowing I was dealing with a barbaric. I fully believe that anyone in there that will not submit all they know that is right and just will face harshness that goes far beyond the realm. My heart goes out to Lee’s family, and I pray daily that the civilized world boycotts the UAE in every way possible. Send them back to what they use to be, nothing without our technical help and investment. STOP GOING THERE!!!

  6. Dave says:

    Ive been through Dubai 8 times for up to 7 days and it sucks. They hate Americans too. They are 1 of 3 that voted in 2002 to accept the Taliban as a legit government on a UN vote. And the people who advertise for Dubai know it sucks. What a shit hole.

  7. Pineapple says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

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