64-Year-Old Injured Man Gets Tasered For No Reason

Posted on: June 30th, 2011 9 Comments
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64-year-old Peter McFarland and his wife was returning from a charity fund raiser in when Peter fell down a couple of stairs outside his own house in Marin County, California.

He had problems getting up and inside the house so his wife called paramedics to help him.

They came and helped him, but when Peter was safe inside the house two police officers stormed the house in a sudden way like there was a fire or something dangerous going on inside.

First they scared the himself, the wife and their dog, and afterwards they pointed a taser gun to his chest and forced him to go with them to the hospital because they said that he had suicidal thoughts.

Peter gets upset and ask them to get out of his house, he also asks them not to point their taser on him because he has a heart condition.

Unfortunately the police officers didn’t listen to him and tasered him three times while he was rolling around in pain.

McFarland’s attorney thinks that there’s got to be a problem in terms of training and supervising deputy sheriffs in the Marin County, because such behavior is just shocking.

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9 Responses

  1. Guy says:

    This is not a problem of training. This is a problem of giving psychopaths police power. Of course they’re going to go into peoples’ houses uninvited, invent nonsense in their heads about why the “suspects” need to be roughly treated, and then tase them. They’re crazy. This is what crazy people do when given the opportunity.

    Police agencies need to be a lot more selective in screening people. There needs to be a serious psychological workup done, with an eye to catching people who are trying to tell the evaluator what they want to hear, or hide pathological authority issues.

    There also needs to stop being a thin blue line, because that is what keeps crazy people like these in power, which is the last place they need to be. There needs to be civilian oversight over police action; that is the price they must pay for the authority we are supposedly giving them.

    There also needs to be a special exclusion. No police officer should have any expectation of privacy whatsoever on the job. If they are being recorded, even clandestinely, that needs to be admissible. This also is the price of the power we give them over us. Police on the job need have no privacy, because they have demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that they can’t be trusted with it.

  2. Shawn says:

    This disturbs me, because the same thing happened to me. And the same number of hits. I was tazed three times. Once in the chest, the stomach and most disturbingly in the heart and lungs. The last one I take to have been an attempt to kill me. Unlike this man there was no conversation leading up to it. I can’t believe they did this to an old man, one who expressed he had a heart condition.

    I hope you sue the hell out of them. I was unable to get retribution for what happened to me. Its been over two years and I am deeply psychologically scared from it. When I see an officer I boil with rage. I was once a bold out going person and I have since become timid. I hate this weapon it is used on a whim and only used to assert dominance over people.

    The police say it “saves lives” but it doesn’t. Since they have demonstrated they cannot use it right, its use should be taken away from them, and they can deal with the consequences of their actions, for once.

    • Woman says:

      This happen to me too. I called 911 for help because I thought I was going to have a seizure. I lost consciousness and when I woke up I was handcuffed, being accused of having hit the cops. I never hurt anyone in my life. It just doesn’t make any sense. I saw a lot of marks on my body, similar to taser marks. I thought of suing but I don’t have money for a lawyer. Many people with seizures have died after being handcuffed by police recently. You can’t immobilize someone having a convulsion. In the police report it said I was “combative”. Is it a crime to have a medical condition?

  3. lauralee says:

    my husband and I were assulted by the police recently. he was beaten and tazed twelve times in front of me and our teen son, our infant sleeping baby in our car and about 20 people in front of a 7-11. we have pending charges–for travelling to a safe location before pulling over for speeding. we also have the security tape. i am having the tape put onto cd tomorrow and would like to submit it to this site.

  4. M says:

    Cops all over the world are hiding behind a badge. Anyone can be a police officer, any one mentaly disturbed, or physically abused can be a cop. There is no morality test to take or phsyc test to find out if they hate the world. They are protected by law making them a dangerous and organized cult. They continue to break the law over and over again but are protected by their brotherhood. There are no police for the police, their word is law. If you were attacked on the street by a thug, you run away, attacked by a police officer and your convicted of fleeing and resisting arrest. They talk on cell phones, lap top computers, speed drive without lights on to protect us? From who? They should be held up to the same laws we have to abide to. Stop the largest organized terrist organization ( the Police ) by holding them responsible for their actions. Vote out your local sheriff and vote in someone that has the background of a law abiding citizen that will follow the law and work for you. Demand that police officers acting outside the law to be fired. Take command of your city.

  5. R Dowsett says:

    Of all the clips I have watched on this website this one makes me furious more than most. It’s obviously not a case of simply training or power crazed individuals.

    What is the criterior in the United Stated for acceptance aa law enforcement officer?

    You do need have a level of IQ to be able to assess and process a situation in order to make a rational and logical opinion, which is clearly lacking in these stupid individuals.

  6. pat mcdonald says:

    the cops are being train for war which does not apply to the people of American

  7. Jon Wainwright says:

    “stop resisting” as he lays there in agony. So this poor guy fell in front of his house and these two thugs, basically do a home invasion considering there was no reason for them to even be there. I bet they weren’t even invited into the dwelling, as it sounds like they helped themselves entering the home. You coppers are a sick breed. What the fuck happened to helping your fellow man? Does it make you feel powerful to pick on the helpless and defenseless civilians you swore to protect or are you just doing it because you want to be excepted by your fellow sociopath officers? Where are the good cops? If you don’t partake in these activities and don’t agree to the moral injustices, but standby silent, due to fear of being ostracized, yes you too are a no good deviant civil servant who’s a bully, a tyrant of unspeakable offenses to your fellow man and hopefully will feel the full retribution of your actions someday.

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