Female Sheriff Sexually Abusing Two Young Girls

Posted on: June 7th, 2011 9 Comments
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Two girls have been sexually abused by a 45-year old female Florida sheriff. She handcuffed the girls to a desk and used a leather paddle to spank their legs, backs and buttocks. Another thing she did was to videotape the situations on her phone and send it to her boyfriend that she met over a website for people with different fetishes.

The Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that she was shocked when she heard about the sheriffs behavior. The girls that were tortured on homemade spanking bench was between 10 and 18 years old. The female sheriff was immediately arrested.

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9 Responses

  1. Jessica Heitman says:

    Nasty pig, here. Gee, but I thought they were all heroic and selfless in their deeds? What a joke. Thanks for this fantastic website.

  2. Will bassler says:

    Reality check
    Or, how do you justify the laws?
    In the recent months there have been a number of articles and news sources about politicians
    and other prominent people involved in sex crimes there also been a few involving police
    This got some of us thinking and wondering what the sexual offense rate for police officers is?
    We were able to find this documentation:
    Working with those numbers, according to the referenced link:
    0.08% (1 in 116) officers are cited for misconduct
    13% of those are sex offenses/ sex related.
    800,000 estimated police officers in the US (that’s one per RSO!)
    Now let’s crunch some numbers…
    that makes ~ 6,873 instances of officer misconduct in a 6 month period of which 13% are sex
    related offenses giving us a grand total of….893 sex offenses committed by police officers
    during a six month period from April to Sept 2009 or nearly 18 per state! Estimating for the
    year that would be 1786 sex related offenses for police officers of the 63,000 reported new
    sex offenses.
    That would make about 3% of all new sex offenses are committed by police (1786/63000).
    Police officers make up 0.3% of the population in the US (800,000/311,745,000).
    Police commit one sex offense per 1,000 officers according to the numbers.
    strangers commit less than 1% of all sex offenses. Police officers commit ~3%!
    I say forget stranger danger, we have a new worry … blue danger or pervs in a uniforms.
    We’re still trying to crunch realistic numbers for sex offenses by profession. Now, according to
    the AP, only 500 teachers were arrested as sex offenders out of 3.5 million teachers, which
    makes 0.014% of teachers committed sex offenses or 0.7% of all new sex offenses were
    committed by teachers. The latest search was for clergy sex offenders since such a big deal
    is made about that. The only number we have found that’s recent (2009) is 215 victims of sex
    offenses by clergy.
    Oh yes WE must not forget to add in the re-offense rate for people on the registry for new sex
    crimes The June 2002: Department of Justice: Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 1994
    (DOJ-2002) crime from 1994-1997. (DOJ-2002 page 5) we do know this, that during that time
    period (1994-1997): Of the released sex offenders 3.5% (339) Were reconvicted for a sex
    crime over a Three year period So for one year average there was 113 RECONVICTED for a
    new sex offense. (DOJ-2003[p2]). Now for the (reality) plug-in (113/63000) We get 0.17% Or
    basically less then 2/10 of 1%. According to the Department of Justice, most child sexual
    abuse victims are molested by family members (34%) or close acquaintances (59%) (Bureau
    of Justice Statistics, 2000).
    Here’s the breakdown thus far, in the Percentage of new sex crimes
    Close acquaintances (59%)
    Family members (34%)
    Police officers 3.0%
    Teachers 00.7%
    Clergy 00.3%
    strangers 02.8% those who have not been convicted of a sex crime (note: this could include
    somebody that was met at a party or a street dance and does not necessarily mean an adult)
    People on the registry/previously convicted 00.17%.
    Teachers, Clergy and people on the registry commit fewer New sex offenses than the
    protectors of society, our diligent law enforcement officers. From this information it would
    seem that one of the most single trusted segments of our society, police officers: are over
    14 times more likely to be involved in a new sex crime than people on the registry and
    teachers are over 3 times likely followed by clergy which are twice as likely. Maybe
    before a police officer applies for a position he/she should be required to go through a sexual
    Predator evaluation?

    • Tricia says:

      well said, Will. You nailed it, 3 & 1/2 years ago. Thank you for putting all those numbers together and posting here. SOmeone needs to have to guts and brains to say what you said, hopefully many more will step up to support this POV.

  3. thanks @ Will bassler > That brings the numbers to light…. forget barring my children attending a catholic church, they aree more at risk in the presence of law enforcement….sick.

    My blog (cause) brings awareness to the underlying problems for this;

    To bring awareness to the gross abuse of power from those who terrorize the people they are entrusted to serve.

    * Improve PCSO Agency Public Oversight
    * Demand law enforcement personnel be required to submit a polygraph after each incident involving discharging any lethal or non-lethal weapon.
    * End the use and abuse of Tasers amid a rising body count in FL.
    * Demand better physiological per-screening for new deputies
    * Demand minimum mandatory felony criminal penalties for PCSO deputies who abuse their power.
    * An end to the Police State mentality of all Law Enforcement Officers

  4. terry wagar says:

    The Portland police and Multnomah County sheriff’s work together to frame people as pedophiles and they use photo doubles and photogenic to frame people and they pay children to make false accusations to back up their fabricated evidence.

    Since they pay little children to lie for them and to pose for photos with body doubles they are guilty of exploiting children.

    The Portland police and Multnomah County sheriff’s do this to people so often they have a name for it they call it pedofying!

    They work in a coordinated group in plain cloths and they go around their targets neighborhood and they label their target as a pedophile, they will make stuff up just to get the neighbors to hate that person.

    Then the cops sit back and let the rumors they started ferment amongst the neighbors, neighbors themselves thinking their doing the right thing take over and they themselves join in on destroying the persons reputation.

    From time to time the cops come back, in plain cloths, and they do it again with new accusations.

    They repeat this process for either a couple of months or a couple of years, depending on how badly the cops want their target dead.

    Cops love to drag this out over a long period of time, they enjoy destroying people this way.

    By the time the target finds out a rumor of him/her is going around the entire town has heard about it.

    This is a common practice by law officer’s in Oregon and they brag to their bro’s pedofying people gets them killed off, so to their bro’s they admit it’s premeditated murder!

    Sticks and stones may break your bones but pedofying people gets them killed!

    They also use flyers to pedofy people!

  5. Kimberly says:

    TERRY CAN YOU email me at kimisland@yahoo.com? I want to share and learn more frim you. Thank you…mu facebook is Kim Petitt.

  6. Kimberly says:

    I’m in Washington County…Oregon…i have been asaulted by Matt Prince and both lied on me in a falsely filed police report. I’m fighting for my life where there are too many heads…too many corruptors passing the buck and careying on the circus madness while the judges look on!!! I keep complaining but no one hears or dares to see. All major problems with what the hell is the degredation of the so-called justice system. Even in the release office…rhey lie so much.

  7. samantha says:

    BS news. I doubt she be punished.. just to be careful next time and not get caught. i know everything. the human nature to deny something and cover up. You cant trust anyone in this world especially the authority. they are as corrupt as mass murderer. I think a lot of people are going to die in large number. the rich, the ruling class are mass murderer. Most of us with a job are just productive slaves. In other word. owned.
    the owner need cops to protect them. it not to protect their slaves, that us. they could careless.
    The rich ruling class are powerful because we the slaves we are afraid of them due to our parent and bad influence on us to obey and never question anything! Im not surprised that female police are pedophiles as well. You gotta to be a pedo and a liar to be a cop otherwise u will never be hired. That just how they operate. its the name of the game. Get away with anything no matter how wrong or crazy it is.
    a lot of citizen respect cops because they are dangerous and strict not because the cops are good honest people..
    our society was built upon murder and genocide of the native american people for the last 500 years since 1492..
    columbus did not discover america. it was a long war and the winner is the invader. That why america suck and i hope it fall apart faster then a speeding bullet.

  8. Quantavious Jones says:

    Terry Wager I have it on good authority they are using UFO’s and little green men to watch and abuse you. They are watching through the walls all the time. The little green men have machines that will make you sleep while they teleport you through the walls of your home and make take you aboard their space craft so they can stick probes in your anus and do experiments on you. Beware the UFO’s Terry.

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