Tennessee Police Strip And Abuse Unarmed Man

Posted on: August 6th, 2011 16 Comments
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A horrible incident was caught on tape outside a house in New Johnsonville, Tennesee. Several police officers was beating, kicking a naked man that they stripped and handcuffed. They even tasered him several times while he was laying in the cold snow.

The tape shows how the man is screaming while they abuse him for about 10 minutes or so. One officer even says “If he even flinches, shoot his ass”. The man was intoxicated, but innocent and unarmed. The officers claimed he assaulted the police and refused arrest. He got bad injuries: 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung. Everything was luckily recorded from the patrol car, but still the man had to sit in jail for 5 months while he was waiting for trial. Luckily the district attorney dismissed all charges against him.

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16 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    This brings back old memories. Cops in Tennessee are the most corrupt in the country. Around 1980 every sheriff but one was arrested in one fell swoop by the T.B.I. and F.B.I.. In the town of Newport, Tn., EVERY SINGLE LAW ENRORCEMENT OFFICER was arrested and the National Guard were sent in to keep peace.
    While I lived there I was pulled overfor “having long hair” and beat up pretty good. I recieved a cracked rib and black eye. I was lucky. Two days later another cop told if I tried to make a case over it then they would burn my parents house to the ground with them in it. We moved.

  2. Jessica Heitman says:

    holy shit. can I say much else? 3 cops on 1 guy. 3 to 1 are never fair odds. Every cop, everywhere is a coward.

  3. Marcus Vallerius says:

    The United States Police Systemm is as worse as Iranian, Egyptian or even…nazi. America can be as shameful, when it refers to police brutality, as any Taliban rule…

  4. Lanette says:

    Articles like this really grease the sthafs of knowledge.

  5. Ruth says:

    It must be difficult to “roll over on your stomach” right after the taser, especially when you’re drunk. A disgusting example of bullies with badges. I hope he gets a lawyer and goes after all of them. The police where I live in Smyrna Tn. use a form of surveillance that ruins people. If they don’t like you they follow you everywhere and announce it over the police radio. It encourages people in the community to follow (stalk)and harass the target too. It’s not just used against dangerous people like pedophiles. It’s used against innocent people who aren’t suspects in any crimes.

    • art says:

      I agree Ruth ! My family has unjustly become the targets of the Smyrne Nazis. Its false statements sworn inder oath and abuse of authority, a federal crime. K. Anderson is a prime rxample so is Sgt. Naylor commands the nazi cops.here. If anything happens to my family you read it here first. These people are worse criminals than anyone they lock up.They deserve imprisonment or worse.

  6. billly bob says:

    thats horse shit!!!!!!

  7. Samantha says:

    Seriously! They gave him orders REPEATEDLY! If he can’t follow orders when he’s drunk he shouldn’t drink so much!
    For all you people complaining, if you ever get robbed, assaulted, or hear someone breaking into your house DON’T CALL 911 because COPS will be responding. Call the drunk guy in this video, and lets see how quickly he shows up since you have such a problem with cops. My husband puts his life on the line with hundreds of other cops to help people like YOU! I would hate it even more if he died in the line of duty trying to help one of you, especially when he has 3 kids who need him!

    • art says:

      I wouldn’t call a hillbilly Tennessee cop if my life was in danger. They are idiots, especially Smyrna and LaVergne cops. Uneducated, bullies, i meant bitches.

  8. Shawna says:

    @ Samantha …. Hope your husband never becomes a bully with a badge.. I, have had enough encounters in my life to know BULLIES WITH BADGES .. Not all cops are as awesome as you think your husband is. I, personally know a few good county Sheriff’s deputies that are awesome and even more that are corrupt. You , of all people know, that nat all cops are out to help the public. otherwise there would not be a need this site.. They get a badge then they get on a power trip. I have called the cops after an accident that was not my fault and was harassed because the cops knew the driver of the other car.. That is not my fault.. Grow a brain and realize that cops can be corrupt..
    By the way….. my hubby risks his life for you FREEDOM!!
    My hubby risks his life for your freedom..

  9. Mack says:

    For Samantha,yes they gave him orders repeatedly,but if you were to read the above article that follows the video,you will see that they broke 4 ribs,and punctured a lung,that along with being tasered (just in case you can’t read their)is when 2 1″metal prongs are shot into the subject and anywhere from 25000 to 100000 volts(depending on model and setting) of electricity surge through the muscles causing tremors,convulsion,and LOSS OF MOTOR CONTROL.Now with him being drunk on top of all that,how easy do you think it would be to simply roll over like they asked?I’m 240 lb and 6’0″,and even some1 my size would be hard pressed to immediately roll over after being tazed.He was probably gasping for breath as his lung filled with blood and fluid from being punctured,and was concentrating more on that the anything else.Now before it is asked,I have been tazed for training,had broken ribs and bruised lungs,not all at once but the combination would be unbearably painful.And not protecting criminals either,being a father of 5,most of my closest friends work for Washington TN county PD.So read all the facts,that goes for all on here,before coming to conclusions please.

  10. miguel figueroa says:

    He got what he deserved next time follow instructions and it would of never happened.

    • facto says:

      The victim has the right to imbibe on his property. He does not have the right to strip himself naked in his own front yard. The police stripping him nakednaked in public broke the law bt forcing their victim into a state of public nakedness. A citizens arrect of the offensive officers could have been legally performed by any citizen group in the area. Wvery infraction of the law was committed by misguided and self-righteous individuals acting under the pretense of the law. THUGS! Thugs alone behave in that manner, whether they wear a badge or not. Society has to weed thoae abusers of control,or we will all regress into a hopeless state of existence!!

  11. george says:

    haha ya they would have never took his cloths off to see his goods

  12. chris says:

    The video has been removed.

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