Oakland Policeman Throws Flash Grenade Into Crowd Trying To Help Injured Protester

Posted on: October 26th, 2011 2 Comments
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Footage from the Occupy Oakland protest, October 25th, 2011. After protesters ran to the aid of a badly-injured person, Oakland Police deliberately lobbed a flash grenade into the crowd. Whatever you think of the Occupy movement, police behavior of this kind is criminal and should be prosecuted. Credit for the video goes to kresling.

The local police’s use of force seriously injured an Occupy activist and Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen. Veteran is in critical condition after he takes a less-than-lethal round to the head at Occupy Oakland. Olsen was never injured during his two tours in Iraq but the Oakland police managed to put him in the ER for the crime of being at an protest.

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2 Responses

  1. Hong Mun says:

    Very sad

  2. Glenn Guthrie says:

    I am going to stop reading what these morons are doing and getting away with it. It makes me sick to mt stomach to see this and know that they are getting away with it all the time. There might be 1 good cop out of 100 and it should not be that way. Fire all of them pricks and make them get a real job and if they act tough take out to back yard and kick the living shit out of him. See if he would do that again. I think not

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