Philadelphia Cop Suspended For Punching a Woman In The Face

Posted on: December 25th, 2012 10 Comments
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Being in the wrong place at the wrong time has cost 39-year-old Aida Guzman a punch in the face and handcuffs on her wrists. The mother of three was at the Puerto Rican Day parade, and even though she didn’t do anything, she became the victim of police brutality.

The Youtube video that captured the attack shows several police officers patrolling at a street crossing during the Philadelphia parade. Someone in the crowd throws what looks like silly string or some sort of liquid in their direction a couple of seconds before Guzman walks by. A cop later identified as Lt. Jonathan Josey turns around and mistakes her for the person responsible, and his reaction is outrageous. He goes after the woman and hits her in the face so hard she falls to the ground, then handcuffs her while she’s still unaware of what’s going on. Other cops form a circle around them and help take Guzman, whose face is bleeding, to the patrol car.

Guzman later denied that she had tossed anything at the police, which can be clearly seen in the video. Josey was suspended for 30 days and is still waiting for the final verdict. The Puerto Rican community organized a protest rally against police brutality, and they hope that Josey will be dismissed from the force.


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10 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    The police did not see her do anything wrong but they PRESUME she did and the officer battered her without probable cause!
    This is not excessive force, a civil offense, this is a battery and the officer needs to be charged with battery, officers on the scene witnessed the officer strike her in the face and what do they do? they stand around the officer blocking witnesses from seeing any further actions done by the officer.
    These cops are not acting like police they act like organized criminals trained in the art of attacking people and the art of cover up!
    To say the cop needs to be fired is just smoke screen to protect a criminal cop!
    The cop needs to be charged with battery and arrested! and the officers that witnessed the attack needs to be arrested for cover up of a battery and aiding and abetting a batterer, which is a criminal offense!
    If a citizen did this then they would be arrested for battery, the same should be applied to cops that falsely arrest innocent people without witnessing them doing anything wrong!
    If people just settle for the cop being fired then the cop will just laugh and apply for a new job as a cop in another jurisdiction!
    Cops transfer to new jurisdictions all the time and they laugh about it because their butts never sit in jail!
    Cops commit a crime, get caught, take a little heat over it, get paid leave of absence, a vacation, and then transfer to new jurisdiction and most likely get a raise!
    Some punishment there!

  2. terry wagar says:

    Cops don’t stand trial on police brutality claims or excessive force claims they are only civil offenses you have to charge the police with assault and battery if you want them to stand trial in a criminal court of law!
    Citizens that see this video see a battery taking place, cops and attorneys or judges or news reporters will pretend it’s police brutality or excessive force to protect the cops from criminal prosecution!
    Think about it, the cop never saw her do anything wrong and yet he punched her in the face from behind her, is that an arrest taking place or a battery?
    The cops are not patrolling they are just trolling and looking for trouble and all the other officers are witness to the cop battering the woman and they organized immediately to cover up what the attacking officer was doing by acting as a human wall!
    These cops are organized criminals and they are caught on video demonstrating how they work as a gang to commit crimes and to cover each others butts!
    Your government and media and even attorney’s want everyone to view these actions as anything but assault and battery because assault and battery is an actual crime!
    Attorneys want people to believe that just because some people in this world wear uniforms then they are immune to assault and battery charges!
    Please point out the law that says you cannot charge a cop with a felony charge, because as far as I know there is no such law!
    A punch in the face is NOT a lawful arrest and therefore is an assault and battery!

  3. terry wagar says:

    Not a single cop witnessed her do anything wrong! and all those cops witnessed that officer come up behind her and punched her in the face! take note on the reactions of the other cops, their mentality is on protecting that batterer by acting as a human wall to isolate the victim from help and to block witnesses from seeing any further attacks by the officer! every cop there is on the side of the cop that punched the woman from behind! this is why the cop was not arrested, because every cop in that city only cares about covering each others butts! Those cops witnessed that officer batter that woman and did nothing about it, they just PRETEND it’s a lawful arrest to cover the officers butt! if people think firing the officer is punishment enough think again! Officers transfer to new jurisdictions all the time it is nothing for them and they continue to be cops, just someplace else, and they continue to batter people! If people label this as excessive force or police brutality then they are not calling it assault and battery, which would stay on their record for the rest of their lives! Anyone else commit a crime like this they would be charged with assault and battery, but those crimes are never mentioned when cops are the ones doing it!

  4. terry wagar says:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. Gang members are typically “jumped in” or have to prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence. Although gangs exist internationally, there is a greater level of study and knowledgeable information of gangs specifically in the United States.”.
    So what do you see on the video above people? a organized gang in blue battering a innocent woman and the batterers gang members encircles them to block witnesses view of the attack thus protecting the batterer!
    Under the pretense of “doing their job” they are committing felony’s!

  5. terry wagar says:

    Here is a very very big secret cops all over the USA don’t want people to know about!
    Cops have many many ways of killing people off and they have terms they use to describe their crimes that they use when talking to fellow officers!
    Cops found out a long time ago that they can get people killed off by framing innocent people as pedophiles, and they have a name for it they call it “Pedofying” or “Pedofied” and they do this to people they want dead.
    When cops want to frame an innocent person as a pedophile they will run around in their targets neighborhood and start rumors about their target, they dress as civilians while they do this, and then let the neighbors take over spreading the rumor!
    Have you ever heard a rumor that so and so is a pedophile but it is not on the news? That’s pedofying!
    After several months of destroying their targets reputation, the cops will stage crimes using volunteers and a photo double, in other words a cop will dress up like the target and his buddy’s will photograph him while he follows children around, and his buddy’s will photograph him from the sides or from behind!
    They do this near parks and schools and in the neighborhood of their target!
    This is how cops fabricate evidence to frame their target, and of course the children involved are brought their and coached by police to give the target, not the under cover cop, the blame!
    After several months of reputation destroying, of which the targeted person is unaware this is even happening, the police will stage more incidents and will contact nearby schools and give a description of a pedophile and the location where the suspected pedophile was witnessed!
    Neighbors get flyers from schools warning of a pedophile in the neighborhood and of course the description fits someone in the neighborhood, and what a coincidence their are already rumors going around about that person being a pedophile!
    The Targeted person is still unaware this is going on, none of his neighbors want to talk to him because of his reputation so the target simply is unaware of rumors or flyers!
    Now the target is “Pedofied” and cops use that term when around their buddy’s and or fellow officer’s, and no one will care if anything happens to that person because he was pedofied!
    While cops destroy their targets reputation they refer to it as “Pedofying”.
    Once the target is pedofied there is no one that will care about the target and the cops can now easily frame or kill the person and no one will complain about it!
    Many schools are used by law enforcement to pedofy innocent people using flyers, many times schools are lied to by police and therefore are unwittingly helping cops to pedofy an innocent person!
    By the time the targeted person finds out about his reputation being destroyed with rumors it is already too late, there is no one the targeted person can turn to for help and police will not take any complaints from the targeted person!
    Targeted persons are unable to get help from attorney’s, any attorney’s the targeted person contacts will either not return their call or will tell the person that the attorney is on vacation for two weeks and then still never returns the call!
    News media will ignore any and all complaints about cops using flyers to frame innocent people, news media already knows about pedofying people they themselves pedofy people all the time and they never stand trial for it!
    Micheal Jackson never stood trial, law officers and news media simply pedofied him so no one will care if he’s killed off, he died a few years later.
    Cops brag to their buddy’s that pedofying people gets them killed off, they admit to this when they are around their buddy’s and no one else and they use those terms pedofy, pedofying, and pedofied!
    Anyone that gets pedofied by cops are not welcome to emergency services and first responders do not try to hide from the targeted person that they don’t care about anything the targeted person says and just ignores that person!
    Many times cops will allow private corporations to print flyers to pedofy someone, Walmart is a corporation known to pedofy people using flyers, and in many Walmart stores employees will talk about it in their break rooms as pedofying someone, but of course will deny it if confronted!
    Calling someone a name such as jerk or a$$h@le does not get people killed, but pedofying people has a way of turning hundreds of people against someone over night and eventually does get people killed!

  6. no nme says:

    in other words they ped you till your street trash and leave you dead in a ditch face down unles you say what they want to hear …..

  7. The truth wins out says:

    The truth Wins out….Lt Josey found not guilty of assault. But it cost him his career. And now Ms. Guzman’s lawyer is race baiting…. She admited to spraying the silly string, asked for and was granted an apology by the mayor, stated she didn’t think Lt Josey should lose his job. And NOW that she is properly lawyered up….spouting off about a Federal Civil Suit against the people of Philadelphia and their police department…really!

    • uh huh says:

      So I see that spraying silly string is a major crime and the officer had the right to punch her in the face? So is that the new law anyone that sprays silly string at a parade will be punched in the face? Really!!!!

  8. Kyuki Yoshida says:

    A black cop punched a white girl? Obviously a hate crime.

  9. Joseph says:

    Let me be absolutely clear;law is neccessarry but with the way Police have been given clear path to abuse there position,it is becoming very volital in the public. I fear a war unless the cries and complaints of such abuse is taken seriously and dealt with accordingly The public dont want too see and officer get a light sentence casue he/she is an officer they want equal justice NOTHING ELSE WILL DO . Rather u be SO-Called Black , Hispanice , or any other ethnic . If our officials ,leaders dont put this too an end ; then the only choice self survival my Natural enstinctive nature just as all Human Kind will not allow us as a people too continue too take it it’s been too long too much pain and sufering from far too many families .And our leaders (Government) must understand they such opression for that is what it is cant and want stand for long .Shameful thye should be hypocrics always tryng too defend in other cuntries ineqaulity while practicing inequality in there own backyards .

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