Police in Serbia Beating And Abusing Protesters

Posted on: May 30th, 2011 8 Comments
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Police in Serbia hasn’t changed their attitude and continues to abuse as they always do. After protests and clashes with protesters in the streets, police started arresting and beating every person they came across. On this video footage we can see how a guy is giving up and surrendering to the police that doesn’t show any sign of mercy, they just continue to beat him up. Only when one of them suddenly said: “They are filming us from above” they stopped and let the protester go. One of the occupants of a nearby building was shouting down at the police to make them stop but they responded with: “Come down so we can beat you up too.”

The police is only allowed to use force when necessary during arrests, but it was obvious that this young male protester didn’t do anything wrong. Why and for how long are the police going to act like a group of criminals and abuse everything that comes in their way? The Serbian dictatorship has banned this video and no TV channels were allowed to release it, because they are all under the control of a government of this “democratic” European country.

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8 Responses

  1. Mix says:

    Why was he in protest at first place? Why is he not home? He wants to destroy our city with his other friends hooligans!

  2. Yellowsubmarine says:

    This is only way to make them understand some things i think. They ( hooligans ) will become worst if police become better ( if they stop to do this radical measures against them ). And i totally agree with @Mix, this is time when everyone go to sleep, what hes doing on the street!?

  3. Oh my God such a stupid Police… whos the responsible of this act…? :O

  4. Mix says:

    Where you critising the people when they were protesting against Milosevic?

    Double standards.

    This kid has a right to be wherever the fuk he wants to be. Tadic and the rest of the yellow fifth column can foam as much as they please, but one truth remains – they will pay for everything they’ve done over the past decade!

  5. coffee says:

    Can you provide more information on this? take care

  6. video says:

    Can you provide more information on this? take care

  7. thes is serbija says:

    thes is serbija thes is what the police do .thes what they learn at police school

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