Police Officer Dunks Wrong Man Into Wall And Doesn’t Help Him Up

Posted on: May 13th, 2011 26 Comments
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In Seattle a police deputy runs and slams an innocent man into a concrete wall. When noticing that it was the wrong guy the police officer just leaves him there in a coma without helping him up.

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26 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:


    • Cory Laverdure says:

      He was “investigated”, and since the victim initially ran (despite being totally innocent) they found the cop was not guilty of any wrong doing, and is still working in WA. Seattle is notorious for police brutality.

      • terry wagar says:

        Last I looked running or jogging is not a crime and since it has been admitted publicly that the man is innocent of wrong doing means the cop did not WITNESS the man doing anything wrong.
        Therefore the attack by the cop is not justified and no lawful arrest is occurring, just a sick horrible attack by a psychopathic cop on a power trip.

        and I’ll bet he was “investigated” by his bro’s, I’m sure of that, cops always say their investigating when a cop commits crimes, instead of just flat out doing their job and arresting the officer.

        When citizens commit crimes cops make immediate arrest and when cops commit crimes then cops make no arrests and pretend investigation.

        Typical, and I am also sure the cops investigating this are bro’s with the prosecutor as well, no surprise at all.

  2. fire the idiot says:

    that is attempted murder. what the fuck is going on. and why the fuck did the army move me to this trash state. my fucking god.smh

  3. Sean says:

    ok first things first: stop being retarded both of you.

    Now… thinking logically at the start of this video the suspect is running away. He happens to drop something on the ground next to him when he gets taken down. We do not get to see what occurs OFF CAMERA. This means the officer may have had a very good reason for taking the guy in the jersey down. The thing he drops may be drugs, stolen property, a weapon. The crowd went back to their daily lives after seeing exactly what happened.

    Finally, dude that’s not attempted murder. That is simple non lethal action. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Jaylon says:

      That’s going to make things a lot eseiar from here on out.

    • Cory Laverdure says:

      No mention of the victim dropping any weapon,drugs,or stolen property was brought up in the trial. All that happened off camera was the young man getting startled and running from the cop a period of time. The fact that he dropped an unknown object(rather than holding into a potential weapon) does not make it ok for the cop to reduce him to a vegtable for the rest of his life. He was fine young man with a wife and kid and did not deserve this.

    • terry wagar says:

      People have a right to flee a dangerous situation, which would justify the man in running a short distance.
      It boils down to justification or non justification, the video does not show a criminal escaping cops it shows a man scared of a situation from behind him and he did stop and looked back.
      If he was fleeing a cop then I seriously doubt he would stop to look behind him.

      The man stopped running, so running is not the issue, the cop could have stopped too if he wanted to and arrested him at gun point, instead the cop barrels into him launching the man several feet through the air and collided with a cement wall.

      I am so sick and tired of all these people protecting cops from prosecution and pretending nothings wrong, the video shows the cop attacked the man and the man ends up in a coma.

      It’s up to other people now to see justice is done because a cop will not arrest another cop and they have their bro’s jump on sites like this and they label the cops as justified when they blatantly are not.

      Unarmed citizens in the city of which this incident took place are justified in getting armed until that dangerous cop is prosecuted.

    • terry wagar says:

      Sean your the one that’s retarded and your the one name calling I am defending myself from your name calling so tag your it.

      Watch out Sean you never know when that simple non lethal action might sneak up on you a ruin your whole life.

      • terry wagar says:

        A handshake is a simple non lethal action Sean, the video above at the very least shows assault and battery committed by a cop, and since cops have a history of slamming people into walls it could be argued in court the cop intended for the man to hit the cement wall, making it attempted murder.

    • James says:


  4. dude says:

    Doesn’t matter what happened off camera. The police are out of control. It’s time the people wise up and put them on notice that they are not omnipotent.

  5. NestFeather says:

    If we continue to let cops get away with what they have been getting away with in this town, eventually we will have news stories that look like this:


  6. kstruck3 says:

    I personally think the deputy who slammed the guy who is now bedridden for life should have been made to take care of him on his off duty hours for the rest of his life since he took the guys life away as he is bedridden. This should be the deputy’s punishment.

  7. j kelly says:

    Ok the guy is completely innocent…. I mean there is no possibility that he was avaoiding an officer and disobeying orders LOL maybe if he wasn’t such a waist of life he couldve put his hands out instead of taking a header into the wall Hahahhhaaaa. Innocent ? Who knows but he is guilty of making me laugh 🙂

    • DP says:

      It’s really funny until it’s you, your brother or sister, good friend, mother or father, child. For people like you, that’s what it requires before you understand how people’s lives are affected. Did you read he has a child? Be that child for one minute and then decide how funny it is.

    • terry wagar says:

      You must be a cop j kelly or a bro of theirs, it’s people like you that explain why corrupt cops are still out on the streets maiming and killing people.

      Your the type of person cops would put in the jury should a cop have to stand trial for anything.

      Cops commit crimes and get caught on video, video goes on blog sites such as this one, and cops troll the site to further infuriate people with statements such as above.

      The only people that would find this video funny would be a cop or a bro of a cop.

      Common j kelly brag some more show everyone your loyalty to cops, let the whole world know how you feel about cops putting people in comma’s.

      Demonstrate for everyone how cops and their bro’s cover for each other, common don’t be shy!

  8. Cory Laverdure says:

    Is there actually a “moderator’ on this site? Can’t believe the comments that are allowed.

  9. M. says:

    @Sean: a “coma” is not “non-lethal”, my friend

  10. David says:

    Unfortunately its us the people who have to rise up one day and stop this, These sites are the beginning….

    We have to stop being so civilized im afraid, to stand there and watch that..WHY because a police officer did it so we just watch, its when we see that happen and someone comes forward and shoots that police or throws him into wall only then im afraid, That poor boy, i hate to says it but its gonna take the people finally uprising to change anything in this world because politicians wont they will drag it all out till the end of there term and pass it on to the next guy

  11. terry wagar says:

    If a citizen did this to anther person that citizen would be charged by the state for assault and battery, attempted murder, and the media would be all over that person labeling him as a bad guy.

    A cop does the same thing and police just ignore the video SHOWING attempted murder and pretend their “investigation” cannot find any wrong doing on the part of the officer.

    The injured man was innocent so the cop did not witness that man doing anything wrong but the cop “judges” him as the bad guy anyway and waylays him without warning or anything.

    The cop did not give the man a chance to even surrender to an arrest he just waylays him from the side.
    This is just flat out attempted murder on the part of the cop and his bro’s are covering his butt by ignoring what everyone can plainly see on the video is not a legal arrest by a cop it is just flat out an attack on a innocent citizen.

    If the cop was on trial for murder over this and I was on the jury I would convict the officer of attempted murder for this the video shows more than enough to know there is no lawful action done by the cop, just flat out a attack that almost killed the man.

    I would like to point out that injured man is unable to speak for himself due to his disability’s caused by this officer and it would be wise to keep in mind we don’t even know his side of the story yet.

    My heart goes out to the victim and his family and friends, and as far as I am concerned this officer’s bro’s that supposedly investigated this ought to be charged for corruption and conspiracy charges for ignoring a blatant crime caught on video.

  12. james says:

    washington is filled with police brutality. seattle is the worse.

  13. pet says:

    Really? Are cops taking the piss now?
    That man was casually walking and instead of approaching him calmly, the cop had to slam him to a wall and into a coma and when realising that the man was innocent, he doesn’t give a shit and leaves him there to suffer.
    Cops think they can do anything to anybody and get away with it and they that they’re the aggressive beasts that rule the land and ruin peoples’ lives.

  14. GOODGUY says:

    as the mans head hits the wall look at the angle of the neck this most likely severed his spinal cord ATTEMPTED MURDER

  15. GOODGUY says:


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