Police Hit Woman Directly in Head For No Reason

Posted on: December 25th, 2008 37 Comments
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During a protest in Madrid special force police hit an innocent woman directly in her head who complain about injuries of her friend. She was screaming for help but the other police men did nothing. This cost her permanently injuries which she was complaining about later.

Afterwards the doctors found out that she got serious head injuries that were difficult to heal. What happened with the guilty police is unknown.

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37 Responses

  1. Trueman says:

    Put Numbers and faces on the helmets and jackets

  2. Kent says:

    ……and if someone did that to his wife? mother? kid? Seriously how manly was yhat. Was he afraid of her ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    she should of shut the f….. up

  4. Anonymous says:

    personaly from watching the video she was running her mouth and on the verge of inciting a riot so she got what she deserved

  5. Timba says:

    A Postal manager did that to me on the job, nothing happened to him then the Feds came after me (tried to terminate me, IRS audited me, FBI harrassing my doctor). It happens here too.

  6. Ken says:


  7. Lester says:

    I swear if that was my wife or girlfriend or sister or another woman i cared about that mofo would of had his teeth on the curb

  8. kurt says:

    He must not have a wife or a life.

  9. jamesbond says:

    Looked to me to be a clear cut case of Contempt of Cop!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The woman never threatened that officer other than words was not close to him he walked over to her to hit her real coward and tough guy is that what the teach police officers if you don`t like what they say hit them you can get away with it, your brother`s in blue will turn their back and not help or say anything because you are a fellow officer, enough is enough with the wrong people being police officers, and most police chiefs know when they have a officer who like to push the limits when it comes to being too aggresive, she was no threat to him at all he is a asshole and doesn`t belong on any police dept

  11. lente 000 says:

    if his chief of police can`t see how wrong that was, then they should fire him too, it`s cops like him that turn things into bigger problem`s, when they are suppose to be trying to keep the peace, not making things worse, she never physically touched him or came too close

  12. dis says:

    that was nasty of him

  13. tras? says:

    F*** the top 6 people who commented, you guys are jackasses and pretty much showing you’d do the same thing. This is the reason why this world is corrupt.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A sweet Home Oregon Police officer sucker punched me and knocked me to the ground because I called them for being harrassed by a punk, turns out the cop knew the guy who was harrassing me and my hhusband. I was punched and thrown to the ground for expaining my situation. As far as this video goes, if the cops were called out on a domestic case where the husband was hitting the wife they would be beating the husband. There is no reason no matter what anyone yells or says to hit that person. Who ever said that she deserves to be hit, well let some take a ball bat to you for the “mouthy replies” on this blog. We live in a society and the police are not to judge and excute, just to arrest. They punks in uniforms need more education in dealing with the public.

  15. imats says:

    There has to be a website created to name/shame these scum pigs.you know.where theres info on there personal details.address.emails,phone numbers.lets do something about it instead of bitchin about it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    people have to realise that cops are A GANG.they are just a government sponsored and equipped version.they are people just like us,with definate problems and agendas.they are the most dangerous gang of them al,they have the power,the numbers and the force.they can do anything they want.ive learnt over the years that the best thing to do is AVOID any contact whatsoever with them.if you are unlucky enough to get pulled into something, be nice and shut your mouth and hope they are having a good day.

  17. Maryy says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord, I still find it hard to believe this crap. I am still in the Marines and we are some hard-ass m*therf*ckers, but I can tell you that this is some irresponsible, undisciplined bullshit. You don't need "compassion" or "feelings" to understand why this cop is an embarrassment who is not only tolerated, but thrives. This behavior takes a long time to fully develop, so I'm sure everyone knew that this person was a f*ckup.

    …Totally undisciplined (gag).

  19. ultras says:

    If he could have gotten past his 10th fat roll maybe he could have kept up with her. im surprised he was able to reach his tazer. hes just as guilty as she is, she didnt have to fight back but he took it way to far. like a big d

  20. shocking says:

    Are you serious? You think an officer has the right to punch a woman in the head because she was saying something he didn't want to hear? I don't fucking think so. I'd like to see someone twice his size knock him the fuck out.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why dont you people strap on a bullet proof vest/Gun/Taser/ASR Spray/Handcuffs/Shotgun, and go to work everyday.

    First of all, We as police are trained for 20-35 weeks for any situation that could arise. Secondly Im pretty sure this story along with every other half ass story on this web site, is leaving out some very important information.

    You people have no clue what police go through on a daily basis. And ill bet you dont have the Balls to even try!!. So my suggestion would be, to sit back in your $200,000 house, with your little office job, and let us take care of all the "bad" people that you call 911 for.

    Oh! and by the way, when a 6ft male subject armed with a shotgun, comes busting in your house, and tells you that Hes gonna kill you and your family! who you gonna call then?


  22. 88year says:

    why is apolice officer checking outpolice brutality videos? comin for some laughs?

  23. Anonymous says:

    i'd rather have a serial killer in my house than a cop

  24. hensdus says:

    This guy above me is a dumb ass. I personally have called the cops on a couple occasions being robbed, being jumped, ect… Everytime they tell me the same thing "We can't do anything about it." Well what the fvck are my tax dollars paying you for then. Why do people take matters into their own hands after they have been in contact with you? Because you don't do shit but spend your time and resources on harassing, most of the time, non-violent people. I'm not saying their are not violent criminals, but not everybody needs to be treated as one either. Then the local precinct has the audacity to call me and ask for a donation. Are you fvcking kidding me? All the bullshit about protect and serve has been long gone. Their are many cowards that hide behind a badge and abuse their "power". Time and time again police prove that they believe they don't have to follow what they enforce. It needs to end.

  25. lars says:

    Not everybody here is against the police as a whole, and those who do are only against it because much of the police keeps quiet about this kind of crime. Some people within the police that use their authority and connections to commit brutality and crime. You have to be very ignorant to believe that there are no such people within the police. Many of these stories are well documented and have video evidence.

    What we want is the brutality to be removed. It's futile to think that any large organisation could be without corruption, but corruption CAN be decreased.

  26. Anonymous says:

    you see no difference in a shotgun carrying six foot man and and a five foot mouthy woman? I was military police you pussy so I do know your job. 95% jerkin off mostly.

  27. Anonymous says:

    stop kidding yourself. That man would be dead before he made it past my door.

  28. suntobe says:

    Impunity is a crime, those thugs are the terrorism making machine!
    Do not feel safe when the are around, they are your enemy number one!

  29. barry m says:

    guys he didnt punch her, he fucking slammed her in the head with a motherfucking baton.

    and to the dumbass above me, im much more afraid of a cop then an armed criminal, BECAUSE AT LEAST I CAN DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST A CRIMINAL, a fucking cop can do whatever he wants and get away with it.

    If i hit the cop out of self defense, im most likely shot or if im "lucky" go to jail for a very long time.

    If I kill a cop…no matter the circumstance im basically fucked

  30. Wayne says:

    I know the thread is pretty much dead… but the previous poster is an idiot! Typical they stick up for their own kind, the brotherhood right? Dont whine to anyone about how thankless the job is or how "tough" it is. You chose to do the job, or werent skilled enough to do anything else.

    Protect and Serve.. but where you miss is… the public, not each other. You make general comments about us bashing cops, but who ya gonna call when someone breaks into my house? I got a pistol and shotgun that says I call the coroner when I protect my wife and children from home intrusion.
    Fuck you.. your the same guy who hides behind the badge and "code" and does dispicable shit because you have a God complex. Or possibly you had your lunch money taken too many times in school.

  31. Anonymous says:

    im not going to call anybody especially you pig. not with 12 minute on average wait times. im going to shoot them in there head.

  32. jelp says:

    I don't like the police anymore.

  33. Ken says:

    In many states in the US, it is illegal to carry any sort of stick as a weapon, including a baton or ASP. The reason? They can cause serious head injury with even a light hit. Most people don’t know how to use them properly and will aim for the head which can be a lethal blow and almost always unnecessary to self-defense. Police officers, on the other hand, are trained in the proper use of batons and ASPs so as to not kill or maim people with them, but to use them to incapacitate or strike a weapon out of the hands of an aggressor.

    This cop knew what he was doing and his actions are tantamount to attempted murder. If a private citizen did this, for any reason other than no other option to protect life or limb, he or she would be facing serious prison time.

  34. Michelle M. says:

    after watching this..1st thing..ne1 who says that this woman deserved this..is a true ignorant being..number 1..that was NOT the same woman that some of u r saying was yelling..LOOK at the damn video..she was a different woman who walked up with the man asking for their help for this injured man..the officer simply walks up..says nothing..and then just literally whacks the shit out of her..for what?!..NOTHING..
    and to the “officer” who had the damn nerve to comment on here and tell us that we dont know what they go through on a daily basis..#1 get a life..u chose the job..now do the fucking job..#2 i kno damn well that they do not teach u to beat on some1 that is showing no agression and has no bared arms..#3 for u to even try and give an excuse only shows that you r prolly the same type of cop that would do the same..and its not right..
    u do not have the right to take matters into ur own hands and how u see fit..the day will come when people will stand united and go against those that r truly harming this world..YOU!

  35. TheDefender says:

    I might call the cops for a traffic accident if I was out in public with plenty of witnesses around, but I defend myself. I wouldn’t trust a tank full of cops to make the right decision concerning MY safety.

    A woman should NEVER call the cops unless she has no other choice! A RIDICULOUS NUMBER OF COPS ARE RAPISTS.

    ARM YOURSELVES and realize that life is fleeting. If a cop comes at you with no good reason, do what you gotta do and let the chips fall where they fkn may.

  36. david says:

    bottom line what he did almost started a riot no two way about that.

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